Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Seun Opejobi reports ] - A splinter group of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, “The Re-branded Indigenous People of Biafra, TRIOPOB,” has said the struggle for the actualisation of Biafra is not feasible. Spokesman of the splinter group, Chima Phillip Effiong Osuji, made the remark after a meeting convened by some aggrieved members of IPOB in Aba, Abia state.
Disclosing that the new group will denounce the struggle, Osuji said TRIOPOB will set ablaze the Biafra flag, recite Nigeria’s national anthem and pledge in Abuja. Osuji, however stressed that the spirit and intent of Biafra will be pursued inside the Nigerian nation.
According to Osuji, “TRIPOB now sees the Biafra question from a different perspective. Biafra will now become to us a powerful metaphor for change, development and greatness of the Igbos inside a united Nigeria, where the South East axis will be a utopia from the sheer determination borne out of the Biafra metaphor.
“We believe in being a part of a united Nigeria, and a new way of thinking, where the victim mentality will no longer be acceptable.
“We have accepted the fact that the Biafra Republic is not a reality but an anachronism, and doubt that the South -South region will become a part of a Biafra Republic, except by force; after a declaration of another civil war.
“That the lessons and history of the civil war will only reinforce the belief in ourselves to reach the zenith in this great country, Nigeria, where opportunities abound for every one regardless of tribe or religion, and even where such narrow sentiments exist, we will not see ourselves as victims, Never,”
“In view of this new mind-set, members of the TRIPOB and any new defectors will on October 1, 2016, make a public denunciation of a secessionist Biafra Republic at the Eagle Square, Abuja.
“The event will also include recitation of the pledge to Nigeria, our country, singing of the national anthem, followed by a solemn burning of the Biafra flag and unveiling a new Biafra flag representing pride, change, potential and spirit of the Igbo race which can thrive anywhere in the world.”
*Photo Caption - Biafran Flag

