[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Boko Haram Republic of Gwoza is both a bad idea and a bad omen for Nigeria because the indigenes of Gwoza are not sympathetic to  Boko Haram. Boko Haram Republic flags should be hoisted in territories where majority of the inhabitants are supporters of the insurgents, and definitely, Gwoza is not part of them.

Gwoza is among the communities and local government area in what is politically termed Southern Borno which has a majority Christian population with a minority mix of pagans, animists and Muslims. Such communities include Damboa (where Boko Haram had also taken over) and Chibok (where over 250  Chibok school girls were kidnapped and serially raped to death), Ngala ( where 480 soldiers fled from to Cameroun). Other such towns including Askira, Uba, Biu, Bayo, Shani, Kusar and
Kwawu are mainly Christian communities yet they have no signs of development because successive regimes in Maidugeri have victimized them on account of their Christian heritage, dating to between 80-102 years.

Now Boko Haram had left the Muslim dominate areas of Borno and are now hoisting their flags in non-Muslim zones, murdering, raping and butchering people mercilessly in the name of Allah. Gwoza had recently fallen finally into the hands of the insurgents and the murderous terrorists have declared the town an Islamic Caliphate in the most recent video from them.

I have posited in a widely published piece in April 2012 titled Boko Haram Republic of Northern Nigeria; a Good Idea ‘(parts 1) that "...The Boko Haram Republic should comprise of all the states where the populace through a majority vote have rejected the Federal Republic of Nigeria as presently constituted." and I argued further that" a referendum is necessary in the North so that northerners will either accept or reject an Islamic Republic on their own volition and save us all these killings in the name of religion. Referendum is simply the principle or practice of submitting to popular votes a particular idea, ideal or ideology is it social, political or economic. A “Yes” vote signifies acceptance while a ‘No’ vote signifies rejection". Had the Federal Government studied all my reports on the need for a Boko Haram Republic, the people of Gwoza would not have been massacred out of their communities, because
Mallam Shekau and his band of murderers would have been busy with how to manage areas of the North that willingly seeded leadership to him through constitutional means while the rest of the north continues with One Nigeria.

Now Boko Haram had chased over 480 Nigerian soldiers into  Cameroun, to avoid being slaughtered like ram, bringing a national embarrassment.  President Jonathan should order full scale invasion of Sambisa, Gwoza, Gambolu, Ngala and all the Christian communities Boko Haram had taken over against their will. He should not hesitate to allow some parts of the north that love and sympathize with the leadership of Boko Haram to have their republic which they are free to name Islamic Republic, Arewa Republic or Sharia Republic. Boko Haram is entitled to a territory as
long as the natives of that land willingly accept their ideology.

Below is the part 2 of the piece on viability of a Boko Haram Republic published in 2013

Boko Haram Republic of Northern Nigeria: A Good Idea (Part2)
By Obinna Akukwe

Boko Haram Republic of Kano, Boko Haram Republic of Borno, Boko Haram Republic of Yobe, Boko Haram Republic of Minna, Boko Hhram Republic of Arewa and Sharia Republic of Nigeria are all possible names for the new extremist Islamic Republic.

Nigerians want peace and if a people are bent on forcefully visiting Sharia on the rest of Nigeria, they should be given a separate nation and let those of us that want to be governed by the secular laws of Nigeria be left alone.

The recent attacks on the Emir of Kano by those suspected to be Boko Haram extremists and the consensual nonchalance of the Kano citizenry to the incidence portrays a dangerous shift of mindset of the people. It is obvious that Boko Haram had not thrived in Katsina because the inhabitants refused the advances of the sect, but from the main Jibiya border post in Katsina to Kano,a distance of about two hours , lies a minority element among them providing a safe haven to the terrorists and dragging the name of the silent majority of Kano citizenry to the mud.

It is obvious that if a Boko Haram republic will be carved out of the north, it will include territories from parts of Kano, Borno , Yobe, Bauchi, Kaduna and Niger States.

President Jonathan and his strategy team should look into carving territories out of these states to form a Boko Haram Republic provided that the inhabitants of the ceded territories show by reason of referendum that they prefer citizenship of a Boko Haram or Islamic Republic.

This referendum cannot cost the nation more than N50 Billion naira and another N500 billion could be given to the new republic as take-off grant for infrastructural development. A strict boundary, visa and travel policy should be adopted so that the Boko Haram nationals do not infiltrate into the rest of Nigeria. Curiously I’ve discovered by close interactions that majority of Muslim professionals would not mind
belonging to an Islamic Republic but the type of Islamic Republic they would want is not the type administered by Mallam Shekau, the Supreme Commander of Boko Haram.

Instead of wasting billions and trillions of naira in chasing around Boko Haram extremists, putting undue pressure on the resources of the nation (estimated 7 trillion having been spent by all tiers) since the renewed onslaught, and more trillions will still be spent while abandoning other critical sectors of the economy- let a fraction of that sum be used to flag off campaign for a Boko Haram Republic and save us wasted funds.

If sincere northern elders are against the sect, they should use the occasion of the referendum to mobilize their people against the sect while those in support of the new republic can come out in the open to canvass their ideals instead of using the sect as political tools against the incumbent president.

This strategy will also deny emergency security contractors and their political accomplice further excuse to pillage the nation’s resources in the name of fight against terror. A report from Mallam El- Rufai has it that estimated N350 billion naira has been spent as security votes in one year and it is obvious to observers that of the said sum about N320 billion must have entered private pockets. Every Governor, Minister and Heads of Government Agencies are spending and embezzling trillions
annually in the name of checkmating Boko Haram activities. Therefore, this Boko Haram republic is necessary to block this gross security waste pipe.

