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BreakingNews 18/6/14 - Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi's Kano Emir-ship; Implications For Good Governance And Fight Against Corruption In Nigeria

BreakingNews 18/6/14 - Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi's Kano Emir-ship; Implications For Good Governance And Fight Against Corruption In Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: Stephen Ochonma reports ] - The news of the demise on Friday June, 06, 2014 of the respected and acclaimed detribalized former emir of Kano Alhaji Ado A. Bayaro owing  to  a protracted cancer battle was  a big  shock to many Nigerians, but the  news  of the  selection, the appointment  by the  Kano State government, of the  immediate  past  CBN Governor-Mallam Sanusi Lamido
Sanusi (SLS) as Bayero's  Successor was  a  bigger  shock. That announcement on Sunday June 08, 2014 was  a shocker not  only because it was  morally wrong, but also it  was  not  for the  interest  of  the Kano people but  purely for  political calculations.

Some political analyts had predicted  Lamido Sanusi's emergence because
of his closeness to the APC leadership at  both the  National and state
levels. Others had claimed that Sanusi had plotted his move early enough
and had bribed his way  to the  throne  through unauthorized denotions
to Kano and Sokoto State Governments, some Northern Universities and
establishments from the CBN purse. Those denotions had ran into billions
of Naira and solely targeted at the Northern institutions  and  state

Alhaji Ado Bayero was almost 84 and  had  ruled  Kano emirate  for over
50 years (1963-2014); and his ill health had persisted  for  sometime,
so it  was  not  entirely a  surprise  to some that the  battle for  his
succession had started even while he  was  yet  alive. But  the  nature
of the  intrigues, lobbling, and politicking that  characterized the
appointment of  Lanido Sanusi seems  to suggest  that the  kano emirship
had become a factor  in the 2015 general election's permutations.  

Also the pandemonium that erupted almost spontaneously with that
announcement of SLS as the new emir by the Kano State SSG. Rabiu
Suleiman Buchi, speaks loud. Some dailies reported that barely five
minutes afterwards, irate youths numbering hundreds took over major
streets at the  old  city and violently protested against the  choice 
of Lamido Samusi. Again, almost  at  the  same  time  of  this protest,
the  former FCT minister and former acting  deputy National secretary of 
APC, Mallam Nasir El-rufai tweeted in the social network "Sanusi
Lamido Samusi is the  new  EMIR  of  Kano, Now, let all Johathanian  go
to the  Lagoon and jump inside it'. These  are  dangerous trends  in our 
polity; in a  time when Boko Haram sect  and  other  such terrorist 
group are laying siege on Nigeria.

It is a  well known fact  that  Lamido Sanusi and El-rufai are close 
pals. It is  also known that  both are strong  critics of the  present 
Federal government and both seem to derive some kind of pleasure from
insulting the person and the office of president Jonathan. Both seem to
harbour deep anger toward the presidency, even thought they have
benefitted immensely from the  Nigerian society in the  way of 
political appointments and  patronage. Both men have  similar  traits- 
of  carrying  out   their  appointive  functions  with  arrogance and 
impunity. Both seem to believe  that the  law is  made for  others and
not  for  them. The question is why? 

The respected Indian statesman and nationalist mohadais  Gandhi once 
said "our languages are the reflection of  ourselves". Even the Holy
writ says "out of the abundance of the heart, the  mouth speaks". So it 
is clear  from that  tweet of  El-rufai that  the  appointment  of 
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi had more political undertones  than customary
considerations as  the  APC leadership in Kano and thier friends would
have us believe. But  we  must  understand  that  the  quality of 
leadership  any society has robbs off on its citizens. It is said that
the  people always  get  the  type of  leadership the  deserve.

According  to the  renowned leadership guru, Dr. John.C. Maxwell in his
book the 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership, "Everything rises and
falls under leadership". The question we should also ask ourselves now
is, 'are we really deserving of these kind of leadership in Nigeria'
today? Must we play polities of bitterness and rancor? Must the
political class play to the gallery in their desperation to gain polical
power at all cost?

The Renaissance France became an European super-power under the
leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte (August 15,1769-May 5, 1821). Napoleon
seized political power in a coup d'etat in 1799 but instituted many
reforms in government and education, and had repeated victories over a
variety of European coalitions, owing primarily to his motives and
nationalistic stand, than on selfish desire for power. Mr. Bonaparte was
later to say "I have sacrificed all my interests to those of the
country, I go, but you my friends, will continue to serve France, her
happiness was my only thought, it will still be the object of my
wishes". Obviously this is the kind of leadership that Nigeria dearly
needs but lack so much at the moment-a willingness to sacrifice for the
greater good.

Let it be know, that Mallam Sanusi, Lamido Sanusi being a prince of the
Kano Emirate and a grandson of a former emir (Alhaji M Sanusi-1953 to
1963),and also been a pubic servant of high standing is eminently
qualified  to be considered for the Kano emir-ship. But the issue here
is, at this time in our nation when there is need to fight corruption
headlong, is it morally right for SLS to be the new emir with all the
unresolved allegations and court cases against him? Won't those
allegations if lsf unresolved diminish the throne upon which Sanusi now
sits? under those circumstances, would SLS have the moral standing to
successfully discharge his duties?

