[ Masterweb Reports ] - I met him in Nigeria. And it was through a friend of mine that worked together with me in my place of work and later went back to Nigeria. It happened that he was living in the same house where Kingsley lived, and he helped her. It was in that process that my friend informed me that there is a young man who saw your pictures and said he would like to talk to you. She connected us and from there we started interacting on phone until 2008 we met and got........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Mabel Mark After Acid Attack by Husband

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - On April 26th, in the first days after the abduction of 234 girls from Chibok, we sent a formal letter to the president of Nigeria, requesting executive authorization for us civilians to bear arms and engage the Boko Haram terrorists [Letter: http://ends.ng/?p=864]. It is now three months and the Jonathan government has avoided responding to our request while failing to control the Boko Haram menace.
We are ready to bring an end to the Boko Haram insurgency. Hundreds of hunters have in suit, been waiting for the approval of the government to go into Sambisa forest on a rescue and exterminate mission. We are in constant communication with these hunters and with the Civilian-JTF, a force of over 30,000 brave Nigerians who are ready and on stand-by, awaiting the approval from the presidency to take the fight back to Boko Haram and avenge their abducted brothers and sisters and killed and maimed parents, children, friends and relatives. Thousands of Nigerians from across the nation, including ex-military men have also since indicated their readiness to join this mission to sack the forests of Borno of all remnants of the terrorist aberration, while rescuing the thousands of girls and boys abducted over the past 5 years.
As the Nigerian military copes with compromise, sabotage and inevitable, related, desertions of its soldiers, Nigeria desperately needs the civilian patriotic response to terror. We are willing and able to go ahead and at no cost to tax payers – with our contributions and promises from international groups and gun lobbies, we will finance our mission and arm ourselves to capacity to decimate Boko Haram within just three months by God’s mighty grace.
We have carefully drawn out an operating plan to cordon, and strangulate the terrorists, taking advantage of affordable modern devices and tools of warfare. We will combine heart with intelligence and the justified desire for revenge of the victims – we the people of the entire nation. Towards this end, we will implore on the military to temporarily evacuate areas of conflict because we cannot any longer afford to have more military weapons, tanks and APC’s be delivered through military carelessness to the terrorists. We will wipe them out while ensuring they lack the ability to regroup and re-arm as provided by the current failed military strategy.
Civilian patriots are proving their value in Iraq’s similar crisis right now. We ask all well meaning Nigerians and global observers to press the Jonathan administration to immediately approve of our request for the right to obtain and bear arms and engage Boko Haram to finally bring a complete end to the insurgency destroying life and farming in the north of Nigeria.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah, ( Email: drbrimah@ends.ng ); Chairman, Every Nigerian Do Something (ENDS)-Website http://ENDS.ng reports.
*Photo Caption - Members of Northern hunters and Civilian-JTF

