[ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen; I am very pleased to be here today amongst my friends and the good people of Bende Local Government Area. Your LGA and your people continue to play very prominent roles in the politics and economy of our State, our Government and the Nation, - and that is why I am very excited that you have chosen this day and this occasion to accord me a civic honour and reception. I thank you immensely!
When we started this journey to wrestle the governance of our State from oppressive and despotic leadership, Bende LGA and its good people were solidly with me, all the way. And through thick and thin and the rough and tumbles of the politics of our State, you have remained solidly behind and with me. 
You deserve my appreciation and honor, but instead you are today raising your support and loyalty by organizing this civic reception for me. I think you deserve my immense appreciation and I thank the entire people of Bende LGA for this singular gesture.
I want to remind you that with the solid support of Bende LGA and its people over the years, we have been able to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable political and economic wellbeing of our State, where Bende LGA and its people are active participants and beneficiaries. You still deserve more and you will get more!
With your support, we have leveled the political playing field and opened-up our political space to the greater participation of our citizens, without the over-abrasive control of godfathers and godmothers. We have given back to all of you your dignities to aspire and to win political offices without administering vile idolatry oaths.    
                                                                                                                               And we have stabilized and secured our environment to protect your lives and property from violent criminals and kidnappers, and you can now dream great dreams and pursue them in peace.    
These are intangible values that should make living worthwhile for any man or woman. And I am sure that none of you is ready to go back to Egypt? No, forward ever, backward never!
As we prepare for the way forward come 2015, I know some of you may be pressured to try new games with promises of a new garden of Eden in Abia State. But you should never be deceived again by those whose stock in trade is to weave a veil across your eyes and lead you to Amargedon.       
I urge you to stick to our winning team, stick with our great Party the PDP, and together we will do it again. I have been assured by many of you that there is no shaking in Bende LGA, and with the crowd I see today in this civic reception, I believe you, just as I have always done before!
Our Party PDP will continue to pursue the path of equity, fairness and justice, and the playing field will remain free of manipulation at all levels, without the imposition of candidates from the ward levels to the highest level. 
But we will not allow our active and functioning system to be inflicted by a dangerous virus that has no political value. I urge you to be vigilant and resist such intrusions!
Once more I must thank the good people of Bende LGA for the elaborate ceremonies of this civic reception, especially the efforts you have put into driving it through. I really appreciate you, the organizers and the entire people of Bende LGA who are here. May the Almighty God continue to bless and replenish you!
One last word, our collective and individual loyalty to our great Party PDP must remain unshakeable and we will fight to maintain Abia State as a foremost PDP State in the Nation. The rewards are evident in the winds!
Thank you and God bless you.
*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji

[ Masterweb Reports ] - As this month (April 2014) marks the 20th tragic anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide of April 1994, the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-Intersociety resolves to revisit what has become known globally as “one of the darkest events in recent world”. This international public statement is also in honour of late Madam Agathe Uwilingiyimana; the late courageous prime minister of the then Rwandan transitional government. The following account by Amnesty International summarizes the modern age butchery in Rwanda under reference: “Hundreds of thousands of women were slaughtered in a genocidal onslaught against the Tutsi ethnic group by soldiers and allied Hutu militia between April and July 1994. The victims included pregnant women, nuns, young girls and old women (vulnerable class). For nearly 12 weeks, women, men and children were murdered without mercy: most because they were Tutsi, but many others because they supported human rights or opposition political parties. The majority of those who escaped to neighbouring countries were women and their children. More than 300,000 Tutsis fled to save........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Map of Rwanda