I still insist that a Boko Haram Republic or Islamic Republic headed by progressive northern intellectuals will likely institute a society that might surpass many African countries in development. If the Boko Haram regime decides to import hand cutting machines from China as antidote to corruption- they will not need any EFCC to chase any thief around with all the accompanying legal standoff- as all the looting of national treasury will stop in one month. They can elevate Fura, Zobo and Kunu
drinks and their medicinal values will enhance national health while Guinness, Harp, Star and other alcoholic brewers will relocate their trade to Cameroun. The Boko Haram Republic will have no need to spend N5billion naira as Abuja Minister proposed in the 2013 budget for prostitutes because with some 50 lashes of Koboko (Horsewhip) prostitutes will relocate to their respective villages.

If this Boko Haram Republic model enthrones a simple, law abiding and just society, soon other African countries will emulate the model, but if the model fails, they everyone to his tents.

Late Libyan Strongman Ghaddafi once advocated the division of the nation along a Christian South and a Muslim North. This genuine attempt to solve Nigeria’s lingering religious crisis may be re-framed in such a manner that Local Governments, Senatorial Zones and States that want to join the Boko Haram Republic may have their way while the rest of Nigeria continues together. This idea of Boko Haram republic is worth trying so that extremist Muslims can have their own nation while
moderate Muslims and their Christian brothers can live their lives in peace.

Obinna Akukwe ( Email: profetobinna2@yahoo.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Boko Haram flag.


[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Nigeria’s political leadership should act decisively in national interest before the Boko Haram terrorists storms Aso Rock and creates security panic throughout the nation. In March 2014, daring Boko Haram detainees made attempts to seize the Yellow House, headquarters of Nigeria’s secret police popularly known as the State Security Services (SSS), in a botched operation that suggested that one day Aso Rock, the residential and official fortress cold be attacked. The SSS is about 200 meters from toe first gate of the expansive Presidential Villa.

According to reports, it took the immediate recall of operatives living around Abuja and the quick intervention of soldiers from the Guards Brigade before about 22 detainees involved in the attempt were overpowered and killed. On that fateful Sunday the 30th of March military aircraft was seen hovering over the Villa and Jonathan was said to have been evacuated.

The attempt to take over the SSS Headquarters was preceded by the daring and successful attack on Giwa  Baracks on the outskirts of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital in the same mpnth of March. In the Giwa Barracks attacks, the insurgents dislodged the soldiers guarding the roads to the barracks, demobilized the soldiers at various sentry posts, broke a section of the fence of the barracks through  tomato farm in Pori and gained entrance.

In the process they freed over one thousand persons detained at the facility, picked up those they identified as their members and left the others to find their ways back to their families. The Shika Tank, the multipurpose anti-aircraft weapon recently serviced and kept ready at the gate of the barrack in case of sudden insurgency attacks, refused to work on the day of the attack, and the soldiers that were bent on
operating the tank were almost captured by the militants. All the armored tanks in Giwa barracks simply went moribund on the day of the attack.

On that fateful day, officers and soldiers took to their heels and escaped through the rear of the Barracks, and were nowhere to be found till Civilian JTF started arresting the fleeing detainees before the soldiers came and killed most of them. These people include those suspected to be insurgents and those aiding the military in
investigations and others randomly arrested from raids on Boko Haram hideouts.

Three months earlier In December 2013 , another barrack, the 202 Tank Battalion, Bama,  in Borno Sate was attacked by the insurgents. In the process they freed about 200 detainees in the military facility and left 55 persons dead, including soldiers, policemen and prison officials. The soldiers in Bama put up a spirited defense, but at the end the insurgents overran the barracks and freed heir people.

The 7th of August witnessed an unsuccessful attempt by the Boko Haram
insurgents to take over the prestigious Police Mobile Training School in Gwoza. Gwoza is the pride of MOPOL. That is the camp where they are given necessary trainings beyond the conventional from the rest of the force. Gwoza is that desert mountain where mobile policemen  are trained to be gallant officers of the Nigerian Police Force.

However, this gallant edifice and institution fell into the hands of the murderers when they came for a second attack on the 20th of the same month because most of them kept their weapons in the armory while listening to briefing. Who ordered the MOPOL officers to leave their weapons behind when the place was smarting from a recent attack? Who aided Boko Haam to attack Gallant MOPOL and slaughter many of them? It is estimated that both the dead and the missing is over a hundred security personnel.

Three days after the fall of Gwoza, Boko Haram stormed Ngala and took over a military base that has about 1000 soldiers. The soldiers were said to have abandoned the facility and joined others stationed at Gamboru to defend the border town. The insurgents not satisfied with the fall of Ngala,  pursued them into Gamboru and in the ensuing stiff clash, about 480 of them escaped with hapless villagers into neighboring Cameroun, to avoid being slaughtered. The insurgents chased them into Cameroun until the Gendarmes fought back the terrorists and drove them back to Nigeria.

Bama Barracks fell, Giwa Barracks fell, MOPOL Tainting School fell, Ngala Barracks fell, SSS headquarters nearly fell, and the insurgents are waxing strong and colonizing new territories. Soon, they will re-launch into Abuja and will try to make a statement by attacking the seat of power. Having noted the security patterns of the presidential convoys and arrangement of security around Azikiwe Jonathan , it is
observable that taking him out within the Villa is almost impossibility.

It will take an extra-coordinated buster attack to come near Ebele Jonathan, and Boko Haram may not show much interest in such a costly venture. However, with the presence of Boko Haram branch of the ruling party, whom the president had earlier lamented of being neck deep in his government, motivations for such an attack cannot be ruled out.

A Boko Haram storming of Aso Rock will create security panic within the system. It could be hijacked and manipulated to disastrous consequences by enemies of Azikiwe Jonathan. It will also booster the morale of the insurgents and they will begin to find Abuja an attractive sitting duck. Such attack will also trigger massive looting of national treasury and run on the dollars due to rush to transfer stolen fund overseas.

The time bomb is ticking. It is time for Goodluck Jonathan to order the full invasion of Sambisa Forest with attendant aerial bombardment. The Chibok Girls are probably dead anyway, therefore that lame excuse is no longer tenable. The insurgents must be dislodged from Gwoza, Damboa, Chibok , Uba, Askira, Mubi , Ngala, Gamboru and all the towns they have currently colonized. Failure to do that, the insurgents will soon become dissatisfied with their localized conquest and with the aid of their
sympathizers in high places, a march into Abuja and Aso Rock will commence.

