[ Masterweb Reports ] - The World Igbo Congress (WIC) general elections held during the 20th Annual Convention of the organization held at the Hilton, South West, Houston Texas ended up with conflicting statements. The Chairmanship contest was between three candidates, Engineer Joe Eto (the incumbent), Chief Larry Udorji and Dr. Charles Maduka. Minutes before  the election, Dr. Maduka withdrew his candidacy. Two factional results trailed the vote count; one faction declared Engr. Joe Eto winner and the other faction declared Chief Larry Udorji the new chairman. Below are the conflicting press releases by the opposing factions.
5.       TREASURER: SIR FESTUS OKERE Houston TX 39/39
Dr. Anthony Ejiofor (Oji ọfọ ga ana)
6937 Stone Run Drive
Nashville, TN 37211
Tel: 615 830 2078
Tax: 615 730 9244
RESULT OF THE WORLD IGBO CONGRESS ELECTION ON SUNDAY, AUGUST, 31, 2014: An election of officers of the World Igbo Congress for the 2014 – 2017 term, having being duly conducted, be it known that of the following results:
 Chief Larry Udorji – 28 votes
Joe Nze Eto - 0
Vice Chairman:  
Chief George Ezeh- 27 votes
Mr. Ken Igwe - 0
General Secretary:  
Chief Cyril Nwaguru - 26 votes
Mrs. Agatha Anosike - 2 votes
Financial Secretary:  
Adadioranma Chinwe B. Njoku – 27 votes
Dr. Louis O. Okonkwo – 1 vote
Sir Pius Ilogu – 28 votes
Sir Festus Okere - 0 vote
Public Relations Officer:
Chief Jimmy Asiegbu: 28 votes
Basil Onwukwe -0
Chief Whip:
Chief Godwin Ndukwe – 28 votes
HOD Recorder:  
Chief Cletus Chukwurah – 28 votes
Chief Sampson Udeh – 0 vote
HOD Parliamentarian – Chief Obidike Ajuluchuku – 28 votes
In light of the WIC current Chairman, Mr. Joe Eto’s criminal indictment for fraud and racketeering by the State of Georgia which led to the WIC Board’s resolution that he resigns with immediate effect, Mr. Eto and the WIC’s Electoral Commission resorted to rig the election with the presence of Texas Harris County Sheriff Officers.
The newly elected World Igbo Congress Chairman, Ichie Larry Udorji, and his executive will notify the WIC stake holders of the venues for the next live Board meeting and the 2015 Convention. Any person or persons doing business with the indicted Joe Eto and his clique does so at their own risk.
 Prince Jimmy Asiegbu
Jimmy Asiegbu 
Public Relations Officer, World Igbo Congress
*Photo Caption - Engr. Joe Eto (Left); Chief Larry Udorji (Right).

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi said that for Nigeria to expand its industrial base, that leaders at all levels must show commitment. He was speaking Tuesday at the 54th Annual Bar Conference taking place at the International Conference Centre, Owerri.

In his address to the Conference entitled: "Nigeria: Any Hope for an Industrial Revolution", Obi said that just as countries such as Singapore and Malaysia expanded their industrial and service bases, that Nigeria was capable of moving on the same direction once the people did the right things. He lamented uncontrolled greed as the bane of the progress of the country, saying that often people acquire what they do not need to the expense of the country thus promoting the retrogressive culture of transaction rather than the progressive culture of transformation.

Obi who said that attitude towards investors was another thing that mattered in the progress and development of a country, recalled the experience of Innoson Motor Manufacturing Company, Nnewi. According to him, Innoson company borrowed money to buy equipment for his Motor industry and had problem with customs that led to the auctioning of his goods far below the cost. He said it was the intervention  of the President that resolved the matter and made it possible for the company to complete its plant, which now employs over 7000 Nigerians. Obi wondered what would have been the fate of the company if he had not intervened through the President.

Commending Jonathan on the progress of the " Transformation Agenda," he said that the President would not do everything himself, and called on Nigerians to realize that they all have stake in the country.

Further, Obi said that for Nigeria to achieve it industrial dream, that it should sustain the improvement on infrastructure, especially transportation, power and emphasizes on vocational training and skills acquisition.