Some of the matters pending in court are;
(a) The suit instituted by Sanusi himself at an Abuja federal high
court, which has now been reffered to the industrial court challenging
the powers of president Goodluke Jonathan to suspend him from office.

(b) The suit by the shareholders of the defund intercontinental bank plc
at a Federal high court also in Abuja, accusing Sanusi of complicity in
an alleged 50 billion Niara fraud, which also involved Mr Aig-Aigboje
Imokhuede and Mr. Hebert Wigiwe, both of Access bank, and SLS friend -
Senator  Bukola  Saraki   among  others.

It should  be noted  also that  the  issue of the report  of the
Financial Reporting  Council of  Nigeria indicting  Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
of highhandedness, impunity, incompetence, and  alleged fraud of
monumental proportions amongst  others (FRCN; PRES/188/T&I/89, dated
June 7, 2013) is still pending. Investigation is on-going, and the 
Federal government through the  office of the president  and  Attorney
general, Mr Mohammed Adoke  have  stated  over and  over  again that 
Lamido Sanusi has  questions to answer. So to all men of  good consense
until those criminal cases are  disposed off, SLS should   not be so
appointed. No one is  saying he  is  a  criminal but  he  must 
exonerate  himself from all those allegetions  first  before he  can
have the  moral right  to sit  on the  Kano throne, to do otherwise is 
to belittle  the  throne. Even-though the  APC chieftains and  the  Kano
government have  calculated  to give  him a  technical immunity against 
those  alleged crimes, he  still does  not  have   a  constitution
immunity to be  shielded away from the  law. He  cannot therefore  pose 
as  an 'above  the law'.

How  Lamido Sanusi's new  role  as  the  emir  of  Kano will impact on
those  suits and investigations  are yet  to be fully graped, but  we 
know  that  his  emirship have  far- reaching  implications to good
governance, war against corruption and national security. Owing   to the 
weight  of  those  allegations  against  SLS,  one  would have  trusted 
that  the  so-called Kingmakers would  have  screened Lamido Sanusi out
of the  race.  But  Not in Nigeria! Anything  goes here. Sanusi have
been reported in the dalies to have  been involved inapproprietly in
sexual relationships as  CBN  governor, yet  the Government of Kano
prefferred him over others, So Lamido Sanusi was the best for the throne
under prevailing circumstances?  Ordinarily one would have prefer to
keep mute and allow the Kano people carry thier own cross, but the
inglorious role of Sanusi Lamido sanusi should not be burried just like
that. Now  what  would  have  been a Kano affairs is  at  the  front 
burner  of  our  national discuss, and  a potential threat  to national
security and good  governance, just  because some  few party chieftains 
want  to protect one of thier own by all means.Why would  Lamido Sanusi
be   technically shielded away from the  law? I say technically because
his  trial will have  far -reaching effects. Let us  examine   a little
   the implication of prosecuting or arraning  him in a court now.

Will he  be  arrested and  treated as a suspected criminal if  and  when 
investigations  are  concluded and  there  is need  for  that? Is it 
very simple to detain him according  to be the  law? What  will be  the 
reaction of the  people  of  Kano emirate in particular, the  Nigerian
Muslim community, and the  traditional council of Nigeria? If  the 
Federal government  decides to foreclose the  investigations, and drop
all charges against him, will this  government  have the  moral right 
to prosecute  any other  accused public officer now  or in future, in
similar  situation with SLS? Can we  afford to treat  some  citizens as 
sacred cows  and  'above the law'? The  allegation against Sanusi's
predecessor - prof. Charles   Soludo was nothing in comparism to
Sanusi's and yet some political leaders wanted Soludo prosecuted. Same
poeple now wants Sanusi protected against prosecution. What a shame.
What kind of hipocrisy is that? But this is Nigeria- where anything

If Lamido Samusi is sheilded  away so easily from the  law  by this
singular act  of conspiracy and sabotage of Kwankawaso and  friends,
what  is the  implication for the  fight against  corruption in Nigeria?
The  same  people who are  accusing  president Jonathan of  not doing
enough to fight  corruption are  the  very same  people  who are 
sabotaging  his effort at it. What  an irony? So we  can see clearly
that  this  selection or appointment  of   Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
was made in bad  faith  and  should not be  allowed  by Kano people  to
stand. If  allowed, it  will have  far reaching    national
implications for  good governance, war against corruption, and 

Kano people must  see  beyond the  present political permutations  at 
play in the  appointment and  correct  this  huge  mistake and national
embarrahment. So many options  are available  to  the  Kano people , and

a. Pressurize Kwankwaso to reverse  himself  on  this  appointment  as 
soon as  possible.
b. Impeach Kwakwansi for  conspiracy to shield  a  suspected criminal
against  the  law.
c. Elect a governorment that  will reverse  this  mistake.
d. Separate Sanusi Lamido from the throne and allow him to face the law,
and give account of his stewardship at the CBN.

If  we  overlook Sanusi's alleged  crimes  just  because  he  is  an
emir  now, we  will be  laying  wrong precedence. SLS must give  account
of  his  stewardship in CBN as is required of all public Servants. To do
otherwise  is  to turn Nigeria into a banana republic, and that should
not  be  allowed.

Stephen Ochonma ( Email: ), a doctoral student  of  corporate strategy  and  
political analyst reports.
*Photo Caption - Sanusi Lamido Sanusi