[ Masterweb Reports: Sulay B. Conteh reports ] - It is almost a full half-year now since the first case of the fatal Ebola epidemic was reported in Kailahun, Eastern Sierra Leone. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the APC Government led by Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma has responded in a series of extraordinarily queer ways. This has raised a widespread suspicion about the real intensions of the APC Government regarding its unusual handling of this alien disease.
It has just been a little over a year when the Koroma-led APC Government boldly stole the elections and reinstalled itself into second term of office in an unusually unofficial way. In fact even the Koroma-led APC first term of office could not have happened had it not been for the blind craving for international recognition by late President Kabbah. But all of this is now history not worth any retelling in decent societies.
The APC Government has seen a unique opportunity in the fast-spreading Ebola epidemic that is devastating thousands of useful lives in the Southeast of Sierra Leone. To start with, the East/South is the stronghold of the opposition SLPP Party. Next, voter registration for the 2017/18 elections in Sierra Leone is around the corner. Of course led by Victor B. Foh (the vouchergate mastermind), there is no doubt that the Koroma-led APC Government has been desperately searching for unfair ways to suppress voter registration in the East/South while inflating it in the North (APC stronghold). So what has the Foh-chaired secret committee done to get the APC voter-registration manipulation come to pass?
To address this grand secret mission, one needs to have a vivid insight into what this Limba-born-in-Mende-land Foh character truly is. Foh’s father, a total ethnic Limba, married a wield Mende woman in Jimmy Bagbwo Chiefdom, Bo District, and there this terrible man was brought forth into this world. By the traditions of Sierra Leone, the line lineage or descent follows that of the father. So Victor B. Foh is hundred percent ethnic Limba too, who can by means mistaken for being ethnic Mende. It is told in Jimmy Bagbwo and beyond that Foh obdurately sold his father so as to gain financial wealth and political power. Foh’s father went mysteriously missing and any news of his disappearance suppressed by Foh himself, and thus the remains of Foh’s lost father are yet to be located anywhere in the world. This is the man the Koroma-led APC Government relentlessly uses to squash the East/South.
Foh’s past record in every aspect of life is just extremely horrible! After joining the civil service, Foh’s blood-borne corruption tendency made him the mastermind of the most infamous vouchergate in the history of Sierra Leone. Foh has also been implicated in numerous circumstances in using simple but extremely dirty tricks to outplay political opponents. Foh was even single-handedly responsible for planting Earnest Bai Koroma in the Chairmanship and Flagbearership of the APC Party for the 2007 elections, of course strongly against the will of the bigwigs of the APC Party. Foh even went to the extent of planting himself into the position of Secretary General of the APC Party in that ill-fated clandestine convention. For this reason, Koroma will never abandon Foh so long he his in the presidency.
Foh also served as the top Minister of Finance in the AFRC Junta — the most deadly regime in the history of Sierra Leone. Foh was responsible for the election riggings in both 2007 and 2012, and he is also highly active in the tearing infighting in the opposition SLPP Party. Foh is said to be personally responsible for the demise of countless personalities in the SLPP stronghold in the East/South. It is this Foh, such an unspeakably horrible character, who President Earnest Bai Koroma awarded the “Rokel Order of Merit” for significant contribution to Sierra Leone. In fact, it is strongly rumored today that Foh is slated to be the next Election Commissioner in Sierra Leone. But Sierra Leone is not surprised by this because it is all unmistakably known that Foh and Koroma (who are actually ethnic cousins) are in a type of “you scratch my back I scratch your back” situation. Koroma has held up this win-win engagement with Foh, irrespective of his past record.
Actually, the grand APC plan is to use every means possible to suppress voter registration in the East/South — SLPP stronghold. So the Foh-chaired secret committee charged with the responsibility to execute this plan came up with an idea working to reduce the population of the East/South as the most effect way to easily win the 2017/18 elections. The committee figured it out that war was no longer an option for the region, so it then decided to send Foh to China as Ambassador with a special dirty mission. Remember that Foh has no empathy for life, not even that of father whom he sold long ago. Foh’s top secret mission was to abuse his Ambassadorial privileges to collect Concentrated Ebola Serum (CBS) from Uganda and administer it to the sick in Government hospitals in the East/South of Sierra Leone, especially in Kailahun District. Of course Foh and his cohorts are well guided by specifically recruited doctors.