[ Masterweb Reports ] – Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji, has lauded the state’s performance in the 2013 West African Senior School Certificate Examination, where the State emerged as the overall second best in the official result released by WASSCE.
The results released by WASSCE showed that 12 states in Nigeria recorded percentage that were above national average in the following order: Anambra State (67.85 per cent), Abia State (65.17 per cent), Rivers State (58.56 per cent), Lagos State (56.03), Cross River State (53.34 per cent), Bayelsa State (51.66 per cent), Enugu State (50.22 per cent), Delta State (46.49 per cent), Imo State (46.03per cent), Abuja (43.9 per cent), Ogun (39.92 per cent), and Kaduna (39.47 per cent).
In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, Governor Orji who expressed happiness over this development, attributed the feat recorded in the 2013 WASSCE by Abia State to the new reforms introduced by government in the educational sector.
Apart from assuring on his government’s continued support to the educational sector, Governor Orji said he would ensure that all Abians have access to qualitative and affordable education under a conducive learning environment.
The governor who declared that education remained the only key that would unleash development in all parts of the state, called on parents to enroll their children into primary and secondary schools as doing so according to him, will help to make them become useful to themselves having acquired knowledge.
“I am elated by the performance of Abia State in the official WASSCE results made available to the public recently. That we came overall second position after Anambra State, only goes to show that our decision to invest in the educational sector, was a step in a right direction. And I believe that we can do better than this. Since Abia State is number one in the country alphabetically, we must strive to maintain the first position in all endeavours.
“If you recall, during the presentation of the 2014 Appropriation Bill to the State House of Assembly titled, ‘Budget of Legacy Consolidation’, I said that education remained the only key to developing Abia State. To this end, this government is poised to stamping –out every trace of illiteracy in the state by ensuring continuous increased allocation of resources to the sector.”
*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The Honorary Special Adviser to the President and the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi described the Nyanya bomb blast of yesterday as mindless war against innocent Nigerians.

In a statement made available to the press,  Mr. Obi, wondering what the perpetrators of the act stand to gain, Obi said it was worrisome that innocent Nigerians were confronted by barbarians that did not have respect for the sacredness of human lives.  "The strange culture of people killing follow humans without compunction can at best be described as atavistic throwback to the old and superseded ways. To observe those traits of barbarism creeping back to our country calls for concerted efforts to check", Obi said.

Commending President Goodluck Jonathan for promptly visiting the scene and the injured in hospitals, Obi urged him not to relent or be dampened  in his efforts to bring the situation under check. He also commended security agencies for their prompt response  and urged them to do everything possible to fish out the perpetrators of the evil act.

Obi called on Nigerians to offer helping hands to the victims as much as they could and preyed to God to strengthen the families of all those affected by the act, especially those that lost their loved ones
*Photo Caption – Ex-Governor Peter Obi

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Distinguished ladies and gentlemen;  I am delighted to address this special gathering of our farmers and citizens, here to mark the commencement of the 2014 Cropping Season in Abia State. Our State is largely an agrarian State committed to the agricultural transformation agenda of the Federal Government of Nigeria. And that is why we will continue to do whatever is required to promote an agrarian culture and other events that support farming activities in our State.

The occasion of today affords us a unique opportunity to take stock of how agriculture has performed in our State, especially under our Administration, so that we can effectively plan ahead to promote activities that support agricultural growth for this year.   
I therefore thank all stakeholders in the agricultural sector who are here to support today’s activities. Your presence certainly underscores the significance you attach to agriculture in the promotion of your lives and that of our citizens.

I need to mention here that since the inception of our Administration, we have left no one in doubt of our firm resolve to take agriculture to the highest level in this State. We recognized that agriculture which should be the bedrock of our Nation’s economy was relegated to the background in the era of increased oil resources, and we resolved to reverse the situation and restore our State to the path of sustainable economic growth.

We are also aware that any nation that is unable to feed its population can neither develop nor experience a stable polity, and that is why our State joined with the Federal Government of Nigeria to restore and chart a new economic future through the Agricultural Transformation Agenda, now on-going.     
With the Federal Government, our State has now focused on transforming agricultural activities in our areas from a subsistence level, to a level that can provide rewarding wealth creation and business ventures.

