Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - This is to bring it to the attention of the general public that Masterweb (Nigeria / Africa Masterweb) as an independent and privately funded news media has not endorsed any Nigerian politician running for elective office in the 2015 polls. We have neither endorsed any party nor member of any political party, campaign organization or pressure group.
Nigerians are encouraged to vote their conscience, that is, voting for candidates they believe will serve the best interest of the people. In today's presidential election people should vote whom they believe would lead Nigeria best without religious nor ethnic bias.
Stay tuned here on Masterweb for live coverage of today's presidential election. 
*Photo Caption - President Jonathan (PDP Presidential Candidate) and General Buhari(rtd.) (APC Presidential Candidate) campaign posters.

[ Masterweb Reports ] - On 10th February 2015, the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) wrote your respected public offices including the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and excluding the Chief of Army Staff and the Inspector General of Police. The referenced letter was titled: Healing The Wounds Of Aborted Scientific Rigging Of 2015 General Polls In Nigeria: What Your Respected Authorities Must Do. The letter follows shift in the dates of the 2015 general polls from 14th and 28th February to 28th March and 11th April 2015 owing to security concerns in the Northeast and INEC’s unpreparedness, particularly as it concerns gross lopsided distribution of PVCs to registered voters in Nigeria. On 15th March 2015 (updated), we wrote the Chairman of INEC and the letter was titled: Consequences Of Importing Ethnic Cleansing Into The Distribution Of Permanent Voters’ Cards In Nigeria. Copies of the latter were sent to the trio of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, the Chief of Defense Staff and the Director General of SSS (DSS). Copies of the said letter are hereby attached for the Chief of Army Staff and the Inspector General of Police. All the referenced letters have been successfully delivered to........ Read More.
*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Those who are planning to rig tomorrows presidential election and subsequent ones  in Nigeria, whether agents of Change or Transformation, whether PDP or APC should note that it is a sin against  Jesus Christ , and my fellow Christians among the lot should not work for the devil. Muslim clerics should educate their members already enlisted in the rigging of elections  to desist from such as I do not think that the Quran allows such.

Electoral rigging is electoral fraud. Electoral fraud is electoral robbery, theft, corruption. It is stealing in the highest order. It is stealing of the people’s votes and giving it to another person. It is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Rigging brought down the first republic under Tafawa Balewa. It brought down the second republic under Shehu Shagari. It is about to bring down the fourth Republic under Goodluck Jonathan if the players are not mindful of their patriotic and religious obligation to their God and faith. The Bible which I subscribe to does not accept electoral robbery. The commandment said in Exodus 20 vs 15 “thou shall not steal” and followed by “ thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house,  wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to him ... (including votes) ”. Therefore, any Christian who follows people of other faith to rig election for anybody is a thief and covetous and all thieves will end in hell fire. This is the word of God.

I have told my numerous friends, flocks and followers who belong to the ruling party that it is their attempt to rig the 2011 elections in order to give Jonathan twenty five  percent votes cast  in as much northern states as possible that triggered the post-election violence of 2011 where over 1000 lives were lost, mostly Christians and Southerners. Those who rigged the elections’ in the North are mostly indigenous traditional and religious leaders who collected money from the incumbent and tried to steal Buhari’s votes. The same Bible also said thou shalt not kill, therefore, those political thugs who abandoned the traditional and religious leaders that rigged the elections and descended on hapless Christians , Southerners and Youth Corpers are also guilty of murder in the form of misplaced aggression. They should desist from any such acts forthwith.

I alluded in my latest piece titled ‘INEC Card Reader; Antagonists not working for Jesus Christ’, that  “Jesus Christ was obstructed on his way by a top government official by name Zaccheaus who have stolen lots of money from tax payers and converted such to private use. Jesus went to the house of Zacchaeus and in the course of conversation this man promised to return all that he defrauded, even four time” I opined in the said write-up that “Jesus forced Zacheaus in Luke 19 vs 8 to return his loot back and the later said to Jesus, “Behold, Lord, half of my possessions I will give to the poor, and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back four times as much.”  I ended up by saying that " Jega led INEC is returning back the people’s mandate stolen through years of successive rigging, especially from the Shagari to the Obasanjo era back to the people through the use of card reader and everybody should support him..” Therefore, in whichever way any believer has been contracted alongside those of other faith to rig election for any candidate, such a Christian  should desist forthwith, repent, ask for forgiveness and sin no more.

The manner of rigging I have been reliably informed  will be used in this Presidential and Governorship elections include.

(1)    Unconstitutional arrest of opponents using the armed forces
(2)    Illegal detention of opponents on the eve of the elections
(3)    Keeping some opponents under house arrest till elections are over
(4)    Jamming and interference of network of card reader to render it unusable
(5)    Filling of fake result sheets after scaring away party agents of the opponents
(6)    Intimidation of electoral officers to ensure that they fill out the wrong result sheets
(7)    Intimidation of voters to ensure that they do not come out to vote
(8)    Late arrival of voting materials
(9)    Use of political thugs to harass stubborn voters
(10)Declaration of false results in order to cause mayhem
(11)Allowing underage children to vote

Those involved in those acts should note that it is easy to trigger a crisis but difficult to control it. Those who triggered the Syrian Crisis never knew that it would result to ISIS. Those who allowed Boko Haram to fester never knew that it would destroy an entire region, with women and children being raped and slaughtered.. The winners should be magnanimous in victory while the losers should accept defeat. I alluded to that in an earlier write-up titled ‘Buhari, Jonathan and Boko Haram part 2’ where I stated that "It is not a sign of weakness if President Goodluck initiates serious dialogue, consultations and fence mending with Buhari with the intention of blocking all sociopolitical loopholes and vacuums enemies of democracy could use...". These two leaders can stilll dialogue and move Nigeria forward.

I have got reports of how rigging is going to take place tomorrow from various sources and Christians and Muslims are involved in such despicable exercise.  Rigging of election hoists unwanted leaders on the people. While other nations are developing at jet speed, we are still celebrating the GSM revolution of fifteen years ago. Roads, hospitals, schools, water supply, electricity, housing and all the other amenities of lives have improved tremendously in other nations, and still improving, but in Nigeria, we celebrate the construction of a single bride, hospital or university as though heaven has come down to the earth. This is due to the fact that riggers of election are accountable to no one except a few cabals. They loot the economy with abandon because they know that the electorates cannot react effectively.

Those bent on destroying Nigeria WILL BE DESTROYED THROUGH AN ILL-WIND THAT WILL SWEEP AWAY ALL THESE IRRITANTS AND VOMITS who have polluted our national space with their politricks and deceit, If  there is any Christian still among those  bent on rigging this Presidential or Governorship election in favor of any candidate, let the person repent now. Muslim Clerics should advise their followers urgently. Those Christians who have teamed up with some Muslims to   destroying Nigeria through another round of rigging, my God will destroy very soon no matter how highly placed, anointed or influential, because Jesus Christ can not  commission anybody to rig election.