Foh has long since committedly executed this mission as he puts it in his own words during President Koroma’s last visit to China: “I was born APC, all along lived APC and I serve one but only one master in my life”. It is this heartless character that the Koroma-led APC Government relentlessly uses to bribe the elders of SLPP to stage infighting in the party, which always plays to the advantage of the APC Government.
Thus with the outbreak of the APC-grown killer Ebola epidemic, the Koroma-led Government’s first response was to close the borders with Guinea and Liberia. If it had not been the APC Government’s fear for carry-over effects of its grown-on-purpose Ebola epidemic in Guinea and Liberia, then what else would it be for when the epidemic was actually deliberately started in Sierra Leone? Next in the APC Government’s response to the epidemic was isolating the East/South; of course again in the fear that the disease could spread over to other regions of Sierra Leone. The next move of the APC Government was freezing all government services from the most affected region (Kailahun District), including schools and hospitals. This left all decent people wondering about the real rational behind the APC-led strategy to contain the Ebola disease. How could one fight a disease epidemic by closing down hospitals?
With the successful execution of this dirty inhuman mission, the APC Government and the Foh-chaired secret committee have now come up with a brand new way to deal with the aftermath of their created Ebola epidemic. The Government has reopened the hospitals but not until lethal drugs were supplied to summarily terminate all who contract any sort of sickness in the East/South. In fact in Kenema and Segbwema, the Government has set up special Ebola treatment sites within the Lassa Fever (another lethal disease) treatment facilities. The wisdom in this is to ensure that if you contract Ebola disease and it is not strong enough to kill you, then proximity with Lassa Fever will finally blow you out. The people of the East/South are now gradually coming to the realization that the Ebola epidemic could not have naturally hatched and that the unusual treatments are deliberately efforts of a clever drive of ethnic cleansing. This means that the people of the East/South have to resolvedly rise against this dirty inhuman treatment lest they become gradually eliminated in their own land and replaced by people of the distant land.
How do the opposition SLPP politicians (parliamentarians and others) see themselves in this grand plan of quiet ethnic cleansing? It is all but a hopeless situation with the opposition politicians. We describe this in a way that the layman understands the full picture without extra effort. Any functional Government consists of four independent arms — The Executive, The Legislature, The Judiciary and The Press. In Sierra Leone, the people elect (or rather miss-elect) The Legislature and the Head of The Executive. The members of the legislative arm (the so-called parliamentarians) are elected to serve the interests of their respective constituencies and then the country. The vitality of The Legislature and/or Opposition Party is only visible when it acts with integrity. But greed and parochial mindedness of our parliamentarians and opposition party members have all but rendered this arm altogether useless in the face of the people. What the Koroma-led APC Government has done is that it has put key members of The Opposition Parties, The Legislature, The Judiciary and even the Press on fat bribes. This means that the APC Government can now do whatever it wills in Government and in Sierra Leone; absolute no checks and balances, except for critical opposition voices. The behavior of these key figures of the arms of state is like heartlessly selling your people so that you alone can live — the Victor Foh type of thing. But what they fail to realize is that when they do such things for a living, they effectively make themselves essentially useless — the Charles Margai type of thing.
So what next for the people of the East/South? What next could one do when your own son/daughter betrays you in such a cold-blooded manner? Yes, in the face of such traumatic betrayals in tribulation, one tends to look up to God for deliverance and jubilation. But are we not time and again warned that faith without action is like a being without a soul? We the people of the East/South will surely have to stop building our castles on quicksand. We the people of the East/South have to do what is right to preserve our culture and continued existence as a people. The minds and souls of our elected sons/daughters are now poisoned beyond regaining any empathy for us. Our own sons/daughters are now actually different people from us. So we have no more reason to continue to depend on our opposition politicians and parliamentarians.
May the Lord give us the right wisdom handle yet another disastrous tribulation!
Sulay B. Conteh ( Email: sulayconteh2018@gmail.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Map of Sierra Leone