We expect this focus to bring in a new way of doing things in the agricultural sector, especially putting a new human face to agriculture that will make it attractive to our youths and agro-investors.           
We expect this to lead to a new value-chain approach in the production of agro-commodities, while providing risk-sharing and incentives that reduce the cost of inputs. That is why I urge our citizens to take more active interests in the farming sector as a way of the future, and you can begin right from here!

Besides, the agricultural transformation activities we envisage are the only sure ways to creating massive jobs to take our people out of poverty and raise new wealth builders. It is in this regard that our Administration has resolved to return agriculture to the front burner of our economic growth, and be the source for ensuring both food security and creation of massive jobs for citizens. 

This is why we have resolved to put not less than 65% of our available rich and arable lands and our networks of flowing rivers and water bodies in the State to the production of surplus food, abundant fishes and other aquatic food – both for consumption and for cash. Our Administration will be there to support all genuine farmers willing to invest in the sector and take the risk to excel.

That is why I am excited today on the theme of this year’s cropping season ‘Transforming Agriculture for food security’ – which is both apt and timely and in consonance with our Administration’s agro-policy directions. 
Our Administration has resolved to establish Liberation Farms – as model farm projects in the 17 LGAs of our State and we believe that this will not only expose rural farmers to the best farm practices, but will encourage farm entrepreneurs to produce surplus crops, livestock and fisheries, and through that generate enormous wealth and massive employment for our teeming youths.

Presently, our Liberation farms at Okeikpe (Ukwa-West) and Lodu (Umuahia-North) are training more than 100 youths in modern agricultural skills. I have also approved the take-off of other Liberation Farms at Isiala-Amaba (Isuikwuato LGA) and Idima Abam (Arochukwu LGA), and these will absorb more youths for training.

Our State has vigorously pursued the privatization of State-Owned agricultural concerns to improve performance output. We have brought in entrepreneurs with adequate financial and human capital to invest in such projects so as to turn them quickly into centres of agro-excellence and job creation areas.     
That is why we have successfully privatived the Cocoa Estates at Agbozu Uzuakoli and the Abia Rubber Company; while the Abia Palm Ohambele (Ukwa), Nkporo Oil Palm and Ozuitem, - and Ulonna Palm Estates are now being prepared for privatization.

Other investors are also coming in to partner with us in the Cassava Production and Processing, - all with the objectives of boosting the economy of Abia State and attracting massive investment in the agro-sector. 

Already, a 6,000ha Cassava Production/Processing Center in Abiriba – in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria is on-going, and has the potential of turning the cassava enterprise in Abia State to a gold mine. In fact, clearing and survey work is currently going on the cassava sites at Abiriba, and I use this opportunity to thank the people of Abiriba for making available their land for this laudable project.

Our State will continue to support and encourage communities and our development partners who have keyed into our agro-development agenda to ensure that farm/infrastructural activities are scaled up to serve our people. I commend especially our partners in the IFAD and FADAMA 111 Projects.

As we continue to work very hard to attain a bumper harvest from this year’s farming activities, I have directed our Ministry of Agriculture to undertake the following facilitative actions to ensure we achieve our goals:

•       Ensure the registration of more Abia farmers so as to benefit from the smart input subsidy of Abia State and the Federal Government under the GES Scheme.

•       Initiate and conclude the privatization of Ulonna North Farm Settlement, Ozuitem Palm Estate, Ukwa and Nkporo Oil Palm Estates, among others.

•       Ensure the procurement of some tractors to be deployed to the food producing LGAs to enhance land preparation.

•       Improve the skills of our farmers through seminars, workshops and improved extension services of the State ADP.

•       Strengthen extension services under the ADP, with the State government, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development providing 22 motorcycles for distribution to extension workers at the grassroots. In fact the motorcycles are here for distribution today!

•       Strengthen the task force put in place to checkmate the damage to crops by cattle herdsmen which is currently resulting to community conflicts in many parts of the country and

•       Providing support services such as pest and disease control services, and improved storage system to reduce waste of farm produce.

