Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Peregrino Brimah reports ] - The Nigerian Central Bank has once again silently maintained a dual forex exchange rate, further aggravating Nigeria's economic recession while festering corruption. In June of this year, after being implicated in the triggering the economic collapse, the Central Bank announced the floating (devaluation) of the Naira to allow the interbank rate match up with the parallel market, BDC rate. However since then, while the BDC rate has further dropped to N465/$1 (currently), the interbank rate has been artificially held at around N312/$1. This has thus created and maintained a 50% disparity between the two rates.
Periodically injected CBN announcements and sudden new regulations have targeted the BDC dollar supply thereby deliberately expanding the gap.
The negative impacts of the duality in rates have been recognized and thoroughly criticized by local and foreign experts and entities. This rate-dichotomy does not only drive away investment but also directly promotes corruption while siphoning away billions in government dollars given to cabal at the subsidized rate. With all features implicated in contributing to and exacerbating the recession.
Those with access to CBN-subsidized dollars have been accused of engaging in the sale and supply of this to BDC customers and retailers thereby raking 50% profit on each dollar at the current rates. Large companies with connections to the powers that be and CBN management are enabled to create phony dollar requests used to purchase items for needy BDC customers, thus circumventing the law and immediately making 50% on the dollar; $500,000 on every million dollars round tripped. [See: Sanusi: FG Creates Billionaires through Forex Round Tripping; August 25, 2016]
Nigeria's government corruption-made billionaire Aliko Dangote was gifted a whopping $100 million via this CBN cabal-funding scheme, according to a report by Reuters this June, which examined just a 3-month span of CBN-released figures. This translates to a staggering gift of as much as half a billion dollars by the Apex Bank to a single cabal in one year and billions of dollars to the handful of cabal for the period. The CBN was found to sell as much as 10% of all government dollars to just Dangote for his personal needs at the official subsidized rate. We are talking about catastrophic loses of Nigeria's revenue. Millions of Nigerians suffer and die for one man to be pleased.
At the current rate, on every billion subsidized dollars the CBN sells to Dangote, he will immediately make a massive half a billion dollars. This loss of revenue of the masses has been accused of being directly responsible for the deepening economic recession. Small businesses are not given access to dollars and have been folding up leading to job losses in the millions while the cabal are fed fat on Nigeria's oil earnings, making economic recovery impossible. Femi Kuti asked why Buhari does not simply rename Nigeria "Federal Republic of Dangote?" 
The FGN is seeking to borrow $1 billion in eurobond while giving the same and more out in gift to the cabal by maintaining the amphibious forex rates.
The same cabal who in partnership with the Central Bank and successive governments including the present, keep the nation in reverse and got it into a recession, have now coerced the government to sell them its assets as a fallacious "means out of the recession."
And it's happening all in the masses' faces. Someone must have taught the cabal-controlled government that it's easy to keep the Nigerian masses distracted from noticing dangerous and treacherous manipulations: just show them some money found with Patience and they will be stupidly patient. I resist agreeing.
God will deliver Nigeria.
Peregrino Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Godwin Emefiele, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor.