Obinna Akukwe ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Christian Symbol

 [ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Democracy & Good Governance, 27th March 2015)-In politics, when a politician or a political party promises the electorates heaven and earth during rallies or campaigns, it is called psychology of politics. For instance, when a political party candidate seeking legislative election begins to promise the electorates road construction and industrialization or a presidential or gubernatorial candidate begins to promise the electorates total elimination of corruption, equality of naira with US dollar and unemployment if elected.
In the 2015 general elections’ executive and legislative campaigns in Nigeria that just ended, they were dominated by promises best described in the context of psychology of politics. As a matter of fact, the two leading political parties in the country; the PDP and the APC are roundly involved with the worse being the APC. Neither of the two parties was able to address concretely the socio-economic problems facing the country and their solutions if elected. The duo in recent times is the architect of Nigeria’s socio-economic doldrums. The parties have become symbols used by the country’s governing class including its corrupt individuals to retard the country’s socio-economic development. There have been steady movements back and forth by the referenced kleptomania class using the two symbols. These they called “defection”. The parties having been in charge of executive and legislative governances in one way or the other in most of the country’s federal government, 36 States and 774 LGAs in Nigeria; are credited with deficit governance.
While the epicenter of the PDP political governance is the Federal Government of Nigeria, the APC’s governance epicenter is Lagos State. Interestingly, all the socio-economic problems afflicting the country or any part thereof including judicial, executive and legislative corruptions are physically present at their doorsteps. Both of them are highly indebted governing authorities. For instance, the PDP led Federal Government of Nigeria has cumulatively (local and external debts) borrowed over $45 Billion since 2007. That is to say that as at 2007, after the country’s successful external debts relief, the total remaining local and foreign debts belonging to the federal government controlled by the PDP were about $15 Billion comprising foreign debts of about $3.5 Billion and local debts of N1.8 Trillion (about $12B). In Lagos State under the APC, it cumulatively owes between N500 Billion and N600 Billion (about $3B); making it the most indebted State in Nigeria and Africa’s ocean of poverty.
Both the Federal Government and the Government of Lagos State controlled by the two parties have enormous resource potentials capable of making them lenders and not borrowers; investors and not consumers. The annual internally generated revenues and the federal allocations of Lagos State hover between 350Billion and N450Billion, which is up to 90% of its annual budget size; yet the State is neck-deep in reckless and serial borrowings. The PDP led Federal Government also has potentials making it possible to fund its annual budgets without borrowings; but owing to bare-faced corruption and excessive governance running costs, it is enmeshed in indebtedness. For instance, its overhead costs and allowances for political appointees are utterly alarming and deafening.

In Lagos State, these two are also alarming. Through some crooked State laws, billions of naira is annually frittered into private pockets of its public office holders. Corruption and corrupt practices are also very high in Lagos State controlled by the APC, likewise at the PDP controlled federal level. In Lagos State, the judiciary plays a major role in shielding corruption and corrupt practices involving top present and past public office holders. In all, there are thickened health, public education, housing, water, energy, environmental, transportation, food, population, unemployment, infrastructure and economic crises in Lagos State controlled by the APC, likewise at the Federal level controlled by the PDP. The two political classes are leprous and anti people, peopled by primitive wealth accumulators and political traders.
Psychology of politics as defined above can also mean using social problems afflicting the electorates to canvass and win votes without having capacity and ability to remedy them if elected. One of the stark instances of the above was recent promise by the presidential candidate of the APC to make One Nigerian Naira to be equal to One US Dollar if elected. The truth is that the referenced candidate will never see One Naira equaling One US Dollar in his lifetime, not to talk of making it if elected. Assuming Nigeria retraces its step today and embarks upon radical socio-economic integrated development, it will be very difficult for One Naira to be exchanged for One US Dollar in the next fifteen years. On the part of the PDP presidential candidate, who said he will end corruption if elected; it is purely psychology of politics because corruption can only be curtailed and not ended. It is like promising to eliminate crime in the society, which is very impossible because the forefather of the society is crime itself. Same thing applies to ending unemployment or employing every jobless Nigerian, etc. On the other hand, the APC’s promise to make the Second Niger Bridge toll free if elected is deceivable because the Lekki Toll Gate under its control has not been declared free and dismantled.
Further, the two political parties under reference are also enmeshed in armchair governing styles by not being able to create independent sources of resource mobilizations without serial borrowings. When a governor cries openly of his or her owing his or her workforce of months of wages owing to fall in the federal allocations or borrows loans to pay wage or revamp public primary and secondary schools; then such a governor is an armchair or lazy, shortsighted and consumer governor. The two resource rich geopolitical zones of South-south and Southwest comprising 12 States, which are under the governance leadership of the two parties own over N1.4trillion (about $8B) in both local and foreign debts; making them the most indebted zones in Nigeria. There are strong suspicion that the loans are borrowed for consumption and criminal diversion.
The Truths Hidden From Nigerians By Political Parties’ Candidates During Campaigns:
Legal System: Nigeria’s legal system is still weak and obsolete. From the Constitution, its auxiliary laws and international statutes, they require robust rebranding and repackaging. Nigeria’s body of laws is too weak to fight and checkmate corruption. Penalty provisions for convicted corrupt persons are too lenient and corruption friendly. The criminal laws of the country are still very awkward and blurred. The Chapter Two of the Constitution is still non justiciable and there are numerous ouster clauses in the Chapter Four of the Constitution or the Fundamental Human Rights including non remedial provisions for the victims of violent crimes.
There are numerous international statutes that Nigeria has not ratified or domesticated. There are still little or no provisions for social justice in the country’s body of laws for the people of Nigeria.
Education: Access to education in Nigeria is still very minimal. The country’s tertiary education system is yet to be revolutionalized and computerized by way of distance education, etc. Minimal or no researches have successfully been carried out by Nigeria’s tertiary institutions till date. No Nigerian university till date has the capacity through pure and social science research findings, to offer solutions to the country’s myriad of security, social and economic problems. Massive education is required in the core north for millions of street urchins, children of the street and children in the street so as to end their retreatist status, which makes them prone to violence and other social vices.
Natural Resources: The country’s natural resources including its 33 solid mineral deposits, other than oil and gas are yet to be mechanized and industrialized.
Agriculture: The country’s agriculture is still subsistent with most of its produce including fruits remaining seasonal owing to acute absence of scientific researches, innovations and mechanization. Fruits like guavas, mangoes, pears, breadfruits, bananas, oranges, apples, pineapples, etc, are still subsistent and seasonal in Nigeria; likewise palm produce, yams, beans, maize and cassavas.
Environment: Nigeria is still an acute enemy of environmental sustainability. Over 60 million homes and industries still use generating plants with their consequential environmental hazards including ozone layer depletion. The natural source of oxygen dies daily in the country due to various harmful human activities on environment and there is steady extinction of wildlife in the country. Deforestation is still very high in Nigeria.
Importation: Nigeria still hugely imports goods and services and minimally exports same. The country direly needs to have surplus balances of trade and payments. The country’s foreign reserves are steadily dwindling. The China’s foreign reserves have hit up to $4trillion or more and its overseas investments worth hundreds of billions of dollars. In the case of Nigeria, reverse is acutely the case. It presently owes more than twice of its foreign reserves.
Borrowings: The country hardly borrows for productive reasons except for consumption reasons. The teething costs of governance and allowances in the country’s public governance must be drastically reduced. For instance, annual servicing of only 12,788 LGAs officials in the country takes N592Billion, which is alarming and shocking. Of the N592Billion, N550Billion is spent on allowances alone. Over N1trillion is spent annually in the payment of the wages particularly the allowances of the federal public servants; likewise in the overheads where similar amount is spent annually. All of these must be halved.
Industrialization: The country aggressively needs to be revolutionalized industrially. This involves overhauling of the country’s trade and investment policies and laws to attract huge foreign capitals as well as providing social incentives in terms of security, access roads, creation of industrial zones with their environmental impact policies and adequate credit schemes for local investors.