[ Masterweb Reports: From Abia State ] - In this season of politicking as the nation gears up for the 2015 general elections politicians would characteristically employ every imaginable method to achieve their goals. There would be kite flying, innuendoes, intrigues, blackmails, false allegations and even blatant lies. To this category of persons, especially the most desperate of the desperadoes, the end justifies the means hence nothing is sacrosanct so long as it would feather their nests. This brand of politics is not only played in the field but also in the media. It suffused in a fictitious day dreaming article passed off as news story entitled ‘2015: Orji’s selection panel creates crisis in Abia PDP’ published in the Daily Newswatch edition of Thursday, July 17, 2014, page 9.
We, the united family of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State are utterly appalled and exasperated over this satanic piece of irresponsible journalism. Maxwell Oditta, who wrote the so called story threw every journalistic ethics to the wind and dwelt on fiction, concoction and blatant lies to achieve the goal of the sponsor of the ill-fated story. It was dead even before it was put to bed. That was why Oditta in his desperation to satisfy the whims of the person who used him to plant the fiction started by committing a grievous error of facts. He wrote in the very first paragraph that “barely 48 hours after the Abia State Commissioner for information died of gun shot wounds from unknown assassins; there is growing disquiet in the state not associated with Ken Nwosu’s death.” Oditta, the journalist could not grasp the facts of an unfortunate incident that left the people of Abia in mourning mood. For his information, the Abia State Commissioner for Information, Eze Chikamnayo, is hale and hearty. It is his counterpart in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Kenneth Nwosu that passed on following attack by evil doers. That suffices for a journalist who does not crosscheck his fact before rushing to the press.
To put the records straight, the Governor of Abia State, Chief T.A. Orji has not set up any committee for the purpose of choosing the next governor. He is a democrat and has never arrogated to himself the autocratic power of lording it over others. Our amiable Governor has said it publicly for the umpteenth time that he would not dictate to the state the person that would succeed him. For this reason, he has maintained that only God and the party would decide the governorship candidate of the PDP in Abia. He has not reneged on this solemn promise. 
Governor T.A. Orji neither prevaricates nor equivocates. He is a man of his words and we don’t have any reason to doubt him. The party leadership in Abia would in due course set in motion the process of choosing the person to carry the party flag in 2015 through the party primary. We don’t know of any selection committee. It does not exist in Abia. It only exists in the dubious imagination of Oditta and the person who used him to plant the story in Daily Newswatch.
The reporter’s desperation railroaded him to link notable Abia PDP elders to his non-existing selection committee. Obviously, he was hell bent on making his concoction palatable. But it didn’t jell. The fiction writer failed to recognize the democratic credentials of the people he disrespectfully mentioned their names in his fallacious story. He should have known that Chief Onyema Ugochukwu, whom he branded as the chairman of the selection committee, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, and Senator Ike Nwachukwu are not the run of the mill politicians. These respected Abians and other mentioned as members of the fictitious committee are men of integrity who will not lend themselves to be used as tools to achieve any sinister political objective.
Oditta regaled his readers with quotes from fictitious “sources” that supplied him with what happened at a meeting that never took place. The recourse to hide under fictitious sources is the trademark of mischievous journalists like Oditta. It’s all part of adding seasoning to his fallacious concoction. What a pity for a writer who strives hard to pass a work of fiction as a factual work. It doesn’t work out that way and it leaves the floundering in self-pity. It would do the nation a lot of good if journalists could separate facts from fiction. They need to be circumspect in accepting to do the bidding of desperate politicians, who are wont to use them to plant stories to damage their opponents.
Let it be known that Abia State PDP is strong, peaceful and united. The party owes its strength to the exemplary leadership of Governor T.A. Orji. It was our governor, who through his inclusive leadership style, humility, believe in equity and fairness brought together all the disparate tendencies in the party. We make bold to say that today Abia PDP is the most peaceful in the country. There is no “disquiet” in the party and our high flying Governor has done nothing to create such situation as purported by the pedestrian journalist that goes by the name of Maxwell Oditta. If only he knows the man in charge of God’s Own State he would have known that Chief T.A. Orji is not one to pull down the house he has built. Not even for any political expedient would he drag the party into crisis. If that is the wish of Oditta and his sponsor it would never come to pass. The PDP would remain strong and united as we march on to yet another resounding victory in Abia State come 2015.
We therefore assure all Abians that the Abia PDP as a party of democrats, led by the Icon of Democracy, Chief T.A. Orji would ensure that the success process is rancor free and conducted in accordance with democratic principles. We understand that as a party of Abia people the PDP is held in high esteem and there is equally high expectation from Abia people that the party would by popular choice give them a fitting successor to Governor Orji. Abians want a person who would continue the legacy of unprecedented development that the Ochendo era has brought to Abia. The PDP would not disappoint the people. Democratic principles would be our guiding principle in the choice of our gubernatorial candidate as well as candidates for other elective positions in Abia. There will be level playing field for every aspirant.
Long Live His Excellency, Sir T. A. Orji (Ochendo)
Long Live PDP
Long Live Abia State
Hon. Chief Ogbuka Uchechi (JP)
State Publicity Secretary
*Photo Caption - Map of Abia State