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - This year, out of some 120 trucks of desperately needed food grains that were sent to the Boko Haram-ravaged northeast of Nigeria, a staggering 70 disappeared into thin air. This reported crime was not only an act of robbery, but an act of terror. It had direct consequences in numbers of starving displaced persons, IDPs dying hourly. So far, as the deadly famine ravishes the IDP camps, nothing has been done; no government official has been held responsible for the "missing" trailers. Rationally, the top official should be charged and he must bring out whatever subordinate is implicated if so, and so on, till all culprits are charged. Months later, all officials are still in charge and at peace under the Buhari presidency.
On September 8th, while launching the "Change begins with me" campaign, Nigeria's president recited plagiarized words from US president Barack Obama. Apologizing, the presidency announced that the culprit was a "Deputy Director" in the Presidency, and he will be punished. Weeks later, no one has named/identified and the punishment has not been witnessed. The perpetrator is still being shielded.
The Central bank has been accused of nepotism. A long list of names of people in power and their families was published by SaharaReporters media in March of this year, openly exposing the illegal hiring process. Nothing has since been done. The apex bank has been accused of many other offenses, including cabal-partiality in distribution of government subsidized forex, but there has bene no comment or reaction from the new Sheriff.
In June, a similar list of 349 names "secretly hired" by the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, was published by the same Sahara Reporters media. Again, nothing was done.
Two top government officials, Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau and Chief of Army, CoAS, Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai have been accused of misappropriation of funds and embezzlement. While papers reported that Dambazzau's name was deleted from an army panel report, CoAS Tukur Buratai was exposed to own millions of dollars in unexplainably acquired property in the UAE, Nigeria among other many locations. There has been no explanation nor investigation on these matters. The officials remain shielded and capacitated with power over the people and State accounts.
Several of Buhari's appointees have likewise come under attack –even before confirmation – for alleged embezzlement of funds. These include current minister of power, Babatunde Fashola who was in a repeat event, accused of padding the 2016 national budget with his notorious inflated prices (Boreholes at N140 million a piece -PremiumTimes). Buhari looked and continues to look the other way.
Many more examples can be cited of the Buhari "change" government shielding deadly corruption and maladministration of his cabinet and associates.
But The Sheriff Is Tough On Some
One might just have thought that the new Sheriff is aged and weak; unable to make scapegoats and set examples of those in his government and those close to him, however evidence unfortunately suggests otherwise.
While Buhari may pretend not to notice the accumulating acts of corruption by those within and close to his administration, he has been hard on certain select groups and individuals. Many are detained without trial and in violation of court granted bails; others like media men, journalists and bloggers are being arrested and locked up at an unprecedented level.
Pro-Biafra activists have been rounded-up and "killed" without remorse in cold, brutal measures. As many as 100 protesters were allegedly killed by the Nigerian army and secretly buried in Onitsha, according to media reports (PremiumTimes  Special report of June 13, 2016).
Similarly, Islamic movement leader, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were reportedly brutalized by the Nigerian army and properties of the movement were illegally rapidly demolished across Kaduna state in a bloody event last December (see Amnesty report) that according to a government panel, saw no less than 350 victims killed and secretly buried in a single mass grave at Mando cemetery. Despite promising to act, Buhari has done nothing almost a year later, while the harshness of the "Sheriff" is still felt on the victims, many including the group leader and his wife are still detained illegally.
10 journalists were arrested in Benin last week and detained and are still in detention 5 days later.
A blogger, Jamil Mabai, is still in detention 7 days later, after he was arrested last week Monday for a blog post criticizing Katsina State governor Masari's expenses.
Many other bloggers including a seriously pro-Buhari blogger, Abubakar Sidiqu Usman, have been locked-up by the government in display that it does have teeth.
It would have been better to have an impartial new Sheriff, but Nigeria appears to be under a partial government that is selective in its meeting-out of justice. This is clearly a huge problem.
In lieu of severe and dangerous implications of tolerated malfeasance by government officials which have deadly consequences as can easily be observed from the many dying daily in the northeast, deprived of food much of which is being stolen by government officials enjoying impunity, scape-goating members of the current administration becomes imperative.
Even if Buhari is too kind to incarcerate his friends and officers, those in command of departments should be openly held to account and at least made to read public statements of apology on camera as happens in China.
"I am sorry I plagiarized, I will never do it again."
Will we be hearing that soon? We must hope... because injustice and inequality and not poverty is the top cause of terror worldwide and Nigeria is tired of being dragged in reverse by intractable terror consequent to serial government oppression, corruption and injustice. It is time to stop the cycle. 
The truth is, peace cannot exist where there is no equity and justice.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - Vultures are birds of doom. They barely wait for you to be dead before they start ripping you apart. With their long necks and scrawny attires, they wish death on you and quite often bring it on. When a veritable source told me at the beginning of the "Change" transfer, that Nigeria's top cabal had loaded some Ghana-must-gos and taken them in the middle of the night to the Senate president's house, I did not understand what he was buying.
Now it is all clear. He was buying Nigeria. This vulture has bought all political parties and every top official he can reach; from those in charge of the nation's purse to the Senate president, so Nigeria can be strangled and he can feast on its dying carcass.
May the memory of late Umaru Musa Yar'Adua be blessed. May his memory inspire. When former president Olusegun Obasanjo sold Nigeria, including the refineries to the cabal and according to wikileaks, Aliko Dangote dashed him a $35 million private jet as part of his payment, apart from the assurance of his continuous rewards in investment, Yar'Adua kicked in and begun the process of disentangling Obasanjo and Dangote.
To the pleasure of the Bureau of Private Enterprise, BPE, late Yar'Adua overturned the sales of the refineries to Dangote and co. (Forgive me for calling it a sale, because it was more like a gift at the prices Dangote is literally gifted Nigeria's assets).
Late Yar'Adua did not last much longer thereafter. As he went ahead to disentangle more, with his eyes on overturning the gift of NICON to Elumelu's Transcorp, he suspected that Obasanjo's kitchen staff who he had retained, had poisoned him. At this time, according to current presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu as quoted in US Cables, Atiku had warned Yar'Adua that Obasanjo was planning to remove him by any means. Yar'Adua changed the kitchen staff in fear they had poisoned him, and died shortly thereafter as his sickness took a sudden downturn.
Today Saraki and Dangote team up as vultures to shamelessly push for the auctioning of Nigeria's remaining few assets to the cabal. Saraki obviously doing what he is well compensated for. Are we surprised the notorious usual suspect Godwin Emefiele also shamelessly chipped in to support Dangote's suggestion that we sell our assets? Dangote after all is called the investor of the cabal, holding their funds (our funds in actuality) and ensuring 'their' money yields delicious dividends in 'businesses' maintained by government-enforced oligopolies and tax-like impelled exploitations of the masses.
If you dare manufacture what he does, the government will shut you down. If you try to import it, the government will delay your ship till the goods expire. If you wish to compete, the government will stop all masses from accessing forex and sell all subsidized forex to Dangote at the CBN rate thereby effectively shutting you down and wrecking you.
It's no surprise that while the average Nigerian sees it harder and harder to do business in Nigeria, Dangote laughs to the bank every day declaring humongous quarterly profits, and is a top 20 billionaire in the world. But greed has not satiation. It is never enough. The cabal look at Nigeria and wish it dead and like the vultures, have no shame in wishing they can rip off the meat from the dying carcass. No, they will not give Nigeria out of the billions of dollars they have literally stolen from the nation over the years if indeed they think a few billion dollars is the solution. Rather these scavengers wish to steal more during days of the nation's desperation that was brought about by their very darned selves.
We might as well sell the rest assets to Dangote, aka "beggar-thy-countrymen," as he isglobally known. What's left after all? Buhari has continued the trend of feeding Dangote from our putrefying flesh with the hundreds of millions of dollars he has gifted Dangote in forex as Reuters reported, while we as a nation were denied any for our hundred-million employing small businesses and even the little we needed for our fuel for transportation. We are showering in thyme and curry. Come and eat us.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah ( Email: x ) reports.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - The Central Bank governor Godwin Emefiele has categorically rejected demands by Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai, Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun and yours truly, for the CBN to reduce interest rates to enable small businesses have access to funds to ease the recession and promote growth.
According to a report in the Vanguard, the Apex bank governor argued that when N1trillion was recently injected by the CBN into the economy or made available to the banks, that rather "than loan this money to the banks or loan them to the consumers, or agriculture and manufacturers, like we said in the communique, we found that those credit went to traders, who used them to demand for foreign exchange, which ended up putting pressure on the foreign exchange market... Subsequent to that, we said since this money wasn’t deployed directly..."
He further said: “But we said we are not going to allow the banks to really have the cash until they send proposals to the CBN for primary agric projects, new manufacturing projects and other projects that will spur industrial capacity and manufacturing output."
Is Godwin truly afraid of the masses' demand for forex or reserving it strictly for the cabal systematically gifted billions at the CBN subsidized rate? 
Can an economy come out of recession with such controlling and constricting policies? Can a nation survive under such regimental and biased scrutiny? Can a nation survive if and when small enterprise is intentionally murdered? At what cost will the myopic and cabalophilic Godwin imagine and pretend that he is protecting the Naira?
Highly depressing about Godwin and his Monetary Policy Committee, MPR's choices is his undying support for the cabal. The same Godwin Emefiele has been accused of donating billions of dollars to the cabal with little scrutiny, thereby directly leading to the recession. A recent Reuters review of just three months in 2016 found that under Godwin's policies, a single cabal, Aliko Dangote was gifted as much as $100 million for his ventures. This would total as much as half a billion dollars for 12 months given to one man in forex subsidy advantage. While the nation was denied such advantage in forex subsidy for refined petrol imports causing hiked pump prices, nationwide inflation and economic collapse.
Why should a handful of cabal be sponsored for their personal profiting projects while the entire nation is crippled? Will the cabal supply their finished goods for free? Is it not these same cabal that sell all finished products and utilities, like cement, telecom data and others, at the world's highest prices, thereby causing crippling hardship for Nigerian masses? How is Dangote's refinery more valuable than several hundreds of mushroom refineries in the Niger Delta if supported and standardized by the government? Have we not learned anything about the true reasons why terror is intractable in Nigeria as the cabal are directly sponsored to grow and be world top billionaires on the backs and from the wealth of the masses?
How long will Nigeria and the Buhari government continue to allow a single man in charge of the Apex bank and his cabal cronies own the nation while everyone else and all small businesses are driven out of existence?
As Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, in the lead-up to the French revolution and war of the French masses against the cabal and oligopolists, "one day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich." That day cometh.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Godwin Emefiele