Energy Crisis: Nigeria is in dire need of multi-sectoral energy generation. China exports 40% of the world coal production and Japan generates about 30% of its electricity through coal. The driving engine of industrialization is steady energy generation, transmission and distribution. Though the country’s energy sector has been privatized (generation and distribution), but the trio of generation, transmission and distribution is still acutely problematic. The next government at the federal level must find solutions to the energy epilepsy in Nigeria. If the investors are not able to provide permanent solutions to the generation and distribution, then the deal should be revoked and re-privatized. The transmission sub-sector in the country’s energy presently manned by the federal government should be revisited and overhauled.
Skill Acquisition: This involves establishment and fortification of technical schools and setting aside of zero interest funds to support the citizens to be self reliant and self employed after schooling and training.
Huge Capital Allocations: Budgetary allocations for capital development in Nigeria should be reviewed triply upwards by the incoming Federal and State governments while those for recurrent expenditures including overheads and allowances should be triply reviewed downwards so as to have enough resources for capital development in the country or any part thereof. All categories of allowances and overheads including security votes in Nigeria should be halved.
Key Infrastructures: Apart from insufficiency of key public infrastructures like roads, railway, airports, stadia, hospital, education institutions, etc, which must be reversed; their round the clock maintenance must be given a priority in the country. Nigeria still grapples with acute poor maintenance culture.
Public Allowances Pay: Laws creating such obnoxious pay wages like the Pensions Law of Lagos State of 2007 and the Salaries & Allowances for Top Public Office Holders Act of the Federation 2002 as amended in 2008 should be radically amended to halve all the allowances so contained so as to mobilize adequate resources for social development in Nigeria.
New Industrial Master Plans: Nigeria is in dire need of visionary leaders and not primordial political leaders. The South-south should be expanded to retain its oil industrial zone. The Southeast and the Southwest zones should be designated as trade and commerce and technological industrial zones. The North-central zone should be agric industrial zone and the Northeast and the Northwest should serve as tourism, agriculture and research industrial zones. All the industrial zones should also be made export industrial zones.
Lastly, the above should have formed an integral part of the 2015 general elections’ presidential, gubernatorial and legislative campaigns and not the other way round. As Nigerians go to the poll tomorrow to elect the next president and federal lawmakers, it is important for them to have at the back of their minds that neither the APC nor the PDP has a robust and radical governance package that will take the country to the next level of socio-economic development, which is direly needed.

The truth, which must be addressed, for the country to move in the right path, is the issue of concentration of the country’s wealth in the hands of few citizens dominated by the political class and their cronies. This is why there is acute dearth of resources needed to turn things around for every Tom, Dick and Harry in the country. There is fundamental need to radically re-distribute the country’s wealth to make it even, fair and equitable.
The reason why Nigerians are being forced to vote either the candidate of the PDP or that of the APC is due to absence of formidable independent candidates, which the country’s body of laws still frowns at. It is important to inform that there is no hope of quick and formidable socio-economic recovery in the next national government to be formed by the PDP or the APC until a rightful candidate with ambitious leadership skills is discovered.
The performances of the candidates of the two parties in the just concluded rallies and campaigns, in terms of social contract packages they ought to offer Nigerians as their trust of next national governance, are nothing to write about. As a matter of fact, the two parties particularly the APC have no mass oriented and strategic plans for integrated development of the country if elected.
Our grouse over the 2015 general polls on the part of leading political parties and their candidates is predicated on the above. As we said earlier, the major minus of the 2015 polls on the part of INEC is its systematic and inexcusable disenfranchisement of 12.4 million registered voters of pastoralist and minority ethnic backgrounds in a presidential election involving multi ethnic groups. The Commission risks attracting tens of thousands of group law suits after the presidential poll pursuant to Section 46 of the Constitution. The INEC’s conduct is fundamental affront to the Fundamental Human Rights provisions in the Constitution.
Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman
International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law
Uzochukwu Oguejiofor, Esq., Head, Campaign & Publicity Department
Chiugo Onwuatuegwu, Esq., Head, Democracy & Good Governance Program
*Photo Caption - President Goodluck Jonathan - LEFT; General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) - RIGHT