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - The Abia State Government has directed all property owners and developers in urban areas of the State especially in Aba, Umuahia, Ohafia, Abiriba to immediately visit the Purpose Clause Verification/Authentication Office of the Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Renewal at New Secretariat, Umuahia, to verify and authenticate the titled purpose clause of their properties.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Charles Ajunwa said affected in the exercise are residential, commercial, industrial, public and other buildings.
According to the release, owners of such properties are requested to show evidence of approved developments (where applicable) within 30 days from the announcement, warning that failure to comply with the directive within the stipulated period will lead to the revocation of such titles.
He said that such properties include hotels, filling stations, corporate buildings, private educational institutions, banks, warehouses, churches, etc.
The statement adds that the government has provided three major markets that are of international standard – the Ubani Ibeku Modern Market, the Allied and Artisan Market at Ohiya and the Industrial Market at Azueke where traders can conveniently do their business, and directs all traders to relocate to any of the markets in their own interest.
Charles Ajunwa
Chief Press Secretary
*Photo Caption - Governor T. A. Orji of Abia State

[ Masterweb Reports ] - A few hours after Abia State Information Commissioner, Eze Chikamnayo, on Tuesday announced the death of the Agriculture Commissioner, Kenneth Nwosu, Abia people resident in North America, under the aegis of Abia State National Association of North America (ASNA), have expressed shock over the demise.
In a statement to The Guardian, ASNA's President, Christian Ike, described Nwosu's death, who was shot by unknown gunmen near his Olokoro Village, Umuahia, the state capital, as shocking.
According to Ike, the death of Nwosu, whom he described as a great administrator, was a great loss to Abia State, Nigeria and agriculture sector.
While formally announcing Nwosu's death to journalists on Tuesday on behalf of the state government, Chikamnayo said: "On Thursday, July 10, 2014, the news of the gruesome attack by some unknown gunmen on the Commissioner for Agriculture, Ken Nwosu, a world class entomologist, an accomplished agro-researcher and former executive director, National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCI), Umudike, Abia State, was reported.
"It was gathered that some unknown gunmen shot Dr. Ken Nwosu on his way home from the office on the July 9, 2014, but didn't disposes him.
He was subsequently rushed to Abia State Specialist Hospital where a team of medical experts operated on him".
*Photo Caption - Late Dr. Kenneth Nwosu being visited by Governor Orji at the hospital before his death.

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Dr. Kenneth Nwosu, Abia State Commissioner for Agriculture and former Executive Director, National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI) Umudike, Abia State, who was shot by gunmen July 9, this month died July 15 after doctors at Abia State Specialist Hospital, Umuahia unsuccessfully battled to save his life. Dr. Eze Chikamnayo, Abia Commissioner for Information and Strategy announced Nwosu’s transition at a press conference shortly after his death.
In his speech, Chikamnayo said:  “Last night, we received the very sad news that the easy going Ken Nwosu was gruesomely attacked on his way home by unknown gunmen. The state government on getting that information made spirited effort to save his life at the Specialist and Diagnostic Centre. The government made sure that the best team was assembled promptly. After that, we looked forward for the quick recovery of Dr Ken Nwosu. The idea was to stabilize him before flying him abroad for medical treatment.
“The changes he brought to the Agriculture ministry are too obvious even from the environment. It is on this sad note that I on behalf of Abia State government announce the demise of Dr Ken Nwosu. From his antecedents, we have lost a colossus. Security agencies have been directed to fish out those involved in the dastardly act. The burial arrangements would be made public subsequently.”
Dr. Nwosu, who hails from Amizi Olokoro in Umuahia South LGA, retired from civil service as Executive Director of NRCRI and was appointed Commissioner for Agriculture in Abia State cabinet in September 2013.
CLICK TO READ => BreakingNews 11/7/14 - Abia State Commissioner of Agriculture, Dr Kenneth Nwosu Shot By Gunmen

*Photo Caption –LateDr. Kenneth Nwosu

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Yesterday, July 16, at about 2:45pm, a patrol team of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Abia Command apprehended two men suspected to be ritualists along Aba expressway, Aba, Abia State close to Ariaria International Market. The men were carrying fresh dead body of a female child aged between 6-8yrs in a sack bag when........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - The two suspected ritualists on display with the body of the female child.

