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NewsReel 13/7/14 - Reasons why police IGP MD Abubakar must be removed on 31/7/2014

NewsReel 13/7/14 - Reasons why police IGP MD Abubakar must be removed on 31/7/2014

[ Masterweb Reports: Ana Bright reports ] - 1. Insurgency: The level of insurgency perpetrated by BOKO HARAM has risen without abate since he took over the mantle of leadership, Hundreds of Policemen have died which could have been avoided due to lack of logistics and other necessaries.

2. Failure of intelligence: Despite the amounts sank into the intelligence unit nothing positive has so far come out of it instead, Policemen are killed on daily basis.

3. Promotion of retired officers: officers who are retired are promoted over and above serving officer who have been on the rank for upward and years. This is against the Cicil Service rules. Example... CP Chris Olakpe was promoted to AIG two weeks after retirement.

4. Promotion based on primordial reasons: Very junior officers are promoted over and above thrie teniors who have been on a rank for upward and years.
example... ACP Frank Mba has enjoyed two promotions between 2012 and 2014.
officers and man who have died in the line of duty have never being promoted post humously.
       ... ACP Dan Okoro who is a converted civilian staff was promoted for being a chief security officer to the IGP over and above his tenures.
       ... DCP Muritala Mani and DCP Fatai Owosemi where promoted over and above their teniors who were on course in 2010 to enable them attain seniority in the staff list. the two also enjoyed choice postings.

5. Promotion of favored: Officers in acting capacity to enable them attain and occupy juicy postings viz.
Example... Acting DCP Bala chiroma DC ops abuja.
                ... Acting DCP Bello Ahmed second in command Bayelsa.
               ... Acting compol Hosea Karma compol Mopol.
       ... CP Mohammed Katsina then compol Kogi.
       ... CSp Lawal Isa Mani commander Mopol 48 Ahoada.

6. Promotion of officers: Without proceeding on promotion courses enshrined in the Police reform recommendations.
Example... DSP Ibrahim Lamorde EFCC.
       ... DCP Muritala Mani.
       ... CP Titus Aderanti.

7. Fraudulent Extension of officers: to promote corruption practices.
Example... DIG Philemon Leha.
       ... CP Dejo Oyeiowo of the  works Department.

8. Brazen and open corruption practices: The successes achieved in the ekiti elections were done by foot soldiers and not by the wisdom of a single individual (IGP) as wrongly claimed.
Monies released for the exercise meant for allowances to the tune of #300milion were diverted.
Officers who suppressive the zone and ekiti state were edged out of the scheme of things to cover up.
Examples... AIG Bala Nasarawa came in to replace AIG Chris Dega
                  ... CP Ikechukwu Aduta.

9. Impunity: the day to day running of the force is a one man show affair and the management teams are only figure heads as they cannot take any decisions.
Common transfers and posting of officers and the rank and file cannot be affected by any of the management team.
Whenever the IGP is out of town, Police business stop until his returned.

10. Conspicuous Consumption: The IGP owns palatial property and farms all over the country in Kano, Lagos Abuja and Ilorin. We have details He is planning to float an airline to be managed by his pilot trained son.

11. The Police service Commission is a bought: the police service commission is a rubber stamp since they do whatever bidding of the IGP, because they have been settled.

12. Name Dropping: the name is openly using names to achieve his selfish ends, he was the names of the first lady name Patience Jonathan, the PDP National chairman alh. Adamu Mazu and the business mogul Aliko Dangote to in intimidate and cow potential offices’ who may be tipped for the corrected position.

13. Police force in Politics: the roles played by the force in the political debacles in Rivers, Edo and the sunnsi saga are still fresh in the minds of Nigerians. The Police played to the gallery by being pertain there by evading the little confidence remaining. 2015 will be disastrous if the man is allowed to continue.

14. Utilization of officers to achieve political gains: CP Mbu Mbu and his likes are deliberately posted to achieve purposes other than policing.

15. Implications: The implication of above are not far from fettled as they
a, Breeds corruption.
b, Breeds discontent
c, Breeds indiscipline
d, Engenders low-morale
e, Breeds complacency and lack of interest of offices and man in the force.
we implore on the President, the senate President, Speaker of the House of Representative, all Governors and all men of goodwill to resist the lobby for extension by the IGP MD Abubakar whose educational qualifications are suspicious.
 There are competent, professional and God fearing officers of leadership and remove the Nigerian Police force out of the doldrums.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Long live the Nigeria Police Force.
Ana Bright ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Nigeria Policemen