[ Masterweb Reports: Kunle Ajayi reports ] - The courtroom is presumed to be the battle ground for Lawyers with fierce advocacy skills to slog it out in a worthwhile professional debate to establish the guilt or innocence of their respective clients. The legal battle is not fought without the counsel possessing adequate knowledge of relevant case laws, facts, admissible evidence, precedents and other associated technicalities of adjudication. It is against this background that the forthcoming Gubernatorial elections in Ondo State proves an interesting one as it portends to be majorly an electoral duel between two distinguished lawyers who have attained the very apogee of the legal profession as Senior Advocates of Nigeria and equally illustrious sons of Ondo State.

Before the generality of Ondo electorates is the choice to make a Governor one of these two eminent Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) as veritable flagships of the two most popular political parties in the state and indeed in the country. If not for the unmathematical dimension to politics that presupposes an unpremeditated outcome, one would have safely submitted that the major political parties (APC and PDP) have deliberately decided through their primaries to make for the emergence of the two legal titans to pitch them against each other, considering their professional clout and other associated political credentials.

The two leading candidates fought vigorously to get the nomination of their respective parties at high costs beyond the expenditure of money. The PDP candidate had to fight the division in the party but secured victory through the support of the incumbent Governor of the state, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko whilst the APC's candidate also had his own fair share of intra-party crisis with the endorsement of Dr. Segun Abraham by the National Party leader of the APC, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and a shocking twist that led to Akeredolu’s emergence at the primaries. Though Akeredolu pulled a shocker at the primaries but the major shocker that would break the camel's back would be to defeat his professional associate, Eyitayo Jedege, fielded by the PDP at the November 26 polls to become the next landlord of the Alagbaka Government House. These choiceless support from strong political godfathers doesn't come without its price as every political investor is deserving of his wages by recouping bountiful booties as proceeds of investment.

The primaries for the two major political parties are gone, the next quest would be the choice of a suitable running mate. It is certain that strategic senatorial districts calculation would play a critical role in the decision of a running mate by the candidates. The two candidates have emerged from two senatorial districts (Akeredolu from Owo, Ondo North Senatorial district and Jegede from Akure, Ondo Central Senatorial District) leaving only Ondo South senatorial district. It is therefore politically genius for the purpose of raking in the numbers at the polls to make Ondo South Senatorial district the choice senatorial district for both candidates to pick a running mate. The choice will not come easy for both parties as Ondo South senatorial district is adjudged to be the joker in previous Gubernatorial elections in Ondo State considering the fact that it has the consistent capacity to deliver block votes for their preferred candidate. The people of Ondo South are renown for putting their eggs in one basket which makes the senatorial district the icing on the cake of their choice candidate. I must warn that the people of the senatorial district must be careful of manipulative negotiations, political maneuvering, cross-carpeting of disgruntled political desperadoes, promises of unrealistic political appointments, compromises, selfish permutations, forced alignments and re-alignments, lies about developmental projects and a host of other baits for political advantage all in a bid to win the election.

The ultimate battle of this election isn’t just about the candidates and their godfathers but about the electorate and their perception about the suitability of the candidates. At a time when the people are in dire straits owing to the national economic recession, an economic downturn that has led to general cash drought, serious hunger, gloom, direct hardship, escalation of prices of commodities, non-payment of workers' salaries, pensions and arrears, the state cannot afford to elect an insensitive, irresponsive, ineffective, uncreative and an unproductive Governor. A Governor who is far removed from the people and who does not have the emotional empathy to feel the pulse of the downtrodden. At these peculiarly hard times, the people need a Governor who recognises the doom but works towards getting the boom. A Governor who will not just be a Minister for Disbursement of the meagre allocation trickling down from the centre which has become grossly insufficient, but an ingenious thinker and productive doer who can change the fortune of the state by purposeful wealth creation and deliberately harnessing the human capital and exploring the allowable vast resources of the state.

The people must make an informed decision through the intellectual debates of the candidates and X-ray their programs in concrete terms to discern the implementable policies whilst considering the variables. Each of the candidates' manifesto must be dispassionately examined to extend beyond rhetorics to exploring practical steps that would be employed in achieving them. We must realise that political participation is important to a successful democratic process. If anything, the people must realise that they owe themselves the responsibility of electing a trustworthy, effective, and accountable leader who is passionate about turning around the dwindling fortunes of the state and making it a better State that the indigenes can be proud of, for all and sundry.

