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MasterwebNews 21/3/17 - News Commentary On 1st Igbo Diaspora Easter Retreat in Nigeria

MasterwebNews 21/3/17 - News Commentary On 1st Igbo Diaspora Easter Retreat in Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: News Commentary by Edomobi Promise of Igbo Voice ] - As Igbo leaders and stakeholders from the Diaspora gather at Uburu in Ebonyi State to brainwash on the developmental needs of Ndigbo in the present and future, it is apt to x-ray the positive implication of the gathering.
The Igbo Information and communication Network and the World Igbo leadership, Education and Cultural Council , two Igbo socio-cultural pressure groups have been at the centre of these programmes and annual Retreats.They held a Xmas Retreat for Ndigbo in the Diaspora on December, 28th , 2016 at Ibusa, in the home of Prf Pat  Utomi, a renown economists. That well attended event x-rayed  the economic and political challenges facing Ndigbo in Nigeria. It is gladdening that these Retreats are now permanent features and have gained wide acceptance in Igbo land and beyond.

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo, other Igbo groups and individuals within and outside Nigeria should support the organisers to make the Retreat enduring and salubrious. The hosting of the event is voluntary and non partisan which is good for a republican people like Ndigbo.More able Igbos should come out and host , sponsor or co-sponsor these Retreats. It should not be left only for the two organisations.

|The theme of this year Easter Retreat for Ndigbo in the Diaspora is NDIGBO YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW, a topic that impinges on the essence of Ndigbo.

Igbo |Governors,, political and business leaders , irrespective of political leanings and affiliations should identify with this laudable Retreat.

Igbo students, youths, women, traditional rulers, religous leaders and workers should not be left out.

The highlight of the event is the flag off of the IGBO YOUTH AND WOMEN EMPOWERNMENT FOUNDATION which is very significant as it wiill proffer a roadmap for the empowernment and development of our youths and women. All Igbos especially business moguls and philantropists should identify with the programme. The event will hold on  14th of April, 2017 at Uburu in Ohanaozara LGA  of Ebonyi state at the home of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu.

Edomobi Promise
Igbo Voice
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