Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] -The attention of Abia State government has been drawn to a most sarcastic propaganda being championed by the opposition to the effect that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has cancelled and or reversed the results of the senatorial seats in Abia State which they earlier announced.
The opposition has gone ahead to instigate some of their members to be firing canon shots in order to deceive the public.
Government wishes to state categorically that the propaganda is absolutely untrue and baseless.
INEC has announced results of election in Abia state and our party The Peoples Democratic (PDP) won the three senatorial seats and seven out of eight House of Representatives seats.
INEC has not recanted on this and does not even have the power to do so after announcing results of an election as it has become functus officio.
Those who are uncomfortable with their loss at the election should emulate the example of President Goodluck Jonathan or patronize the election petition tribunal in accordance with section 133(1) of the amended Electoral Act 2011 instead of engaging in cheap propaganda.
Abians are enjoined to disregard the opposition and their propaganda  which is completely fallacious.
Nobody should be deceived.
Like a beheaded snake, the opposition is struggling in vain.
Dr. ACB Agbazuere LLM, PhD.
Hon,Commissioner for Information and Strategy
Abia State.
*Photo Caption - Map of Abia State

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Masterweb (Nigeria / Africa Masterweb) as an independent and privately funded news media has not endorsed any Nigerian politician running for elective office in the 2015 polls. We have neither endorsed any party nor member of any political party, campaign organization or pressure group. We congratulate President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) for his well deserved victory in the presidential election. We monitored the presidential and national assembly elections live and projected Buhari victorious mid-way on Saturday, March 28 based on the overwhelming number of people calling us that they voted for him. The same day on a radio (NTV Radio – U.S. based online radio station) interview, our CEO/Managing Director, Chief Charles O. Okereke told a curious audience that Buhari was set to win the presidential election.
Nigerians are encouraged to vote their conscience in the governorship and state assembly elections, that is, voting for candidates they believe will serve the best interest of the people. People should vote for candidates that will serve their states best and not turn the treasury into a 'chop box'.
Stay tuned here on Masterweb for live coverage of tomorrow's governorship election. 
*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states (including Delta State), and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Masterweb developed this page in a bid to daily keep you abreast of Nigerian and world news events so you are well informed and do not miss any news occurrence in Nigeria and around the globe. Most Nigerian newspapers are updated daily. Nigeria and World News Headlines are uptaded every ten minutes as events unfold in the world. 
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[ Masterweb Reports ] - Masterweb developed this page in a bid to daily keep you abreast of Nigerian and world news events so you are well informed and do not miss any news occurrence in Nigeria and around the globe. Most Nigerian newspapers are updated daily. Nigeria and World News Headlines are uptaded every ten minutes as events unfold in the world. 
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[ Masterweb Reports ] - Below are Election results update compiled from Masterweb Reporters on the ground in Nigeria, The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announcements, and the general public in Nigeria-(may be truthful, biased or false). Nigerians today vote in their fifth presidential and national assembly elections since the country’s return to democracy in 1999. The two foremost contenters in today's presidential election are President Goodluck Jonathan, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential flag-bearer and General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), presidential flag-bearer of opposition All Progressives Congress (APC). Both candidates say they are committed to a united and indivisible Nigeria. Nine other parties - ADC, APA, CPP, HOPE, KOWA, NCP, PPN, UDP and UPP are also fielding candidates in the election. The general public can contact us (or text us) at +1 4148070329( from Nigeria dialed 00914148070329 ) with election news in your area; please include the time of the occurrence of the news item. ........ Click for Nigeria 2015 Presidential Election Results Live Report.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Those who are planning to rig tomorrows presidential election and subsequent ones  in Nigeria, whether agents of Change or Transformation, whether PDP or APC should note that it is a sin against  Jesus Christ , and my fellow Christians among the lot should not work for the devil. Muslim clerics should educate their members already enlisted in the rigging of elections  to desist from such as I do not think that the Quran allows such.

Electoral rigging is electoral fraud. Electoral fraud is electoral robbery, theft, corruption. It is stealing in the highest order. It is stealing of the people’s votes and giving it to another person. It is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Rigging brought down the first republic under Tafawa Balewa. It brought down the second republic under Shehu Shagari. It is about to bring down the fourth Republic under Goodluck Jonathan if the players are not mindful of their patriotic and religious obligation to their God and faith. The Bible which I subscribe to does not accept electoral robbery. The commandment said in Exodus 20 vs 15 “thou shall not steal” and followed by “ thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house,  wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to him ... (including votes) ”. Therefore, any Christian who follows people of other faith to rig election for anybody is a thief and covetous and all thieves will end in hell fire. This is the word of God.