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Onitsha Nigeria, 24th August 2016)-The attention of the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) is again drawn to a recent presidential request for legitimization of emergency powers which it magisterially and tyrannically arrogated to itself since September 2015. President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has since September 2015 castrated the 1999 Constitution and illegally arrogated sweeping extra constitutional powers to itself in the governance of the country; upon which it now seeks for legislative legitimization through retroactive legislation or legislative cementation by way of executive sponsored bill. Our advocacy attention to latest executive lawlessness was drawn by the authorities of the Trent Online News. Since the inception of Gen Muhammadu Buhari’s administration on 29th May 2015, time-bombs abound and the instant case is one of them.
We wish to remind all Nigerians and members of the international community that Major General Muhammadu Buhari (as he then was) had on 31st day of December 1983 violently unseated or overthrew the democratically elected government of Alhaji Aliyu Shehu Shagari and swiftly suspended the 1979 Constitution through enactment of emergency decrees, leading to arrogation to himself of motley of emergency powers and other extra constitutional responsibilities. To ensure this, the 1979 Constitution particularly its hallowed principles of Fundamental Human Rights and Rule of Law were wickedly suspended. Some of the emergency and extra constitutional powers so wickedly arrogated were Decree 2 of 1984 (indiscriminate long detention of persons without trial) and Decree 4 of 1984 (castration of media freedom and right to freedom of expression). Following this, what was left as “the 1979 Constitution of the Military Regime” was nothing but a tissue paper.
As if that was not enough, barely three months into the Buhari’s civilian Presidency in August 2015, one of Gen Muhammadu Buhari’s staunchest allies, Dr. Yakubu Lame; a former Minister of Police Affair, went public and called for emergency powers and other extra constitutional measures for President Muhammadu Buhari for “speedy fight against corruption”. Despite wide condemnations trailing Dr. Yakubu Lame including strong suspicions and accusations that his call was “a voice of Jacob and a hand of Esau” (i.e. influenced by the Presidency); the Buhari administration went on rampage and executively abandoned and suppressed fundamental provisions of the 1999 Constitution particularly the Chapter Four and constitutional liberties; the rule of law principles and key provisions of the Chapter Two (i.e. Federal Character Principle). He also governed the country for 150 days without a cabinet or Federal Executive Council. The advocacy position taken then by Intersociety is contained in the following link (
Since then, it has been one form of gross violation of the fundamental provision of the constitution or the other till date. Under current Buhari’s Presidency, citizens are arrested with reckless abandon and thrown into long detention without trial or even charge, with many of them detained for over 90 days, which is unknown to the 1999 Constitution. Conducts clearly unknown to the Constitution are presidentially carried out for long before resorting to retroactive legislation for the purpose of their legitimization. For instance, not minding that there is no Act of National Assembly is place backing the so called “compulsory National Grazing and Grazing Reserves for Fulani Nomads in Nigeria”, yet the Presidency has since gone ahead in compelling States to cede lands among others.
Further, despite the clear provisions of Sections 1 (supremacy of the Constitution), 10 (secularity of Nigeria and non-State religion), 9 (legislative process of amending the 1999 Constitution), 14(3) (geopolitical balance in federal appointments and allocation of federal resources) and Chapter Four (constitutional liberties) of the 1999 Constitution, the Buhari administration has violated them with reckless abandon and rabid impunity. That is to say that it has also for so long subjected the sacred provisions of the 1999 Constitution to irreparable mockery and damnation. The Administration has dangerously and riotously become an extra constitutional administrator of Nigeria since September 2015. What it therefore seeks in the name of “executive emergency powers bill”, is to legitimize what it has already started. That is to say that it does not matter to the Buhari Presidency whether its wicked and unpopular bill sails through legislatively because it only seeks for its legitimization through retroactive legislation.
For the purpose of putting the records straight, we have critically and clinically studied all reasons and arguments made by the Presidency upon which it is seeking for “emergency presidential powers” whether for economic reasons or otherwise and have come to empirical conclusion that the reasons and arguments are dictatorial, tyrannical, undemocratic and grossly unconstitutional. Whatever that bedevils Nigeria governance wise under the Buhari administration, is self invited and does not require the so called “emergency presidential powers” as a solution.
That is to say that even if a four-year state of emergency is declared in Nigeria today under Buhari administration, no iota of the unfolding teething problems affecting the country can be solved. In all these, what shocks us is that Vice President, Yomi Osibanjo who is a professor of law, Senior Advocate of Nigeria and pastor of a Pentecostal Church, is being fingered as the arrow head of the referenced presidential infamy. Dry quest for political power has not only unmade great minds, but also made professors of professionalism to become professors of tyranny and divided societies.
We hereby wish to state for the records that any form of “presidential emergency powers” under the 1999 Constitution and Nigeria’s multi-cultured and party democracy is expressly unconstitutional and another invitation to anarchy. By Section 1 of the 1999 Constitution as well the laid down precedents and conventions (i.e. decided cases), the 1999 Constitution is supreme and the primus inter pares of any other law in Nigeria; followed by the African Charter on Human & People’s Rights (ACHPR) (in matters of human rights and citizens liberties). The third in rank are the Acts of the National Assembly of Nigeria and other administrative enactments (federal administrative laws). The fourth in rank are the Laws of the State and their administrative enactments, while the fifth in rank are the Local Government Edits/Bylaws. These (except ACHPR) are clearly provided under Section 4 of the 1999 Constitution. In the case of ACHPR, the Supreme Court verdict in Chief Gani Fawehimni versus Abacha (2000) is a leading case in point.
Further, by Section 9 of the 1999 Constitution, the National Assembly of Nigeria, comprising 109 members of the Senate and 360 members of the House of Reps; is empowered to amend any provision of the 1999 Constitution including Chapter Four (Fundamental Human Rights) which requires four-fifths majority of all members of the National Assembly and two-thirds majority of the 36 State Houses of Assembly. Also by Section 315 of the 1999 Constitution, “an existing law (an Act of the National Assembly or a Law of the State including Decree or Edit) shall have effect with such modifications as may be necessary to bring it into conformity with the provisions of this Constitution”.
