BreakingNews 28/9/14 - Punch Newspaper Misquoted Me On My Wife's Death At The Synagogue Church

[ Masterweb Reports: Mr. Gabriel Maji reports ] - My name is Gabriel Maji, a Nigerian from Kogi State. I was highly embarrassed to see the picture of my late wife on the cover of The Punch newspaper this morning along with a story which quoted me. It was a neighbour who showed me the story. 


This is the link of the article online -


I wonder how a newspaper like The Punch would go out of its way to write such a wicked story which is completely false about me and my wife. I was thoroughly shocked to see what was written and I don’t know how the paper came about it.


The Punch story has not only embarrassed me and my relatives but is also misleading to the whole world because it was all concocted to achieve the ulterior motive of the writer.


I want to say clearly that I am still with the church and since this ugly incident happened, the church has also been with me. The SCOAN has been communicating regularly with me and has never said or done anything bad against my wife or me. Even my children and I have been here and the church has been 100 percent with me. What happened was not only to my wife.


Many people were coming in to sympathize with me not knowing some were false sympathizers like The Punch writer who came with ulterior motives. He even secretly took the picture of my late wife on the wall in my house. I leave him to God for judgment. My advice to him is to desist from falsehood. Stop writing what did not happen as truth to mislead the public, because you will account for everybody you mislead by your writing.


Mr. Gabriel Maji ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - Mr. Gabriel Maji, insert his wife Veronica.

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