Kunle Ajayi is an Ondo State-born Political Analyst, Social Commentator, Youth Leader and Social Crusader. He is a Mandela Washington Fellow. Further interactions can be done through @olakunleluther and 08034543284 (SMS Only).
*Photo Caption - Map of Ondo State

[ Masterweb Reports: Nnaji Obed Asiegbu reports ] - I think those sharing pictures of flooded roads in some areas in Aba are doing so out of malice. They are not doing so because their conscience direct them to embark on such malicious campaign but because they have the utmost interests of their political pay masters to protect and project.
The truth is that we all have conscience and our conscience primarily can be just. Though some people will rather prefer to rebel against their own conscience and against humanity. However, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu considering all his past and present political travails in the hands of some desperate Abia power grabbers who are bent on distracting him since May 29th 2015, now engaged their online media hirelings with a new task of publishing both original and fake pictures of flooded roads on Internet. This is another mission impossible because the people are more aware, elections and politicking are over. It is the time to allow Okezie Ikpeazu to do his work.
I know I am not in the position to speak for the rest of us but I can rightly state that the rest of us are aware of the distractions caused by the Court of Appeal, Owerri  judgement and Justice Okon Abang of Abuja High Court judgement. The former pronounced Mazi Alex Otti Governor while the latter pronounced Mazi Uche Ogah Governor. Abia now has two of his sons introducing themselves as "His Excellency" or made Governors by the courts in the space of 14 months.  


Abians, especially  Aba residents particularly  Ariara traders and Faulks road users have seen and confirmed the zeal in which Governor Okezie Ikpeazu have embarked on massive quality road constructions and reconstructions in Aba. With reference to Faulks road down to Ariara Ukwu mango, the administration of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu considering the permanent solution to the perennial flooding which is mainly caused by human activities and natural forces, set aside 6.8 billion Naira for the 4.7 KM Faulks road, Ariara, Ukwu Mango Road. Part of the funds will be used to build the 5.6 km ifeobara to Aba River under ground water collection basin.  

The rest of us are aware that Okezie Ikpeazu so far, is on 60 active road construction sites; out of which 35 are completed. And 22 of the completed roads are in Aba. Most of these 22 roads were built using the rigid concrete technology, they were built to last for over 50 years. We are also aware that the AFDB are in the State, an MOU has been signed with counterpart funds paid for the reconstruction of the newly redesigned Aba/ Port Harcourt Road. The AFDB special project will include other major rural roads and erosion control works across the State.  

The rest of us are not complaining because we have agreed with our Governor that Aba is undeniably the commercial and entrepreneurial capital of South Eastern Nigeria. With this in our minds, we see Aba as very important to the economy of our dear State. The massive concentration of constructions in Aba will boost commercial activities which will in turn trickle down...The taxes that will be accrued from the commercial activities go on in Aba will fund the development of the rest of the State while having positive impact on the Gross Domestic Product of the State. 

The rest of us are appealing to the conscience of those bent on distracting our Governor to stop, elections are over. Nigeria is in a deep recession and recession is never a period to destroy or cause distractions. Yes criticism is welcome in a democracy and he welcomes it but unjust action against the State and its institutions will be unfair to the rest of us, Abians.  Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and his team should be allowed to concentrate on the tasks of improving the lives of Abians. We should be moving forward and together we can move forward. 


Nnaji Obed Asiegbu 
SSA to Abia governor on egov (Gov) 
Abia State.

*Photo Caption - Map of Abia State

[ Masterweb Reports: C. K. Ekeke & Obery M. Hendricks, Jr. report ] - To the Saints in Nigeria, the Faithful in Christ Jesus: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ be upon your and your family. I greet you in the name of Christ, our Lord and with the love of God, our heavenly Father. The purpose of this essay to the Church of Nigeria today is two-fold:
Firstly, to draw your attention to the executive lawlessness and suffering that Nigerians—mostly Christians are subjugated to in the country, and secondly, to invite you to speak truth to power as prophets of the Most High God before it is too late for Nigeria.  
Therefore, I will like to start by humbly asking the Church of Nigeria (CAN) leadership this question: Where are the true prophets?
In a time when the entire nation is under siege, when 180 million Nigerians aresubjugated to fear and brutality, when there is executive lawlessness and tyranny, when the Hallowed Houses of the Senate and Assembly cannot have intelligent debate and robust dialogue anymore, when the nation’s fledging democracy is under attack, when the inherent virtues of democratic principles such as freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, etc., are punishable with arrest, detention or death, when unarmed and peaceful protesting Biafran youths are gunned down by the very military forces that suppose to protect and uphold their individual rights in a democratic system, when tyranny and ruthlessness are used to force Easterners to submit to Nigeria’s expired sovereignty, when guerilla warfare are being waged in the oil rich Niger Delta, and when the megalomaniacal emperor and pharaoh of our time is meting  unspeakable brutality against his subjects, we helpless citizens expect the true prophets of God to arise and speak the Word of the LORD against this kind of ruthlessness, brutality, impunity and tyranny against God’s people. 

Earlier this week, I read that President Muhammad Buhari has released or planning to free Kabiru Sokoto, a convicted Boko haram terrorist who masterminded the bombing of Saint Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, Niger State on Sunday, December 25, 2011 that killed more than 50 parishioners – including women, babies and children, and severely wounded over 100 people as a Sallah gift this year to Muslims in Nigeria. What a travesty!

To bring back your memory: the bombing of Saint Theresa Catholic Church Madalla in Niger state during Sunday Mass on Christmas Day was the deadliest, dastardly, and most despicable terrorist assault on innocent Nigerian Christians by Boko-Haram jihadist sect. 

The  Christmas Day bomb blasts on Saint Theresa Catholic Church, Madalla, Niger state and other coordinated bombings of churches in Jos, Plateau State  and Damaturu, Yobe State that killed hundreds of parishioners and severely injured hundreds beyond recognition was an outrage and  a colossal  provocation.  Boko-Haram jihadist and terrorist sect and their sponsors chose the most Holy Day of Christians to inflict the worst evil, vile, barbaric, and satanic massacre of innocent church worshippers.

The Madalla bombing was not just an attack on the Church and Christians of Nigeria but an assault on Christianity. It was an insult, an outrage and a provocation against Christians in Nigeria and for President Buhari to even speculate releasing Kabiru Sokoto from prison, a murderer who was behind most of the deadly terrorist attacks on churches and religious institutions in Nigeria of which he confessed in the court of law, but now freed by the President Buhari shows the height of arrogance and should elicit outrage from all Christians in Nigerians.

On December 28, 2011, I was so outraged that I wrote an article titled: “A Bloody Christmas, A Bloody Boko-Haram, And a Bloody Country,” which was published by several Nigerian online news outlets, one among several essays I have written on Boko haram since they began their new phase of satanic global caliphate agenda to Islamize Nigeria.

