[ Masterweb Reports ] - Some critics say Prophet T. B. Joshua, leader and founder of Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is not genuine but fake. In the first video below, former devotees of SCOAN level wide range of accusations against him including deceitful healing, adultery, sexual abuse, hypocrisy and........ Click to Read More & Watch Videos. 
*Photo Caption - Prophet T. B. Joshua

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Mr. Enobong Umohette the Nigerian born Wisconsin State Heavyweight and Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) Heavyweight Boxing champion who is also the leading Promoter of professional Boxing in the State of Wisconsin has put his support behind Nigeria’s President His Excellency Dr Goodluck Jonathan endorsing him to run for a second term in office in 2015.
Speaking while being received and honored during a Courtesy Call on Friday 19th September, 2014 at the Nigerian Embassy Washington DC by The Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America, His Excellency Professor Ade Adefuye; the Nigerian born boxing champion described President Goodluck Jonathan as a leader whose passion and service to the nation has continued to remain steadfast despite facing historically unprecedented challenges.
Mr. Umohette stated that President Goodluck Jonathan has performed incredibly well despite inheriting over five decades of national decline. The boxing champion also added that President Jonathan has recorded massive and sustainable infrastructural and socio-economic development in Nigeria through prudent and effective leadership.

Umohette who briefly recounted his experience about a decade ago in Nigeria’s national service, stated that he shared a similar background with President Jonathan, whom he described as a great leader who has been persecuted by some political elites whose desperation to undermine the current administration, has fueled and given sympathy to elements of national instability.
The boxing champion who presented The UBF International Heavyweight title he won on November 2, 2013 to The Nigerian Ambassador, also added that his exile in the United States of America has not stopped him from not only contributing to the development of the local community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin but also making Nigeria proud through his boxing exploits and his activities as a promoter of professional boxing.
His Excellency Ambassador Ade Adefuye commended Umohette for being a good Ambassador of Nigeria and stated that Nigeria will always recognize and support all Her citizens at home and abroad; and particularly the ones who continue to make the nation proud in their various callings.
The high point of the courtesy call was a presentation of an official invitation to His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan and Her Excellency the Nigerian First Lady (Dr) Patience Jonathan to the upcoming triple heavyweight title fight where Mr. Umohette will defend his two current titles and will vie for the vacant UBF All- Americas heavyweight title in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday November 22nd 2014.
Receiving the invitation, The Nigerian Ambassador expressed his appreciation for Umohette’s support for His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan and promised his mission’s support for his effort and stated that the Invitation would be delivered to Mr. President.
The courtesy call ended with a photo session after the Boxing champion and promoter was introduced to members of the Nigerian Mission in Washington DC.   
*Photo Caption - Mr. Enobong Umohette (Left); Nigerian Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Professor Ade Adefuye (Right) receiving the official invitation to His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan and Her Excellency the Nigerian First Lady (Dr) Patience Jonathan to the upcoming triple heavyweight title fight where Mr. Umohette will defend his two current titles and will vie for the vacant UBF All- Americas heavyweight title.