*Photo Caption
The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Okey Wali, SAN (2nd left), the former President, AC Okocha(1st left), and Chief Mike Ahamba(1st right),  with the former Gov. Of Anambra State, Mr.Peter Obi, after he delivered a lecture entitled: "Nigeria: Any Hope for an Industrial Revolution" at the 54th Annual Bar Conference at the International Conference and Convention Centre, Owerri, Imo State, on Tuesday.

[ Masterweb Reports ] - In what appears to be a repeat of the Lady Uzoma Okere’s treatment by naval officers in Lagos, a prominent politician in Eket local government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Hon. Ekanem Willie was in the early hours of Sunday August 24, 2014, viciously battered and assaulted by a naval officer believed to be attached to the Navy Basic Training School, Onne, Port Harcourt Rivers State after he ran away with fuel worth of three thousand Naira. The ugly and unnecessary display of smartness by the rogue naval officer who name is yet to be known happened at Stevegrad Filling Station along........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - The bully rogue Nigerian Naval Officer; to the left is the van he drove

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Christians and pastors in Nigeria interested in pursuing seminary Education at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral level now have the opportunity to complete all of their courses online and free of charge with a full scholarship at North Central Theological Seminary, an accredited online religious vocational institution of higher learning based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Candidates interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree program must have a high school diploma or equivalent. To pursue the Master's program, they must have a bachelor's degree in any vocation, and for admission into the doctorate program, a master's degree in........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - As lebeled.

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Security & Rule of Law: Onitsha Nigeria, August 21st 2014)-“A vibrant conventional police force in a mixed or heterogeneous society is such that clearly understands its pluralistic nature and have it strictly applied in all its policies including promotions, postings and modern crime fighting and controlling capacities. Such a police force is doomed if it chooses the opposite”- Barrister Anita Onochie, Head, Security & Safety Program of the Intersociety. “It is very shocking that the NPF has over the years abandoned rule of law, fairness and equity in its major internal and external policies including promotion and posting of its top field officers and dangerously embraced ethno-religious jingoism. Its abysmal performance in modern crime control and fighting is not surprising and will remain so until it purges itself of tribal, baton and rifle policing and return to policing without borders and lineages”-Barr. Obianuju Igboeli, Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Program of the Intersociety. 
On 4th, 5th and 6th February 2014, we addressed a three-part protest letter to Mr. President and the leaderships of the National Assembly, the Police Service Commission and the Federal Character Commission. The letter was a firm protest against an age-long gross lopsidedness in the area of promotion and posting of top officers as well as low officers-popularly called “rank and file” of the Nigeria Police Force. The protest letter followed our graphic investigation of an NPF document named “Staff List for Senior Police Officers: IGP-CSP”, updated as at January 2014. In the course of our forensic analysis of the important document, we found out, for instance, that out of 23 serving AIGs (assistant inspectors general of police) then, Northwest geopolitical zone had 11, while Southeast had nothing; out of seven serving DIGs then, Northwest had two; out of 93 serving CPs (commissioners of police) then, Northwest had 23, Southeast had only 8; out of 12 Zonal Commands manned by AIGs, Northwest got 8, Southeast nothing; and out of 36 State Commands manned by CPs, Northwest had 12. The sectional domination was also extended to other important operational heads like Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS), Special Protection Unit (SPU), Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), Federal Highway Patrol (FHP), Port Authority, Border and Airport Police formations. Gender injustice was also the order of the day particularly in the area of AIG and DIG ranking.
It was also our shocking discovery that  top police officers of Southeast extraction were worse hit by the age-long lopsided policy under reference. For instance, while Northwest zone; which is one out of three zones given to Hausa-Fulani populations in Nigeria, got 23 serving CPs of 93 in the NPF then; Southeast zone, which represents core Igbo-Nigeria population got only 8 serving CPs. Shockingly, most of the 8 Southeast CPs got their promotions close to their statutory retirement. For instance, CP Ikechukwu Aduba (Anambra) has since retired on 9th July 2014. CP Godfrey E. Okeke (Anambra), who has just been made an AIG (20th August 2014) will retire on 16th September 2014. CP Sylvester A. Umeh (Enugu) will retire on 10th November 2014. CP Felix Osita Uyanna (Anambra), who has just been made an AIG (20TH August 2014) will retire by 15th January 2015. CP Ikemefuna R. Okoye (Anambra) will retire by 15th June 2015. CP Hilary Opara (Imo), who was doubly promoted to DIG on 19th August 2014, will retire on 17th July 2015. CP Grace Chita Okudo (Ebonyi) (now AIG since 4th June 2014) will retire by 9th February 2016 and CP Chintua Amajor-Onu (Mrs.) (Abia), who has been made an AIG, will retire by 12th July 2015. Out of these few Igbo or Southeast senior officers, it is only CP Paul E. Okafor (Anambra) promoted to CP on 4th June 2014 that will retire by 1st April 2017.
On 4th June 2014, CPs Chris Olakpe (Delta-South/south) and Grace Chita Okudo (Ebonyi-Southeast) were promoted to AIG. DCPs Victor Nosa Ojo (Edo-South/south), Elias Okafor Wayemeru (Delta-South/south), Paul E. Okafor (Anambra-Southeast), Henry Adebayo Fadiro (Ekiti-Southwest), Stella P. Udosen (Akwa Ibom-South/south), Felicia O. Noelle (Rivers-South/south) and Ovie Votenisky Oyokomino (Delta-South/south) were elevated to the rank of CP. Also 12 ACPs were made DCs, 21 CSPs to ACs, 27 SPs to CSPs, 15 DSPs to SPs and 129 ASPs to DSPs. 20 Inspectors were made ASPs on account of the omission of their names in the previous exercises. On 19th August 2014, AIGs Dan’Azumi Job Doma (Niger-North-central), Mamman Ibrahim Tsafe (Zamfara-Northwest), David O. Omojola (Ekiti-Southwest), Solomon E. Arase (Edo-South/south), Christopher K. Katso (Taraba-Northeast) and Salihu Argungu Hashidu(Kebi-Northwest),  were promoted to DIG, while CPs Hilary Opara(Imo-Southeast) and Sotonye Leroy Wakama (Rivers-South/south) were promoted doubly to DIG.

