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NewsReel 2/7/14 - Boko Haram: Word to all Nigerians

NewsReel 2/7/14 - Boko Haram: Word to all Nigerians

[ Masterweb Reports: Victor Chinedu reports ] - It is heart breaking to see this evil group (Boko Haram) continuously mess with the church, the body of Christ, the anointed of God! It is more annoying when one remembers that Nigeria is a country blessed with major world class heavy weight spiritual champions who can just speak and this group will go into extinction! By a prophet God saved Israel and by a Prophet he preserved them. Where are the Prophets in Nigeria? We need our Prophets to arise and preserve this nation. We need our Prophets to speak the word of God over Nigeria.

If the Christian community is not divided by doctrine!!, if Christendom has love, Boko Haram cannot keep destroying lives especially the life of Christians. This heartless group of Monsters started by bombing churches while people were worshiping their God then moved on to other locations, now they are back to dealing with Christians as the released Chibok abducted girls� list shows that 900f the girls are Christians.

There is a reason why this happening mostly to the Christian community, it is time for the Lions to roar! I urge all the strong soldiers in the Lords Army to be alert and wear our weapons of war, a time has come to release carbon of spiritual monoxides against Boko Haram and Islam who has declared war against Christianity.

Mmmmmmmmm, therefore I speak from the office of a prophet!! in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I curse the satanic root of Boko Haram, I curse all their demonic members perpetrating the violence, I curse all their demonic installation of hell to manipulate Christianity! I curse all the demonic hands of Islam involved in wasting innocents bloods in Nigeria! I decree that by the BLOOD OF JESUS, YOU ARE JUDGED!!!!! ALL THE PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS MANIPULATING THE CHURCH OR THE MOVE GOD IN NIGERIA IS HERE BY CURSED!!

Father in the name of Jesus, I decree that these manipulations must stop! The Blood of Jesus is against every satanic installation of hell, I plead the BLOOD OF JESUS UPON EVERY CHRISTIAN FAMILY ALL OVER NIGERIA IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS,mmmmmmmmmmm this is the beginning, the war has started.
Victor Chinedu ( Email: ) reports.
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