Going by the foregoing therefore, it is obvious that the Buhari Administration is steadily and dangerously promoting presidential parochialism, primordialism, anarchy and lawlessness by seeking sweeping and teething emergency powers using economy as a disguise. By the foregoing analysis, we make bold to say that (1) President Muhammadu Buhari does not need any emergency power to wriggle himself and his administration of the mess it has put the entire country into, (2) emergency powers are traditionally dictatorial and tyrannical and must not be allowed legislatively to rear its ugly head on the polity, (3) there are a lot of laws on public economic management in Nigeria begging for executive attention, (4) Section 305 of the 1999 Constitution is enough to take care of emergencies in Nigeria, (4) any emergency power so granted Mr. President, be it for “emergency economic intervention” or under any other guise will expressly conflict with the 1999 Constitution, which amounts to anarchy and lawlessness (5) if for any reason, Mr. President finds the country’s economic policy’s laws inadequate, the specific laws can be amended; and not by seeking suspicious and spurious emergency powers; and (6) the major option or solution left for the Buhari Administration in the country’s current social, political, security and economic doldrums is for the Administration to reverse and demilitarize itself. That is to say that Nigeria can never develop and progress under current socio-political turbulence and well coordinated and orchestrated regime atrocities.  
For: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety)
Emeka Umeagbalasi(Criminologist & Graduate of Security Studies)
Board Chairman
Mobile Line: +2348174090052
Obianuju Igboeli, Esq., (LLB, BL)
Head, Civil Liberties & Rule of Law Program
Mobile Line: +2348034186332
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[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - Available veritable information in libraries and online unveil a most important record of scientific history and development that is not in the public domain and taught in schools as it should be.
The recognition and understanding of evolutionary biology is the centerpiece and foundational bedrock of the science. Nineteenth century evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin is credited with the "discovery" of this particular field of knowledge. He is called the "father of evolutionary thought," with his alleged role being taught in schools across the world.
This however is far from the truth in location, discoverer's race and time. More worthy of being called the father of evolutionary biology is a certain ninth century scientist, theologer and philosopher, Abu ‘Uthman Amr bin Bahr al-Fukaymi al- Basri, known as al-Jahiz for short.
Al-Jahiz was born in Basra, modern day Iraq in 776 and died in 868. He was a poor man and a Black man with an African father, as his nephew described. A Muslim by faith, he had a thirst for knowledge and got this from sitting in Mosque circles, learning from the many philosophical schools and notable teachers like al-Asma’i, Abu ‘Ubayda and Abu Zayd. This was the intellectual and cultural revolution period of the Muslim world, otherwise known as the Islamic golden age which ended in 1258 when the Mongols invaded and "made a sea black from ashes of burnt books and another sea red with blood of people and scholars."
Al-Jahiz's quest for knowledge admitted him into Mu’tazili theology circles and bourgeois salons, where "conversation, often light, was also animated by philosophical, theological, scientific problems."A bio can be read here.
Al-Jahiz wrote Arabic prose, extensive works on evolutionary biology, animal embryology; he developed the food chain concept, published on taxonomy and systematics; he wrote on politco-religious polemics, literature and a host of works in diverse fields. 
al-Jahiz's Evolutionary Biology Publications
Very importantly, 1000 years before Charles Darwin claimed to have discovered an evolutionary basis of the origin of the species, al-Jahiz wrote extensively and thoroughly on the very concept in books that were later shipped to Europe. Al-Jahiz described three mechanisms of evolution. These are: the Struggle for Existence, Transformation of species into each other, and Environmental Factors of evolution.
Unlike Charles Darwin who converted the theory into an atheist philosophical one, presenting that pure random events and "nature," drove evolution, al-Jahiz based evolutionary development on a God-authored and directed system, akin to today's "intelligent design," concept. He described how "ego based" competition led to survival and extinction of species and explained that the competition was not only between separate species but within species. His notes on Transformation, detailed hereditary changes or adaptations that occurred in organisms leading to progressive change and diversity. His writing is precisely the current understanding of evolutionary biology today. Al-Jahiz first explained the food chain and the relationships of organisms as food or as consumers of others.
One of his works, the "Book of Animals" listed and categorized 350 different species in groups and subgroups with evolutionary relationships as is elaborated on by taxonomists and systematists today. Indeed by his published works, the Black Muslim of poor upbringing, al-Jahiz was not only the father of evolution but the father of modern biology. 
Faith-Based Discoveries
Verses from the Muslim Holy Book have been cited as the basis and inspiration of his works. This is believed to be one more reason why atheist scientists of later generations failed to give him the credit for his pioneering modern biological understanding. Examples of these verses include: (Quran 6:2) "He is Who has created you from clay, then he spent a term of time (away from you), and (it is) a specific term he determined. Yet, you doubt (his ability)!" (Quran 71:17) "And Allah has caused you to grow from the earth a [progressive] growth." This verse is believed to mean that organisms grew from the earth (originated from Earth) progressively or in stages. (Quran 64:3) He designed you then made your design better.  (Quran 40:64) "He formed you then made your forms better." (Quran 30:27)  "God originates creation; Then reproduces it; and For him it is most easy." This verse is observed within earth strata where various organisms evolve and then new ones replace them. Quran 24:45: "Allah has created every [living] creature from water. And of them are those that move on their bellies, and of them are those that walk on two legs, and of them are those that walk on four. Allah creates what He wills. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent." The current biological understanding is that all creatures on earth today evolved from the seas, reptiles coming out first. Quran 29:20 "Say (O Muhammad): Travel in the land and see how He originated creation, then Allah bringeth forth the later creation. Lo! Allah is Able to do all things." Advices man to travel and research God's creation and also describes the replacing of creations. And Quran 21:30 “Do the unbelievers not see that the heavens and earth were fused as one unit of creation , before We clove them asunder…” Is particularly addressed to unbelievers and appears as the first mention of the big bang concept. This verse is complemented with the following verse which describes the continuous expansion of the universe: (The Winnowing ways/Scaterers, Quran 51:47) "It is We who have built the universe with (Our creative) power, and, verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it."