Azikiwe Jonathan should not hesitate to name all the PDP members who are
secretly sponsoring Boko Haram, those he told Christian leaders at a Church service that they might poison him. Those PDP members that former National Security Adviser, General Azazi tried to expose before he was wasted in a helicopter crash. Ebele Jonathan should also consider revoking all the oil blocks allocated to sponsors and cronies of Boko Haram by past governments. Failure to take these necessary actions and on time may make  the way for an invasion of Aso Rock by Boko Haram, and Nigeria may as well go to blazes


Obinna Akukwe ( Email: profetobinna2@yahoo.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Map & Flag of Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo reports ] - WIFE-BEATING: Some men beat their wives and some aggrieved husbands or ex-husbands, or ex-lovers pour acid on their women. You cannot harm your own body, beating your wife is harming your own body. Violence against women in marriage contexts is a serious affront. He has failed in effective communication; and adopted the lower animal language of physical attack to send his message; He has lost all tenderness and love for his wife because love does not harm. The man poses a threat to the life of the woman depending on how violent he might get. His wife will live in mortal fear of him. He has insulted God, the Father who appointed him priest and head of the family. He has forfeited the mandate spiritually. Wife battery is a grave default that should be prayed out of the heavenly home. If a man loves himself, he will not be a wife-beater. If a man loves and honours God, he will not be a wife-beater.
God has apportioned Home Management to the woman.” Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” This means that what a woman will choose to do in her home will build or destroy her home. A woman has powerful influence in the home to give that home the quality tone a heavenly home deserves. A woman has to manage her home well, and take care of her home.
A woman does not have to gossip against her husband, exposing family private matters, bringing bad repute to the family from undignified behavior, careless talk, lack of decency, will bring down the quality of the heavenly home. The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, is a role model for all women about the divine concept of a wise virtuous woman as opposed to a foolish woman.
Managing the home front is a woman’s priority assignment, and in this portfolio, she is the Mother, the Decorator, the Caterer, the First Teacher, the First Nurse, the First
Counsellor, the First Mentor, the First Coach of everybody in the home, her husband, her children, and her domestic servants.
Effective, persuasive communication is an asset to the wise woman at home.
This means she needs to pray against the common malaise of nagging. Being easier to satisfy; being more content, showing understanding, and empathy will reduce the urge to nag. Also being responsible and having realistic expectations will help.
Sometimes, it may befall on the woman to be the Breadwinner. Provided her husband is appreciative, she should accept this role…and handle it with humility and trust in God-not bitterly. Nagging a man for what he is not able to provide will drive him to do the forbidden.
Yelling will impede communication. Abusive language is worse. Whatever is going on in the home; the woman is still the one to go to God in prayer and ask for help from God who gave her this assignment.
If a woman is highly talented and qualified, she has to negotiate with her husband her need for employment, or to go for further studies. A woman has every right to actualize herself and to seek economic empowerment; but it should not be at the expense of the home management and the children in particular. It is an unhappy home where there is no food at meal time for the children; and the children are left to the mercy of house helps, and the woman does not know or see what her children eat while she is dashing about and even leaving the cooking and the menu for the house-help ( that is, in Africa where there are house-helps) to determine and to cook and serve.
A balance can be negotiated between working in the home and incorporating situations; and taking care of vital issues at home. A woman in a heavenly home should seek this balance. Sometimes, the man is domesticated and can cook: but even at that, the woman should make him know that he is a very special auxiliary. It is still the woman’s primary duty to cook for her husband, in African culture unless she decides otherwise.
If a woman chooses to be a full-time home manager, that is okay for her provided she accepts it in her spirit and does not grumble. She need not carry on a martyrdom spirit, sacrificial motherhood syndrome, or a victim mentality. It is her choice; and it is a worthy cause. These days she can also achieve a lot using a laptop or a desktop at home hooked to an internet service provider. She can do a lot on-line: by way of further education; and e-commerce or networking for community service. A heavenly home has a woman who joyfully and obediently accepts her role as a homebuilder and manager, and who appreciates she is serving God in this function.
Wrong Solutions For Heavenly Homes
Whatever the problem is with your spouse, adultery is not the solution. Whether it is loss of sexual attraction to your spouse, whether it is resentment of him, or her, whether it is hatred of him or her, whether it is loneliness, etc. adultery in not the solution. “ Thou shalt not commit adultery” Exodus 20:14.
Adultery is one of the Ten Commandments of God that must be obeyed. It is a deadly sin. If God has joined you two together and you detach yourself from the union sealed by God, and copulate with a stranger to the union, it is:
An affront to God
An insult to God
A brazen rebellion
An immoral and iniquitous act
A dangerous act that can cause scandal, trouble and even retaliatory violence by the aggrieved party.
An act of lack of wisdom because;
All men are blemished, all women are blemished.
None is perfect. If you are looking for a perfect man, there is none. If you are looking for a perfect woman there is none.
If the devil suggests to you to go and have a fling, and ignore your spouse, it is an advice from the pit of hell.
When a woman gets married, her womb is dedicated to God to produce “ Godly seed”. Committing fornication with another man destroys that covenant and angers God.
A woman is a daughter of Zion, a special vessel for bearing God’s children, and her womb, for that reason is sacred.
The problems of marriage that affect sexual performance, sexual satisfaction, companionship, emotional and material support should be taken to God, the Balm of Gilead. There is no self-justification to condone adultery.
Some misguided spouses resort to the occult to enforce, or to obtain a desired result or effect in their family. God who created all fresh, and who created and ordained marriage and the human family can solve any problem whatsoever afflicting the family. Just take the matter to God in prayer. He is the God of impossibilities.
This God can do anything. If this God could raise Lazarus from death after four days; He raised Jairus’ daughter from death; He healed the woman of issue of blood for twelve years; He healed the blind Bartimeus, He created water out of the rock, He fed His people with manna from heaven; He closed and opened Rachael’s womb; He turned the bitter water of mara to sweet;
He collapsed the walls of Jericho; He was the one who took Enoch and Elijah to heaven without tasting death; He was the one who destroyed Goliath, Pharaoh, and Herod for the sake of peace to reign in His loved ones; He was the one who divided the red sea in time of old so that His children would cross over when their enemies were pursuing them; He was the one who became the pillar of fire by night and pillar of cloud by day to the Israelites.
He can defy scientific medical verdicts, reverse them; and give you a breakthrough. This God has given new fallopian tubes to women; He has given new healthy testes, He gives new wombs, new brains, new blood group, and new limbs, just name it. He can do it for you.
You do not need any occult spell to make your spouse love you.
Neither indeed do you have any right to harm your spouse. Your spouse’s life belongs to God; and it is sacred. .Neither do we need to live in mortal dread and fear of our spouses. Wounds, hurts, and disagreements should not be allowed to fester and to become too grievous. Unresolved conflicts and disagreements lead to terrible rifts that cause couples to drift apart. Certainly, resort to occult is nonetheless a wrong solution. Neither is resort to conspiracy for slander and isolation of your spouse a proper solution .Just take it to the Lord in prayer and continue to pray until God answers you. His name is the Prince of Peace. “ For with God nothing shall be impossible”( Luke 1:37).
Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo –( Author and Writer), ( Email: chichinwogwugwu@hotmail.comTel: +34632325146 ) reports. 
*Photo Caption - Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo

[ Masterweb Reports: Fayth Deleola Daramola reports ] - This is one of the MAJOR reasons why America has become the most developed country in the world. That is why it is difficult for developing countries and Africa especially to significantly be developed. Unlike America, these other countries cannot take control of their destiny by thinking critically and independently; and above all by being radically creative.

Americans fought for and got their independence from the British. They so valued the freedom that they essentially do not want the same system of life that they were subjected to under the British. Americans consciously built their lives on to be different from that of their colonial masters: Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy, while the U.S.A. is a constitutional republic; a parliamentary system operates in Britain while a presidential system operates in the U.S.A.

In a typical British motor car, the steering wheel is on the right while the American feels, ‘Nope, ours must be on the left’ and so it remains till tomorrow! While the Brits click ‘down’ the light switch, American turns ‘up’ the switch. British electricity voltage is 220, American’s is 110. 
Americans felt if they couldn't create their own indigenous language, if it must be English, then it must be American-English; different from Queen’s English. They so much believe in Freedom and it controls every aspect of their lives, radically different from their colonial masters, in sports, school calendars and curriculum, dressing, habits and values! They always want to be American and Americans alone, to be the first in everything, first to discover the science of aviation and fly a plane.  An American blacksmith and inventor established the first commercially successful electric streetcar. Davenport, from Vermont, invented an electric motor in 1834 and began a small electric railway in 1835. "Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind." These were the words left on a flag by the American Astronauts, the first humans to step foot on the Moon. They achieve many firsts because they seek originality, as a culture and a way of life which determines self-actualization and development. 

Need I remind us, Nigerians, that even though we were also colonized by the same Britain, we chose to be radically original just by half? We also did not want the British form of governance (after trying what was handed over to us at independence), we chose the American system of government. We desire democracy but what we have is ‘Civilian government’. While true democracy as it is practiced in America is government of the people for the people, Nigerians chose ‘home-grown-democracy’ by selecting some people to lead the people, for the people! These ‘selected’ people recycle themselves from time to time. They institute archaic and retrogressive policies to suit themselves and the public resultantly surfers the consequences. No distinct identifiable ideological divide between the so called progressive and conservative political parties. Many years back, the late Uncle Bola Ige described the political parties then as ‘fingers of a leprous hand’.  Nuhu Ribadu who contested the presidential election as a progressive (ACN) in the last election has crossed to PDP, a conservative party just like, Olagunsoye Oyinlola crossed from ‘conservative’ to ‘progressive’, five days to his state’s election! Peter Obi formally of APGA is now PDP and Segun Mimiko has transmuted from Labor to PDP.

Isn’t true that the opposite of original is fake? Because we ‘copy copy’, we get fake results. So also is the society wanting to ‘wannabe’ American! Our kids want to sing and dance Rap Music; our indigenous languages have been dubbed ‘vernacular’ and so, seen as not good for public communication anymore. Young Nigerians know off hand all American sports men, even the Ice Hockey and Basketball stars! Most annoying was seeing a Nigerian actress on a video performing the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. This challenge is intended to draw awareness to the uncommon, incurable disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in America. Celebrities select one of their friends to pour ice cold water on him or her as a challenge. It is posted on Youtube or Facebook for the public to view. President George W Bush was seen on the television being drenched with ice cold water by Laura. So also were Oprah Winfrey and Lebon James. In a situation where one of the conditions is not met, $100 dollar is donated to the research of ALS. For one, ALS is mostly white race issue just as Diabetes is to the black race. The question is: why is a Nigerian actress copying the ice cold water challenge? Is it to draw attention to ALS, a white man's disease or to raise fund for its research when Ebola is threatening every soul in Nigeria? Do Nigerians know that thirty-five percent of young men today would die of liver related issues in fifteen years’ time due to all kinds of ‘Agunmun’, ‘Agbo jedi’ gulped with liquor, laced thereafter with ‘Alabunkun’ –a highly acetylsalicylic Acid caffeinated powder! Where is the awareness for this and others that are killing us in droves!

The point is that we should be original as Africans. Our culture is pure and our values are graciously enduring. Our traditional rulers' words were laws. If they instructed that there should be no market opening on Monday, so would it be and there was no need for any police to enforce the royal instruction. We can research our 'dongoyaro' to cure malaria in a clinical research institution to determine the dose and package. We can develop “Egbe” (magical disappearance act) to transport to Neptune or Pluto and become the first nation to be there without using missile capsule! If we swear-in our political leaders with 'Sonpono' or 'Esu', they will be less corrupt if not totally incorruptible. We should embrace our well known cherished tenets like being ‘our brother’s keepers’, ‘one’s palm does not deceive one’, ‘family antecedents or values dictate the name of the child’, to mention a few.