On 20th August 2014 (effect from 19th of August), CPs  Mbu Joseph Mbu (Cross River-South/south,  Umaru Abubakar Manko (Niger-North-central), Ambrose O. Aisibor (Edo-South/south), Adebayo Ajileye (Ondo-Southwest), Joel Kayode Theophilus (Kogi-North-central), Wilfred Eje Obute (Benue-North-central), Felix Osita Uyanna (Anambra-Southeast), A. J. Abakasanga (Akwa Ibom-South/south), Jubril Olawale Adeniji(Lagos-Southwest), Ibrahim M. Maishanu (Sokoto-Northwest), Godfrey E. Okeke (Anambra-Southeast), Chintua Amajor-Onu(Abia-Southeast), Lawal Tanko (Kaduna-Northwest), Usman Akila Gwarry(Borno-Northeast), Kalafite Helen Adeyemi (Rivers-South/south), Yahaya Garba Ardo (Gombe-Northeast), Irimiya F. Yerima(Taraba-Northeast), Olufemi A. Adenaike(Ogun-Southwest) and Patrick Dey Dokumor(Bayelsa-South/south) were elevated to the rank of AIG.
From the foregoing breakdown, it is our observation that while gender factor was fairly addressed in AIG ranking, it failed woefully in the DIG ranking as no woman occupies the position of DIG despite the fact that women are not new comers in the Nigeria Police Force having joined the Force in 1955. Also the invention of “preventive policing” originated from a woman who joined the New York Police Service in 1910. While credible efforts have been made by the Police Service Commission led by IGP Mike Mbama Okiro (rtd) to address the brutal exclusion of the Southeast zone from AIG ranking, we have further observed that there are only three serving CPs left for the geopolitical zone.
 For instance, out of nine serving CPs from the zone as at June 2014, one (CP Ikechukwu Aduba) has retired; leaving the zone with only seven as at then out of which one (Hilary Opara) is now a DIG, and four ( Chintua Onu, Grace Okudo, Felix Uyanna and Godfrey Okeke) are now AIGs. The only three serving Southeast CPs left are Sylvester A. Umeh who retires on 10th November 2014; Ikemefuna Okoye (who will retire by 15th June 2015) and Paul E. Okafor (who will retire by 1st April 2015). Out of over 90 serving CPs in the country, the southeast zone can only boast of two serving CPs. This is totally unacceptable and defeats the spirit and letters of Section 14 (3) of the Constitution of the Federation 1999.
Finally, while commending the Police Service Commission for the courageous step and exercise under reference, we further demand that the anomalies pointed out above be frontally addressed in future promotions and postings. Sectional domination that still grips other important operational departments or units within the Force especially in the area of manning of zonal and State commands as earlier pointed out should be equitably addressed. We specifically demand that DIG Hilary Opara should be assigned to Operations Department as DIG in charge. This demand of ours is stem from the fact that no person from the Southeast zone is one of the Service Chiefs of the Federation. Promoting officers of the Southeast to higher police positions in the twilight of their statutory exit from the Force will no longer be condoned. They should be promoted as and when due alongside their counterparts from other federating zones excluding those indulging in gross unethical conducts in the line of their official duties. Gender injustice especially in DIG and CP ranking as well as top operational duty assignments should be frontally addressed.
Our immense thanks go to Nigerian media particularly the ICT segment for being part of the successful pen and voice protest to reposition the NPF and wriggle it out of ethno-religious domination. We urge them not to rest on their oars until the Force is fully rebranded.
For: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law
Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman of the Board
emekaumeagbalasi@yahoo.co.uk, info@intersociety-ng.org
+2348100755939 (office only)
Uzochukwu Oguejiofor, Esq., Head, Campaign & Publicity Department
Obianuju Igboeli, Esq., Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Program
Anita Onochie, Esq., Head, Security & Safety Program
*Photo Caption - As seen