Darwin Accused of Plagiarism
European scientist Charles Darwin credited with being the father of evolutionary thought, was accused of having dubbed and failed to mention al-Jahiz and other Muslim scientists in his works. Writing on this Dr. T.O. Shanavas in his book, "Islamic Theory of Evolution: The Missing Link between Darwin and the Origin of Species," quoted John William Draper (1812-1883), the first president of American Chemical Society, who was a contemporary of Darwin, and a former president of the prestigious New York University as acknowledging that Muslims described the theory of evolution in their schools centuries before the West did:
I have to deplore the systematic manner in which the literature of Europe has contrived to put out of sight our scientific obligations to the Muhammadans. Surely they cannot be much longer hidden. Injustice founded on religious rancor and national conceit cannot be perpetuated forever.”(Draper, John William. The Intellectual Development of Europe, p. 42.)
Atheism vs Theism
In my view, the fundamental difference between atheist views of evolution and theist views is the concept of control and determination. Atheist scientists give the overseer role to a character called "nature," or more divinized "Mother nature," with the "mother" supposedly preferentially used over "father" to ensure people do not recognize the role-similarity with what they know as God. "Nature selected," "Natural disaster." These are terms used to describe randomness of the events yet provide a reference for an intelligent being that the human mind needs to understand is in control. In contrast, the theist says, "God did this" and "God controlled that."
For instance, on the subject of chromosomes and determination of traits, science says that random events lead to the selection of the chromosomes that are passed on in the fertilized egg, while a religious account, again un-extolled, that predates Gregor Mendel by 1400 years describes chromosomes, Quran 76:2 "We created man from a drop containing strains {nutfatin amshajin= genes} to test him," but says the chromosomes each ask God for the opportunity to be the ones that bring about the trait in the offspring: Hadith: “...The wife of a man from the Ansar bore him a black child. He took her by the hand and went to see the Messenger of Allah. She said: “I swear by the One that sent you with the truth! He married me a virgin and I never seated anyone in his place since!” The Prophet said: “You speak the truth. You have ninety-nine strains and so does he. On the time of conception all those strains shudder and there is none but it asks Allah Most High to determine resemblance through it.” 
A majority of theists also believe that at any point in the evolutionary cycle, God can replace and/or create and insert a being, as was done with Adam. Modern science has revised its homo sapiens trees severally, discarding many hominids as non ancestor "bad ends of creation" and is yet to figure out a consistent evolutionary chain for modern man. This difference is clearly a great point of philosophical, theological and scientific discussion.
al-Jahiz Must be Eulogized
As the pioneer of modern biology, there is no question that al-Jahiz's role and contributions to the science must at last be applauded and his name should be put in biology text books across the world and certainly in Black and Arab nations.
Science must not condone racism or religious bias or suppression. Believers in God and/or disbelievers must not conspire to usurp or suppress the works of others for political and theological reasons. While Darwin's theories of evolution were rather racist with his erroneous multi-origin theory of the origin of man; blacks supposedly evolving separate from whites fueled racism which was associated with the locking up of Ota Benga, an African pygmy debased as a man in the "early stages of evolution" in the New York Bronx zoo in the early twentieth century, the purpose of the "plagiarized" Black African al-Jahiz's God-inspired work was the very opposite. One can imagine how many lives would have been spared if the true Black and Muslim(believer in One God) source of this ground-breaking scientific understanding had been publicized as was due.
It is our duty to set the records straight.
Dr. Peregrino Brimah; ( Email: ) reports.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Special Report ] - A major breakthrough in chemical engineering would produce so much fuel at virtually no cost and in commercial quantity that would exceed all expectations.  This energy breakthrough tested and  gradually being introduced in the world generates unlimited supply of  environmentally friendly cheap "universal fuel" that is suitable for almost all applications. The amazing thing is that the major input required in the process is simply tiny grain of sand found all over the world. This technology is so revolutionary it would force oil companies out of business and result in the death of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
Are we talking of economic death of oil dependent countries like Nigeria? Yes, this is the naked truth. The new fuel technology will enable all nations meet their energy requirements from their backyards without importation of fossil fuel. Countries like Nigeria should be ready to do what they failed to do in almost half a century – diversification of its economy or face financial death and uprising that may lead to breakup.     
The new energy (fuel) according to International Energy Agency (IEA), could soon become the #1 source of energy on earth, surpassing oil, gas and coal.  Investors uncomfortable with sliding oil price which dipped below $35/barrel for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, are selling off their oil stocks and investing in the new energy. Bill Gates sold nearly $1 billion worth of his oil stocks. The slide in oil price is predicted to continue until it would no longer be profitable for oil companies to engage in oil exploration and drilling. 
The new cheap fuel can be harvested in most parts of the world in tremendously large quantities without drilling, mining, or growing grain for ethanol or any other biofuel. According to data from U.S. Department of Energy, the new fuel is so plentiful and rich that in one week it is estimated to produce 1,000 times more energy than oil, natural gas and coal all combined would produce in one year.
The fuel is easily accessible and very cheap that Fortune 500 companies are rushing and setting up their own power companies.  Apple has invested nearly $1 billion, Google $300 million and others including and not limited to Facebook, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart and General Motors also investing substantially.
The amazing fuel was discovered by Dr. Peter Plichta, an American and maverick in chemistry and physics. The silicon in sand can be refined, and combined with hydrogen, thus making hydrosilicons, or silanes. These molecules were not viewed seriously as good candidates for fuel production but Dr. Plichta changed it all. He devised a way to make longer-chain molecular version that looked and felt like oil. Plichta’s molecular version as a fuel reacts with not only oxygen but also atmospheric nitrogen, making very hot release of energy - an ideal fuel much in need on earth.
Threatened by the affordability of the new fuel and its environmental cleanliness, oil companies and major U.S. utility companies, including PG&E, U.S. largest power company are lobbying U.S. Congress trying to stall its growth before it decimates their profits in the energy industry.
Which way Nigeria?
*Also read => Nigeria: Who will bell the cat - abused citizens or treasury looters? *Chief Okereke Tells His Story!
*Photo Caption - Dr. Peter Plichta, inventor of new fuel.