Reading this week that the President has released or planning to release this Boko haram murderer, who committed such cowardly and barbaric massacre on solemn Christian Holy Day is the height of arrogance, betrayal and abuse of power by our number one citizen. 

It is the most disdain and cruelest insult to Christians around the world.  President Buhari released a convicted Boko haram terrorist, a mass murderer who was sentenced to life but continues to detain without substantial evidence, the Nigerian Shiite leader, his political enemies, and especially Mr. Nanmdi Kanu, a freedom fighter and leader of Indigenous People of Biafra – even after two competent courts ordered that he should be released as well as other Biafra freedom fighters. This is absurd, unbelievable, and intolerable.
I’m incensed just like the day the mass murderer Kabiru Sokoto bombed Saint Theresa Catholic Church on Christmas Day as I write this piece. I am outraged to read that President Buhari freed a Boko haram murderer who is serving life-sentence for bombing a church where the brains of a two-year blown away, where Mrs. Dike lost her entire family – husband and five children to an irrational and senseless bomb blasts, where Sir Emmanuel Obiukwu lost his four daughters after running away from Kano religious violence years ago and where over 50 parishioners were instantly killed and hundreds sustained all kinds of severe injuries and wounds. 

The Nigerian church leadership ought to be outraged.  Christians ought to be outraged.  Sincere and honest Nigerians ought to be outraged.  The global community needs to be outraged because democracy is at risk in Nigeria.  Nigerians must rise-up to stop this callous lawless and tyranny.  Courageous men and women must rise up now, wake from their cowardliness and fear to stop President Buhari before he leads Nigeria to destruction.

Currently, the country is a big mess thanks to the myopic, tribal and fanatical leadership of President Buhari.  By the way, Nigerian politicians and rulers do not deserve to be called leaders because they are not. Rather, they should be addressed as crooks, criminals and corrupt individuals.

The Holy Scripture is so true, when it tells us that: “When the upright are in authority, the people rejoice.  But when the wicked are in power, they groan” (Proverbs 29:2). 

Since President Buhari assumed office May last year, the country has been subjected to all kinds of tyranny and abuse—social, economic, religious, political and even moral abuse.  Buhari’s myopic and undemocratic polices have thrown the country into severe crisis and chaos.  Today, there’s hunger every where in Nigeria—including kwashiorkor that is besieging children in IDP camps in the North.  The economy is in a severe recession.  If nothing is done to resuscitate the economy, Nigeria will essentially enter into depression before the end of the year and then we will begin to see severe social chaos and monumental moral crisis in the country. 
President Buhari’s abuse of power, rule of law and the nation's constitution by arresting of innocent citizens, detention of peaceful freedom fighters, political opposition, massacre of unarmed Biafran youths by DSS, Army, Police and Boko Haram, and marauding Fulani herdsmen, that continues to rape young and married women, butcher and massacre farmers and innocent citizens in remote villages and towns across the country is unprecedented. 

Until date, the President of Nigeria has not condemned or spoken against these murderous herdsmen.  Instead, the Northern politicians and their religious leaders and elders continue to defend Fulani herdsmen.  The President and his Northern Caliphate have even setup a rescue squad—called Cattle Rustlers—to arrest and shoot at sight any one hindering or disturbing Fulani herdsmen from rearing their cattle rearing on farmlands.  What a travesty, arrogance, tyranny and injustice of the highest order.
Just the other day, the Sultan of Sokoto, the highest Muslim religious leader in Nigeria unashamedly said that the Fulani herdsmen are not Nigerians.  What an idiotic and senseless statement.  My simple and humbly question to the Sultan is: how did these foreign Fulani herdsmen enter into Nigeria with their herd of cattle, AK-47 and assorted deadly weapons?  Why can’t the Nigerian military forces arrest or kill these foreign Fulani herdsmen who are causing mayhem and massacring unarmed Nigerian citizens?  And by the way, why did all the Northern governors support Grazing Bill for Fulani herdsmen?  If they were foreigners, why should the States give them lands to graze their cattle?  Moreover, why does the President of Nigeria maintain such silence over these challenges and atrocities being committed in a country in which he’s the Commander in Chief? 

Frankly, sometimes, I think, it is waste of time to respond to these foolish and senseless augments being put forward by the Northern politicians and rulers regarding all the absurdity going on in Nigeria. 
We are deceiving ourselves with “one-Nigeria” jargon.  “One Nigeria” is a myth.  The basis of unity does not exist in Nigeria at all. In fact, we are even more divided as years go by.  With all due respect, I propose the simple and quickest solution to Nigeria’s challenges is to peacefully divide the country and let each major ethnic tribe be on their own.  The North must not be afraid of division—after all, they never wanted “One Nigeria” in the first place.  There are hundreds of statements made by their past political and religious leaders who fought against unity and “One Nigeria.”  Therefore, for these new generation of Hausa/Fulani to be beating the drums of war and ready to perish than to see Nigeria divide is simply laughable and cowardly. 

Dividing Nigeria will save us on-going marginalization, ethnic cleansing and satanic plan to Islamize Nigeria. It will save us too much waste of lives, pain, sorrow, sadness, suffering and hopelessness that are so rampant in today’s Nigeria.  Nigeria is simply a den of death, a hell fire and an abominable entity on this planet earth.  It will serve us better to peacefully divide it and let each tribe go their separate ways than to continue to live as enemies and continues to waste innocent lives and future leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc., in a country that is British idea and creation, which already expired January 1, 2014. 

Let me return to address the Church and CAN leadership and to humbly educate you on what true biblical prophets are called to do with the contribution of my mentor and biblical scholar, Dr. Obery M. Hendricks, Jr. 
The Bibles tell us: "Taken part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them" (Ephesians 5:11).
CAN, I ask again, where are your true prophets of God? Before, you point me to:  Second Chronicles, 7:14; Romans 13, and other passages that call Christians to pray and submit to those in authority and position of leadership, I must also point you to several passages of Jesus Christ – especially his mission statement which read:
"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me ----to let the oppressed go free." Luke 4:18
That’s the mission of the Church and the call and commission of every Christian, which goes beyond prayer. 