[ Masterweb Reports: Theophilus Ilevbare reports ] - It was a tragedy of building collapse one too many on that balmy Friday, September 12, in the premises of the Synagogue Church, Ikotun, Lagos when the foundations of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Guest House could no longer hold as it came down crashing like a pack of cards. 80 people lost their lives, 131 people survived albeit with varying degree of injuries, and miraculously, a 45-year-old woman walked out of the rubble alive after 4 days of the building failure. Some persons thought to be South African nationals are still declared missing. The total number of people present at the building before the structural failure was about 200, including foreign believers, local church members and canteen workers. It is a tragedy of monumental proportion when worshippers who had come to seek the face of God end up seeing the face of death. For Founder and General Overseer, Prophet T.B Joshua and his teeming church members of SCOAN across the globe, this was one tragedy that they didn’t foresee or foretell.
The Synagogue guest house we learnt was originally designed from the foundation to hold a three storey building, but it ended up a sprawling 6 storey edifice! This is almost twice the load the foundation, steel rods and concrete structure was designed to carry. It is appalling that the Synagogue building had no approved plan in a state like Lagos. There is no evidence whatsoever that SCOAN secured regulatory approval for professional advice to increase the number of floors neither did they ask the appropriate questions, nor did the contractors adhere to strict standards, according to Lagos state Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development. Safety of the members who thronged the Synagogue for spiritual solace was relegated to the background. This failure gives an ample opportunity for government at all levels, particularly in Lagos state, to put an end to structural failures leading to collapse of buildings. The church authority must therefore be sued by the government for criminal negligence and flouting government’s building regulations to serve as deterrent to others and the contractor charged to court.
Prophet T.B Joshua, labeled the collapse as a Boko Haram attack, claiming he was the target. That’s the way to go in Nigeria after an avoidable tragedy. Cases have been recorded where Lagos state residents were forewarned by relevant authorities to evacuate buildings with tell-tale signs of structural failures and danger of imminent collapse but chose instead to cover such building with the ‘blood of Jesus.’
Lagos in particular, has recorded several building collapses more than any other city in Nigeria. In 2006 alone, up to 3 major building collapses were recorded. On March 22, the top nine stories of a 21-storey Nigerian Industrial Development Bank building collapsed. July 18, a four-storey block of apartments composed of 36 flats, collapsed. In November, an uncompleted three-storey building under construction collapsed. In these three structural failures, at least 28 persons were killed while over 86 others were pulled out of the rubble alive but sustained varying degree of injuries.
It is also on record that a four-storey residential building under construction near Ojuelegba in Lagos collapsed leading to loss of lives of construction workers and those taking shelter from the rain. Remember the collapse of a multi-million naira building in Ajah Area. The collapse of a mosque in Mushin killing some Arabic Scholars. The collapse of a storey building in Kano accommodating some Islamic students, similar in scenario to the Oworonshoki building collapse a few days after which eight people were feared dead. There was the collapse of a storey building behind Federal Capital Territory Police Command in Abuja, reportedly killing 14 people working. The collapse of a 3-storey building awaiting finishing works at Ikeja behind Juli Pharmacy, where over 40 people were trapped in the building. The Abuja building collapse killing over 40 people. There was also the collapse of a Hotel in Akure, Ondo state. All these collapses happened in the last decade.
The Synagogue building collapse has underscored the failure of relevant government agencies on one hand and greed on the part of contractors and building owners who use substandard materials for building or change building plans midway through construction - design for a residential(family) building can turn to a church overnight or the likelihood that bungalow, midway into construction, will turn to a storey building which often lead to structural deficiency like the case of Synagogue guest house. Unfortunately, there are still a number of buildings of similar circumstances dotting the skyline of many Nigerian cities.
The time has come for us to desist from passing the buck or putting the blame squarely on poor-quality cement, fake iron rods, greed of foremen to maximize profit and utter disregard for building and construction laws with intentional neglect for the safety of the occupants of such building to putting in place punitive measures to ensure engineers or architects who supervise the erection of such substandard buildings are made to face the full wrath of the law. It is time government does more than revocation of Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) of the land – which is a rarity nowadays – where such substandard buildings are erected.
Some remote factors of building collapse include; absence of soil test report, inability to carry out proper land survey, failure by foremen to understand and interpret building codes, lack of coordination between professional bodies like SON, COREN, CORBON, NIA, NSE etc and government and local town planning authority. Miserliness on the part of the owners (they shun professionals and use substandard materials to cut building costs), poor structural design, non-compliance with approved building design are some of the major reasons for building collapse in Nigeria. We can stop looking for supernatural causes of structural failures and look within. They are human factors. If not for the lack of will to enforce the appropriate building regulations and the need to unnecessarily "manage" building cost, the probability of sudden collapse of building is relatively low even in the event of an earthquake or hurricane, according to geographers.
Every building contractor should be duly registered for easy tracking and punishment should there be a reoccurrence. It is as tragic as the structural failure in itself that the issues of building collapses in Nigeria are hardly ever taken seriously by the government or the relevant law enforcement agents.
Contrary to what many think, building collapses are not natural disasters except in cases of earthquake, hurricane or tornadoes. The incidents in Nigeria are manmade and therefore avoidable.
Theophilus Ilevbare ( Email: tilevbare@hotmail.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Rescue workers Tuesday September 16, 2014 search for survivors in the rubble of Synagogue Church of All Nations  (SCOAN), Lagos- Nigeria collapsed building.  The building collapsed September 12, 2014.

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Security, International Justice & Human Rights, Onitsha Nigeria, September 21, 2014)-On Thursday, 18th of September, 2014, the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) wrote us. The reply letter under reference was sequel to our earlier letter to it dated Sunday 14th of September, 2014 over the sponsorship of the Nigerian Insurgency Violence orchestrated majorly by the duo of Boko Haram and Fulani Islamist terror groups. The ICC’s letter to the Intersociety is second in three months. Its first letter bordering on the same ethno-religious atrocity criminality in Nigeria was dated 2nd June, 2014 in response to our forwarding letter to it dated 30th of May 2014. The forwarding letter was in reference to our (now) four-part letter to Mr. President of Nigeria, dated 29th and 31st May, 2014(Boko Haram Terror & Other Unlawful Killings In Nigeria).