[ Masterweb Reports: Hamisu Muhammad reports ] - The Minister of Finance Mrs. Kemi Adeosun along with the President of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali will formally inaugurate the Country Gateway Office (CGO) of IsDB in Abuja today.
A statement by Mr.  Abdullah Kiliaki, the Director of the CGO, said the ceremony will take place at the CGO premises, Central Business District (CBD), Abuja.  The president of the IDB has since arrived for the event.


“One of the goals of IsDB’s 10 year strategy is to increase its operations in its member countries. The inauguration of the CGO is an important milestone in forging stronger partnership with the government and people of Nigeria,” the statement quoted the president of the IsDB Group as saying.

The statement also said the IsDBank has approved several projects for Nigeria, such as the National Food Security Programme for Anambra, Gombe and Yobe States, as well as the Illesha Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Osun State. IsDB has also approved the Bilingual Education Programme which will benefit nine states; Adamawa, Borno, Kaduna, Kano,  Gombe, Niger, Nasarawa, Osun, Kwara and Borno States.

Daily Trust reports that Nigeria is one of the major shareholders of the bank, having formally joined in 2005, during President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration. The Nigerian government paid the sum of $3.4 million to the bank as its initial membership subscription, according to then Finance Minister, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

The IDB is an international financial institution established in pursuance of the Declaration of Intent issued by the Conference of Finance Ministers of Muslim Countries held in Jeddah in Dhul Q’adah 1393H, corresponding to December 1973.
The present membership of the bank consists of 56 countries.

*Photo Caption - IsDB headquarters in Jedda, Saudi Arabia.

[ Masterweb Reports: Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports ] - The responses from most Nigerians every time militants are alleged to have blown one pipeline or the other irritate every sensible person. They just go: "fools, idiots, let them destroy their lands, we will deal with them, Nigerian Army, wipe them off; the touts are destroying their lands, if they like it or not, Niger Delta oil remains ours" etc. It's truly a pity. If we all continue to wire our thought patterns this way or allow these political harlots and treasury looters who cling to the rudder of Nigeria’s ship as if it were a part of their palms to continue to humor our collective docile brains and mock our dirty thinking caps with their well-known tribal, religious and nepotic politics, it may never get better for anyone; things will surely get worse for everyone so much so that, in a no distant end, Nigeria may enter into history as a 'was once’ country which ended - only worse than Babylon. It should not take a rocket scientist (here, I have no intent to borrow this phrase from one politician well-known for mouthing off only so he could secure a goldmine of an office) to know that a military offensive in the Niger Delta will be the worst mistake this government would ever make - considering the high level of ethnic, religious and political restiveness being experienced today. The Ken Saro-Wiwa issue, the Odi massacre, and several other unjust treatments meted out to these people by oil companies and the federal government are still fresh in the minds of every child born there and, therefore,  directly responsible for their militancy. Those who instigate another civil war in Nigeria with the self-assurance that Nigeria would repeat the blow it dealt on Biafra, do not, perhaps, understand the difference between the task of traveling from Lagos to Abuja to deliver a letter and that of simply sending an SMS or a Chat message to pass the same message. They are stuck with the cave. But things have changed!



Just a day back, or so, it was revealed that the Nigerian airforce is to take delivery of 12 new Mi-35 attack helicopter gunships from Russia while expecting a new set of fighter jets from the United States of America. The reason, according to the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Saddique Abubakar, was to rid the country of terrorism in the North East and other serious security issues confronting the country, such as Niger Delta militancy. Going through many online fora, the thought-pattern of most Nigerians remain pretty much the same: verbatim of children who have truly lost their way. Suddenly, the issue of budget padding disappeared, Chibok girls became a temporal history, panama papers and halliburton flew off, and punching away the I-am-better-than-you on device keyboards became the new food that quenched the hunger squeezing life out  from many. Suddenly they started clapping like caged monkeys: “kill them, kill them!” In their foolishness they have once again given their lives to the politicians who have, over the years, gained mastery of how best to excite and indulge their gullibility, vulnerability and never-understanding brains. At every turn, these online puppets clamor for the deaths of common Nigerians -  be it for stealing a kobo or a handset - while they feign wailers and zombies when politicians are discussed. They rejoice that the government claims not to have money to run things right but would procure gunships and gunboats to kill people who have, over decades, been used and abused - with their lands rendered infertile and their water poisoned. They are happy because the government is preparing to kill poor and frustrated youths who are waking up to say: “hey, you must hear us!” Or perhaps you are all clapping because the government, albeit discarding history, is seemingly bend on repeating it and on committing genocide just as long as certain vested interests are maintained. Woe betide ignorance!



