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BreakingNews 13/10/14 - Victor Umeh Set to address World Press Conference

BreakingNews 13/10/14 - Victor Umeh Set to address World Press Conference

[ Masterweb Reports: Mazi Odera reports ] - The Emperor of APGA, Chief Victor Umeh is set to address call World Press Conference this week. He disclosed this to the Minister of Aviation, Chief Osita Chidoka during the Minister’s reception by his Obosi community.

Victor Umeh said that he would use the conference to diminish Obi’s rising political profile and make sure he reduces him to nothing in the eyes of Nigerians.
Umeh opened up to Chidoka because Chidoka told him that he  merely joined the PDP team that lobbied Obi to join the PDP because the President was interested in Obi joining them, otherwise that he would not be there. In fact, Chidoka told him to go and check the picture they took and see that he (Chidoka) dodged appearing in the picture. “Who is Obi that the entire South East should go and beg him, I told him to go and register in his ward and that remains my position. I understand the president may likely go to Anambra to welcome him, I wish it does not happen”, Osita said.

Having opened up, Umeh told him that Obi did not tell him (Umeh) that he was leaving and that he would call a World Press Conference and finish him.  “I will even tell the world that he joined the PDP because he wants to become the SGF or at least a Minister now some Ministers are resigning to contest election.” Umeh, who jokingly told Osita to be grateful to people like him, because they were the ones that prevented Obi from becoming Minister thus paving way for him, said as long as he lived he would continue to work against Obi.

Umeh who tried to mobilise Anaocha (Obi’s Local Govt) youths to demonstrate against Obi’s joining the PDP was frustrated because the Chairman of Anaocha Local Govt refused to lead the protest arguing that Obi’s decision was personal to him. Meanwhile, Umeh had already disbursed N20 Million for the project through one Silas Ejeabacha, who is from Agulu.

Umeh told Chidoka that his mission now is to reach out to all those in support of Obi to turn them against him. He said that tomorrow he will meet some selected leaders from Agulu, give them what they want and pitch them against Obi. He boosted that he has the Councillors and ward leaders in  Anaocha as well as Governor Willie Obiano in his pockets. “As for Willie, he does not know his right hand from his left, he depends on me for political direction and I will make sure I hold him tightly”, Umeh said. At this point, the laughing Osita CHidoka said “Ohamadike, biko mekwaru govanor anyi ebele oh!”

Last week Umeh called some Rev fathers in his Aguluzigbo house and under the pretext of disbursing about 5 Million Naira scholarship devoted time to paint Obi black before them. 
The Circus goes on and why this UTMOST HOSTILITY you may ask ,only the EMPEROR knows the answer .
Mazi Odera reports.
*Photo Caption - Chief Victor Umeh