Like American parental aphorism, that they impart to their wards from infancy, -always be a first-rate version of you, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. That way, you’ll be simply, yourself and original; the pathway to greatness.

Fayth Deleola Daramola ( Email: faydeleola@yahoo.com ) reports from Ohio, USA.
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[ Masterweb Reports ] - The Media Assistant to Mr. Peter Obi, the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Valentine Obienyem has again described his boss as the face of APGA in Nigeria. He made this remarks yesterday while speaking to the press at the burial of the wife of the late Traditional ruler of Adazi-Enu, Nwakego Iloghalu.
Obienyem said that besides being presented as such by Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, that Obi’s steadfastness made the Chairman of the party, Chief Victor Umeh to  present to him in September 2013 , the  APGA Most Faithful Party Man of Our Time Award. “Obi has not changed, he has continued to make legendary sacrifices for the growth of the party against the wishes of those that saw the party as an instrument of merchandise. The most recent of his many sacrifices was his rejection of a Ministerial appointment rather than join  another party as was requested of him”, Obienyem said
 statement credited to Chief Victor Umeh’s Assistant on Media, Mr. Stan Okeke to the effect that    the claim of Obi’s sacrifice for the party was a ruse, Obienyem said: “I do not want to make comments on what Victor Umeh or his Assistant said, realizing fully Victor’s modus operandi of instigating controversy where none exists and cleverly informing the Governor that he (the Governor) and not himself is the target for the  purse of the State to be opened to him in the name of wedging non-existent war, the likes of which he has wedged over the years to the grace of his pockets.  I will not reply him in order not to give him that opportunity or better still not to descend to his level of thoughtless rascality."
Asked the position of the Church in all this, Obienyem regretted the mentioning of the Catholic Church by Umeh's Assistant and advised him to better go and sit his boss down and talk sense into  him,  rather than seeking to set Obi against the Church and sundry other groups. “Victor knows he has nothing to lose, such that he is always content running to the market whenever Obi’s name is mentioned. If this is pathological hatred, I am sure that even flies to come within the radiation of that hate will fall dead.. But he must realize that many people know Obi very well and that Obi has entrenched his character into the psyche of the people for him to destroy, as is always his aim, Obienyem concluded.
*Photo Caption - Mr. Peter Obi (Left); Victor Umeh (Right)

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - Can you say Amen to my prayer? Please say ‘Amen.’ We failed to rescue our Chibok 234 girls and now we pray that they will rescue us. Please pray for the prayers of the Chibok Angels. Please say ‘Amen/Amin’ every now and then to the prayers from the jungles of Sambisa; for it is said and it is declared that the Good Lord hears and answers the prayers of the oppressed.
Psalm 10: (NET Bible) 8 He waits in ambush near the villages; in hidden places he kills the innocent. His eyes look for some unfortunate victim. 9 He lies in ambush in a hidden place, like a lion in a thicket; he lies in ambush, waiting to catch the oppressed; he catches the oppressed by pulling in his net. 10 His victims are crushed and beaten down; they are trapped in his sturdy nets. 11 He says to himself, “God overlooks it; he does not pay attention; he never notices.” 12 Rise up, Lord! O God, strike him down! Do not forget the oppressed! 13 Why does the wicked man reject God? He says to himself, “You will not hold me accountable.” 14 You have taken notice, for you always see one who inflicts pain and suffering. The unfortunate victim entrusts his cause to you; you deliver the fatherless. 15 Break the arm of the wicked and evil man! Hold him accountable for his wicked deeds, which he thought you would not discover. 16 The Lord rules forever! The nations are driven out of his land. 17 Lord, you have heard the request of the oppressed; you make them feel secure because you listen to their prayer. 18 You defend the fatherless and oppressed, so that mere mortals may no longer terrorize them.
The Lord has heard the prayers of the oppressed. He has heard the prayers of those we were forced to abandon. He has heard the prayers of those our toxic bloated government failed to secure, failed to rescue and denied us the right to bear arms to go and help. The Lord will deliver them and deliver us from the clutches of oppression. Their prayers, by the gravity of their oppression shall be the weapon that shall deliver not only them, but all of us Nigerians living under bondage. In the past, oppressed Nigerians prayed and the Lord seized the soul of our tyrant ruler. Today our hearts are impure, but not the hearts of our deserted Angels in Sambisa. Our daughters; your prayers will bring a radical miracle in this land. Your prayers will bring freedom! Your prayers will bring deliverance. Amen!
The Prophet of Islam said: "Fear the prayer of the oppressed, even if he is a disbeliever, for there is no barrier (between it and Allah [the God])." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
Something is happening already. We feel it. We believe it.
Dear daughters; dear Angels in Sambisa. Pray, pray, pray. We say, Amen, Amen, Amen.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah ( Email: drbrimah@ends.ng ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Some of the abducted Chibok girls

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Genevieve Nnaji, Nigeria's most popular and sought after actress in the ever growing Nollywood industry have demonstrated over time that audacity and tenacity of hope coupled with the grace of God  can bring one to an enviable place in life despite initial difficulties and stigmatic experience.
Genevieve Nnaji, going down memory lane was that single parent at the age seventeen, put in the family way by an irresponsible prince resident in Lagos, who, according to reports, denied both the pregnancy and the paternity of the lovely daughter. Reports have it that the man came crawling back years later begging for forgiveness and seeking for love from both Genevieve and the daughter he abandoned.
Genevieve Nnaji was that young girl of seventeen who after some flings of sexual immorality, discovered, about four months later that she was pregnant.