[ Masterweb Reports: Interview by Philip Probity, Raima Khan & Babaji Halilu ] - Preamble: In our discussion with Dr Kusum Gopal, who has served as an UN Expert and is also a Technical Expert on governance and conflict had stressed on the extreme urgency-- for the Government of Nigeria at all levels to act with immediacy to implement inclusive measures towards providing citizenship, guaranteeing social security and civic facilities in all regions to redress the extreme poverty, built in-injustices and the recurring violence of vigilantism. She observed also that the military action by troops and air strikes without these curative measures have fuelled further carnage, alienating citizens and spreading into neighbouring regions involving armies and civilian populations for example, Niger and Chad. ISIL, Racism were also addressed: see below for some excerpts from our interview in Kathmandu.
Q: The massacres by the Boko Haram have increased tenfold, and now they are pledging obedience to the ISIL! What is the way forward?
Unless we understand the ‘why’ question, that is undertake a holistic analysis, evaluating lessons learned, persistent failures will continue to result. We are confronted by profound ethical dilemmas intensified in recent months by the appalling bestiality of ISIS, Prophets of Un-Truth, whom even influential leaders within Al Qaeda’s splintered factions have scathingly denounced, cautioning their brethren to distance themselves from its Pulpit. We cannot engage international blue prints or Road Maps, it has to be region specific.
Yes, their leader Mr Abubakr Sekhou has avowed allegiance to the leader of ISIS dazzled by the prospect of the Caliphate. But the Boko Haram and groups or individuals claiming to be operating under its banner, it must be emphasised are manifestations of wider culture, home-grown vigilantism specific to Nigeria. We know why the Boko Haram has been able to strike successfully—it is not so much fragility of the Nigerian state as it is in its hesitation to introduce reforms -- The true test of "good" governance is the degree to which it delivers on the promise of human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. The key question is: are the institutions of governance effectively guaranteeing the right to health, adequate housing, sufficient food, quality education, fair justice and personal security? Nigeria has the wealth and resources to help all Nigerians and thus vanquish the Boko Haram and other vigilante groups.
In sharp contrast, the western initiatives for regime change, extraneous help in the removal of powerful dictatorships, for example of Mr Saddam Hussein and Col Gaddafi has dismantled the administrative and military apparatuses which had sealed the borders, kept the populations united and controlled these regions for over half a century, naturally with calamitous consequences. Thus, ISIL has emerged in the wake of the occupation and regime change; it simply could not have happened or grown as it has otherwise. Alarming as it is to witness such bonds of allegiance proclaimed across vast swathes of territory by armies and militias that have no regard for the sanctity of human life, or humanity, its ties with the Boko Haram cannot but be tenuous.
Q; Could you explain how ISIS has come to be?
ISIL or ISIS as it is now called– ‘Islamic’State of the Levant came into existence in early 2003 -04, as Jamaat al Tawhid wa al-Jihad or IS after which Zarqawi the erstwhile leader pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda --its name changed to Tanzim-e-Qiadat al-Jihad fi Bilal al-Rafidayn. It was formed from the Iraqi Sunni groups Ansar al-Sunna and Iraqi Army fighting the Occupation under the leadership of Abu Masab al Zarqawi .Comprised in part of Saddam’s former soldiers with disparate groups of volunteers and mercenaries-- committed ‘soldiers of faith, well-armed with captured high- tech military equipment left behind by the US army for the Iraqi army. The military equipment captured by the ISIL fighters is reported to include AN/PVS-7 night vision goggles, MI6 rifles, M4 carbines, M203 grenade launchers, M60 and 240 machine guns, RPGs, surface to air stinger missiles, MI98 Howitzer artillery guns, Ack Ack guns, SP guns, scud missiles, T-55 and T-72 tanks, AMZ Dziks, MT-LB, Humvies, Helicopters, MII3 APCs, recovery vehicles. Indeed, substantial currency conservatively estimated to be in possession of over $2 billion was seized from Mosul, and their coffers are growing. Since 2010 Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has been in-charge and declared himself the Caliph Ibrahim in an attempt to hark back to the times of the Caliphate.With oil fields under their control, the Peshmerga and other armies are being overcome. Many groups of committed fighters comprise ISIL such as Jaish al-Fateheen, Jund al-Sahaba, Katbiyan Ansarul Tauhid  wal Sunnah and Jaish al Taifa al-Mansoora regard themselves as mujahedeen reminiscent of the Afghan mujahedeen fighting to liberate their peoples and land of’ all infidels’ as they put it – however, they are in truth, alienating the vast majority of their own people.
And, now with all these armies on the rampage we witness genocides in that ancient cultural terrain, the cradle of human civilisation despairing each day at the bestiality towards fellow human beings as we also witness the destruction of sacred archaeological sites. To cite a few: bombing of the holiest Shia shrine the tomb of Imam Hassan al-Askari in Samarra in 2006 and since then, destroying the holy shrine of Prophet Yunus, the Nabi Shees shrine in Mosul with dynamite, Nimrud . Such developments and the Occupation forced Shi’ia armies to be formed along with Sunni armies, and revered leaders such as Moqtada Al- Sadr have given a call to arms in self-defence. Further, on the ISIS list are Najaf and Karbala. It is extremely disturbing and, they must be stopped, sectarian conflicts have engulfed this region in flames.
It must be emphasised that these are new happenings. It is significant that the Levant experienced the benevolence of the Ottomans who governed successfully for over six hundred years, allowing freedoms of worship and conviviality: minorities of all descriptions lived together. Ottoman Sultans were Sunnis and built Shi’ia mosques, by and large permitting freedom of religious practice, allowed funds for churches and synagogues. Unbeknownst to most people is that until Islam had a well-defined Church and State (politics and religion) divide, much more so than Christianity. As theologians enlighten us, under the Ottomans, the Mughals, the Safavids as also other contemporary rulers– while the Badshah or the Caliph were seen to be imbued with divine writ for legitimacy, they did not legislate or control over religion and its practice, they did not give sermons on it either. Religion had no formal control over them and none of their subjects expected them to pontificate on spiritual matters. Islamic traditions during the medieval times, indeed until the Ottoman empire was desecrated, it maintained a palpable distinction between the civic/administration and religious matters—contributing to the success and enrichment of the Empire. The Caliphate commanded considerable support and respect, it also knitted together not just Sunni and Shi’ia but also minorities, Kurds, Druze, Coptics and so forth, employing special efforts to accommodate various, diverse cultures. In the Indian Subcontinent –an important pre-Partition agitation was the Khilafat movement supporting the Caliph in the 1920s; it was a people’s movement – all faiths. Islamic scholars and theologians also point out that the present fundamentalism is new and has garnered support because of the vacuum created by what they perceive to be the corruption and greed in their countries , which includes pre-revolutionary Iran. Arab cultures are extremely hospitable, egalitarian, democratic, indeed, tolerant since earliest times. While Jews were being persecuted in Europe for several hundred centuries in the Levant, they were treated as equals and occupied important posts: these cultures do not need to be taught democracy, it is embedded in their lifestyles. In sharp contrast, despite the immeasurably rich contributions, indeed assimilation by Jewish peoples to European civilisations and culture, they were deprecated and always made aware of their unequal status, their separateness. Not only the interpretations from religious texts including the New Testament condemned them, but nearly all European rulers passed Edicts and other laws to banish those of Jewish faith from their kingdoms or forced them to convert despite the immeasurably rich contributions they had made in various spheres of human endeavour. These discriminations has not ended as anti-Semitism is not subterranean in Europe despite the Holocaust! European nations indeed, the MENA region would benefit from learning from Ottoman wisdom: there is need to resuscitate these traditions of governance. It is only by embracing ancient wisdoms with inclusive forms of governance: these Prophets of un-truth can be vanquished.
To my mind, the Sykes-Picot lines destroyed the heimat in this terrain, trapping them into narrow ways of thinking by separating them from familiar taken-for granted habitats; it prevented natural, unconscious flowering of these cultures. Nation states were carved out without local involvement unlike as in Europe where various countries happened by naturally detaching themselves gradually over three hundred years. And, indeed, this is to my mind the roots of the angst, raison d’être of the present conflict. Brutal dictatorships which overthrew monarchies set up during the Mandates came into being such as that of Saddam Hussein who deemed the only way to govern was to annihilate all opposition. Further disquiet has been triggered by the punishing embargo which caused civilian populations to suffer, followed by the Gulf War and then, regime change: all this adding to the tensions simmering underneath for almost a century. These armies are being funded generously be they governments/ others: it is these funding interests who must reflect on the horrific slaughter of human lives and genocides to decide firmly on a peace plan. To solve these problems we need to weigh these tensions to establish forms of governance that would appeal to the people. Perhaps learned, religious representatives meet and decide with respected community representatives, and religious leaders, Sunni and Shi’ia leaders to come forth with a proposal to end this carnage.
Q: You say there needs to be greater reflection on the Sykes-Picot agreement. Can you elaborate on its connection with ISIL?
Although it happened almost a hundred years ago, these are moral fault lines, harbingers of human tragedies. The Sykes-Picot agreement sought to partition the Empire even before its demise, capriciously– the French and the British secretly drew lines: it was not done with the consultation of the peoples or their learned men. For example, the Mandates French in Lebanon and the British in Iraq carved out geographically were masks for colonialism—all the previous laws were declared null and void; the promulgated new utilitarian laws transplanted in this syncretised terrain became the source of divisiveness between Arabs, between Arabs and Turks, others. Indeed, separating peoples who were once united in conviviality and sociality; living in vilayats and sanjuqs had encouraged a freedom of expression and movement. For example, if one studies the Document, there appears to be no respect for the people nor any attempt to understand their heritage, habitats, their cultures. To illustrate: At a Downing Street meeting of 16 December 1915 Mark Sykes had declared "I should like to draw a line from the e in Acre to the last k in Kirkuk." Naturally only strong arm tactics and brutal regimes had to come into being –as traditional forms of governance were submerged. And, ill-advised events of the last century, indeed the present are a testimony to this ‘meddling’; it has now boiled over. The influence of ISIL cannot be underestimated - Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq have been overrun and the lines that divided these regions have been declared null and void. Unsurprisingly, In a video titled ‘End of the Sykes-Picot’ an ISIS spokesman noted: “This is not the first border we will break, we will break other borders"; Pointedly, their leader, Dr Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed in July 2014, "this blessed advance will not stop until we hit the last nail in the coffin of the Sykes-Picot conspiracy. What is extremely worrying is their motto to remain and to expand-- Bāqiyah wa-rg –-they have disciplined armies, funds and administrative apparatus in place.
The ISIS proclamation of a new Caliphate under Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a dangerous one, justifying their brutal actions as harkening back to what they interpret to be the time of the Prophet. It has attracted support, all age groups, both idealistic and disaffected- the deep-rooted desire for the Caliphate that all disparate groups and individuals, some as young as 15 years to travel, to serve to obey, an allegiance that cannot be broken, as sacrifice and faith motivate these people. And, the Prophets of Un-truth preaching an interpretation of Islam that has no resemblance to the Holy Qur’an. However, the majority of religious leaders, Muslims and non-Muslims are unequivocal in recognising that their promulgations and actions bear very little resemblance in spirit or in thought to what is in the Holy Qur’an, if anything it is a travesty, in contempt of the basic tenets of Islamic teachings.
Q: Could you explain further?
I am not an expert of Islam or an authority on fiqh, jurisprudence, but it is generally known that taking a life is not sanctioned, indeed, innocent lives cannot be simply taken be they Muslim or non-Muslim,   And, as a scholar has noted, Anas bin Malik, Allah's Apostle stated:"O Abu Hamza! What makes the life and property of a person sacred?" He replied, "Whoever says, 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah', faces our Qibla during the prayers, prays like us and eats our slaughtered animal, then he is a Muslim, and has got the same rights and obligations as other Muslims have." ISIS cannot be understood in the context of Islam but rather as an appalling aberration, in part a consequence of the pernicious colonial legacies, replaced by violent regimes in these regions-- its peoples have been forced to persevere with since the last century. Driven by deep rage, the immeasurable cruelty and bestial behaviour in violation of the codes of war is being reported each day-be it the beheading of Kurds, Syrians by ISIS or the revenge torture of ISIS by these armies- they are using chemical weapons. The worst affected are the civilian populations-- women and children, and certainly, minorities in these regions: to the ISIS and, to the Boko Haram they remain expendable. We now have to contend with fragmented armies indeed, militias fighting each other amidst populations of displaced civilians – a significant proportion who cannot abide by the ISIS: among them are not just religious minorities, such as the Yazidis and Shi’ias but also Sunnis. For example, in Samarra, Sunni Ulemas and Sunni groups who refused to pledge allegiance to the Caliph were murdered brutally in July 2014 and, all opposing them continue to suffer the same fate.
Q: Western military Intervention has led to mixed reactions. Is it the only solution?
It cannot be a solution. Top army generals and commanders have stated unequivocally that continued military assaults cannot guarantee success. And, more recently, Mr Prescott, the former British Deputy PM has accused Mr Blair for the radicalisation of British Muslims by waging what he described as “bloody crusades”. He is not completely wrong as there is so much anger within Europe’s minorities who grow up feeling discriminated and bullied: racism at home needs to be addressed more effectively, more inclusively.
There also exists at another level, a phenomenal mendacity, indeed, irresponsibility: an enduring unwillingness to reflect on the past hundred years of meddling. One such consequence was the destruction of the Ottoman polity- there is a German word, totschweigen, wilful denial, by an ignoring silence. We must resuscitate traditions that remain submerged specific to this region they have symbolic power and emotional appeal whereby diverse communities lived together in relative harmony: no local community exercised sovereignty over any other. Euro-American governments are able to acknowledge why but policies need to be put into place: only then we can defeat these groups be they armies or militias with ease! There needs to be more research on the politics of oil and its impact on developments since the 1920’s, as also translations need of important texts need to be re-evaluated by scholars; begin inter-faith discussions.