I will continue to commend our farmers and all other stakeholders in the agricultural sector for your commitments and dedication to advancing the fortunes of agriculture in our State. I have faith that this sector has the potentials to turn around the economic fortunes of our State, our people and our Nation.      
I therefore urge you to continue to make the necessary sacrifices for the realization of the agricultural transformation action plans of our State, and it is my honour and privilege to formally declare the 2014 Cropping Season open!

Thank you and God bless Abia State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

*Photo Caption – Governor T. A. Orji


 [ Masterweb Reports: SKC Ogbonnia reports ] – The Electoral Act of 2010 empowers the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) to regulate the sources and nature of funding for political campaigns in Nigeria. However, even though the 2011 general election was declared free and fair by the government, the chairman of INEC, Attahiru Jega, would later confess that the Commission “does not even have a desk that handles campaign financing” (As quoted in Vanguard Newspaper, May 8, 2011). After a public rebuke, Jega has decided to toe the path of honor and now says that INEC will monitor campaign funds in the 2015 elections (The Punch Newspaper, April 7, 2014). Similar position is canvassed by a broad spectrum of Nigerian elites, including the National Stakeholders’ Forum on Electoral Reform led by former Senate President Ken Nnamani. But President Goodluck Jonathan has flatly rejected the idea, arguing that regulation can only be realistic, “if you’re getting funds from government, then you must set restrictions; but if you’re generating your own funds, then you’ve no restrictions” (As quoted in Daily Trust, April 8, 2014).

While it can be convenient to lampoon both the INEC and the President for this pattern of inconsistency, the simple truth is that the issue of campaign finance in Nigeria has been a frustrating mirage.

For transparency and fairness, Nigeria should explore the implications of Jonathan’s remarks and adopt without delay full public funding for inter-party elections. This proposal is consistent with the recommendations of notable organizations, such as the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA). The proposal is also similar to the McCain-Feingold legislation for presidential elections in the United States of America—without the choice for individual contributions. Unlike before, implementation will not be burdened by the number of political parties since the parties themselves are dramatically decreasing to the desired two-party structure. To frustrate political merchants eager to capitalize on the loopholes of the government funding, the INEC should employ more stringent conditions for registration as well as participation of parties in elections. 
Perhaps the process to public funding is not expected to be a cakewalk in this nation. Nevertheless, any genuine effort must ensure that that the long awaited Cashless Policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria is fully implemented and INEC itself strengthened to enforce existing laws on campaign finance, including the costs for elections as stipulated in the Electoral Act of 2010.  

Public funding has become necessary for obvious reasons:

To begin with, Nigeria can adequately afford government funding for inter-party elections. After all, virtually all individual elections in the country are already being financed one way or another through looted funds from government treasury. In fact, a cursory look at recent Nigerian political diary readily shows that most elective office holders are individuals who have become wealthy by stealing public money or sponsored by godfathers who thrive in stealing public money. 

Second, lack of public funding accelerates the engine of corruption in the country. For instance, the corrupt military brigade that funded President Olusegun Obasanjo’s elections enjoyed immunity while he was in office. President Umaru Yar’Adua’s failure to investigate clear cases of corruption by his predecessor and some ex-governors is tied to the source of the funds used in ushering him (Yar’Adua) to power. Ditto President Goodluck Jonathan, whose party is making matters worse by aggressively soliciting corrupt politicians, particularly notorious ex-governors currently facing charges for looting state treasuries. Besides, public funding will finally allay the fears of some influential Nigerians (including President Jonathan) who claim that their main reason for advocating single tenure for governors and the president is attributed to the fact that cost of re-elections only goes to worsen corruption. 