According to her interview with a news medium years back, it took her mother
seven months to discover that her daughter was pregnant. According to Genevieve
“The pregnancy was seven months gone before my Catholic mum discovered it. She
couldn’t believe it,” How can she be pregnant when she was “very careful” according to her still remain a mystery to her till date. When a test confirmed it, her parents were disappointed but stood their ground against abortion. “I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even know till I was about four months. It was there, but I was still in shock. I didn’t believe it”.  She further explained how she blamed herself thus "I think I was pretty much hard on myself then than my parents or people. I was harder on myself, really. My parents reacted the way any parent would react – disappointed. I didn’t know. My mother discovered it for me. I didn’t know anything really. She discovered
it for me and it was too late, we couldn’t do anything and we’re Catholics and
I’m glad I didn’t do anything funny really.” 

Explaining why she didn't want to commit murder and fornication all at the same time, Genevieve stated that “Getting rid of the pregnancy was an alternative then, but it was too late, because not until I was four months before we discovered it and so it was not what we could do, and my dad was like, ‘it’s a child for Christ’s sake.
God knows why he wants to bring that child into life”. We are Catholics and it’s just that conscience, you do wrong once and doing another would not make the first right. So, you either correct your mistake by doing the right thing. If I was pregnant, and then have an abortion, it would have been like murder after fornication! So, that was basically wrong.”
Genevieve with the scolding, rebuke, as well as resignation to fate of her parents, was able to rise up to become a shining star in Nigeria's contemporary film industry. Genevieve rose beyond the heartbreaking disappointment of irresponsible men, taunts of friends, condemnation of close family acquaintances, and disillusioned remarks from church members, to occupy an enviable place in the annals of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. The Abor-Mbaise , Imo State born actress from  a middle class parent comprising  a banker dad and a teacher mum made news between 1998 and 2002 when she became the wonder girl of Nigeria's movie industry,  Nollywood. Since then she has won awards both locally and internationally and is being adjudged as the most popular actress in Nigeria. She is the most celebrated actress in Nigeria and had gotten rare reviews in international magazines and news media. She is however not new to acting, having featured in the then poplar soap opera "Ripples" from when she was eight.
This is where the audacity of hope  young  Genevieve came in. Everyone has one sad tale or the other to tell in life. While some are self inflicted, others are as a result of the deceptions and wickedness of men. It is easy to condemn a girl put in a family way by an irresponsible randy man, not man enough to own up to responsibility. While for some it is unwanted pregnancy, for others it is a divorced marriage and yet for others it is childlessness in marriage.  Rape, early widowhood also carries great  disillusionment. Some have been jobless for more than usual time and everybody in the neighborhood adjudged them lazy, suspicious, idle and every act of criminality in the neighborhood was attributed to them. That in itself cases self depression and low self esteem.  Some were battered in a failed marriage and everyone attributed the crashed union  to them. People make mistakes in life and it is expected that the next person who cares helps the fallen to stand. However, where nobody is willing to help, one must rise up, shrug off the disappointments and look up to God for a new beginning and surely with help from above, one is assured of a glorious bounce back.
A girl I came to know of in the year around 2007 was faced with a somewhat similar situation with our own Genevieve. This girl, a graduate of University of Jos by name Glory was betrothed to a man who refused to cut off ties with old girlfriend and after traditional marital rites began, the former lady resurfaced and the new one was abandoned with eight month old pregnancy. This girl from a decent Assemblies of God Church background, after traditional marriage, did not wait for church wedding before commencing some sexual exercise which resulted in pregnancy. The man abandoned Glory, after some domestic manhandling and she was forced to live with her brother to deliver the baby. With the help of highly understanding brother and equally understanding brother’s wife, she was shielded from a taunting mother. Also with the input of understanding gospel ministers and pastors  God brought around her, Glory was able to pick up her life again with her lovely daughter and moved from jobless to a petty sales girl to a clerk in a construction site to an accounts officer in a thriving Bureau De Change and Micro finance Bank. In 2012, a man from Port Harcourt came and snatched her in holy matrimony.  This homely and intelligent young girl in early twenties with lots of acumen upstairs would have been rubbished by an irresponsible man . 

Another Lady by name Favour lost her pastor husband few months into the marriage in 1999 or so, then she was a student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). Though men wrote off the young widow of about twenty years with her four month old pregnancy, she put behind the widowhood, put her trust in God and became fervent in her church activities in Winners Chapel. Her good nature attracted some young suitors from where she prayerfully chose a handsome young man who accepted her with the son from the previous marriage. Both have been happily married since 2012 with three more lovely kids. Favour has helped lots of women having challenges in their marriage to find their footings, restoring peace to broken homes. Thus the devil that wanted to destroy he destinies of Glory and Favour failed woefully.
In contrast, a sad situation confronted me as I was stepping out of a commercial bank in, Abuja sometime around 2011. A girl who in my estimate cannot be more than 16 years of age and carrying a baby which appears slightly above one year plus accosted me. Both the girl and the baby looked unkept, tardy and distressed. This girl asked me for financial assistance so that she can go back to Umuahia , in Abia State and beg her parents to accept her back since her efforts to relocate with her Akure born runaway boyfriend had failed. This girl whose parent according to what she told me, were staunch Christians, was impregnated by an Akure man who came to Umuahia to do a sub-contract job with a firm. This man denied the pregnancy and as the contract was over he absconded from Umuahia. The parents of the girl were informed months later that the man currently owns and drives a taxi  in Abuja and they threw their daughter and the son out of the house , asking her to locate the boy’s father and marry him . According to her brief narrative, she came to Abuja to
seek for her son’s father turned taxi driver but the man refused to be seen. All her efforts to locate him met brick walls and the man who should help locate the runaway friend was playing hide and seek, probably on the instructions of the taxi driver.
Having been toyed by her man's friends for some weeks, sleeping in dangerous
places with a baby boy,the distraught girl decided to go back to Umuahia and in her own words '' beg my father and mother to forgive and  accept me back''. I assisted her with some thousands of naira and she embarrassingly knelt down on the kerb on a  busy Gwarimpa Estate road in thanksgiving for my kind gesture, not minding that
passers by were equally embarrassed. I hastily disappeared from the scene,
pondering over her impoverished and pitiable her situation that a few thousands
of naira could bring such relief.
The world is full of mistakes, and people fall into all manners of traps that bring
regrets, embarrassments, denials and stigmatization. The devil uses such to
keep lots of people in bondage, destroys destinies and ushers in life of regrets.
Irresponsible men, women, cultures, norms, government and policies have brought
untoward embarrassment, pain, sorrow and damages to people but one must decide
not to allow such blur a glorious future.
The Bible states  “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”( Philippians 3:13-14 ) I counsel those who found themselves in any situation that has brought some form of embarrassment, pain, depression, shame and stigmatization to take the advice of the Scripture, ask for forgiveness, forgive oneself, forget the past and move on with life.  Parents, friends, family members, church members and colleagues must not hesitate to help out after initial corrective outbursts.  All dogs eat shit, but the dog that carries shit in the mouth
is easily identified as the shit consumer, so says a Biafra proverb, therefore, beyond the compulsory initial condemnations, where necessary, those at the receiving end of irresponsible men, women and cultural practices needs all the support they can get. Where the support is not coming, the affected must not condemn self. Jesus said to that adulterous woman''Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more"( John 8:11)  and that should be our attitude.
Genevieve Nnaji is a classic example of how a young girl refused to give up in
herself, and with the support of disciplined but understanding parents, was able to overcome a painful past and forge on unto glory.  She is the face of hope from hopeless situations. She overcame psychological, emotional and intellectual trauma to land herself a glorious future. Genevieve had shown that with God on one's side and with audacity of hope, a great testimony could come out of life's worst depressing moment.