Q: Finally, shall we discuss race and racism?
In India there is so much discrimination also and attacks on Africans, white Europeans are not attacked! What can be done?
Racism needs to be acknowledged as a pandemic—these erroneous beliefs which wound the human spirit and humanity. In the Indian Subcontinent, we need to educate people about race. Indeed, even in Africa there is racial discrimination and there appears to be a gauge about various shades of blackness! Indeed, in India there is a very powerful misconception in India about race – indeed, these erroneous theories about Aryan invasion and about south Indians being Dravidians. The term Dravidian was conjured by Henry Caldwell a rather incompetent administrator and crept into official and thenceforth academic discourse—without being questioned! Race and colour theories emerged with European colonisers specifically German Max Mueller and British governance informed by HH Risley. A scale was drawn and anthropometric measurements undertaken to grade populations—those that were lighter skinned were deemed to be of a different race to those darker—Indeed as Frawley has demonstrated, "For example, Arya was a term of respect and not about ethnicity: it was invented as a race. There was no Aryan invasion of India and there is no divide between the north and the south—people interacted, migrations and intermarriages was extensive. We still rely on colonial translations . Translators require not just grammatical understandings but deep knowledge of the culture and metaphors- so much of colonial and post colonial published texts fall short of these requirements. Whether they are inadequate translations of Sanskrit, Arabic or indeed, Persian texts, they remain suspect. Fresh scholarship is required to reclaim history and current comprehensions re-examined.

