BreakingNews 20/9/14 - Nigerian Woman's Desperate Ebola Text Message

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - I thought we were safe and that Ebola is becoming a thing of the past. Citing Ebola as a disease spiraling out of control, U S President Obama pledges 3,000 U S soldiers to help fight the scourge in West Africa. This is becoming scary, bloodcurdling, or intimidating. Could Ebola be a real disease after all like  trypanosomiasis aka sleeping sickness?  At exactly 7:12 am this morning, September 19, 2014, the following text message believed to be from a Nigerian woman residing outside Lagos, came to my cell phone: “PLEASE I NEED D MACHINE 4 CHECKING EBOLA, GLOVES, AND HAND SANITIZER.  PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. GOD BLESS U”
Not knowing what to make out of this SOS (Save Our Souls) and being frightened myself, the only thing I could think of was the response: “Am not aware of machine 4 checking Ebola. We don’t suffer Ebola in America as people do in West Africa. Prevention for Ebola includes (1) frequent hand washing; (2) avoidance of infected person’s body fluids-blood, saliva, urine, excreta, sex semen; (3) don’t handle dead bodies. Good luck”
The person sending the Ebola text message was eerie, like one coming from the dead.  Then, a single word packed with the most powerful force in the world popped out on my cell phone’s blue screen: “BIKO”
Biko is a word my people use when they are desperate, browbeaten, and at the point of capitulation. This thing is very serious. What on earth would make us cower in total submission? Ebola is synonymous with boko haram in that both are manufactured crises.  Boko haram (Western Education is a sin) is manufactured by suicide-loving Muslims to steal the upcoming Nigerian presidential election from Jonathan and revert my country’s civilization to how things were in Saudi Arabia centuries ago. Ebola is a trick to steal Africa’s resources.
 I do not believe the lies spread around about Ebola. They are sinister rumors. First, they said Africans  caught Ebola from being bitten by bats, from eating monkeys and other bush meats, or from sexual contacts with wild animals. Without elaborating on etiology, causation or origination, the American media delved into frightening sensationalism of Ebola and associated it with vomiting, fever,  sore throat, muscle pain, headaches, diarrhea and rash followed by decreased functioning of the liver and kidneys, and internal and external bleeding and finally death. This is the most excruciating death. What disease would have all these dreadful symptoms? The world has not discovered the cure for common malarial fever that is killing my people. Now, the rumor mongers cannot wait to dump more unnamed-able diseases on us. Poor Africans!  It is unfair.
1.      Angry crowds in Africa are rioting and pointing accusing fingers at foreigners for bringing Ebola to Guinea, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria , Congo, and other African countries
2.      Africans have the right to question foreign claims that new emerging diseases, such as AIDS, Ebola, jumped from apes to Africans when in reality the germs could be deliberately released on unsuspecting African populations.
3.      There is the possibility these germs are created in labs and accidentally or intentionally introduced into African via vaccines in order to generate demands for cures.
4.      Ebola may be the CIA or other clandestine group’s covert activities aimed at thwarting communism, stifling nationalism, or extinguishing economic expansion in Third World populations.
I am convinced Ebola is a virus that escaped from a lab. Perhaps, it is manufactured in the university lab at Harvard, or Yale manned by some crazy scientist intent on winning the Nobel Prize. The virus mutated, metamorphosed, and finally was intentionally introduced in the body of an innocent, trusting, and defenseless man or woman in Africa. The crazy scientist had enough funding from the National Institute of Health, the CDC, and WHO to infect the largest segment of Liberia. But why Liberia? Liberia was a colony for returned ex-slaves from American plantations.
The crazy scientist completed his/her “experiment” in West Africa by publishing a speculative research  on a billion dollar cure for Ebola called “Sirleafamycin” (aptly named after woman President of Liberia),  and Africans are the intended beneficiaries/purchasers.
Dr. James C. Agazie ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - An Ebola Advisory Signboard in an West African street.
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