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NewsReel 11/10/14 - Edwin Nwankwo and his unwarranted barrage of Insults on the presidency

NewsReel 11/10/14 - Edwin Nwankwo and his unwarranted barrage of Insults on the presidency

[ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Alozie Reports ] - I am an addict of the Sun Newspaper thrilled greatly by the crime reporting and crime columns but it is now impossible to read The Sun without being insulted collaterally from the pile of insults on other people.

On page 50 of The Daily Sun Wednesday, October 8, one Edwin Nwankwo reacted to an interview granted to the Guardian by Mr. Cosmos Ndukwe, the Chief of Staff to Governor Orji. That may not be my problem as Chief T. A. Orji has enough hands to protect him but I am bothered when the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his wife are libelously profiled.

Read the following quotes: “the moment president Goodluck Jonathan made a mortal misjudgment of giving a national honour to the worst Governor in the  country……..when the bestowment still had credibility and public
regard…….. Lately the award list wears the garb of controversy……On what
ground will Governor Orji be entitled to such a privilege if not for his
wife’s adumbrated familiarity with the First Lady and by extrapolation
their husbands? If not that the award has become a dispensing of
presidential favours to acolytes and other emotive beneficiaries, like
Governor Orji, what criteria would have qualified him?.......beyond the
misplaced conferment of a national award to the worst governor in the
world, in terms of good governance, do most Nigerians still attach any
importance to the yearly rituals?....... This is buttressed by the
serial rejection of the award by the late Prof. Chinua Achebe and other
illustrious citizens, including Prof. Wole Soyinka…..For now, so much on
this easily perceptible presidential gaffe. Which was conceived,
single-handed, by Dame Patience and optimally dummied to the summit.”

All the above are profanities on the president and his family. Is this right? The National Merit Award is a made-in Nigeria award and should not be denigrated by us. If any of our citizens had any cause to reject it that’s personal. It is enough to negatively profile the President and his amiable wife. This is a direct affront on the leader of Nigeria. That one has opted to serve is not enough reason to be so
berated. At least one’s family should be spared these vile words. Such should be condemned by all.

Taking a legal action by the Presidential legal team may not be too much of an action. Doyin -Okupe and Reuben Abati have a job to do.

The continuous attack on his Excellency Chief T A Orji is a known pastime of the Sun group. One day they will meet their match. Nwankwo got it completely wrong when he wrote that Kalu had long been awarded with the national honour. I advise him to crosscheck. Kalu had an MON which one of his aides claimed was Madu Oha Nile, in fact a serious corruption of the national honour of MON. People should watch their
mouths. Freedom of speech is not freedom to insult.

Alozie reports Aba, Abia State.
*Photo Caption - Seal of The President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the official symbol of the Nigerian President, first used in 1979 by President Shehu Shagari.