I have told my numerous friends, flocks and followers who belong to the ruling party that it is their attempt to rig the 2011 elections in order to give Jonathan twenty five  percent votes cast  in as much northern states as possible that triggered the post-election violence of 2011 where over 1000 lives were lost, mostly Christians and Southerners. Those who rigged the elections’ in the North are mostly indigenous traditional and religious leaders who collected money from the incumbent and tried to steal Buhari’s votes. The same Bible also said thou shalt not kill, therefore, those political thugs who abandoned the traditional and religious leaders that rigged the elections and descended on hapless Christians , Southerners and Youth Corpers are also guilty of murder in the form of misplaced aggression. They should desist from any such acts forthwith.

I alluded in my latest piece titled ‘INEC Card Reader; Antagonists not working for Jesus Christ’, that  “Jesus Christ was obstructed on his way by a top government official by name Zaccheaus who have stolen lots of money from tax payers and converted such to private use. Jesus went to the house of Zacchaeus and in the course of conversation this man promised to return all that he defrauded, even four time” I opined in the said write-up that “Jesus forced Zacheaus in Luke 19 vs 8 to return his loot back and the later said to Jesus, “Behold, Lord, half of my possessions I will give to the poor, and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back four times as much.”  I ended up by saying that " Jega led INEC is returning back the people’s mandate stolen through years of successive rigging, especially from the Shagari to the Obasanjo era back to the people through the use of card reader and everybody should support him..” Therefore, in whichever way any believer has been contracted alongside those of other faith to rig election for any candidate, such a Christian  should desist forthwith, repent, ask for forgiveness and sin no more.

The manner of rigging I have been reliably informed  will be used in this Presidential and Governorship elections include.

(1)    Unconstitutional arrest of opponents using the armed forces
(2)    Illegal detention of opponents on the eve of the elections
(3)    Keeping some opponents under house arrest till elections are over
(4)    Jamming and interference of network of card reader to render it unusable
(5)    Filling of fake result sheets after scaring away party agents of the opponents
(6)    Intimidation of electoral officers to ensure that they fill out the wrong result sheets
(7)    Intimidation of voters to ensure that they do not come out to vote
(8)    Late arrival of voting materials
(9)    Use of political thugs to harass stubborn voters
(10)Declaration of false results in order to cause mayhem
(11)Allowing underage children to vote

Those involved in those acts should note that it is easy to trigger a crisis but difficult to control it. Those who triggered the Syrian Crisis never knew that it would result to ISIS. Those who allowed Boko Haram to fester never knew that it would destroy an entire region, with women and children being raped and slaughtered.. The winners should be magnanimous in victory while the losers should accept defeat. I alluded to that in an earlier write-up titled ‘Buhari, Jonathan and Boko Haram part 2’ where I stated that "It is not a sign of weakness if President Goodluck initiates serious dialogue, consultations and fence mending with Buhari with the intention of blocking all sociopolitical loopholes and vacuums enemies of democracy could use...". These two leaders can stilll dialogue and move Nigeria forward.

I have got reports of how rigging is going to take place tomorrow from various sources and Christians and Muslims are involved in such despicable exercise.  Rigging of election hoists unwanted leaders on the people. While other nations are developing at jet speed, we are still celebrating the GSM revolution of fifteen years ago. Roads, hospitals, schools, water supply, electricity, housing and all the other amenities of lives have improved tremendously in other nations, and still improving, but in Nigeria, we celebrate the construction of a single bride, hospital or university as though heaven has come down to the earth. This is due to the fact that riggers of election are accountable to no one except a few cabals. They loot the economy with abandon because they know that the electorates cannot react effectively.

Those bent on destroying Nigeria WILL BE DESTROYED THROUGH AN ILL-WIND THAT WILL SWEEP AWAY ALL THESE IRRITANTS AND VOMITS who have polluted our national space with their politricks and deceit, If  there is any Christian still among those  bent on rigging this Presidential or Governorship election in favor of any candidate, let the person repent now. Muslim Clerics should advise their followers urgently. Those Christians who have teamed up with some Muslims to   destroying Nigeria through another round of rigging, my God will destroy very soon no matter how highly placed, anointed or influential, because Jesus Christ can not  commission anybody to rig election.

