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NewsReel 11/5/2014 - Ohanaeze Honors Late President Uwechue- Calls for Igbo Presidency, Unity

NewsReel 11/5/2014 - Ohanaeze Honors Late President Uwechue- Calls for Igbo Presidency, Unity

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] – Igbo leaders from all walks of life on Thursday converged in Enugu for a colloquium in honor of their late president, Ambassador Raph Uwechue, with an insistence on Igbo unity and Igbo Presidency. Speaking at the event, the Chairman of the occasion and first republic Senate President, Dr Mbazulike Amechi described Uwechue as a man who stood for Igbo ideals and died for same.

Professor Ukwu I Ukwu described Uwechue as a detribalized Nigerian who stood for unity. He reiterated his preference for a parliamentary system of government and asked Igbo delegates at the conference to push for such. Prof Ukwu called on the conferences to handle the issues of corruption if the federation will make any headway.

Prof Ben Obumselu told the participants that Ambassador Uwechue did everything within his power to avoid the civil war as Nigeria’s ambassador to France and even scheduled Igbo leaders to meet Harold Wilson, then Prime Minister of Britain, but the British Government had already foreclosed any attempt at resolving the dispute between Nigeria and Biafra. He said that Igbo elders did all possible to avoid the war.

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State represented by the Commissioner for Petroleum, Mr Chima Ubani said that Ambassador Uwechue came out openly to identify with Igbo during the war and that the government of Abia State holds him in high esteem.

Prof Bonny Okere said that having worked with Uwechue for ten years he remarked him as a person who recognizes merit above everything else and takes special interest in his workers who display exceptional intelligence.

Rev Obinna Akukwe, a church leader said that Ambassador Uwechue stood for the actualization of Igbo presidency and asked Igbo leaders to ensure that the dream is realized. He frowned at the construction of a tolled second Niger Bridge meant to be used to enslave Ndigbo and insisted that Jonathan should use Federal Government money to construct the bridge as compensation for Igbo support. Rev Akukwe asked the Igbo leaders to extract a commitment from Jonathan that after the Igbo have sacrificed their presidency for the South-South, Jonathan will stick out his neck for Ndigbo after his tenure.

Prof Raph Nwokedi asked the leaders of Ohanaeze to use the occasion of Uwechue’s death to settle differences and work together. He restated that if Igbo settles individual differences, Igbo Presidency which Raph stood for is actualizable.

Dr Nduka Eya, immediate past Secretary General of Ohanaeze said that what the Igbos need is unity. He said that with unity Ndigbo can rule Nigeria and that with unity Igbo can even produce the governor of Lagos State.

Ambassador Lawrence Agubuzo, leader of Enugu State delegation at the National Conference, said that Uwechue was their role model in the Foreign Service and that he also used his savings to run Ohanaeze.

Comrade Chuks Ibegbu, former Special Assistant to the late President described Uwechue’s leadership in Ohanaeze as strong but that towards the end of his service, some elements tried to tarnish his image. He asked the youth of Igbo land to emulate the strong leadership of the late Ohanaeze leader and shun divisive tendencies.

The President General of Ohanaeze , Chief Gari Gariwey said that without Uwechue he wouldn’t have become Ohanaeze leader and that he learnt a lot from him in terms of team work. Dr Joe Nwaorgu, Secretary General Ohanaeze said that Uwechue was his class prefect in St John’s College and that it was through Uwechue’s effort that he became Secretary General. He described Uwechue as a man of honor.

Other dignitaries at the occasion include past president of Ohanaeze Prof Joe Irukwu, Senator Anyim Ude, former Military Administrator of Imo State, Navy Cdr James Aneke, Col Ben Gbulie, Chief Nweke Anyigor, Chief HBC Okpoko,Chief Mrs Maria Okwor , Bishop Obi Onubogu among others.
Obinna Akukwe ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption – Late Ambassador Ralph Uwechue