Unconsciously people at large remain deeply ignorant and are informed by colonial ways of thinking; they measure themselves and others that way-- it is deep rooted ignorance and only education from the earliest levels can eliminate such prejudices fostered by racial profiling. The rather revolting advertisements on TV must end and actors endorsing such products need to be chastised!
We must reiterate that race constructions or tribe constructions did not originate from the existence of 'races' or tribes. It was created through European colonialism which institutionalised processes of social division into arbitrary categories fixing racial profiles independent of people’s somatic, cultural, religious belief systems. Applying the Stammbäume (charting family trees) model (not as used by Darwin) to grade levels, how superior to inferior races were governed by selection, regardless of historical evidence, reciprocal influences between scientific thought and species discusses how orders and levels came to represent an ascending staircase of social-cultural evolution, all non Europeans natives occupying the lowest rungs graded by skin colour. Certainly this ludicrous evolutionary scheme has been discarded since ---the entire race grading of people is indeed, unscientific and fallacious. We have to reject outright colonial anthropometry ---the cephalic index, the bigonial diameter, the bizygomatic diameter as indeed, all the rest. At any rate, there has always been so much interbreeding between human populations that it would be meaningless to talk of fixed boundaries between races in most parts of the world. Also, the distribution of hereditary physical traits does not follow clear boundaries. In other words, there is often greater variation within a region or groups than there is systematic variation between two geographically apart regions. Institutionalising such thinking has led to the hardening of inward-looking attitudes which formed the basis of classifications leading to continuous wrangling, and prejudice.
Whatever our colour, religion, language, status, indeed gender, the Indian Constitution states we are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. Indeed, we know these rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible. And, in India given the ancient wisdom which fostered our diversity—we have eight hundred and sixty or so languages (including dialects), accompanied by different cuisines and attire, it should be possible to correct colonial ways of thinking. Indeed there is no such thing as race just to celebrate the human race by being humanitarian in our actions.
Thank you very much Dr Gopal.
Above interview of Dr. Kusum Gopal by Philip Probity, Raima Khan & Babaji Halilu.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports ] - It's usually ( so I heard) easy to associate the 'first person singular' with pride because, as it appears, when a man makes himself a reference to a point, he tends to give undue credence to himself. But it's also true that, to drive home truths that have inference on the individual involved, using the 'I' may moderately come in handy. I previously often wondered why people shuddered at asking me "Why?" Now I know: They know the truth by its peculiar brightness. Believe it or not, y'all know my silence. I hold it on none even as I submit my confidence unto Jehovah. 

Although I intend to observe the protocol of being general and generous in speech, I will opt for the better option; I introduce myself again: My name is Ikechukwu Enyiagu and I am a Biafran. As fair and true as the Spirit of God is, I know I have a witness in Him that unto Him have I submitted all - because of my love for Him, myself and my people, and my land in Him.

The desire of the spirit of the Igbo and indeed Biafrans is freedom. Biafra remains the only taste of freedom in this world of gross matter for us; and don't even begin to dabble into redundant checks and balances of words; you do have understanding.  Here is what I am saying: people of diverse faith abound and you well know what happens when the foundation is destroyed. Without the freedom we all seek, you may only sing and dance in praise but, because you still feel bound, you often will suddenly stop feeling. And now you look at the society and wonder, over again, what may become of posterity. Therefore you get impatient and furious; some have even gone violent against selves. What seek ye?
What seek ye?  I know you have great desire to enlarge your coast and expand your territory; ye, your desire for growth is a mandate - or, at least, your right to be human. You want Biafra, but what do you need? What seek ye?

I've also had desires for posterity and my passion for Biafra has made me desire no less - therefore have I plunged myself to the depth of the messenger's creed: may your word be heard oh Lord! But woe is me when I depended on man as a true light! May I always remember that only Jehovah is faithful!
What seek ye? Now I can boast - but in God: I worked on my spirit to work out love for my people even while my flesh suffered! What more could I have given? Selling my personal peace only so my message for my people could be heard more has taught me that, for those whose reverence for Christ's suffering and glory meant nothing but a tale, nothing else could be sweater a medicine - whether to prevent or to cure man's ignorance, that what Christ has brought: the truth.
What seek ye? Those who boasted of strength to sustain and will to offer became desperate and self-centered: while some feared the truth, others denied it even when they know it's the only way out. Once, twice and more times have I tried to reason with Biafrans whose passion drive but, at every point of judgment, deep-rooted hatred and satanic passion to impose self-will on God have often covered my fellow compatriots as shield from self. How then can we advance? Where have hatred and injustice ever mixed with freedom? Permitted, one may reserve heavy hearts against his oppressors but, if one's heart is true, a healing love always gets birthed.  But nay! Those for whom I've gone below nothing to stand for still mope as in the dark; they rush at unresolved actions without first resolving their thoughts. As a result, we match a step forward, two steps back.

What seek ye? If Biafrans have not separated themselves with the heart and rush of injustice at the whims of the spirit of impunity, then I can only wonder what we seek. If we hasten to condemn our own - even those for whom we have professed the truth in the moment of truth - then I wonder what justification we assume as we "demand" freedom.  Indeed we need freedom and it's our birthright as humans but, for the freedom we need to manifest, we must - as a matter of mandate - renounce injustice. The costliest of injustices is the one done against oneself. As Biafrans, we must stop cursing and abusing injustice if we must not do so in the love of justice and in the spirit of true sacrifice and love. If we are not ready to follow justice to its logical conclusion amongst us seekers, if we shy away from every moment of mark, then I will continue to ask every Biafran, especially those violently self-destructive ones: what seek ye? Biafra...or self?
Ikechukwu Enyiagu ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

[ Masterweb Reports: Osita Ebiem reports ] - Nigeria is going to the polls to elect a president in less than one week. Understandably, there is a high level of apprehension, hence President Obama’s intervention in calling for a fair and peaceful election. This fear has remained a permanent feature in Nigeria since the inception of the country fifty something years ago. The country has never been a united country. It is a forced marriage of incongruent peoples with irreconcilable cultural and religious differences. The fear of disintegration remains a permanent scepter that continues to pervade and dog every social fabric and all events of nationwide proportion. The truth is that one (united) Nigeria is a fluke while a divided Nigeria is more realistic.

