NewsReel 29/9/14 - Ikimi warns of danger in allowing APC take power

[ Masterweb Reports: Don Osehobo reports ] - Chief Tom Ikimi, a former APC National Leader who dumped the party for the PDP recently has said that Nigerians must resist the urge to allow the APC win the 2015 elections as it will spell doom for the entire country and the gains of the President's transformation agenda.

Ikimi who said he is not seeking any appointment for joining the PDP but to contribute his quota to the growth of the democracy and the development of the nation said that, "we must not gamble with our country; allowing APC to take power is a gamble We must avoid".

Drumming up support he said President Jonathan as the first President of Nigeria to be a University graduate, cannot do without challenges as he is equipped to overcome them commending his fetas in revamping the  food and transport sectors, saying, "our people are happy".

He spoke as he led his supporters from across the south-south zone to attend the zonal PDP rally at the Ogbe stadium in Benin city also said that, "I believe I can make a difference... as I have now adopted and re-integrated myself into my original family of PDP".

According to him, there is no nation without problems assuring the President that  "Your predecessors fought a civil war and succeeded, another fought for the independent of our country and for the restoration of democracy", adding that it was as a sitting President that George Bush encountered the September 11, 2011 terrorist bombing of the US.

Ikimi said that with his joining the PDP, the entire south-south zone is now fully PDP as Edo state is back to the PDP since he will be leading all his erstwhile APC supporters to retrieve the Edo mandate which was taken away from the party in 2007 with the 2015 and 2016 elections in the state.

He regretted as a chief cook who invited others to a dinner, those he invited came, ate and took away the pots, the plates and the spoons, referring to the fate of the ACN before it fused with other parties into the APC in 2013.

Responding the PDP National Chairman, Dr Aminu Muazu assured Ikimi that all his supporters would be integrated into the party at all levels of the party from the wards to the zone as Integration Committees set up for that purpose was already at work, reconciling new members and old members who are returning.

He said, the "PDP has been stabilised as a party and remains a great party with a great leader in President Goodluck Jonathan who is goodluck in name and in person".
Don Osehobo ( Email: ) , reports from Sapele, Nigeria.
*Photo Caption - Chief Tom Ikimi
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