Obinna Akukwe ( Email: profetobina2@yahoo.com ) reports.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Pastor Ike Dike reports ] - As a Clergy, I will always view things in the context of the Bible. As most commentators have acknowledged, the Bible still remains a comprehensive trove of information and guide for people who need guidance, especially in spiritualism and political strategies. One would start wondering what the Bible has to do with political power. Yes, experts have posited that politics is all about acquisition and use of power. On a thorough scrutiny, you will find accurate accounts of power rumbles and intrigues in the Bible.
Though most of these accounts are about theocratic power, you will agree with me that power is power and always has to do with human beings.
In Israel of Bible times, the story of Saul is a known one. He was little known and at a point was only known and referred to as the son of Kish. Saul did not campaign or carry ballot boxes, he was divinely selected and anointed.
His disobedience in commandments from God put him into a huge disfavor. Saul’s early days were colorful. He was noted for rare achievements and almost annihilated a practice that opposed true spiritualism and the worship of God. During his time, idolatry and sorcery carried death sentences. He went as far as killing all witches and wizards to ensure the undivided worship of God.
When he lost face with God, he became desperate and wanted a divination on an impending war. As posited above, earlier in his reign, he killed all the witches but one survived and practiced in secrecy, fully aware of the dangerous consequences. Saul was desperate and subscribed to the services of a witch in the suburb of En-dor.
This is like some of our present politicians do. They involve in policy somersaults and extreme hypocrisy. Quite like a dog eating its vomit.
Saul went to En-dor and got a divination that gave him a shock that nearly killed him before going to the war front. In Saul’s words in Samuel Chapter 28, verse 15, ‘I am in sore straits as the Philistines are fighting against me, and God himself has departed from me and has answered me no more, either by means of the prophets or by dreams….’
Our politicians are desperate today, they take back their vomits and sign new deals most of the time on the enemy’s terms.
The above could be likened to one senator in Abia. This senator has legislated for more than two terms in Abuja and wants the governorship crown desperately. The zoning policy strictly adopted by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia is in line with the party policy as enshrined in the constitution. This is equally in line with the staunch stand of the equity-loving Governor, Chief T. A. Orji. Governor Orji for many times has favorably campaigned for power shift to the Southern Senatorial Zone of Abia, but this shift doesn’t favour the senator and the senator is now carousing with a strange bedfellow. This is like riding the back of the tiger which as has been portrayed in numerous stories spell doom for the rider. The tiger by nature is voracious and carnivorous. Our rider will certainly end in the voracious belly of the tiger if caution is cast to the wind.
Power is nobody’s permanent right, life is not that way. There are times when people should withdraw and reflect. There are so many political options and positions but our senator doesn’t think of these. Some reasonable and concerned voters in Abia see it as fatal ambition.
The electorate should watch out. The chief consultant of this senator who happens to be a former governor has never delivered. He has volunteered his media outfit to the use of my senator in focus. He hardly respects conventions and sees everything through the colour of money. His mercantilist mentality is compulsive to the extent that he gains from any enterprise. It doesn’t matter who is involved whether it is the church or ten-year-olds.
Senator please, for your own sake and your family, be careful, nothing lasts forever. Please be grateful to God for the much he has done for you all these years.
Do not go to the witch at En-dor, remember Saul and his family, this piece may be prophetic. Your move is like a medical doctor consulting a quack or native doctor.
Pastor Ike Dike, Divine People’s Assembly.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Valentine Obienyem reports ] - 
Myths and legends, no matter our views about them, play important role in the explanation of phenomena, especially the inexplicable ones. The origin of some words in human vocabulary could be traced to myths and legends. Think of worlds such as “Pyrrhic Victory,” “Achilles’ heel,” “pandora box,” “Hobson’s choice,” “swords of Damocles,” etc. But are we not digressing? What, some will ask, is the relationship between August and the recall of ageless myths.
It should be noted that months of the year have their own peculiar myths that seek to explain their etymology. It is with greatest reluctant that one is venturing into this explanation, convinced that some shallow Christians will be tempted to reject these months as having pagan connotations. January, for example, is said to be named for Janus , god of doorways and beginnings. March, research says, represents the god of war, mars.
August! August! August! This is the eight of the Gregorian Calender now in general use. It has thirty-one days. It corresponds, historians say, to the sixth month of the early Roman Republic calender, called sixtilis until 8BC, when it was renamed in honour of Augustus Caesar, the then Emperor of Rome. Augustus, in turn, is a Latin adjective derived from the verb augere  (to make greater), and the word carries the connotations of majesty and grandeur, still associated with the month.
August is an important month as testify by diverse events that had taken -still take –place in that month. Important Catholic holy day of Obligation, the feast of the Assumption, is celebrated on August 15. August 14 was the month in which the great powers declared war on one another in World War 1. The United State of America dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 9Little boy and fat man). In our local scene, many important events in Nigeria occur in August. Some parts of the country have already started experiencing a brake in rainfall, otherwise called “August brake.” Have you pondered on why August is used to describe important and cherished visitors/events? Hence we talk about August event, August visitor, August this and that.
August is particularly dear to the Igbos because it symbolizes fertility. The beginning of the harvesting season, when farmers reap the rewards of their hardwork, made manifest by the fertility of the earth. This explains why New Yam Festival, among most Igbo towns, take place in that month-August. Plans are on top gear, I am told, to have a single date for the new yam celebration among the Igbos. August, again, is seriously being considered.
August, in another sense, signifies unity and community development. Just like the farmer gathers the produce of his farm together, Igbos, including their womenfolk, try to gather themselves together for the purposes of renewing the bonds of unity. Disputes are settled among women. Serious breach of discipline and familial duties are sanctioned with the aim of discouraging such in future. Fines are imposed on recalcitrant ones even as well-behaved ones are encourage. These, in a nutshell, explain the reasons behind August meeting, which Igbo women highly cherish and look forward to every year.
But like most human ideas that were primarily borne out of the need to enhance civilization, the concept of “August meeting” is fast fallen into disrepute that one is tempted to re-baptise it “August crisis.” Truly, the crisis that “August meeting” engenders rages on to a degree painfully “unmendable”.
We may find it hard to believe, but it is true, that women do the unthinkable in the name of preparing for “August meeting.” Outrageous things, only metaphysically explicable, are often associated with that day due, proximately, to power tussle. Very soon, as happens every year, stories will be told of husbands who get into trouble with their wives for being unable to provide them with the necessary equipage – new cars, expensive cloths, designers handbags and shoes, headgears, etc - needed for August show off. Some women, are even foolish enough to travel home for “August meeting” in defiance of their husbands. Stories abound of such women whose husbands asked to stay back as punishment for their disobedience. The Irony of the entire thing is that these women travel longingly for August meeting not because of their “utility value” but to display the latest fashion in town and to make the frightened to talk about them.
Here a woman who had participated in many of these meetings takes us behind the scenes and into the daily characteristics of these meetings. “Honestly, we do not achieve much as we are supposed to. To women, it is principally a time to show off. Watching what some women wear to the meeting, you cannot but believe that they are showcases of their husbands prosperity. This urge to outclass one another in gorgeous accoutrements was the reason why women now attend in uniform. Even at that, shoes, rings, hair do , bangles, other jewels are still seen as opportunities to ‘outclass” one another.”
Noticeable is the fact that the more gorgeously dressed women are often the ones that contribute least to the meeting . Only to be feared at long range, any close interaction with them, the woman that took us behind the scene continues, “shows that what they lack in intellectual power is what they actively seek to conceal by external posturings.”
Originally, August represented majesty and grandeur. It is about those acts that are truly ennobling. One of the greatest exemplifications of the month is encapsulated in the Igbo women annual “August meeting.” Conceived as a forum to enhance the greatness of Igbo nation, the concept is gradually being corrupted due to what can easily be referred to as worldliness and the misplacement of value. Let us all join hands in advising our women go back to the ideals of “August meeting “ for the greater glory of Igbo nation and humanity.
Valentine Obienyem reports.
*Photo Caption - Valentine Obienyem (Author of article).