Now, tell me: how do you expect those from those areas to react today - putting into considerations all statistics? Watching "Black November" might - just might - give any novice a hint of their situation. And it hasn't changed a bit. Some people came into your father’s house, with certain government people backing them with arms, and claim to have the government’s approval to use your farmlands and streams as specimen that would be mutually beneficial. Out of innocent curiosity, and having faith in your government, you stood aside and watched them. Years and years you saw them lift gold and precious stones running into billions of dollars from your father’s land without as much as give you a smile. You complained repeatedly and nothing was done, but you could not stop them because they were backed with federal forces. Therefore, you shook your head and decided to return to the remaining small portion of your water and land only to find out that what they have been doing for decades has rendered your lands infertile and, not only that, your beloved water could no longer provide you with the fishes you were used to which was your only luxury. The water became a drink to death. You turned toward your houses and, behold, some of you began to fall dead on the way because of the government’s impudence which refrained them from demanding that what they considered wastes, like flared gasses, were controlled. So, today, you look around what’s left of what your father handed down to you and you become ashamed because there is nothing left for you to bequeath to your posterity - all thanks to the government representing you. Today, some of your children, having witnessed the cruelty of such invasion, have grown up to be men. And they are finding it excruciatingly difficult to live through the hypocrisy of the government and its effect of them. Worse is when they look at the developments going on in other parts of the country with the proceeds from their land and even how the companies destroying their lands have mounted their puppet handles in far-away state so as to be far away from the repercussions of the destructions they have stirred up. What would you do? Even those you sent to represent you before the government have betrayed you because they were shown money in one hand and threatened with a gun in the other hand. They call it “the federal might.” You have written to national and international bodies with nothing coming out of it; instead, some of you have died for daring. Tell me: what would you do?



Truth be told, no other section of Nigerians could have stomached this thus far. And I daresay, if I had found myself amongst these organized youths trying to make their imprints in the sands of time, woe betide me if I do not join them. When you go through what they have gone through and you know what's obtainable as your rights, first of all, as from Niger Delta, and then as a Nigerian, you would understand why all these charade from the government won't hold a sand. It's either they control their resources or the government controls it and gives them no reason to think that their resources are being mismanaged. The end-option would be a separation and a declaration of their sovereignty. You can rant all you want from your evil and most darkened heart as to why they should be destroyed, but you cannot deny that, putting you in their shoes, you would probably have done worse - that is, if you had the balls to stand for your rights.



I feel for the youths of Niger Delta who do not sympathize with the militants, although the militants themselves have not killed their own in any frenzied exhibitions; so far, they have only made material points. At this very stage for those boys, I see that 'death' is nothing more than a passage of heroes or cowards. And I must hasten to add that every Nigerian should be as 'mad' as they are if that's what it would take to retrieve and extricate our future and that of our posterity from the hands of these political demons birthed by the brutish British. Many government apologists would gladly arm their thoughts with the fact that Nigeria nearly wiped out all Biafrans when they demanded to keep a state which would guarantee their safety seeing that even the government was in bed with some sections and ethnic groups to destroy the Igbos and their brothers from the South South. These set of thinkers and ‘fellow Nigerians’ are warming up in their hearts and with their words for a repeat of the genocidal crimes of the federal government in another area of the then eastern region. They seem too sure within themselves that today’s Nigeria is a giant in war but a midget in peace. And, as far as they can prove a certain superiority and slave-mastery point, not minding that the consequences of the crime on 1967-1979 have not left us, they are satisfied. This is how deep Nigeria has fallen in every sense. With all the imaginary academic excellence and superiority, these crop of thinkers still believe that any federal military is scarier or deadlier than any well funded and trained group wearing military camouflage and carrying corresponding arms. The mockery of Biafra stems from the fact that the South East political stock and the financial bigwigs within are still living in the fear of the 1967-1970 defeat of Biafra. They do not want to risk their comfort for their people - not even legally. This has, supposedly and over time, worked in favor of the ethno-religious government of Nigeria; That only tells why it is no longer a question to think of a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction; they would rather give it to a dog or a pig or, even, a man without credible credentials and expertise to lead than allow the best of Igbo to assume the helm. Fear is worse than poverty, sickness and death combined. It is because of this very fear that successive governments have continually relegated the South East and its politicians to the background. Therefore the youth cry for Biafra armlessly and non-violently, and they are killed for it. But the case of Niger Delta militants is not the same as that of the pro-Biafrans: they have the arms, the sea and the wherewithal to prosecute. From where I stand, while this administration does everything (as it claims) to put Nigeria back to map, the only option Nigeria has as at now is a quick application of restructuring terms. No government, bent on doing what is right,  even for the more revered few, will oppose the restructuring of this present Nigeria as being the fastest and best way to restore the vision of the founding fathers to reality. And, by the way, you are within your rights to a differing opinion, though; but the truth will not be obliterated, no matter how long it appears to stay stifled.
*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria's Niger Delta Region showing its composite 8 states.