In less than ten years after its independence from the British in October 1, 1960 Nigeria descended into a bloody war of genocide and ethnic cleansing of its Igbo population. The war was fought along ethnic/religious divide. It was known as Biafra-Nigeria war or Biafra War. Before the war began in 1967 there was a pogrom. The Nigerian government in the year preceding the war directly through its military, paramilitary establishments and a mobilized citizenry carried out the mass murder of a section of its citizens; the Igbo population and the other easterners. In this 1966 massacre more than 100,000 Igbo people and some other easterners were killed. They were killed simply for who they are and not for any crimes committed by them.

The massacre forced the people to embark on the quest for self-determination and independence since they had been driven out of every part of Nigeria back to their ancestral homeland. They determined that since they were no longer accepted in Nigeria and their safety was no longer guaranteed by the Nigerian government therefore they should be able to find safety and a home within their own place. So they seceded and declared their homeland, the former Eastern Region independent from Nigeria and called the new country Republic of Biafra. The ethnic people that made up the majority of the new country are the Igbo. And they were the people that the other Nigerians wanted to exterminate from the face of the Earth.

Unfortunately, Nigeria declared a war of aggression against Biafra after their secession. But it was actually something like swiping a fly with a sledge hammer because the Nigerian government was armed to the teeth and well supplied with weapons by the British government of Prime Minister Harold Wilson and the USSR. Biafrans were practically unarmed and only fought back because they were faced with imminent total annihilation.

Nigeria went into the war with a central slogan – “To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done.” And this is the same slogan that President Obama borrowed to use in his address when he was urging Nigerians to conduct a fair and peaceful election. The President was misled by whoever that let him use that slogan. The slogan was born out of crisis, how can anyone call for peace while using a phrase that stinks of blood, hatred and destruction? The President may have meant well but he got it all wrong using the slogan. That phrase is a genocidal slogan that led to the unjust slaughter of more than 3 million Igbo people some fifty years ago.

"To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done" was used by the Nigerian state and its citizens to commit genocide against Igbo people and the other Biafrans. For every Igbo person alive today the sound of that phrase opens up an old festering wound and it’s very painful. Igbo people will demand for an apology from President Obama for hitting them at their weakest point. For President Obama to have used that slogan it shows that he is either insensitive about a people's pain or that he was being plain ignorant of their pain. Whichever way, the impact is the same, President Obama pricked the Igbo wound and it is only right that the President of the United States of America should correct this mistake. The President must convince the Igbo and Biafrans that he does not support genocide or any other form of crime against humanity as was committed by Nigeria against Igbo people. That slogan reminds every Igbo person about the genocide and war crime they suffered through and it does not befit the use of by any world leader, and not the President of the United States of America.
Osita Ebiem ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - President Barack Obama

[ Masterweb Reports: Chief Dr. Sylvester Obi Dikas reports ] - As a practioner of Necromancy and Quantum Physics, Gen. Ojukwu predicted that Candidate Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would win the presidency of 2011 and would inevitably win a SECOND TERM as Nigeria’s President.{2010-Ojukwu Archives,Enugu} In his own words, Gen. Ojukwu advised the Leadership of Igbo and all Igbo “to vote EN MASSE for Jonathan simply because he remains the best hope for the Igbo world, for the Democratic Nigeria and for the International Community”
History remembers Gen. Ojukwu for his guts, temerity and his unparalleled leadership skills and as a brilliant tactician. At 75 (2009) his general health began to fail him. Yet, he remained acerbic, pragmatic, witty and as opinionated as before. But his ability to write, cogitate and praise the Nigeria’s power brokers was seriously reduced. Nonetheless, Ojukwu was able to predict that GEJ is strategically positioned to lead Nigeria in its war on BOKO HARAM. In the interest of simplicity, I would rather paraphrase Ojukwu’s compendious song of praise for Candidate Jonathan.
Gen. Ojukwu based his prediction of Candidate Jonathan as the winner of Nigeria’s Presidency and inevitably as the second-term president is grounded on the following premise:
** The Invincible hands of GOD, Fate and Destiny gave Jonathan to Nigeria for a Reason. It’s perhaps because Candidate Jonathan understands the Mythology of the Igbo Race and the Delta Region in the Political context of Nigeria more than his critics.

** In his capacity as the Vice President,GoodluckEeleJonathan demonstrated political skills,tenacity, strategic vision and tactical nimbleness that made him a presidential timber.

** In his interim position as the V/P he demonstrated that if he were the president, he would not create a Ganster government that is idealogically driven. Rather he would encourage a government that’s focused on the needs,struggles, hopes/aspirations of the ordinary people.needs,struggles,hopes/aspirations of the ordinary people.  

** Even as the VP most Nigerians perceived him as the Messiah-capable of solving the intractable problems of the generation-INSURGENCY around the OIL DELTA REGION of Nigeria.

** According to Gen. Ojukwu, Candidate Jonathan understands that “Nigeria has a bunch of mindless extremists of all stripes-religious-red-eyed zealots and other political mischiefs, the Rain makers of the North-the Purveyors of BOKO HARAM whose goal is to overthrow any Nigerian Federal government, whose leadership is a Southerner. And in its place,they would set up an Islamic style caliphate.” {Gen. Ojukwu Archive, Enugu.]

** To borrow from Ojukwu again,”Despite its divisions, and inequalities, Jonathan would meticulously unite Nigeria-defusing potential tensions and practically avoiding a growing crisis that might give rise to another war of Holocaust and Destruction.”

** Gen. Ojukwu truly believes that given the memory of the recent Nigeria Civil War, in which the Igbo nation was almost destroyed and decapitated,it therefore makes strategic sense that only immediate GEJ Administration would guarantee the real “Marshal Plan” of true Reconstruction , Restitution and Reconciliation [the 3RS]for all the Eastern States of Nigeria.
** After his One-Term Presidency, his name ‘President Jonathan’ continues to reverberate in Africa and among International Community. It’s very visible that most world leaders would rather do business with President Jonathan than with his critics or his detractors.