[ Masterweb Reports: Odozi Nwodozi reports ] - On Saturday 16 August 2014, the Transformation train hit the South-East when the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) pulled an unprecedented mammoth crowd to the Alex Ekwueme Square Awka for the first of a seven-leg pan- Nigerian endorsement advocacy trip for a second term bid for Preesident Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
With the kind of passion that enveloped the entire South-East in the days leading to the Awka rally, market unions closing down their shops, social and cultural groups mobilising their members in large numbers, students, women and youth groups practically positioned to out-shine each other, while religious and traditional leaders were on ground to ensure that the celestial was agreement with the physical, and that every segment of the society was carried along. It was a foregone conclusion that the rally will be a bang, it turned out to be a success story and a reference point in advocacy aimed at mass appeal.
The peak of the Awka extravaganza was the demands by the people of the South-East that        Dr. Goodluck Jonathan throw in the hat for a second term bid. This they did by a collation of about 1.6 million verifiable signatories from across the nooks and crannies of the five states that make up Igbo enclave. To Ndigbo, “One good turn deserves another”, especially for a man who has truly Nigerianise the populace with strategic patronages and qualitative infrastructural developments.
From Awka, the TAN train moves to Ibadan the Oyo state Capital, the former capital of the defunct Western Region. Like an impending Tsunami, the airwaves are dominated by promotional items aimed at re-echoing awareness about the event in the minds of the South-West populace. As witnessed in the South-East leg of the Rally, lovers of the Transformation Agenda of the Goodluck administration are working tirelessly to highlight the high points of the agenda as it concerns the South-West; from the Establishment of a two –campus Federal University in ( Oye and Ikole Ekiti) Ekiti state, the commissioning of the Omotosho power plant, the completion of the Ibadan-Oyo Road, the commencement of the re-construction of the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road, the on-going construction of two deep sea ports in Badagry and Lekki respectively, not forgetting the domineering presence of the region in the recent Centenary awards marking the 100 years of Nigeria’s nationhood. The Yoruba nation will also use the opportunity of the TAN rally to appreciate Mr. President for reposing confidence in them with the appointment of General Jones Arogboofa (rtd) as the Chief of Staff to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces (The first time a Yoruba will occupy that position).
Coupled with the massive ethical and infrastructural transformational wind blowing across various sectors of the Nigerian economy ranging from agriculture, education, health, housing, and sports just to mention a few. In the agricultural sector, Nigeria is presently at an unprecedented level of food production and consequent security, while the health sector despite unavoidable challenges has shown tremendous departure from the pitiable recent past. In housing, the Nigerian worker and other low income earners are now positioned to own houses with the recently launched Federal Government backed Mortgage Mass Housing scheme. The aviation sector has witnessed the up-ward re-modelling of our airports and an unprecedented construction of over twenty new airports across the federation. While in sports the shinning results of our sportsmen and women is a clear demonstration of the massive support they are receiving from the Jonathan administration.
Come Saturday 23 August 2014, the inhabitants of the South-West, from all walks of life, across social, economic, political, and religious boundaries will stand up in unison to add their voices to the nationalist and patriotic demands of progressive Nigerians in asking President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to take the Transformation Agenda to a logical conclusion by accepting the clamour of Nigerians to contest the 2015 Presidential Elections.
 Odozi Nwodozi, Special Assistant to Dr. Udenta O. Udenta - 
Director Public Communications and Strategy of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) reports.
*Photo Caption - Masterweb Breaking News Logo