Obinna Akukwe ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Christian Symbol

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Nigerians in Ukraine have endorsed General Muhammadu Buhari of the APC for the March 28, 2015 presidential election. In a meeting held yesterday in Ternopil Ukraine, Nigerians from all walks of life resolved to endorse the candidature of General Muhammadu Buhari for the presidential election .They are convinced that GMB is the only candidate with vibrancy, energy, knowledge and Commitment to liberate Nigeria from its economic disasters.

At the same meeting, Nigerians asked the APC to seriously commit themselves to improving the lives of many Nigerians. They asked the APC to adhere to the following commitments or they risk being voted out of power, if they dare fail Nigerians.
Nigerians in Ukraine demand APC to:-

  1. Deliver economic liberation and empower poor Nigerians.
  2. Seriously commit on the dual Citizenship to help skills transfer.
  3. Give poor student’s Bursaries and scholarships.
  4. Reduce the price fuel and rice.
  5. Reduce the government spending on by-elections and direct such resources to improve health and education.
  6. Reduce the size of government.
  7. Improve Health facilities and buy modern diagnostic machines and Provide medicine in hospitals for Poor Nigerians
  8. Lower the cost of doing business
  9. Provide free education for majority of poor Nigerians
  10. Create REAL jobs for Nigerians and not jobs of rehabilitating roads.
  11. Last but not the least, Give Nigerians a people driven constitution.

Signed by:-
Comrade Muhammad Ahmad Gusau (Ivano Ukraine) - Chairman
Comrade Shadrach Omale (Ternopil Ukraine) – Secreatary
Comrade Ahmed Omeiza Lukman (Kiev Ukriane) – Spokesman; Email:

*Photo Caption - General Muhammadu Buhari

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Democracy & Civil Liberties, Onitsha Nigeria, 15th March 2015)-The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law formally acknowledges your Commission’s letter to us dated 17th February 2015 and referenced INEC/CH/GC/073/1. The referenced letter follows our earlier letter to your Commission dated 10th February 2015 and titled Healing The Wounds Of 2015 Polls’ Shift: What INEC & Service Chiefs Must Do. We also received another letter from the Chief of Defense Staff of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria dated 25th February 2015 relating to the same issue. We have since replied or responded to the two referenced letters. Our response to yours was contained in our public statement dated 24th February 2015 and titled INEC Chairman’s Letter To Intersociety: Our Position. A copy of it is hereby attached for your perusal.

Professor Attahiru M. Jega
Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
INEC Headquarters, Plot 436 Zambezi Crescent
Maitama, P.M.B. 0184, FCT, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
Consequences Of Importing Ethnic Cleansing Into The Distribution Of Permanent Voters’ Cards In Nigeria


