BreakingNews 11/9/14 - Unreported Killings of Eggon Tribe of Nasarawa State, Nigeria By Militia Fighters

[ Masterweb Reports: Samuel Patrick reports ] - I am writing under the capacity of Eggon tribes NGO based in the UK, hence I am trying to bring over to your notice that there has been violent fightings going on right now in Nasarawa State. This very state was created out of creed, selfishness and more prominently out of religion bigotry and purely base on Islam doctorine from the old Plateau State. This old state was divided on religious grounds. The old Plateau State southern part is dominated by powerful Islamic rich men and women, including General Ibrahim Abacha, a military strongman at the time 1994-1998, who happened to come into being for their aspiration and expectation for having old Plateau splited into two parts in 1996. This splitting came into favour of the southern Islamic extremist interest group.


Return of democracy in Nigeria in 1999 provided great opportunity for the old Plateau southern Islamic extremist. Nasarawa State is currently being control by these extremist elements who are now bent in strategizing with the sole aim to Islamize Eggon Christians that constitute the majority of Eggon tribe. The Islamic extremists have clandenstally embarked upon "voilent cleansings" of Christians in the entire state, by using recruited militia fighters like Boko Haram. These fighters execute Christians considered as threat to Islamization of the state.


The present excutive governor of the state won election through support of majority
of Eggon tribe (Christians), but now are targets of the governor, Alhaji Tanko Al-Malgura and his band of cohorts of Islamic extremists, who are part of Boko Haram inner cells. As gathered from reliable sources, Nasarawa State governor is the General Secretary of this cell within the ambrella group of Boko Haram collective
sects, who are right now inflicting havoc in Northeastern part of Nigeria.


As I write, Eggon tribe in Nasarawa State is being massacred at night, mostly in the villages. This needs is to be made known worldwide through this respectable
online media.


Samuel Patrick
Eggon One Tribe NGO, UK.



*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states (including Nasarawa & Plateau States), and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)


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