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - The blaming and tongue lashing the Israelis are receiving seem to be well meaning but extremely misplaced. Why must Israel be made sacrificial lambs when Hamas were relentlessly “na acho okwu” ( looking for troubles)? The score is almost 2,000 dead Gazans to 75 dead Israelis. It makes sense to discourage Boko Haram from messing with the Federal Republic of Nigerian because when the bullying turns around and becomes a thrashing, running to the International Court of Justice would be ineffectual.
I find it hard to sympathize with Hamas, a party that insists that the “only way we can co-exist with our neighbors is that Israel must be obliterated.” When you make such threats, be ready to back it up with power, not just empty lips. I have sense enough to avoid getting in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson without expecting a knock out in Round One.  I might be able to knock down skeletons like ifekanku or Emma Okafor, or even Paul Oranika. I would shy away from ukwu osisi Onyeagba and ozodimgba Onukwuli, though I might be nimble and faster.
 Weren’t violent Hamas firing missiles into Israel’s cities? Who were sneaking into Israel through secret tunnels to abduct Jews, murder Jews, and position suicide bombers in search of 72 virgins? Why must pesky troublemakers be crying “wolf” when bullying turns to massive thrashing consisting of kicks in the butts and “dombe” to the groins. Chimoo, atamaja ! A thrashing is defined as a defeat, beating, trouncing, pasting, whipping, battering, spanking, or simply winning. That a female British MP resigned from the cabinet to protest the thrashing ocho okwu Hamas received doesn’t impress me one bit.
My son did a quick research to find out that one does not just mess with Israel for the heck of it. Because the nation of Israel is surrounded by mostly hostile Arab nations that find Israeli existence as intolerable as ebola virus  in the human body and because Hamas would like the ground to open up to receive Israel in its bowels, the Jews have learned to be well prepared mgbe okwu g’ada. Israel has the best offensive and defensive weaponry. Israel is advanced in security, spying and nuclear technology. To the Jews, self-preservation is the first law of survival in today’s world. Ndigbo should learn some bitter lessons from Ndi Jews about self-preservation and survival for you never know what tomorrow would bring.
Dr. James C. Agazie ( Email: jamesagazie@gmail.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Hamas fighters