(Democracy & Civil Liberties, Onitsha Nigeria, 15th March 2015)-The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law formally acknowledges your Commission’s letter to us dated 17th February 2015 and referenced INEC/CH/GC/073/1. The referenced letter follows our earlier letter to your Commission dated 10th February 2015 and titled Healing The Wounds Of 2015 Polls’ Shift: What INEC & Service Chiefs Must Do. We also received another letter from the Chief of Defense Staff of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria dated 25th February 2015 relating to the same issue. We have since replied or responded to the two referenced letters. Our response to yours was contained in our public statement dated 24th February 2015 and titled INEC Chairman’s Letter To Intersociety: Our Position. A copy of it is hereby attached for your perusal.
Our Involvement In Pre-Election Advocacy:
We have over the years frowned at the age-long attitude of the CSOs in Nigeria, which pay little or no attention to pre-poll advocacy and much attention to poll monitoring. This is fundamentally wrong and it is caused by foreign donors’ interest; which appears focused on monitoring of election and issuance of reports. Our irrevocable position remains that CSOs must proactively and actively engage electoral process at all times and electoral process includes announcement of election dates, registration and updating of voters, issuance and distribution of temporary or permanent voters’ cards, general management of the National Register of Voters by your Commission, processes and procedures for the polls, party primaries, election campaigns, pre election court processes, distribution of poll materials, pre election security, election proper, announcement of election results and declaration of winners and losers; post election security and court processes. We are resoundingly glad that our entry into pre election advocacy as per 2015 polls in Nigeria will eternally remain a reference point particularly as it concerns our exposition of PVC distribution fraud and its ongoing ethnic cleansing handling styles.
Ethnic Cleansing In The Distribution Of PVCs:
We are not in the know or aware of any pre election management in Nigeria’s history that had suffered ethnic bias like the 2015 pre-election handling particularly as it concerns the distribution and issuance of the Permanent Voters’ Cards. For the first time in Nigeria, ethnic cleansing has been so introduced and maintained as a major informal policy of INEC under your professorial midwifery. But for our courageous exposition of the referenced grave anomalies, the 2015 polls would have been conducted under clean up the slaves and enthrone the slave masters circumstances. Fears of the foregoing are still expected in the rescheduled polls.
Till date, complaints of ethnic exclusion and ostracism in the ongoing distribution and issuance of PVCs have remained torrential. In Lagos State, with 40% non indigenous registered voting population, several complaints have been made by non indigenes saying they cannot access their PVCs because some compromised INEC staff connived with the State ruling party to deny them access to their PVCs. Their PVCs are popularly believed to have been destroyed, hidden or deliberately misplaced officially. Amuwo-Odofin, Alimosho, Yaba, Sulurere and Ojo areas or LGAs are worse hit. Protests were recently carried out in the State by the Union of Non-Indigenes in Lagos saying that 70% of them registered to vote have been denied their PVCs. The group’s Chairman, Mr. Francis Abang said they could not trace their PVCs where they registered as voters. The Lagos INEC office merely responded by relieving two staff of their duties; yet the problem remains fundamentally unaddressed (Source: Nigerian Pilot Newspaper February 23, 2015).
Further, the Plateau State branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria similarly protested to INEC on March 2nd 2015 accusing your Commission of a deliberate policy designed to deny Christians in the State of their rights to vote by misplacing or hording their PVCs. One of the Christian residents in the State recently told Intersociety how he accidentally ran into a gathering in one of the electoral quarters populated by Hausa Muslims and saw his PVC and those of his neighbors; over six kilometers away from his registration center. He said himself and his neighbors have severally gone to their registration centers in the State to pick their PVCs only to be told that theirs are not available.
He also told Intersociety that calls he made to his friends and relatives living in some northern States ended with the same complaints. In Kawo district of Kaduna State as well as in Nasarawa and Sabon Gari LGAs of Kano State, the story is not different. PVCs of non indigenes and minorities are reportedly destroyed, diverted, misplaced or hoarded for the purpose of denying them their rights to vote. This is in addition to reported proliferation of registration and voting centers in Muslim strongholds and scanty provision of same in the areas populated by non Muslims and non indigenes and minorities. In all, there appears to be deliberate disappearance, misplacement, defacing, diversion and destruction of PVCs belonging to minority populations particularly the Christians and non host residents in the North and Lagos State with your Commission doing little or nothing to stop it. Excuses offered by your Commission on this are not only infantile, but also a clear case of aiding and abetting. Instances are numerous to mention.
Possible Hijack Of PVCs:
The report of your Commission showing the number of PVCs so far distributed across the country is steadily contradicted and rubbished by independent sources. This has raised a deep suspicion of hijack of the PVCs by powers that be in connivance with some compromised senior and junior staff of your Commission. In Imo State, despite your Commission’s latest update of March 9/12, 2015 showing sudden and sharp increase in the number of PVCs distributed in the State; the registered voters of Owerri North LGA have slammed a civil rights suit against your Commission at the Owerri Federal High Court. As reported by the Vanguard Newspaper of March 10, 2015; they prayed the court to compel your Commission to revert to the use of Temporary Voters’ Cards owing to your Commission’s failure to issue them with their PVCs.  
Yet your Commission claimed in its referenced PVC distribution update of March 9/12, 2015 that a total of 1, 707, 440 PVCs out of the total registered voters of 1, 803, 030 have been distributed in the State. This simply shows that only 95, 590 registered voters have not received their PVCs in the State. Imo State has 27 LGAs. Our question is: are these PVCs said to have been distributed in Imo State, in the right or wrong hands? In Kogi State, the Channels Television reported on March 7, 2015 the alarm raised by the electorates in the State over denial of their PVCs contrary to your Commission’s claims of high PVCs distribution in the State (926, 013 PVCs out of 1, 350, 883 RVs or 68%). In all these, is it not correct to say that your Commission designed PVCs and Card Readers not to ward off poll rigging but for the purpose of ethnic cleansing in the 2015 electoral process?
Theft Of PVCs:
As reported by the Vanguard Newspaper of February 27, 2015; over one million PVCs have been stolen across the country since August 2014. Some of the States where PVCs have been stolen according to your Commission are Rivers, Edo, Ebonyi, Anambra, Delta, etc. Your Commission has failed woefully to apply the wisdom of Eze-Ulu (chief priest) and his only son Oduche in the famous Bottled Leopard (Novel) as it concerns the need to embrace the white man’s religion with caution. On the same note, your Commission ought to embrace the ICT with caution. It is like operating a computer without external hard disk. Steady stealing of PVCs clearly shows that ICT age is indeed garbage in garbage out and that in ICT world, there are two traditional owners, operators and beneficiaries: malicious entities and lawful entities. For instance, while there are steady productions of anti viruses with their advancements, there are also steady productions of viruses with their advancements. In all, there must be immediate or remote malicious intents behind proliferation of PVC thefts across the country. The same wisdom above ought to have been applied by your Commission in the foregoing as well as the Card Reader controversy.
Under-Age Voting Population:
It saddens our heart that your Commission has adamantly refused to speak publicly or frontally addressed the issue of under-age voters majorly found in the Northwest and the Northeast zones. As recently as 2014, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of under-age voters turned out with their Temporary Voters’ Cards and successfully collected their PVCs at your Commission and under its watch. Their bodily ages are between 10 and 14 years registered by your Commission as 18 years and above. It is our firm view and conviction that this dastardly act is possibly geared towards shoring up the Northern Muslim population in realization of Presidency for Northern Muslims at all costs project. Despite raising the issue in our recent letters to your Commission with accompanying demands; this barefaced infraction of the Electoral Act of 2010 and the 1999 Constitution appears to have remained condoned and abetted by your Commission. Some of the recent pictures of the referenced under-age voters are hereby attached.
Uneven Voting Accreditation Procedures:
We have not rescinded our fears over the foregoing; instead, they have deepened. Just like the gross lopsidedness inherent in the distribution and issuance of the Permanent Voters’ Cards as well as registration of voters and existing polling units in the country; the possibility of your Commission applying to the letter all the voting accreditation procedures in the South during the rescheduled polls particularly the Presidential poll and relaxing same in the North particularly in the Northwest and the Northeast is very likely.  
It has remained our irrevocable position that no matter the advancement of PVC’s anti poll rigging technology, once voting accreditation is compromised through group violence, threat of violence or official conspiracies; which appear to be the order of the day in the Northwest and the Northeast, any voting or balloting that takes place can never be detected. Because of scientific and ethnic corruption of your Commission’s 2015 polls’ midwifery, we still find it very difficult to hold that the contrary will be the case in the referenced zones of the Northern Nigeria. Your Commission’s competence, ability and willingness at ensuring strict application of, and adherence to all voting accreditation procedures including use of card reader and PVCs in all the 119, 973 polling units across the country in the referenced polls irrespective of ethnic and religious landscape or grouping; have steadily diminished in the eyes of Nigerians and international watchers.
119, 973 Polling Units Or 150,000 Polling Units In Nigeria?
We have observed consistent references of your Commission including its National Commissioners, Chairman and Public Relations Officer to “150, 000 Polling Units” as the number of polling units in Nigeria where the polls will take place on 28th March and 11th April 2015. It is a public knowledge that for the purpose of the 2015 polls, the 1996 polling units of 119, 973 polling units are to be used. This is as a result of the cancellation of your Commission’s earlier plan to lopsidedly create additional 30, 027 polling units in August 2014. We firmly demand, in line with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act of the Federation 2011 that your Commission should publicly disclose the reasons behind its consistent reference to “150, 000 Polling Units in Nigeria” since January 2015 instead of the existing and generally recognized 119, 973 polling units.
Summarized Findings:

  1. Over one million PVCs are yet to be produced, delivered and distributed barely fourteen days to the Presidential Poll.
  2. Of the over one million unproduced PVCs, the South is owed 807, 553.
  3. Total Registered Voters (RVs) for the North including the FCT=37, 377, 180
  4. Total Registered Voters (RVs) for the South=31, 456, 296
  5. Total gap between the North and the South in RVs=5, 920, 883
  6. Total PVCs distributed in the North including the FCT as at 12th March 2015=32, 041, 327
  7. Total PVCs distributed in the South as at 12th March 2015=23, 944, 845
  8. Total gap between the North and the South in the PVCs distributed as at 12th March 2015=8,096, 482
  9. Total Registered Voters in Nigeria for 2015 polls=68, 833, 476
  10. Total PVCs distributed in Nigeria according to INEC as at 12th March 2015=55,904, 272 (ours 55, 986, 172)
  11. Total Registered Voters (RVs) denied PVCs in Nigeria according to INEC) as at 12th March 2015=12, 929, 204 (ours 12, 847, 304)
  12. Total Registered Voters (RVs) likely to be disenfranchised or denied PVCs in the March 28 & April 11, 2015 Polls=11,000,000
  13. Total RVs denied PVCs in the North including the FCT=5, 335, 857
  14. Total RVs denied PVCs in the South=7, 510, 471
  15. Total RVs denied PVCs in Lagos State (most populated RVs in the South)=2, 054, 560
  16. Total RVs denied PVCs in Kano State (most populated RVs in the North)=863, 662
  17. Total RVs denied PVCs in the Southwest=4, 765, 964
  18. Total RVs denied PVCs in the North-central=2, 115, 910
  19. Total RVs denied PVCs in the South-south=1, 693, 582
  20. Total RVs denied PVCs in the Northwest=1, 522, 376
  21. Total RVs denied PVCs in the Northeast= 1, 385, 208
  22. Total RVs denied PVCs in the Southeast=1, 050, 925
  23. Total RVs denied PVCs in the FCT=312, 363
  24. Total PVCs distributed in seven States of the Northwest zone (16, 098, 060) are much higher than those of eleven States of the South-south and the Southeast zones (14, 980,699) put together
  25. 70% of RVs denied PVCs in the Northeast, the Northwest and Plateau and Niger States in the North-central as well as Lagos State in the Southwest by way of seizure, hoarding, misplacement; disappearance or destruction are non indigenes, Christians and minorities.