[ Masterweb Reports: From Abia State ] - Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji, has said the opposition All Progressive Congress ( APC) , can not win a polling booth in the state in the 2015 general elections as the party " does not exist in Abia".

Governor Orji who was reacting to a recent boasting by Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State who said APC would take over Abia in 2015, said Okorocha is suffering from acute malaria even as he advised him to seek medical examination.

Okorocha who represented by his Deputy, Prince Eze Madumere, had while addressing a stakeholders' meeting of the South East chapter of APC held in Umuahia , said APC would sack PDP from the seat of power in the state come 2015 because " the state's fortunes have dwindled under the watch of  PDP - led government".

In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, Governor Orji reminded the Imo State Governor that "Imo people  are still regretting their mistake of 2011 when he was voted into power under false pretense as a political messiah which he has proved not to be".

Governor Orji told Okorocha that most of his "policies and programmes which are neither here nor there have rather taken Imo State backwards" while he parades himself as a progressive leader.

" Your rescue mission has failed to rescue Imo and how do you think you can deceive Abians with your political rhetoric  and gimmicks? People are now wiser, your tricks in 2011 cannot work for you again. Stop deceiving yourself South-east has no space for you and your APC in 2015".

The Governor also told Okorocha to " stop wasting Imo resources on his imaginary Vice - Presidential ambition but instead deploy them on projects that will benefit the ordinary man as exemplified in Abia ", adding that "very soon it will dawn on Okorocha that he has travelled deep into a political wilderness accompanied by sycophants who will soon desert him."

He said that contrary to Okorocha's propaganda, his PDP - led administration in Abia has posted some undeniable legacy projects across the state which "the likes of Okorocha will never be able to achieve."

He therefore, advised the Imo Governor to fight for his political survival as his abysmal performances so far in office has proved him to be a disappointment rather than the messiah he claimed to be.

Governor Orji  assured that in 2015 PDP would replicate the victory it recorded in 2011 when it was overwhelming voted by the people of the state and South-east at large based on the antecedents of its candidates which they have continued to consolidate on.
*Photo Caption - Governor T. A. Orji

