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NewsReel 10/9/14 - Abia 2015: PDP Blasts PPA over Remarks on Orji

NewsReel 10/9/14 - Abia 2015: PDP Blasts PPA over Remarks on Orji

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The Abia State chapter of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP), has blasted the Progressive Peoples Alliance ( PPA), over media comments credited to the National leadership of PPA where it alleged that the PDP- led administration in the state had "ruined Abia."

PPA also accused Governor Theodore Orji who came on board on the wings of the party  of abandoning its blue prints for the development of Abia and defecting to PDP, vowing to recapture the state in 2015 and rescue it from " PDP's bondage."

PPA's National Chairman, Mr. Peter Ameh, also accused Abia elders of" conspiracy of silence", and boasted that come 2015,  PPA would end their unholy alliance with PDP-led administration to impoverish the state.

But PDP has described PPA's comments as the ranting of a frustrated and drowning party that has resorted to propaganda as an awareness strategy, adding that the PPA is a dead party.

PDP said PPA was only furious because PDP in less than four years, had done for Abia what PPA could not achieve in 10 years, and asked the party" to  bury its face in shame".

In a statement, signed by its Publicity Secretary, Chief Uchechi Ogbuka, PDP said that "PPA is dead and has long been buried," adding that PDP is so rooted in the state that no opposition party could uproot it in the nearest future.

His words: "PPA when it was alive was never a political party but a personal estate of one man and his family members who used it as a conduit pipe to drain the resources of Abia. The exit of Governor Theodore Orji from PPA in 2010 marked the death and burial of that wicked empire.

"Abias now know better and can never be taken back to Egypt by a non- existent party owned and administered by one man who had subjected Abia to servitude for almost a decade before Governor Orji courageously confronted him and set Abia free.

"Ever since Orji joined PDP, Abians have seen the difference between a people- oriented political party and a personal estate disguising as party. Today the array of identifiable legacy projects dotting the Abia landscape courtesy of the PDP- led government better tells the story that Abia's future no doubt lies with PDP.

"There is no gain saying the  fact that as the 2015 polls approach, Abia  PDP is not losing sleep because of the opposition as non exists in the state let alone the long dead and forgotten PPA".

PDP, therefore, enjoined Abians to keep faith with the party promising to still field credible candidates that would continue with the good foundations already laid by Orji's administration in all elective positions in 2015.
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