[ Masterweb Reports: Jideofor Adibe reports ] - It was quite expected that it would happen if he won the Presidency. When he came to power in December 1983 via a military coup, fighting corruption and indiscipline were the regime’s signature marks. Hundreds of high profile politicians, businessmen and civil servants were jailed for allegedly being corrupt. Queue culture was forcibly instilled during the early phase of  the regime’s War Against Indiscipline (WAI) with stern-looking soldiers flogging or taking the laws into their hands to discipline straying bloody civilians.
Buhari’s supporters often hailed those moves as part of the efforts at ‘sanitizing’ the system. They would often reminisce on how Nigeria would have become vastly different today if Buhari was not toppled by the Babangida coup.  Fighting corruption and indiscipline are at the core of the Buhari brand.


When the Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohamed gave notice about plans to re-launch WAI, he said it would be rebranded to ‘Change Begins with Me (CBWM)’ and that it would aim at instilling public morality, social order and civic responsibilities in Nigerians. 

On August 8 2016 the Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr. Garba Abari, launched the WAI Brigade.  Dr Abari was quoted as saying that the “the body would aid civil intelligence gathering in the area of insecurity, violence, kidnapping, and other forms of social vices”. The NOA DG also claimed that the President decided to re-launch the WAI Brigade because it was particularly successful when it was first deployed in 1984 as a way of correcting disorderly conducts of citizens. 

I have a few issues with the government’s re-launching of WAI:

One, it is not quite clear to me  if the new WAI Brigade  will be sharing the job of the police and the Department of States Services in gathering intelligence and  if so, how that function relates to war against indiscipline? It is also not quite clear to me  the nexus between the functions of the WAI Brigade as spelt out by Dr Abari and  Lai Mohamed’s indication that a re-launched WAI would focus on Change Begins with Me (CBWM), that is to say on the individual.

Two, proponents of a new WAI seem to forget that Nigeria of the mid 1980s is vastly different from today’s Nigeria. For instance it could be argued that at the time Buhari launched WAI in 1984, the country was far less polarized than it is today. The crisis in the country’s nation-building had not reached an alarming proportion as it has today, where  several individuals and groups are de-linking from the Nigerian state and regarding the state as their enemy. Besides, while at the time of the first WAI Nigerians largely suffered from what the American political scientist Ted Gurr would call relative deprivation (such as when people’s aspirations are either rising or constant but the capacity to meet those aspirations are stagnant or declining), today most Nigerians suffer from existential crisis (where people are questioning the very foundation of their lives as a result of lack of hope). Many are unable to see any light at the end of the tunnel.  It is therefore questionable whether what people need now is preaching.

Three, the notion that WAI under Buhari’s first coming was very successful can be interrogated. Besides the contradiction in a military government (which displayed the highest form of indiscipline by supplanting a democratically elected government) teaching civilians about discipline, Buhari did not stay long enough in power for WAI to be routinized. It is precisely at the stage of routinization of a policy and programme that its robustness is tested.  

Four, it could be argued that the decision to bring back WAI - about 32 years after it was first launched- smacks of lack of creativity. The world has vastly changed from what it was in 1984 and 1985. It is like trying to bring back town- criers at a time the revolution in communication technology has rendered such mode of mass communication obsolete.

Five, launching another ‘war’ when we are yet done or even convincingly winning the many ‘wars’ the government is currently prosecuting  - War Against Corruption’, War Against Boko Haram, War Against Pipeline Vandals, War  Against Hunger  etc  - brings to mind the government’s rather militaristic approach to issues. There is an implicit but wrong suggestion that society can only be changed through ‘war’ and coercion. And by the way not everyone agrees that the regime’s identified problems on which it is warring against are actually the real problems.  Similarly in this era where hard power is gradually giving way to soft power in the resolution of issues, why is the regime not also considering peace initiatives like launching ‘peace ambassadors’?  The truth is that ‘koboko’ approaches that depend on the personality of the President rather than the routinization of law observance, even if they work, will be temporary.
Six, I am among those who believe that Buhari is sincere in his desire to ‘fix’ Nigeria. But I have issues with some of his strategies. The retired general seems concerned more about outcomes, rather than the processes, hence everything is ‘war against’. Enduring change often requires a greater focus on processes than on outcomes.
Seven, a big part of the problem of indiscipline is systemic: I do not believe that there is anything in the genetic make-up of Nigerians that make them more undisciplined than people from other parts of the world. People would often behave in accordance with how functional or dysfunctional their system is. For instance if citizens of the so- called advanced countries were to live in a society where nothing works and nothing is guaranteed to work, they will be guaranteed to manifest as much indiscipline as the average Nigerian. This is not to justify indiscipline but to say that there are enabling conditions in the environment that facilitate indiscipline and which must be tackled too. How do you for instance preach to a civil servant who has not received six months’ salary not to moonlight or to come regularly to work?