[ Masterweb Reports: Josh Brannon reports ] - Everything going on in the world is a bit scary.  We have countries building nuclear power plants.  Nations warring with themselves and each other.  It’s scary.  I have to ask myself, what is going on?
Some people say the wars in the Middle East are over religion.  If you read my post called Man Should Not Live On Bread Alone, I think you will see that religion is most likely not the entire problem.  With the amounts of oil that can be found across the planet, I find it hard to believe that oil is the primary issue.  If you look at this area on a map, it looks like some nations could possibly be defending their countries.
We the people of the world share this one planet whether we like it or not.  When I look at this world, I see multitudes of people that walk together.  People that have the same goal of living and enjoying their lives.  People that realize that they’re lives are not sustained by themselves, or their personal nations alone. 
I see people that appreciate the fact that different societies or even neighboring cities have different standards.  I accept the fact that other individuals have different things that are acceptable in their lives.  I love the fact that I am given the freedom to be myself in America.  I have the right to be myself, and I have the right to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I see a world where nations, the people that live within their nations have the right to function as the nation’s that they want to be without the threat of war.   Where the individuals of the world function in harmony.   Where we solve our differences by compromising.  By finding ways to meet each other’s needs without violence.
Within my friendships and family, compromise has to be met.  My family is very important to make and has helped me to accomplish many of my goals over the years.  When I look at the world, I see friendships.  I see people doing business with each other from one side of the globe to the other.  With this being true, I have to ask myself, why all the casualties?   Why would we fight over things such as religion, but be willing to do businesses at the same time.  Do we hate one another so badly that we are willing to die for our hate?
I love the way the 50 states of America operate in sync with each other.  We might not always be in perfect agreeance, but we are a union.  I cannot imagine what my state would be like if it were a country.  Would the surrounding states be considering invasion?  Would I have to convert my currency to visit relatives?  Would another country try to control us?
Division amongst the nations causes an obvious conflict of interest.  It divides the people of the world.  Most of who simply want to enjoy their lives.  When I look at other nations, I don’t see nations of enemies.  I see nations of human beings.  When I look to our future, I see a people united.  A world for the people by the people.  A place where we do not have to war with each other.  Where we are comforted in the fact that we don’t have to send our children overseas.  I believe there will be a day when we the people will be one people. 
When I look at our corporations competing with one another, I see dysfunction.  A conflict of interest.  I have worked for companies where it simply does not make sense to act in the best interest of the people.  When we the people of the world are working against each other to obtain our own personal goals, much of the time we are working against ourselves.  There may also be times when people are accomplishing great achievements, but functioning as individuals is preventing them from obtaining the goals that could be possible if we worked as one people. 
When there are 10 people doing something that only takes 5 people to do, we are robbing ourselves.  Certain things must be accomplished in order for us to make purchases.  To maintain our lives.  The services we render as individuals help us to be able to get, what we also as individuals need.  I am not an economist, but I think that having two phone companies, doing the same thing, while competing with each other, would cost we the people of the world money.  I don’t think that conflicts of interest like this only cost us money, but I think they cost us human life.
I believe a union amongst the people of the world is an absolute necessity.  I am not a Politician, but years ago I was reading the book of Revelation, and I saw the number 7 appeared over and over again.  I thought that this correlated to the 7 continents.  The number 6 might be a warning against an incomplete world.  An incomplete union.  One left out.
I originally thought that the world could have leaders by continent, but after looking at populations, I’m not sure that this would be true.  I am not a politician, but I think that this will help to at least point the people of the world into a decent direction.
Here’s the layout that I’ve kind of worked on.  An elected president with an elected balance to insure that the president isn’t misdirected would approve votes.  Possibly 56 people, maybe more.  7 on top with 7 under each of them.  I think that 7 sections of the world would then need leaders.  These 7 would each have 7 leaders underneath them and each of them with 7 under them.  I’m unsure of how many there should be, but these peoples focus would be on the law.  Depending upon the seriousness of the law, these congressmen could vote left to right whether or not it would work for their people as well as the world.  There would be votes on laws amongst politicians on lower and higher levels in this pyramid.
I also believe that an additional side to congress would be necessary.  Whose function would be to approve laws?  Possibly  the presidential section which approves law, and an additional, larger division, that approves their approval.
I think a supreme court would help to further complete the balance.  Possibly one for each country.  Maybe one for each of the 7 divisions of the world, and possibly one for the world.  I am not completely sure, I am not a politician, but I think it might help to protect the rights of the smaller countries. 
After all of this, I think that there should be another side that looks the same, but is for the businesses of the world.  I think that having a corporate side and a legal side could help people to focus on areas of the government that they have experience in.  I think this would also allow the states to join the union at a speed that they are comfortable with, as well as allowing companies to join at speeds they are comfortable with.    
I think that this government should be able to hear the voices of the people, and that one way would be through the elected leaders in the communities.  I think a military would be inappropriate.  I think the UN is adequate in that area.
Josh Brannon ( Email: joshuacpbrannon@gmail.com ) reports.
*Photo Caption - An AK-47 Rifle. *One of the tools of evil in the world.