More significantly, lack of public funding has weakened competition as well as opposition in national body politics. Public funding would curtail the prevailing pattern where money, instead of the masses, determines the outcome of our elections. It would also broaden the political process so that true competition for ideas—rather than competition for access to illegitimate funds—is the backbone of Nigerian democracy. The country can then maximize her abundant human resources by attracting the youth, women, and many true patriots who have shied away from politics simply because of funding and manner of the funding. Very essentially, public finance has the potential to engender dynamic opposition activities toward the much desired checks and balances and effective leadership by consequence. Any system—whether native authority, military regime, democracy or quasi-democracy—without true competition, equal opportunity, and viable mechanisms for checks and balances is nothing but dictatorship.
SKC Ogbonnia, Ph.D. ( Email: SKCOgbonnia@firsttexasenergy.com ) reports from Houston, Texas, USA.
*Photo Caption – Nigerians voting in an election.

  [ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Tobias Idika, the Ohanaeze President of Kano, who was suspected to be poisoned by agents of Boko Haram and state sponsored terrorists, has been slated for burial on the 17 th of April, 2014 at his hometown,  Amuru Abam in  Arochukwu/Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State.
Tobias  Michael Idika was the bold and fearless President of Kano Chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and also the Chairman of Ethnic Nationalities in Kano State.  It is estimated that Igbos in Kano alone are up to 2 million persons. He stood like a colossus in fighting against the gradual reduction of population of non-indigenes of Kano State through the activities of Boko Haram and their State sponsored agents.
When Boko Haram militants attacked Kano in January 2012, at the peak of Fuel Subsidy protests, Tobias Idika was at the forefront of ensuring that Igbos are not frightened out of the state.
When Boko Haram blasted an Igbo dominated bus station at New Road, Sabon Gari, Kano on the 18th of March, 2013, killing over 70 Igbo sons and daughters, Tobias Idika lost his cool. He alerted the international community that the blast was a state sponsored attempt to deliberately reduce Igbo population in Kano.
Tobias Idika vehemently condemned the July 30th Sabon Gari Boko Haram bomb blast which killed over 120 Igbo sons and daughters at Enugu Road, Ibo Road and New Road respectively. He condemned the deliberate infrastructural neglect of Sabo Gari . He also condemned the constant harassment of Igbo patent medicine dealers in Kano by agents of Governor Kwakwanso.
Tobias Idika also fought against the imposition of an Ezeigbo of Kano by the   Kwakwanso led government. Therefore, Tobias Idika became an enemy of Boko Haram, Kano State Government, Kano State Police Command and the factional Ezeigbo of Kano.
His traducers came to the extent of sending people to castigate him before the Ime Obi of Ohanaeze Ndigbo at a meeting held at the National Secretariat of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Enugu on the 17th of August 2013. I followed in lobbying state chairmen of Ohanaeze to ensure that Idika escapes Ohanaeze sanction. Specifically, Idika was accused of crying wolf when there is none, and releasing reports on behalf of Ohanaeze without clearance from the National Headquarters. People fingered the influence of the Ezeigbo of Abuja and factional Ezeigbo of Kano for the planned embarrassment of idika. However, State Chairmen and younger elements in Ohanaeze defended Idika .
I had to equally deploy my contacts within Ohanaeze Ndigbo to ensure that this consummate freedom fighter is not publicly embarrassed by Ohanaeze leadership.
Tobias Idika was a highly misunderstood man. He was not crying wolf when there is none. He witnessed firsthand all that I observe each time I visit Kano. Sabon Gari has no electricity- generators are everywhere, constituting noise pollution and distributing sickness to residents. The roads within Sabon Gari, apart from a few, were in deplorable conditions. There is no government schools, no pipe borne water, yet the place constitutes about 75% of Kano State Internally Generated Revenue.