It is very saddening today to see that false pastors and prophets have dominated the airspace, news media and TV in the land.  Today, false prophets prophesize all kinds of lies to enrich their never-satisfying stomachs, selfish and satanic desires. 

Jeremiah 5:31 informs us that:  "The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests rule by their own power; and my people love to have it so.”
This is exactly what’s going in Nigeria and most of Africa today.  Prosperity preaching and false prophecies are destroying Africa.  I have written abundantly about those topics in the past.

But my focus in this piece is to awaken the true prophets in our land – because I know they do exist.  Most of you are learned men and women.  Most of you are educated at the best seminaries, theological schools and Divinity schools around the globe, and are excellent theological and biblical scholars. 
However, I will like to humbly remind you of your primary duty as prophet, one “called” and “commissioned” as God’s spokesperson.

A true biblical prophet is called and commissioned by God as spokesperson to oppose the politically oppressed, economically exploited, and collective unrighteous—that is injustice of those in position of power and authority.  The prophets of God also goes deeper to announce punishments that are destined to occur if the truths of fore-telling are ignored and social injustice and ruthlessness of the powerful continue unchecked, inequities of power and privilege of the wealthy. Therefore, true prophets are compelled by the Spirit of God to proclaim and deliver messages of moral and political judgement particularly to those in political authority.
For instance, this divine mandate of the prophets goes back to Moses, who accepted God’s call and commission to speak out against the enslavement and injustices of the Egyptian social order toward the Israelites – God’s own people.

During the period of the Judges, prophetess Deborah rallied the northern tribes of Israel against their enemies. Gideon, received divine commission to lead the resistance against the Medianities.

Also, the prophets of God were interventionists. 

For instance, Prophet Elijah intervened to the unlawful seizure of Naboth’s vineyard by King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel (1 Kings 21).   Prophet Elisha sent one of his disciples to anoint Jehu as King for the purpose of setting in motion the overthrow of the unjust King Joram (2 Kings 9). 

Therefore, the primary purpose of biblical prophets is to effect social and political change.  True prophets do not compromise, support or conserve the status quo.  Rather, the prophet’s role is to challenge status quo, injustice and not conserve it. The prophets’ call is to transform the social orders and injustice in which they lived and subjugated to.

Isaiah prophesied to those who ruled in his time to cease to do evil, to learn to do well, to seek justice and rescue the oppressed (Isaiah 1:16-17). Jeremiah prophesied in his time, “But your eyes and heart are set only on your dishonest gain, on shielding innocent blood, and on practicing oppression, extortion and violence” (Jeremiah 22:17).

In his own time, Micah prophesied to those in power, “Alas for those who devise wickedness and evil deeds on their beds … because it is their power, they covet fields, and seize them; house, and take them away; they oppress householders and house, people and their inheritance” (Micah 2:1-5).

Amos, in many ways, prophesized to the rulers of his day, ‘for thus says the Lord God, “For I know how many are your offenses and how great your sins. There are those who oppress the innocent and take bribes and deprive the poor of justice in the courts” (Amos 5:12). Then Amos summarizes the prophetic imperative for all time, when he said, “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! (Amos 5:24).

The courageous proclamations of these prophets of the God left few unjust practices unscathed.  They prophesied against the unfair use of power and privilege and against those who deprive the innocent justice. They stood against corrupt economic policies: “Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor.“But your eyes and your heart are set only on dishonest gain, on shedding innocent blood and on oppression and extortion” (Jeremiah 22:13, 17).

The true prophets of God were outraged by gross dishonesty in the market place and seeking of profits regardless of the human cost: “Hear this, you who trample the needy and do away with the poor of the land, saying, “When will the New Moon be over that we may sell grain, and the Sabbath be ended that we may market wheat?”—skimping on the measure, boosting the price and cheating with dishonest scales, selling even the sweepings with the wheat” (Amos 8:4-6).

They denounced political corruption and warmongering: “Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; the widow’s case does not come before them.” (Isaiah 1:23) and its officials within it are like wolves tearing the prey, shedding innocent blood destroying lives to get dishonest gain” (Ezekiel 1:22-27).

The timelessness of these prophetic messages are striking.  Jeremiah 22:13 says, “Woe to him who makes his neighbors work for nothing, and does give them their wages “might have been written to protest the jobs and pensions destroyed by the corruption of government officials of today.
Ezekiel 22:27 says, Shedding blood, destroying lives to get dishonest gain”, could refer to unprovoked wars and military incursions.

Amos 8:4-5, “hear this, you that trample the needy, and practice deceit with false balances” might speak to deceptive corporate accounting practices, fraud and monumental corruption in government institutions.

That we the Church leaders and Christians have not heeded the prophetic words is clear.  That is why the nation is in such a big mess.
Yet not only did those courageous prophets issue scathing critiques of the injustice that militated against the living edits of God, they also affirmed the workings of injustice:  “Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” (Isaiah 1:16-17).
The purpose of true prophecy was never for personal gain, comfort or self-aggrandizement. Their primary targets were always the practices and policies that exploited and oppressed those rulers who were supposed to serve.  
The biblical prophets were moved by the plight of the people and they risked their own life, socioeconomic class and status by standing up for the oppressed: the poor, children, women, elderly, widows and orphans.  In other words, prophets took their stand against abuses of power and tyranny. 

Jesus embodied this prophetic tradition and ministry of speaking out against the oppression and mistreatment of the people of Israel in his own scathing critiques of the ruling class of his day.

Jesus the prophet interpreted what was happening to the people of Israel who were being increasingly squeezed by colonial domination and internal exploitation of Rome.  He taught them to read their distressing situation not as God’s will but as the consequence of the violations of God’s covenant of justice.
When Jesus issued his critique of the priestly aristocracy in Matthew 23:1-36, decrying their hypocrisy and corruption, he was continuing the prophetic tradition.  When in Mark 5:1-10 he characterized the presence of the Roman military – the unclean spirit tellingly called “legion”-- as a destructive, demonic force in Israel, Jesus was continuing the prophetic tradition.  When he indicted Herod’s political machinations and institutionalized thievery by characterizing him as “that fox” in Luke 13:32 and elsewhere, Jesus was continuing the prophetic tradition.