 In its September 18, 2014 letter to us, the ICC Prosecutor states as follows: “on behalf of the Prosecutor, I thank you for your communication received on 30/5/2014, as well as any subsequent related information. The office is analyzing the situation identified in your communication, with the assistance of other related communications and other available information. Under Article 53 of the Rome Statute, the Prosecutor must consider whether there is a reasonable basis to believe that crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court have been committed, the gravity of the crimes, whether the national systems are investigating and prosecuting the relevant crimes, and the interest of justice. Analysis will be carried out as expeditiously as possible, but please be aware that meaningful analysis of this can take time. As soon as a decision is taken on whether there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation, we will advise you promptly and we will
 provide reasons for the decision.” The ICC letter was signed by Mr. M.P. Dillion, Head of the Information & Evidence Desk of the Office of the Prosecutor.

In our recent letters to the Pope and the Nigerian Christian leaders including the Catholic Church its Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), dated 17th and 18th July 2014, we had, among other demands, called upon them to continuously break their silence and take detailed stock of the ceaseless killing of Christians and burning of churches in the northern part of the country by the two murderous groups above mentioned. On Monday, 15th of September 2014, the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri, spoke publicly through its Director of Social Communications, Rev. Father Gideon Obasogie. The Church shockingly and chillingly revealed that its diocese of Maiduguri covering Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States has documentarily lost over 500 members including over 170 children in the insurgency violence waged by the Boko Haram terror group since the beginning of 2009. It also revealed that over 50 of its parishes and rectories have been destroyed or burnt down; that over 500 women and 1,500 child members of the Diocese have been made widows and orphans respectively; and that over 90,000 parishioners are displaced.

The Church further revealed that its parishes and outstations in Pulka, Barma, Gamboru Ngala, Maffa, Gubio, Darnasak, Madayi, Baga, Gwoza, Madagali, Gulak and Shuwa all in Borno State as well as Michika, Bazza, Mishara and Mubi in Adamawa State have been under siege. These, according to the Church, amounted to over 100 parishes, outstations, local churches and other small Christian communities. Also adversely affected by the Boko Haram anti-Christian terror attacks are some churches within Potiskum and Damaturu in Yobe State. The Church cited the example of such calculated and well coordinated bloody and destructive attacks to include the January 25, 2014 attack at an outstation attached to the St. Denis Parish in Chakawa community in which the outstation was completely burnt down and 60 worshippers slaughtered. The 23 nursery and primary schools and 10 secondary schools belonging to the Church in Maiduguri Diocese have also come under heavy Boko Haram terror attacks leading to desertion of the schools by pupils, students and teachers and present takeover and militant occupation of St. Joseph Minor Seminary, Shuwa, St. Joseph Nursery & Primary School, Gamboru Ngala and St. Michael Nursery & Primary School, Maiduguri by the murderous terror group.

The Church lamented that the Catholic faithful in the area are leaving in enmasse for safety as the Diocese is facing a moment of fierce persecution. This has also led to the closure of 15 adversely affected Catholic missionary schools in the area. The Church concluded thus “the adverse effects of these incessant attacks can be seen clearly in the dwindling number and mass exodus of people from the area. Every aspect of the diocese is shrinking by the day and the number of masses celebrated in large parishes has drastically been reduced. Our St. Denis Parish in Madagali is presently occupied by the Boko Haram”.

The Archbishop of the Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Oliver Dashe Doeme gave further insight into difficulties afflicting the Diocese of Maiduguri. In a press engagement on Friday, September 19, 2014, the Archbishop cried thus “our people are dying every day and in most cases with no one to bury them decently, they are left to rot; their homes and properties looted; they have become slaves and prisoners in their fatherland, here is a government that cannot safe guard the lives of its citizens and indeed life has become so cheap that it can be wasted any moment. We used to think that salt is the cheapest commodity in the market, well, life is cheaper now especially in the North-eastern part of Nigeria. We are faced with a huge humanitarian crisis; people are sleeping on the streets in Maiduguri, despite the seven or more camps within the city for the IDPs. We are again witnessing a mass exodus of our brothers and sisters from the East, South and West. Many people are relocating to other parts of Nigeria; even the soldiers are moving their families out of the barracks to safer towns and cities in Nigeria. This is our current situation in the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri”.

The Archbishop revealed that 25 towns in Borno State have fallen to the Boko Haram terror group including his Diocese’s parishes, outstations and rectories. The towns are Damboa, Buni Yadi, Madagali, Gwoza, Gujba, Gulak, Bama, Gulani, Shuwa, Marte, Kukawa, Michika, Dikwa, Bularafa, Bazza, Gamboru Ngalla and Buni Gari, Banki, Bara, Pulka, Bumsa, Ashgashiya, Taltaba, Limankara and Njibulwa. He further revealed that close to 20 priests have been taken refuge by Boko Haram terror group in Yola, Adamawa State. The church cried out saying that Maiduguri,  the Borno State capital “is sitting on a keg of gun powder, with the fall of Bama which is about 71 kilometres away and Konduga, the next major target is Maiduguri”.