The Kano State Government is in the habit of seizing the drugs of patent medicine dealers labeling them as fake and hours later the seized drugs appear at Kano State owned hospitals for distribution. Tobias Idika fought against this anomaly. When news spread that the Kano Blasted Bus Park was to be converted to Islamic School, Idika alerted me and after my on the spot visit and investigations, alerted the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo about the infraction. I also issued a press report on the issues which was given wide publicity by the local and international press. The Kano State Government came out later to deny, claiming that they have already compensated the original owners of the land. At least, the issue of converting Igbo Bus Paark to Islamic School was suspended.
Tobias Idika had always complained about the constant seizing of drugs of Igbo businessmen in Kano, lack of electricity, motorable roads and government schools in Sabon Gari  among other  acts of marginalization against Ndigbo,. He asked me to bring Igbo clerics to aid in ameliorating the plight of Igbos in Kano. Due to his constant reports I visited Kano in my personal capacity and later Igbo Bishops and pastors under the aegis of General Assembly of all Igbo Christian Organizations and Ministers (GAAICOM) again asked me to get to Kano with some persons and determine the state of insecurity of Igbos and their property. Ohanaeze Ndigbo also mandated my humble self, Mr Charles Morah and Barrister Emejulu Okapalukwu to do another assessment in Kano but due to tight schedule, I wasn’t able to make it with the Ohanaeze follow up team.  Surprisingly, that Ohanaeze follow up delegation narrowly missed the bomb blast planted at the Emir of Kano’s palace.
Through the help of Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife ,  former governor of Anambra State and leader of Ohanaeze in Abuja and the North, Tobias Idika, Emejulu Okpalaukwu and my humble self-ensured that President Jonathan was made aware of the constant threat to Igbo lives in Kano by agents of Boko Haram. We also worked out a defense strategy in case security situation against Igbos escalates in Kano.
Shortly afterwards Tobias Idika informed me that his life is in danger. According to him, some persons came to his house to assassinate him, but with the help of an Hausa neighbor, he was able to escape. After the incidence, he was hiding around Kano for fear of his life. Later, policemen from No Man’s Land Police Station led by the DPO was looking for him at nights and Tobias believed that they wanted to either assassinate him or poison him, hence he hid for weeks in Kano. He continued to hide till he left Kano for Abuja and then Umuahia where he hid for a while.
Having stayed few weeks in Umuahia, Tobias told me that he would rather die in Kano than abandon his people, and returned back to Kano in September 2013, though against my advice to wait till Ohanaeze resolves issues with the Kano and Federal Government.  He returned to his house at no 7 New Road, Sabon Gari and later visited the police in company of Igbo leaders and was granted freedom. However, that freedom was short lived because few days later after drinking with some unknown persons, he developed the illness that killed him.  Tobias Idika was almost dying in his house until a doctor friend visited him and took him to a military hospital where he was till the 21st of December when he was discharged. He was put inside an Umuahia bound luxurious bus on the 25th of December to get back to the East and continue with his sickness.  He arrived on the 27th of December, with deteriorating health conditions, unable to sleep except when induced. On the 4th of January, 2014, Tobias was taken to Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia  where he complained of  uncontrollable acute headaches , migraine, fainting and vomiting which made him  to struggle at a BP of 355, 180 to 160 till he died by 5am of the 13th of January.
Tobias Idika hails from Amuru Abam in  Arochukwu/Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State and is slated for burial on the 17th of April with wake keep for the 16th. He is survived by children and siblings.