** But why is GEJ so popular among Nigerians and world leaders? It’s simply because he doesn’t posses the DNA of TRIBALISM or CLANNISHNESS. Like the Hon. Professor Wole Soyinka of Africa,under the continued Leadership of Jonathan, Tribalism and the STIGMA of BOKO HARAM will be dead and buried.

** As Gen. Ojukwu observed, “Jonathan popularized himself because he recognized that building Democratic Principles needs time and patience. It takes more than one term, or even more than two terms for political miracles to be achieved in Nigeria”.

**Gen.Ojukwu as a strategic, military tactician remarked that Candidate Jonathan is gifted with the rare ability to strengthen the Democratic Institutions already in place and can invest in people and bolster National and International Security.

** In his second Term, Jonathan will reverse the tide of fiscal/financial profligacy in Nigerian Politics by bringing more women with Management/Business know- how in his administration.

** President Jonathan clearly understands the Cultural/Traditional rhythms of the Disenfranchised Delta Region/the Eastern States of Nigeria more than his curren critics and detractors.

** As a progressive thinker, problem solver and a peace-maker, Jonathan knows how to reconcile Modern Democracy/Islamic Culture with the highest sense of PRAGMATISM more than his critics.
Gen. Ojukwu Advises the Igbo Elite and Ohaneze Ndigbo:
** ” As strategic thinkers,the Igbo Nation should and must vote for Candidate Goodluck Ebele Jonathan if he asks for it because he is our best hope.”

** ” The Igbo world must recognize who their inherent enemies are. Follow the concept of Political Neutrality as demonstrated by my Surrogate-Peter Obi.”

** Don’t forget that I paid my dues-my ultimate prize to save a generation of the Igbo race.There will be no more wars as all wars are zero-sum-game.”

** If the Nemesis of BOKO HARAM continues,our best hope will be SOUTHERN SOLIDARITY-Think about its Philosophical Construct.”

** If the Igbo world is provoked again, there will be another War, but it will be a war with ‘Diplomatic Bullets’ and would be waged by Diplomatic Professionals and the Igbo ntion will be victorious.”

** I leave you with my prediction of the future Political Leadership of Nigeria:
Candidate Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will win the 2011 presidency.The Nigerian Constitution qualifies him to seek SECOND TERM as president. I therefore, humbly ask the Igbo World to vote for Jonathan under the Canopy of Ohaneze Ndigbo simply because he is our best hope for now”. [Gen.Ojukwu,2009 Enugu Archives]
Chief Sylvester Obi Dikas, Ph.D. ( Email: ), Authorized Research Scholar of Gen. Ojukwu As An Institution reports.
*Photo Caption - President Goodluck Jonathan

[ Masterweb Reports ] - President Goodluck Jonathan has commissioned the Phase 1, 504WM simple cycle gas Alaoji power station Abia State with a promise to commission the second phase in no distant time.
Speaking during the commissioning ceremony of the project, President Jonathan said that power is key to development especially to the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. 
He stated that the focus of his administration is to support and encourage MSMEs, adding that for them to thrive they need constant power supply.
President Jonathan thanked Abia State government for working in partnership with the federal government and the Rockson engineering company to realize the project.
Governor Theodore Orji in his speech thanked the President for putting in his vigour to realize the project,especially assisting the state overcome the menace of kidnapping which at a time stalled the project.
He told President Jonathan that the state has made available land for the erection of an estate for the staff of the power plant and urged him to assist in erecting the structure.
Governor Orji assured the president that Abia will show him gratitude by voting en- masse for him in Saturday’s election.
In his speech, the Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo who disclosed that the Alaoji power plant is the 4th out of the 10 plants being built across the country to be commissioned, expressed optimism that the rest will be commissioned before the end of the year.
According to him, the country currently generates 5500 MW of power from the initial 3000 in addition to 300 power projects completed by the Rural Electricity Agency which are ready for commissioning and pointed out that the Alaoji power project will ginger up industrialization as well as create job and wealth.
Also, the Managing Director of Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd., Mr. James Olotu said that the Alaoji power plant on completion will provide1074 MW of power, adding that the balance of equipment needed for the job will soon be ready.  
*Photo Caption - President Goodluck Jonathan

[ Masterweb Reports: Ihechukwu Njoku reports ] -  Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed several pertinent issues during his church service on Sunday 22nd March 2015, especially while ministering prophetic messages to congregants.
“There is a crown in your family but all the females cannot settle down,” the Nigerian cleric ‘prophesied’ to a member of his congregation in a service broadcast live on Emmanuel TV. “No single person has a husband. Those who have – after two to three months, they have a divorce.” Perplexed, the attractive young lady affirmed the message, adding that this predicament was the reason of her visiting Joshua’s church known as The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). 
“That shows that beauty or handsomeness cannot solve this problem,” Joshua stated, turning to the congregation. Waxing philosophical, he continued, “This is to tell you that when it is time to dress, make-up, take your bath and eat, it is time to hurry. Those things have little to do with your future. Don’t waste your time on what cannot guarantee your future; your mirror keeps deceiving you.”
Continuing in his prophetic messages, Joshua revealed another lady was depressed and lonely despite her outward beauty. “A beautiful woman without God is an ugly woman,” the cleric explained before praying for the lady who had travelled from Sweden to the church service.
Earlier on in the service, Joshua relayed some practical tips for businessmen in his sermon dealing with the importance of both confession and belief. “It is what you believe that translates in the life you live,” he stated. “You will never ever succeed in any business unless you really believe in that business. You must believe the product you are promoting,” he added.
Joshua bemoaned the fact that most people don’t actually believe in the job they are doing, hence their swiftness to abandon it when trouble comes and their tendency to be a ‘jack of all trades’, oftentimes holding multiple business cards.
“Today, we promote products we don’t believe in,” he surmised.  “How do we know? Eventually your doubt will surface when crisis comes.”
Referring to his own controversial sojourn in the ministry, Joshua added, “If I were not constant in my career, I would abandon Synagogue and become an accountant! If I don’t believe what I am doing, I will close this church and look for another business out there - because of crisis… Crisis should not lead to abandonment or separation. Real faith flourishes on a test.”
Citing another example, Joshua also related his message to marriage. “If you confess, ‘My wife is beautiful’ – it does not mean you actually love her. If there is crisis, you may abandon her, especially if you see someone who is more beautiful”.
The cleric further reiterated his call for prayers for Nigeria in lieu of his prediction last week about an impending plane crash, stressing that Monday 23rd March should especially be observed. He noted that he had ‘spent the night’ at a ‘prayer mountain’ to intercede for the avoidance of the calamity.
Ihechukwu Njoku ( Email: ), a  freelance Nigerian journalist reports.
*Photo Caption - Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) headquarters.