According to the Archbishop, “there are conflicting reports about Bama as to whether it is in the hands of the terrorists. But the number of civilians that have migrated into Maiduguri on foot from Bama, Kawuri and Konduga is suggestive that the terrorists have an upper hand in the fight. The last one month has seen the intensification and aggressive devastation of the Boko Haram activities in northern, central and southern parts of the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri. The brutality and callousness with which people are killed can only be compared to that of the ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Many of our people are being forced out of their ancestral homes, villages and towns”.

“Right now, thousands are living in caves on the mountains, some in the forest; the few who were able to escape are being absorbed by friends and relatives in Maiduguri and Yola. Thousands have managed to escape into Cameroun and are living under very difficult conditions of lack of food, shelter and medication. What is very worrying and discouraging in the whole scenario, is the attitude of the military that we mortgage and depend on for security. In the face of these attacks, they flee and ask civilians to do the same. The level of sophistication and capabilities that these terrorists have attained within five years is very revealing and scary. The mastery and tact with which they fight is unequalled by our military. Their resilience can be compared to that of trained Marines. That is why they are able to over-run towns and villages almost unchallenged. They can boast of armoured tanks and armoured personnel carrier (APC), rocket launchers, anti aircraft and anti tank destroyers, sub-machine guns, new and latest guns AK 47 and an inexhaustible boxes of ammunitions and bullets”.

“We are sinking fast in the quick sand, let us swallow our empty pride as Nigerians and ask for international assistance in tackling this problem. After all, if we have been assisting other countries and nations restore peace and order, why do we feel that it is humiliating to ask for help now that our house is on fire? The near inaction of the government, the lukewarm attitude and the silence of the government is very disturbing. There is a total disconnection between what our so called leaders in Abuja report in the media and the reality on ground. We wish they have the courage to fly into these areas and see things for themselves. We might shy away from it, we may be silent and unable to speak up or speak out now against the plan to Islamize the North-east and eventually Nigeria. But what we are witnessing in Northern Adamawa is a clear confirmation and the unfolding of this agenda”.

Collectively, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) also spoke strongly against the ongoing ethno-religious butchery in the country and ceaseless attacks on Christians and churches in northern Nigeria in particular. Rising from its Second Plenary Conference in Warri in Delta State on Friday, September 19, 2014, the CBCN observed sadly “first –hand and horrifying reports reaching us from Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Taraba, Kano and Kaduna States about the mass slaughter of fellow Nigerians; the burning and sacking of whole villages, churches and rectories”. It lamented precarious situation in the North-eastern Nigeria, where killings, burnings and fleeing of defenseless Nigerians have created heightened sense of unrest and siege to the whole nation”. It asked the Federal Government of Nigeria to “do more than it is currently doing to fight off and disarm these destroyers of Nigerians and Nigeria”. It said that the Federal Government “must do more than it is currently doing to prevent segments of our nation from drifting, anarchy and mutual self-destruction and bring the criminals to justice”. The CBCN’s statement was signed by its President, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama and its Secretary, Archbishop William Avenya.

The Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC and the body of the Catholic Church in Nigeria through its Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) are commended for these commendable bold steps under reference. The recent public accounts given by the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri through its Archbishop and Director of    Social Communications as referenced above, particularly gladdened our heart and are absolutely in line with our earlier call in July 2014 through our letters addressed to them in which we called for an end to “silence of the graveyard” condemnably maintained by Nigerian Christian bodies in the midst of the ongoing Islamist groups’ butcheries and property violence. The leadership of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), which earlier revealed that “over 750 of its churches have been destroyed or burnt down in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram terror group since 2009” is still being commended. We still call on other Christian bodies and leaderships in the country including the Anglican Communion in Nigeria to open up and speak out in the same or similar directions.

While the steps taken or roles played so far by the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC and the Nigerian Christian bodies and leaderships in respect of exposing the atrocities associated with ongoing ethno-religious violence in Nigeria and atrocity criminals behind them, are worthy noting and commendation, they are not good enough. More actions are steadily expected of them.


For: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman
+2348100755939+2348100755939(office only)
info@intersociety-ng.org, emekaumeagbalasi@yahoo.co.uk

Uzochukwu Oguejiofor, Esq., Head, Campaign & Publicity Department

Onyinyechi Angela Nwankwere, Esq., Deputy Head, International Justice & Human Rights Program
*Photo Caption - Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Anita Oyakhilome, the frustrted wife of Nigeria’s most flamboyant preacher, Chris Oyakhilome has obviously passed through 15 years of adulterous endurance and what she needs is our prayers and protective respect and defense of her choices to forget all the anti-rhapsody of heartbreak she endured all these years.


Fifteen (15) years of being abandoned by a preacher husband is not an easy way of life for a preacher’s wife. Fifteen (15) years of hearing that some mini skirted daughters of Jezebel have taken over your possession is not a joke. Fifteen years of a husband not staying with the wife for up to a week on a stretch, while spending time with some double breasted figure eight(ed) daughters of eve is not an easy thing to swallow. 15 years of being used as a showcase to make church members believe in Rhapsodies of Blissful Union, while dying in silence, is not a palatable experience for any woman.