During his wake keep in Kano, even Europeans came to enquire what killed this consummate freedom fighter. They believed that the man was poisoned and they spoke with a few Igbo leaders. Tobias Idika refused to abandon his people in Kano into the hands of Boko Haram agents and he died in the process. All Igbo sons and daughters must troop to his place and honor this freedom fighter who was allegedly poisoned while fighting terrorism in the north.
Obinna Akukwe ( Email: profetobinna2@yahoo.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption – Late Tobias Idika

[ Masterweb Reports: Emmanuel Arinze reports ] – In an earlier article, I drew attention to my observations about Sahara Reporters’ reportage of the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. I had observed that as far as Sahara Reporters is concerned, Madam Iweala has not done much to deserve positive reportage. When I first noticed this trend in the course of my routine media analysis, I embarked on an independent survey so I could speak from an informed perspective.
Sampling the medium’s coverage of the Finance Minister over a two-year period, I discovered 41 mentions out of which 32 are negative, 8 indifferent and only 1 positive. I highlighted my findings in a piece which was published in September 2013. Ordinarily, one would think that an empirical report like that would cause the medium to rethink its strategy. It is over six months now since I first made that observation and unfortunately, little or nothing has changed. Sahara Reporters has not ceased to deliberately paint the Minister of Finance in bad light by filling the air waves with negative stories, most of which are usually unfounded or at best, blown out of proportion.
Like I pointed out earlier, I wouldn’t voice my opinion on this matter if I had not gathered verifiable data. To this end, I have included an updated record of my findings at the link below so that you can see things for yourself and draw your conclusions:
*Click here for the updated record of my findings.
Out of 106 reports Saharareporters have published about madam minister between October 2011 and March 2014, an alarming 71 of them are negative, while only a grudging 2 are positive. The natural question that comes to mind after assimilating these statistics is that, ‘is the woman that bad? Can anyone be that bad?’
How come Sowore and his crew close their eyes to positive developments about NOI and only zoom in on negative stories about her? Even if they choose to argue that some of those features are not their original reports, how come it is only the negative ones they are eager to publish? Why not cull the positive reports about the woman published by other media?
Isn’t it abundantly clear that Saharareporters is pursuing a deliberate agenda to malign the finance minister with its biased and ever negatively slanted reportage? From the evidence before us, it is difficult to avoid concluding that Oluyele Sowore and his crew are a vindictive lot and purveyor of falsehood.
Emmanuel Arinze is an Abuja-based Communication Consultant.
CLICK TO READ "Sahara Reporters vs Okonjo-Iweala: What Do We Make of This? (Part 1)"
*Photo Caption - Omoyele Sowore, Publisher of Sahara Reporters (Left); Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Right).

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The secretary general of Ohaneze Ndigbo Spain Hon. Uchendu Precious Onuoha has commended and congratulated the newly elected youth leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo worldwide, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro. In his speech with the new chairman and some members of his executive, Hon. Uchendu advised the new leadership to work assiduously to galvanize Ohaneze Ndigbo as to achieve the objectives the founding elders had in mind, and to make Ohaneze youth a formidable force that will be reckoned with, and should always speak with one voice as to earn the respect of the other major ethnic groups in Nigeria. He said that the task ahead is enormous especially in the unfolding political dispensation but believe that God will grant Mazi Isiguzoro and his executive the wisdom to steer the ship of Ohaneze to the best direction for the interest of Ndigbo worldwide.
Hon. Uchendu who also spoke to Comrade Chuks Ibegbu the former youth leader commended him for his good sense of leadership, understanding and maturity. Especially for organizing a very peaceful election and hand over to the new leader and executives. He assured the new executive that he will always use his position as a seasoned media practitioner to create awareness and publicity that will enable them work in collaboration with Ohaneze in Spain and in Diaspora.
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro can be reached in Nigeria at 07034380211 or 8028597244. Call to congratulate him.
*Photo Caption - Hon. Uchendu Precious Onuoha

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law-Intersociety wishes to write Your Excellency over the above subject. 1.Crime Fighting & Dislodgement Of Criminal Entities: This is so far so good. Your Excellency’s efforts in this aspect are commendable. But caution should be taken to avoid giving the concerned security agencies, particularly the Anambra State Police Command sweeping powers. Such sweeping powers will not only defeat the very aim of making Anambra roundly secured, but will also put the State under police siege with accompanying abuses and corrupt practices including torture and extra judicial killings, reckless mounting of roadblocks and extortion, trumped up allegations and charges, indiscriminate and reckless arrests, unlawful detention and pre-trial extortion. It is also very important to remind Your Excellency that “a criminal” in strictest sense and according to........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Governor Willie Obiano