Like Jeremiah, Jesus stood in the midst of Jerusalem and challenged the religious establishment for exploiting and misleading the very people God has called them to serve.  Like Elijah, Jesus opposed religious leaders who claimed to be prophets yet ignored their responsibility to speak truth to power.  And most of all, when he defied the entire Roman Empire, choosing to die on the cross rather than submit to Rome’s unjust authority, Jesus embodied the very best of the courageous prophetic tradition of risking one’s life and sometimes dying a gruesome death to utter the truth of God.  The description of Jesus in Luke 24:19 is fitting: “a prophet mighty in deed and word.”

It is Jesus’ continuation of the prophets’ legacy of speaking against injustice that gives us insight into his denunciation of the financially rich in Israel, in such sayings as “Woe to you who are rich” (Luke 6:24).  Like the prophets, Jesus does not condemn the rich per se, but those who gain or maintain their riches through unjust theft, subterfuge, exploitation, greed, stinginess, and especially violence.

The uncompromising example of Jesus Christ places upon every Christian minister the responsibility to withstand the temptation to align oneself with tyrannical and fanatical leadership we see today in our nation.

It is true that it is part of every minister’s calling to be a pastor to his or her parishioners, to be spiritual leader and teacher and a comforter to the sick at heart and those afflicted in mind, soul, spirit, and body. 

Ministers of the Gospel must comfort the afflicted, but they also have the prophets’ duty to afflict the comfortable.  It is every shepherds charge to stand against anything that would harm his or her flocks, be it by direct assaults on their well-being or by willful neglect. Every minister’s prophetic duty as a servant of the God of the Exodus is to bring good news to the poor and deliverance to the oppressed, not to bow to the desires of those in power simply because they are in power. 
One witnesses the chumminess of today’s religious leaders with those in authority and wonders if these realize that by catering to the powers that be they compromise theory stolen prophetic responsibility and assume the rule of false prophets.  Their unwillingness to speak truth to power or to empower others to do so represents a refusal to prophesy for justice and a betrayal for their sacred calling.  Moreover, ministers who are cozy with those in power run the abiding risk of becoming servants of Baal, the god of the privileged few.  That’s why a prophet aligned with the tyrannical ruling class in reality is no prophet at all.

The Gospel of John paints the most radical picture of Jesus in this regard.  John recounts that Jesus journeyed to Jerusalem at least three times (John 2:13; 7:14; 10:22).  At every visit he scathingly denounced the priests, in one instance even declaring to them, “You are from your father the devil” (8:44).  The twenty-third chapter of Matthew’s Gospel tells us that Jesus went so far as to call the priests “blind guides,” a “brood of vipers,” and  white-washed tombs …..full of the bones of the dead and of all kinds of filth.”  These very public challenges to their status and authority go far in explaining the priests’ murderous opposition to Jesus.

The church and her leaders must rise up today to speak the Word of the LORD, to speak truth to power and to defend the oppressed from continued marginalization, suffering, hunger, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide, islamisation, and enslavement of Christians and non-Muslims of Nigeria.

As you do, may the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, give you the Spiritof wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better!  I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe” (Ephesians 1:17-19). Amen.

Have a blessed Trinity season and a wonderful Christmas holiday in advance.
C. K. Ekeke, Ph.D. ( Email: ), is a theologian, consultant and author of several books including Leadership Wisdom and Leadership Liability.  Dr. Ekeke is a visiting scholar and fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and Princeton Theological Seminary.  He is the President of Leadership Wisdom Institute.