Fifteen years of being called Mama, Mummy, and other glorified names of Senior Pastor’s wife while some domestic harems sneer at the same Mummy behind is not a sweet experience. For goodness sake, this woman never probably had a good kiss in fifteen years and yet she is being accused of carnality for crying out loud. She was continually being led into temptation of seeking for sexual satisfaction from outside for fifteen years and she managed to escape the traps of sin.
Fifteen years when their two lovely daughters would wake up and ask their mother why Dad had not cared to visit, and she would have to release a lie to stave off the frequent probing questions. Above all, fifteen years when Anita had to fake that all is well with their marriage, while she is actually dying emotionally. Every person she complained to among the pastoral cadre sided with the man, and she was left alone to bear her cross.

I warned some pastor friends with Christ Embassy early 2013 that they had better settle this marriage rift between Oga and his wife before it destroys the church. The same pastors have called me to express regret that a national embarrassment has ensued.

This woman has been called Jezebel by some pastors and members of the church. Some claimed she was disrespectful while others claimed she was always bitter of recent. They have tried to castigate her before members of the church who came in private to ask for the way out. She was described as unreasonable and insubordinate.

Her husband, according to news reports has even followed to cast her in bad light. According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, “Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is always angry and bitter,” Going further he told his members to “Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in people, instead of keeping friends that will help her vision, especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.”

Please, which preacher woman who has been abandoned for fifteen years will not be bitter and angry? Was Anita expected to clap and dance while some hot legs are parading around the White House?

 This pastor’s wife was also disclaimed by her husband who told his congregants in reaction to the divorce saga that Anita is not necessarily a Woman of God. According to Pastor Oyakhilome “Don’t act like those people. If you are married to a man of God, it doesn’t make you automatically mature. You can make mistakes; you can do something that is wrong. But some people expect the wife of a minister to definitely be at the level of that minister and so they may be looked upon and the expectation may be like that, but it’s a positional thing”. He clarified his theory by saying that “If a man of God is married, it doesn’t automatically mean that the wife of a man of God is therefore a woman of God. That’s not the way it is in the Bible.” Pastor Chris also added that “That’s why you don’t really find the wives of men of God mentioned in the Bible. How many of them? Who was Peter’s wife, did you ever know her name? You never find that out. Who was John’s wife? Did you ever read the name? What about all the other Apostles? How many of their names are written in the Bible. You never find their names.”

Anita Oyakhilome actually proved that she has fear of God in the manner she worded her divorce plea. She opted to use the word “inappropriate relationship with female staff members” instead of out rightly accusing her husband of adultery. According to the statement, “the wife has discussed with the husband his appropriate relationship with some of his female staff members. She has explained that this has given her cause for concern. The husband has minimised her worries and taken no step to alleviate her grievances.”

Anita Oyakhilome could have said that her husband abandoned her and ran into the arms of sister A or B, or gospel singer C or D and left her roasting and murmuring in the house. Anita could have said that her husband is a hypocrite who says a thing and means another, but she veiled her grievances of years of abandonment by saying in the divorce file that “The wife feels that she has been used to portray and enhance the husband’s image as a family man when the reality is that there is no existing relationship between them. She feels that she has been present for official functions simply for his convenience. On occasions she has been copied into his travel itinerary which has been given to him by his staff on a need to know basis”. “The wife has tried to discuss her concerns with the husband. He claims that she is carnal and he is insensitive to her feelings and her needs.”

Thus Anita had acted with much restraint in order to preserve the integrity of Christ Embassy and the work of evangelism, and all she got for her discretion was hate messages all many sections of church members who wanted her to sacrifice her marriage to keep them in a rhapsody of deceit.
This woman, according to the testimony of many British residents who attend their church, is one person who is always willing to give gifts to the needy. She is ever ready to counsel people and does not breed class. She is a patient listener who laboriously introduced many things in the church for which the glory goes to her husband. Londoners believe that she is not that demon they want to portray her as. Those who know her closely have attested to an affectionate good naturedness and stickler for details.

Whatsoever thing some misguided church members want to think, Anita had lived a lie for many years. Anita was said to have became born again at believers Loveworld campus fellowship at Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, while Chris was the pastor. She had probably paid her dues as a Christian and knows what it is to deceive the congregation. She cannot deceive herself and the church anymore thus she opted for divorce. Divorce, according to scripture is unbiblical, but between deceiving a congregation that already knows the truth but pretends otherwise and staying in unfulfilled marriage, which is better. It is a matter between her and her conscience.