[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - The Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as shocking and retrogressive, the impeachment of 15th July, 2014 by the Adamawa State House of Assembly, of the Governor of Adamawa State, Admiral Murtala Hamman-Yero Nyako (retd).

“We never thought that Adamawa State lawmakers would allow external forces to cause them to impeach a Governor that was not only duly elected but also enjoyed the overwhelming support of the people of Adamawa State just to satisfy the selfish and evil plots of undemocratic elements operating from Abuja. To us, this is a retrogressive development aimed at rubbishing a man who has sacrificed so much for the unity and progress of Nigeria as a nation,” Rivers APC Chairman, Chief (Dr.) Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, said.


Continuing, Ikanya said in a statement issued in Port Harcourt: “It is a pity that Nyako have to pay for the sin of spearheading the election of President Jonathan both at the 2011 PDP Presidential Primaries election and the general election proper of Mr. President in 2011. This is one of the reasons why also Rivers State is under siege for given Mr. President the highest number of votes during the 2011 Presidential election. We are not used to crying over spilled milk but we will like to assure Adamawa people that we are solidly behind them, not minding the efforts of some undemocratic forces to put our democracy in danger. Impeachment is a normal exercise in any democracy but any induced impeachment like that of Adamawa State is condemnable. It beats my imagination why the PDP-led Federal Government should be putting our democracy in danger by luring and forcing some disgruntled and misguided lawmakers to be making efforts to impeach Governors of only APC-controlled states.  The cases of Edo and Nasarawa states readily come to mind. The world is watching and let us sees where all these rascality acts will lead us to as a nation”. 


“We all should be on guard before these undemocratic elements collapses our democracy just because of their desperation to install President Jonathan for a third time as the President of Nigeria against the letters of our Constitution that says that nobody should act as a President for more than eight years. Should these elements succeed in their evil plot, they will be making President Jonathan to preside over this nation for over ten years and maybe thereafter make him a LIFE PRESIDENT!”

Meanwhile, Chief Tony Okocha, the Chief of Staff to Governor Chibuike Amaechi, has reiterated that the sad event that took place in Adamawa State will never be allowed to happen in Rivers State as the majority of the lawmakers in Rivers State are true progressives who are loyal to both the APC and Governor Amaechi and who will never give in to such rascality as exhibited by the Adamawa lawmakers.

Chief Okocha maintained that efforts by the powers that be in Abuja to use the renegade Group of 6 Lawmakers to unconstitutionally unseat Governor Amaechi will come to nothing since the majority of Rivers State lawmakers have resolved to swim and sink with the mandate of the Rivers State people embodied in the person of Governor Amaechi. “I wish to assure all APC faithful and the entire good people of Rivers State that they should continue with their normal business activities as no effort by some unscrupulous undemocratic elements will succeed in thwarting or tampering with the mandate they freely gave to Governor Amaechi as I am very convinced that we are capable and ready to defend the mandate no matter the odds,” Chief Okocha said while thanking the APC Youths League Rivers State Chapter and Igbo Professionals in Rivers State that came to pay him a solidarity visit. 


While the Rivers State APC Youths League was led by Comrade Hart Lawson accompanied by Solomon Okocha, Chris Okah among other leaders of the group, the Igbo Group was led by a business mogul in Rivers State, High Chief Ubaka Williams, and was accompanied by the Secretary, Barr. Obinna JK Chukwu, Chief Uchenna Okokoba the leader of Non Indigenes in Rivers State, among other great Igbo leaders of thought.


Chief Okocha further assured the two groups that with the feats recorded by Governor Amaechi in the areas of education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and good governance, APC is a sure bet to retain the Brick Wall (Government House) come 2015 not minding the resolve of PDP bigwigs to resort to rigging and intimidation as they are sure that the Rivers State people have abandoned them.

Comrade Hart Lawson and Chief Ubeka in their remarks said: “We are here on behalf of the good people of Rivers State to assure our performing Governor of our unflinching support and readiness at any time to defend and protect the mandate we freely gave to Governor Amaechi.”

Long Life APC!

Long Life Rivers State!!

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
SSA Media and Public Affairs to the State Chairman, APC Rivers State
*Photo Caption - Impeached Governor Murtala Nyako Of Adamawa State