Obery M. Hendricks, Jr., Ph.D., is a biblical scholar and professor of biblical interpretation at New York Theological Seminary, an Ordained Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the author of several books.  He has served as a professor at Drew University, a visiting scholar ay Princeton Theological Seminary, and as president of Payne Theological Seminary, the oldest American theological institution in the United States.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - Seismologists have warned that more tremors should be expected in Nigeria. Tremors are baby earthquakes and sometimes come before or after major quakes.
Kaduna has experienced several disturbing tremors in the last few days and had an earthquake sometime in July. This is quite worrisome. Unfortunately we do not have the measurements of these events on the Richter scale in public domain so our assessments are approximate. Buildings and rocks have cracked and chunks of roads have sunk.
"A seismologist, Professor Alexander Lar of the Department of Geology, University of Jos, said Nigerians should brace up for more earth tremors and probably an earthquake." -Vanguard
There are many reasons why this should give us serious cause to worry. Kaduna is demolition capital of Nigeria. About this time last year, Kaduna people were woken to feel their homes being demolished on their heads without court order and notice as stipulated by the Nigerian constitution. The exercise was immediately widely condemned for its illegality across the globe. The shock of the demolitions were so heavy on the home owners that at least 3 died. There has been no justice as governors enjoy immunity, and more demolitions without court order have happened since including of several properties of the Islamic movement, and more are again in the pipelines as Amnesty pleads. May the Lord and Master of the Power of Demolition not demolish Kaduna. Join me in prayer.
Again, a major atrocity was perpetuated in Kaduna 9 months back that has since been buried.
At least 370 Nigerians were killed and secretly buried in a single mass grave between December 12th and 14th of 2015. Several were abducted including 50 missing girls and several jailed since. The massacre has consumed at least 1000 victims. These included men, women, boys, girls and infants. These possibly included some saints and the many sinless infants and unborn. Many buried alive.
Nigeria has oppressed the living and  denied the dead a humane burial and justice. The evidence was buried in the grounds and the government has turned its back as have the people. Indeed the atrocities of Kaduna are not limited to soldiers or state administrators but according to accounts, Kaduna civilians participated in the massacre that took place that fateful December of 2015.
Earthquakes are signs of God's Power and Wrath. God has in the past used earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and other so-called and misnamed as natural disasters to punish people for their atrocities. The Muslim Quran in 42 verse 30 says what is translated to mean, "Whatever of misfortune striketh you, it is what your right hands have earned. And He forgiveth much."
We must pray for Kaduna for the Almighty to not punish the people for their sins in such a devastating way. The people have turned their backs on the victims who have been extremely patient. There have been no protests to demand justice. The prophet of Islam is said to have said to "fear the prayers of the oppressed, even if he is an unbeliever, for there is no barrier between it and Allah.” Patience is the best weapon of the God fights their wars. The patience of the victims of the Zaria massacre is unrivaled. We should be quite afraid.
The Muslim Quran in 4:135 says what means: "O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do."
The Bible says: Leviticus 19:15 ESV  “You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor."
Nigerians did not stand for justice. They stood for themselves.
We must pray for Kaduna and pray for Nigeria because we are all implicated. We have all turned our backs on the secretly buried. We have all moved on and embraced the oppressors. Desperate, we are carried away by our problems and have forgotten theirs.
North Nigeria has suffered the Wrath of God for too long. Boko Haram was a punishment for our atrocities. For your inhumanity. For our lack of tolerance. For our inhospitality. For our hate. For our sycophancy. For our wickedness. Boko Haram was a natural disaster in the form or our evil shadow...the manifestation of our empty souls. We killed others, we watched as Boko Haram killed others and then they killed us. We were quick to shout "Jihad" for nonsense and then when we should have waged a true Jihad against Boko Haram we cowered.
"...And He forgiveth much."
May the Almighty not slam more Wrath and Calamity on the north. May He not slam more Wrath on Nigeria. May He forgive us our iniquities for we have all sinned and fallen short (Romans 2:23) but it is only by His mercy that we are spared every passing minute.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Mahmud Jega reports ] - The Federal Government is complaining that it has no money so I advise it not to fritter away the little that it has on trying to change Nigerians because we have already changed beyond recognition.
President Muhammadu Buhari was in power in this country 30 years ago. I want to ask him; was this how we were at that time? He knows that we have changed in every material particular, to borrow a phrase from the Public Officers [Protection Against False Accusation] Decree 4 of 1984, so why is he saying he wants to change us now?
When Alhaji Lai Mohammed arrived at the State House last Thursday with his agbada so heavily starched that its edges could slaughter a hen, the president should have refused to stand up and follow him to the banquet hall for the launch of Change Begins With Me.
He should instead have said, “Lai, why didn’t you ask your dry cleaner to reduce the starch on this your agbada? You know we are telling Nigerians that we are in a recession and we also want them to change. They will ask us how we expect them to change when we have not changed the quantity of starch on our agbada.”
 President Buhari knows that he himself would never have smelt the inside of the president’s office if Nigerians had not changed. Only a few short years ago, a man like him who had no money could not convince us to elect him as a Local Government councillor, not to mention governor or president.
 In Nigeria here, anytime someone tells his friends that he wants to vie for any political office, no matter how small, the first question they will ask is, “Do you have enough money?”
There are politicians in Nigeria who have spent billions of naira over many years to bribe voters so that we will make them president but we instead chose a man who did not give us a kobo and who even came to us cap in hand, asking us to buy telephone recharge card and send it to him as campaign donation.
 The last time we did that kind of thing was back in the First Republic, but we suddenly changed in 2015 and did it again.
 In the First Republic when Nigeria was something else, a person could start his campaign as a poor man, only for his supporters to make him rich in the course of the campaign.
In 1994 the late Alhaji Wada Nas told me the story of his campaign for election into the Northern House of Assembly from Kankara/Kogo Constituency [present day Katsina State] in 1959. NEPU fielded him to contest in that constituency because it was hoping to capitalise on a feud between two powerful district heads who vied for NPC’s nomination.
 Malam Wada Nas sent letters to NEPU leaders in every village conveying the itinerary of his tour. He did not send a kobo to them. In each village party members arranged for his accommodation and food and they prepared the rally ground. He would address a rally and when he was leaving the for Ondo Local Government when I interviewed him for Citizen magazine in 1993.
He told me that he was having serious trouble mobilising his party’s supporters to go to the polls unless he gave them transport money. He said, “A voter will tell you, how can I take my money and join transport just because I want to vote for somebody?” These same voters came out 23 years later, “joined transport” and voted for Buhari when he had no transport money to give.
The combined assault of leadership recklessness, impunity, arrogance and massive treasury looting ensured a change in Nigerians’ psyche and it enabled people to come in who were armed only with the promise of Change. After they settled down, how can they now turn around and tell us that we are the ones that need to change?
At the time that they were going around and shouting change, did they tell us that we are the ones that need to change? If they had, we would have said, “Ok, thank you very much. We don’t need you guys to do that. We have been changing even under PDP rule, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.”
During the past year of APC rule, Nigerians have also changed very much. For the first time in three decades a government increased fuel prices and there were no riots. NLC leaders that tried to call a strike were humiliated when most Nigerians refused to cooperate and instead stomached the high fuel price. Was that not a sea change? In 1988, Babangida only increased petrol price from 20 kobo to 40 kobo per litre and Lagos was soon on fire. My only fear for the government is that if the naira’s continued slide against the dollar necessitates a further petrol price increase, Nigerians could still change again.
The current government is having an easy ride because what used to be Nigerian society’s most vocal and most restive element, namely tertiary institution students, have changed beyond recognition. Thirty years ago when Nigerian students were a hotbed of ideological militancy and were fervently anti- colonialist, anti-imperialist, anti- Apartheid and anti-capitalist, could government do any slight “anti- people” act without them pouring into the streets to protest? As late as 1990, I read a newspaper story that students of the University of Jos sacked two student union leaders because they were “pro- government and pro-SAP.”
These days student union leaders lead the way in adorning government officials with “Best Performance” awards.
Nigerians have already changed in every material particular. It is Nigerian governments that have not yet changed and they still have the temerity to tell us to go and change.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Godwin Ikechukwu reports ] - An article published in September 2013 has resurfaced online, revealing Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy about the ongoing crisis in Syria.
The escalating crisis Syria is becoming a concern not only for world leaders but renowned clergies. After Pope Francis, Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua said, “If the world goes to war in Syria, it will not stop there; it will affect all its neighbours. There will be no peace in that region for years.”
He added: “We should appeal to the Arab League to come together and talk to our brother.” God Almighty continues to speak through His servants, the prophets.
The full clip revealing the cleric’s prediction was further published on the Cameroonian news site. Subsequent events have revealed the truth in Joshua’s warning. 
Godwin Ikechukwu ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Prophet T.B. Joshua

Editor's Note: Really interesting - Why didn't  T.B. Joshua foresee the collapse of SCOAN building on Friday, September 12, 2004 that killed over 100 people? We need a response from T.B. Joshua  so that we can publish it because people are wondering why he did not foresee disaster coming home to SCOAN but can see those going afar.