Last year, a Nigerian personality blogger by name Ese Walter was lured by her Senior Pastor in Abuja into a cozy hotel bed space in London and after two weeks of adultery, the man cleaned up, returned to Nigeria and told his congregation to shout some Hallelujah. The sin partner was arrested by the Holy Spirit and she sought a meeting with the COZA Chief to resolve the burden of guilt. She was continually shunned and described as agent of satan even by other senior pastors in the church until she turned the internet into the confessional. Ese Walter freed her conscience and probably escaped eternal damnation but the entire Christendom took the brunt of the exposure.

Pope Benedict made several attempts to stop the incidences of homosexual pedophiles among priest and leaders in the Vatican. His attempts were rebuffed by a cabal of officials who resisted probe and pious change. In exasperation, the Pontiff abandoned the Papacy and triggered the change that is being forced down on the resisting cabal. Pope Benedict freed his conscience and left with clean records before his God.

Anita has chosen to free herself from a life of deceit and lies. The truth had set her free. However, I still counsel her that if the misbehaving preacher husband demonstrates a verifiable change of heart, she should consider him back and so that somebody can shout some more Hallelujah. Fifteen years of adulterous endurance in the midst of charismatic rhapsody is not easy and Anita Oyakhilome sure needs all the defense and understanding she can get.

Obinna Akukwe ( Email: profetobinna2@yahoo.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and estranged wife Anita

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - I thought we were safe and that Ebola is becoming a thing of the past. Citing Ebola as a disease spiraling out of control, U S President Obama pledges 3,000 U S soldiers to help fight the scourge in West Africa. This is becoming scary, bloodcurdling, or intimidating. Could Ebola be a real disease after all like  trypanosomiasis aka sleeping sickness?  At exactly 7:12 am this morning, September 19, 2014, the following text message believed to be from a Nigerian woman residing outside Lagos, came to my cell phone: “PLEASE I NEED D MACHINE 4 CHECKING EBOLA, GLOVES, AND HAND SANITIZER.  PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. GOD BLESS U”
Not knowing what to make out of this SOS (Save Our Souls) and being frightened myself, the only thing I could think of was the response: “Am not aware of machine 4 checking Ebola. We don’t suffer Ebola in America as people do in West Africa. Prevention for Ebola includes (1) frequent hand washing; (2) avoidance of infected person’s body fluids-blood, saliva, urine, excreta, sex semen; (3) don’t handle dead bodies. Good luck”
The person sending the Ebola text message was eerie, like one coming from the dead.  Then, a single word packed with the most powerful force in the world popped out on my cell phone’s blue screen: “BIKO”
Biko is a word my people use when they are desperate, browbeaten, and at the point of capitulation. This thing is very serious. What on earth would make us cower in total submission? Ebola is synonymous with boko haram in that both are manufactured crises.  Boko haram (Western Education is a sin) is manufactured by suicide-loving Muslims to steal the upcoming Nigerian presidential election from Jonathan and revert my country’s civilization to how things were in Saudi Arabia centuries ago. Ebola is a trick to steal Africa’s resources.
 I do not believe the lies spread around about Ebola. They are sinister rumors. First, they said Africans  caught Ebola from being bitten by bats, from eating monkeys and other bush meats, or from sexual contacts with wild animals. Without elaborating on etiology, causation or origination, the American media delved into frightening sensationalism of Ebola and associated it with vomiting, fever,  sore throat, muscle pain, headaches, diarrhea and rash followed by decreased functioning of the liver and kidneys, and internal and external bleeding and finally death. This is the most excruciating death. What disease would have all these dreadful symptoms? The world has not discovered the cure for common malarial fever that is killing my people. Now, the rumor mongers cannot wait to dump more unnamed-able diseases on us. Poor Africans!  It is unfair.
1.      Angry crowds in Africa are rioting and pointing accusing fingers at foreigners for bringing Ebola to Guinea, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria , Congo, and other African countries
2.      Africans have the right to question foreign claims that new emerging diseases, such as AIDS, Ebola, jumped from apes to Africans when in reality the germs could be deliberately released on unsuspecting African populations.
3.      There is the possibility these germs are created in labs and accidentally or intentionally introduced into African via vaccines in order to generate demands for cures.
4.      Ebola may be the CIA or other clandestine group’s covert activities aimed at thwarting communism, stifling nationalism, or extinguishing economic expansion in Third World populations.
I am convinced Ebola is a virus that escaped from a lab. Perhaps, it is manufactured in the university lab at Harvard, or Yale manned by some crazy scientist intent on winning the Nobel Prize. The virus mutated, metamorphosed, and finally was intentionally introduced in the body of an innocent, trusting, and defenseless man or woman in Africa. The crazy scientist had enough funding from the National Institute of Health, the CDC, and WHO to infect the largest segment of Liberia. But why Liberia? Liberia was a colony for returned ex-slaves from American plantations.
The crazy scientist completed his/her “experiment” in West Africa by publishing a speculative research  on a billion dollar cure for Ebola called “Sirleafamycin” (aptly named after woman President of Liberia),  and Africans are the intended beneficiaries/purchasers.
Dr. James C. Agazie ( Email: jamesagazie@gmail.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - An Ebola Advisory Signboard in an West African street.