Consequences Of Ethnic Cleansing In The PVCs Distribution:
The worst undoing trailing the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria is the introduction of ethnicity and religion into it; from the table of your Commission as per the management of the National Register of Voters including voters’ registration and revalidation; distribution and issuance of Permanent Voters’ Cards; to the conducts and conspiracies of primordial and ethno-religious fundamentalist politicians. For the first time in Nigeria under your professorial electoral midwifery, ethnic cleansing has been introduced into the country’s electoral industry and management.
As we have severally observed, the causes of electoral violence in contemporary times around the world are no longer majorly located at the doorsteps of politicians, but at the doorsteps of electoral umpires owing to conducts such as those being complained of. This was why we held and still hold that your Commission must take full responsibility of any riotous outcome of the 2015 polls if it occurs.
Our grand purpose of writing your Commission for the last time before the referenced polls is to demystify the foregoing triggers of violence in the hope that they will be incorporated into your Commission’s final push and bottled up. This must include ensuring that the remaining 12, 847, 304 registered voters in Nigeria denied PVCs till date are provided with same inexcusably even if it means taking them to their homes. Addressing the foregoing anomalies being complained of should go beyond showcasing of professorial and political science grammars in the media and other public forums. The 2015 polls midwifery must go beyond wearing professorial agbada and university classroom tutorship. They require workshop engineering approaches; otherwise heaven will be let loose and the country will go up in unquenchable flames.
From every indication, your Commission’s informal policy for the 2015 polls appears to constitute a dangerous threat to social values and identities of Christians, Igbo nation as well as Southern and Northern minorities in Nigeria. People may let go other intruders, but certainly not intruders questioning, undermining and threatening their social values or ethnic identities.
Recent angry reactions against your Commission across the country by Nigerian mainstream ethnic nationalities such as the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) in the Southeast zone, the O’odua People’s Congress in the Southwest zone, the South-South People’s Assembly in the South-south zone and the Southern Kaduna Assembly and Christian/Minority bodies in the North clearly indicate existence and maintenance by your Commission of an informal policy questioning, threatening and undermining their ethnic and social identities. Apart from issuance of public statements including communiqués calling for the sack or resignation of the Chairman of your Commission, they have also taken to the streets to register their anger and seriousness over the referenced particularly as it concerns denial of their PVCs and voting rights. One of such street protests took place in Anambra State on March 13, 2015 at the instance of the leadership of MASSOB. These explain why we hold submissively that ethnic cleansing has officially crept into the 2015 polls under your professorial midwifery.