[ Masterweb Reports: Ihechukwu Njoku reports ] - Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) declared in his church service on Sunday 17th August 2014 that the killer disease Ebola currently ravaging West Africa is from ‘the pit of hell’.
According to Joshua, who led his congregation in prayer for the nations and individuals affected, time was up for the ‘strange ailment’ and life would soon return to normal for the affected countries.
“The so called strange ailment coming from three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia… satan is the manufacturer, the source,” Joshua defiantly declared to the faithful.
“Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness,” the cleric then enjoined the congregation. “Command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of hell, in the name of Jesus Christ!”
“Because of Christ, people of Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea, you are released,” Joshua bellowed, accompanied by the vibrant congregants in a service allegedly viewed by millions worldwide through Joshua’s Christian television station Emmanuel TV.
The controversial pastor boldly declared that God had spoken to him to pray for the nations affected by Ebola as its reign of fear was close to closure.
The pastor, cited to be one of Africa’s most influential individuals, decried the toll Ebola had taken on society, especially in the areas of kinship and kindness.
“People are no longer their brother’s keepers because of this strange disease,” he lamented, adding that if someone publicly collapsed from any form of sickness, people would likely abandon the invalid as opposed to lending a helping hand.
“Once satan takes love out of people, he has taken life. Satan is not happy that we are one; he is against oneness. He knows when we are not one, we can be defeated,” he fumed.
“The weapon satan is afraid of is love,” Joshua continued. “Satan can fight anything but he cannot fight love.”
The cleric then cited a poignant question asked by Jesus in Luke 18:8: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?"
He added that the prayer Jesus offered for His followers’ faith not to fail indicated challenges would arise in the last days which would make many ‘abandon their faith’, Ebola being one such challenge. 
Joshua made headlines this week in local and international media for sending 4,000 bottles of ‘Anointing Water’ to the Ebola stricken nation of Sierra Leone on the request of the government, alongside $50,000 in humanitarian aid.
Last week, Joshua had to debunk a rumour attributed to him that went viral in Nigeria claiming that bathing in salt water would prevent the disease. With over 1.2million followers on Facebook and 90,000 YouTube subscribers, it is easy to understand why Joshua is touted to be among Africa’s most influential individuals currently. 
Ihechukwu Njoku ( Email: chuk.njoku@gmail.com ), a freelance Nigerian journalist, reports.
*Photo Caption - Prophet T.B. Joshua


[ Masterweb Reports ] - The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has tendered his resignation letter as Leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance and the Chairman of the Party's Board of Trustees.
In a resignation letter addressed to the National Secretary of the Party and submitted in the Party's Abuja office yesterday, Mr. Obi said he was resigning as Leader and BoT Chairman  into which he was appointed in January 2014 by the National Executive Council of the Party, which, according to him, was yet to be ratified by a Convention of the party as stipulated by the constitution.
Obi cited family and personal reasons, but did not give  details. He however wished the party well in her future endeavors, was reiterating the fact that he remains an ordinary APGA member.
Widely acknowledged as the man who kept APGA alive over the past decade, Mr. Obi had recently been denied appointment as a minister by President Goodluck Jonathan because he refused to defect from APGA to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

When contacted, his Media  aide, Mr. Valentine Obienyem confirmed the development.  In his words: " If you recall, my boss was nominated the Leader of the Party and the Chairman of her Board of Trustees in January. The nomination was yet to be ratified  by a Convention of the Party, when he submitted his letter of resignation. Since  the convention will take place next year, people have found it convenient to blame him for the woes of the Party on the reason that he had failed to intervene on matters affecting the party, not knowing that without ratification of his nomination, he had no platform under which to intervene. "

Obienyem said that his boss remained an APGA member, and would continue to support the Party at all times.

It will be recalled that APGA is presently witnessing mass exodus of her key members, who cite the appropriation of the party by one man as a reason.

*Photo Caption - Mr. Peter Obi

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji, has commended the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) for doing a good job in regulating the activities of service providers in the country.

The Governor who made commendation when he received Chairman of Board of the NCC, Engr. Peter Igho, and his team  at the Government House, Umuahia, described communication as very essential.

According to him, his administration is addressing some of the problems confronting the operations of the NCC including the issue of multiple taxation and right of way, adding that the state government has made relevant legislation as it concerns telecommunications operation in the state.
Governor Orji said his administration is poised to make the environment conducive for NCC and the service providers to operate and pledged to partner with the commission.

He implored the commission to provide more facilities to educational institutions in the state as a way of assisting the state government.

Earlier in his speech, Mr. Igho explained that telecommunications contributes to 8.5 per cent of the nations GDP and has transformed the way of doing things in the country and made public that his commission is making effort to improve the quality of service to Nigerians.
Mr. Igho said that Nigeria has 129 million active subscribers while over 50 million Nigerians have access to the internet, adding that the tele-density is 92 per cent.

He however identified multiple taxation and hidering of the right of way and vandalisation of ICT facilities as some of the factors that militate against improved service, pointing out that the commission is currently pushing for a law to classify telecommunications facilities as critical infrastructure.

He disclosed that NCC has given ICT equipment to 38 secondary schools in the state among other items given to tertiary institutions in Abia and appealed to the Governor to partner with his commission to improve the quality of service to the people.
*Photo Caption - Governor Theodore Orji