[ Masterweb Reports ] - There are critics that say Prophet T. B. Joshua, leader and founder of Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is not genuine but fake. In the first video below, former devotees of SCOAN level wide range of accusations against him including deceitful healing, adultery, sexual abuse, hypocrisy and........ Click to Read More & Watch Videos.
*Photo Caption - Prophet T. B. Joshua

[ Masterweb Reports ] -Gov Orji to be Conferred National Honours Award as Commander Order of the Niger (CON) by President Goodluck Jonathan

The Executive Governor of Abia State, His Excellency, Chief Theodore Orji, has been pencilled down for the prestigious National Honours Award as Commander Order of the Niger (CON).

This award of excellence for distinguishing himself in the service of his fatherland will be conferred on him along with other distinguished Nigerians by President  Goodluck Jonathan on September 29,2014 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

A release issued in Umuahia by his Chief Press Secretary, Charles Ajunwa, said that the award was a testimonial of the Governor's proficient and visionary leadership which has since restored Abia on the path of greatness.

According to the release, this award coupled with numerous others already conferred on the Governor by various communities, associations and institutions  both local and international speak volume of his administrative acumen and giant strides which have placed the state on an enviable height.

The statement reads in part: "There is no gain saying the fact that His Excellency Chief T. A Orji has laid a solid foundation for the economic and socio-political growth of Abia. Ever since he courageously liberated the state from political bondage and economic stagnation, Abia has witnessed rapid infrastructural transformation.

"He has also democratised Abia's political space such that even the opposition today criticise government without fear of intimidation or molestation unlike what previously obtained when the opposition went on self exile during the years of ruin and locust by his predecessor.

"It is evident that the array of legacy projects dotting the Abia landscape today is as a result of his prudence in managing scare resources as he has not mortgaged the future of Abia by accessing funds in the bond market as some of his counterparts who make the most of noise have done. Orji has judiciously managed the resources of the state to work for the state without incurring any debt.

"Apart from legacy projects, Governor Orji has also excelled in human capital development and youth empowerment thereby giving hope and future to thousands of Abia youths who were before he came on board willing tools in the crime industry."

The statement further noted that Orji unlike the previous administrations in the state had also carried Abia elders and founding fathers along in the governance of the state, a development that has resulted to the prevailing peace in the polity.

According to the statement, the award is also in recognition of the Governor's   commendable efforts in the restoration and sustenance of security in the state    which have made Abia rank among the three most peaceful states in Nigeria today.

The award, the statement further noted called for celebration by all well-meaning Abians as the Governor has dedicated it to their massive support and loyalty to his administration, while promising to consolidate on the successes so far recorded for the good of all Abians.
*Photo Caption - Governor T. A. Orji

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The Publicity Secretary of Abia State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Uchechi Ogbuka, has asked Governor Rabi’u Kwankwaso of Kano State, and a chieftain of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), to perish his presidential ambition, saying "he (Kwankwaso) is unfit to rule Nigeria."

Ogbuka who described Kwankwaso as "an ethnic and religious bigot" said Nigeria as a heterogenous  society do not need "a tribalist like Kwankwaso whose only agenda is to return power to the North in pursuit of parochial and ethnic interest to the detriment of other tribes."

He was reacting to a recent media comment credited to Kwankwaso where he allegedly said no meaningful development had taken place in Abia under Governor Theodore Orji, boasting that APC if voted into power in 2015 would transform the state.

Kwankwaso spoke through a representative, Vice Chairman of Madobi Local Government Area, Kano State, Muktar Gora, when his campaign team visited Abia APC for consultations.

According to Ogbuka,"Kwankwaso is a confused man, his election as Governor is a total disappointment as he has nothing on ground to justify the huge federal allocation accruing to Kano State with inflated population.

He said the only legacies Kwankwaso would ever be remembered for "are maladministration and hatred for Igbos."

Ogbuka challenged Kwankwaso to first fix the security threat, mass illiteracy, youth unemployment  and other problems gulping his state and geopolitical zone first before thinking of how to help Abia State.

His words:" Kwankwaso should first start with Kano State before thinking of another state to help with his imaginary solution. A man who openly celebrates his religious and ethnic bigotry has no business with the Presidency. Nigeria has seen the likes of Kwankwaso and what they are up to.

"With the amount of money Kwankwaso gets from the federal government as allocation for Kano State, he should apologise  to the people of Kano for there is nothing on ground to justify such huge allocation. Or is his wishful presidential ambition part of his self-acclaimed achievement?"