Yours Faithfully,
For: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law
Emeka Umeagbalasi, B.Sc. (Hons.) Criminology & Security Studies
Board Chairman
Uzochukwu Oguejiofor, Esq., (LLB, BL), Head, Campaign & Publicity Department
Chiugo Onwuatuegwu, Esq., (LLB, BL), Head, Democracy & Good Governance Program
Obianuju Igboeli, Esq., (LLB, BL), Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Program

  1. The Secretary to the Government of the Federation
  2. The Chief of Defense Staff of the Armed Forces of Nigeria
  3. The Director General, Directorate of State Security, Federal Republic of Nigeria                                                                                                  
    *Photo Caption - Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman, Intersociety


[ Masterweb Reports: Tonia Odili reports ] - According to latest survey released by New York based financial newswire service, Bloomberg, Africa’s largest economy Nigeria has been ranked among 20 fastest growing economies in the World. Leading online shopping community has attributed Nigeria’s listing to the upshot of e-commerce in the country.

In an accompanying chart by Bloomberg, Nigeria with an expected growth rate of 4.9% was ranked sixth behind China (7%), the Philippines (6.3%), Kenya (6%), India (5.5%) and Indonesia (5.4%).

Managing Director of Kaymu, Evangeline Wiles, in a statement released by the company, said, “Nigeria’s e-commerce space is the fastest growing in Africa contributing a monthly spend of 1.3bn to the Nigerian retail sector. The role the retail sector plays in driving Nigeria’s economy cannot be overemphasized as a country’s purchasing power is a major driver of the economy”.

 The explosion of the E-commerce space in the last two years has fuelled a massive consumer behavioral change. E-commerce in Nigeria records over $2m worth of transactions per week and close to 1.3bn per month from the 38% of Nigerians who prefer to buy products through the internet, according to a survey conducted by the business management and consulting firm Philip Consulting.

Nigerians have a vast spending culture both locally and internationally. Recent statistics from Heathrow Airport show that Nigerian travellers – who patronize the service – spend an average of £1,059 per visit on luxury retail.
The Minister of Communication Technology, Omobola Johnson has said that E-commerce has attracted over $200 million foreign investment till date thereby expanding infrastructure, warehousing, advertising and logistics services industry.

Explaining how e-commerce application has impacted the nation’s economy which is projected to have a market potential of over $10 billion, the Minister added that in the last two years (2012), it was worth $35 million, and now (2014) it is valued at about $550 million and has moved from 1000 daily orders to about 15, 000, adding that the sector has in the last two years created 15, 000 jobs.

If there is anything to look forward to in Nigeria this year, it is the rapid growth of the economy. CNN Money in 2014 stated that Nigeria’s economy grew by 7.1% and is expected to grow by another 7% in 2015.

Tonia Odili ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: Ihechukwu Njoku reports ] - Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a video on YouTube showcasing a side of the cleric unknown to many.

T.B. Joshua is regularly in the news for his alleged prophetic prowess, the controversial deliverance said to be occurring in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) as well as the purported miracles, signs and wonders.

However, a video released via Emmanuel TV’s official YouTube channel has shown a comic side to Africa’s most controversial pastor.

The video titled ‘T.B. Joshua – Funny Moments’ shows The SCOAN congregation in stitches due to Joshua’s comic examples and energetic dance steps.

The tagline of the video reads, “In times of tension and pressure, laughing becomes a great relief.”

The reaction from Joshua's over 150,000 YouTube subscribers has been mixed, some enjoying the unconventional comic relief with others insisting that the happenings worldwide called for prayer and not laughter.


Ihechukwu Njoku ( Email: ) reports.

*Photo Caption - T.B. Joshua