According to Ogbuka, "it is only the likes of Kwankwaso who only see with the aid of lens that cannot see the infrastructural transformation going on in Abia. Maybe his lens have dimmed that he did not see the new government house we are building, the international conference centre waiting for commissioning, the new workers secretariat, the diagnostic hospital, the new Ubani market and a host of other legacy projects adorning the Abia landscape courtesy of Governor T.A. Orji."

He therefore, cautioned politicians to desist from making derogatory remarks of their opponents to score cheap political goals.
*Photo Caption - Seal of The President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the official symbol of the Nigerian President, first used in 1979 by President Shehu Shagari.

[ Masterweb Reports: Ihechukwu Njoku reports ] - On Sunday 14th April 2014, Prophet T.B. Joshua played to his congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide shocking footage captured by security cameras of the horrific moment a guest-house collapsed within the church premises.
Joshua, speaking to a packed auditorium of worshippers seemingly undeterred by the tragic incident that transpired days earlier, began by thanking officials involved in the extensive rescue operation, as well as supporters worldwide for their prayers.
He then recounted the events that preceded the building collapse at exactly 12:44pm on Friday afternoon. “I know this is not the right time to talk,” the cleric started. “I will just say a little because I don’t want to interfere with the job of security personnel.”
Joshua narrated how on Friday morning at approximately 8am, he left the ‘prayer mountain’  where he ‘lives’ to return to the church, only to be alerted by phone that “there was a jet hovering, moving around at very close range at the mountain which I had just left.”
Shortly afterwards, he was informed the plane in question was flying dangerously low over a particular building within the church premises. “We are going to show you the video,” he then announced.
Church members reacted with gasps of shock and disbelief as a video containing security footage of the ‘strange airplane’ and its multiple flights was shown, followed by the building collapse in less than three seconds of horror.
Joshua went on to state that after thirty years residing in Ikotun, Lagos, he had never witnessed an incident of this nature. “This is to tell you we have a stable terrain in this area. I have been in this community for the past 30 years and no building has collapsed,” he insisted.  
He went on to assure congregants that no effort was being spared in rescuing the victims of the tragedy. “As a minister of the Gospel, our first priority is life – life saving,” he stated. “There is no compromise in what we do at all. I am going to leave this for you to judge.”
He then released a warning that another similar incident would occur within the country if proper precautions were not observed. “Let us believe, educate our people and be alert. Why? So that our country will not witness a similar incident in another place.”
Seeming to speak the minds of congregants, Joshua went on, “I know you will ask me – why Synagogue? Don’t forget the spiritual blessing that God has bestowed on us? A big head wears a large hat.”
He proceeded to decry the attitude people had exhibited towards a much-publicised confession of an alleged Boko Haram member in The SCOAN in March 2014. “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail,” the cleric admonished. “We should remember the militant that came with his group to this church with a bomb. Upon televising it, they said it was a lie – but later discovered it to be true. The case is still with the security.”
He added that the multiple rumours peddled about Ebola victims dying at The SCOAN and the alleged ‘salt-water’ cure ascribed to him that went viral were all attacks against the church. “They were trying to scare you from coming to this church. Don’t be scared – you are not the target, I am the target.”
Joshua stated however that his ‘job’ on earth was still unfinished. “I knew my hour had not yet come. I have not yet finished my job.”
He reminded congregants of a message he had given several weeks earlier that the last few months of 2014, which he had already termed ‘The Year Of Crossing The Bridge’, would contain tragic and calamitous events as if ‘it were 10 years’. He declared that in the midst of the unfortunate incident, “God is on top of the matter”.
Joshua then stated that Divine judgement would befall the perpetrators of the attack. “I want to assure you that our God will get back to them – the agents of satan,” he authoritatively declared.
Joshua went on to shock congregants the more by reading out a message he had received concerning another foiled Boko Haram plot against The SCOAN. “Man of God, my name is Emmanuel,” the message stated. “I have a confession to make. I want to give my life to Jesus Christ. I am a Boko Haram member. I came to SCOAN to plant a bomb but could not do it because of the God who called you. I went back to Jos with the bomb which I still have with me now.”
“The reason I am showing you this is for you to know the God you are serving,” Joshua explained. “God wants to reveal to you what He has been doing that you don’t know about,” he continued, adding that he knows ‘faithless’ attendees may likely stop visiting his church.
Joshua concluded by saluting the ‘martyrs’ who lost their lives in the tragic incident, describing them as people of faith who ‘knew the God they are serving’.
He insisted that truth would prevail amidst the conflicting reports arising concerning the cause of the building’s collapse. “Right from the beginning of my life, people have been lying but they still come back to the truth. That is a good life – for people to lie against you first before they realise the truth. Here I am – I leave it for you to judge. I am a prophet. The security have a job to do.”

Ihechukwu Njoku, a freelance Nigerian journalist reports.

*Photo Caption - Prophet T. B. Joshua