IBB at 75

I was very impressed with the tone of the congratulatory message sent to the former military President, Ibrahim Babangida by President Buhari. In a message said to be signed personally by the President, he was quoted as saying: “There is hardly any major episode in Nigeria’s short history where your name and contribution does not feature.” In an interview to The Interview magazine recently Buhari reportedly said he was overthrown by the duo of Babangida and Gusau because he was about to probe them. That interview gave the impression that Buhari was still nursing grievances for his ouster from power. The tone of the President’s congratulatory message has however doused suggestions of Cold War between them. That was a statesmanlike statement Sir.

I have always believed that despite his shortcomings, Babangida and Obasanjo are the two most cosmopolitan leaders the country has produced. They also arguably understand Nigerians better than most. Their achievements may be overshadowed by their shortcomings but I believe that history will be kind to both men. Happy birthday Sir and May the good Lord grant you many happy years ahead.

Jideofor Adibe (07058078841 SMS only) reports.
*Photo Caption - President Muhammadu Buhari


[ Masterweb Reports: Odimegwu Onwumere reports ] - The harsh economic times in Nigeria is currently forcing humanitarian organisations to do the absurd. For instance in the health sector, all the good virtues of Florence Nightingale, the mother of nursing, have been thrown into the abyss. Medical doctors act on patients no matter how critical the condition, based on the colour of their currency bill.
Kidnapping, which was used by the Niger Delta militants to pursue their course, has become a big business even for hospitals across the country. Virtually on daily basis news reports from the media assault our collective conscience of hospitals, and health centres taking their patients hostage due to their inability to settle their bills. The most piteous is the agonising sight of mothers and babies being held captive by health organisations because of their inability to pay bills in, on time.
Findings by this writer showed that many mothers have been detained by hospitals officials they were delivered of their babies in, for failure to pay hospital bills popularly known as Awaiting Bill Settlement (ABS), they were charged.
They were billed money ranging from N500, 000 to N200, 000 as the case may be, checks have revealed, whereas many of the mothers were housewives and their husbands had little or no means of resources.
Government hospitals charged between N11, 000 and N40, 000 for antenatal alone, while private hospitals charged between N25, 000 and N100, 000, said editors of a leading newspaper.
They said the monies exclude charges for birth “either through normal delivery or by Caesarean Section (CS) and post natal care including the use of phototherapy and incubator for babies with jaundice and premature respectively.”
In some cases, the women’s husbands eloped or stopped picking calls from their wives or the hospitals authorities when they had exhausted all avenues to raise money and get their wives out of the hook.
The biting wit in most cases was that many of the women had to feed themselves and their babies, when those who were supposed to be bringing food to them from their homes, stopped bringing food on ground of scarce resources to afford food.
Solicit For Public Help
In June 2016, Gloria Okore was under arrest by the authorities of a private hospital in Lagos she was delivered of her set of triplets in, for her incapacitation to offset her medical bills of N35, 000, which was a fraction of N120,000, she was supposed to pay at the hospital.
"A disturbing but common practice in many developing countries is the detainment of women who have recently given birth and who cannot afford their hospital charges.
"Contrary to policies aimed at encouraging women to deliver in health facilities, this practice is an abuse of their rights and has implications for wider maternal and neonatal health," reported researchers Delan Devakumar and Rob Yates, June 2016.
Narrating what transpired, Okore said that although she had her babies without complications except that they were born prematurely.
It was learned that one of the babies died after, due to lack of incubator in the hospital to keep the children warm.
She appealed to government to assist redeem her of the hospital cost since her husband was a roadside trader with modicum income.
Okore later gave out her bank details, soliciting for financial help from the general public.
Many Nigerian mothers undergo the same fate as Okore’s. On October 28 2015, a similar occurrence occurred to a 23yr old B. Godwin, from Eket L.G.A in Akwa Ibom State.
When she was admitted in the labour room on that day at about 6pm, little did she know that she would be delayed by parturition, hence the suggestion by the hospital that she be transferred to an upgraded hospital.
The VOC News could testify that Godwin recounted her puzzlement at Ilasamaja health center, saying, “I was stranded because there was no cash on me.
“My husband and I stayed from 11pm to 4:30 am the following morning, before we could get assistance to take us to Isolo General Hospital.”
She was not saved at the Isolo General Hospital, either. With fear narrated by a nurse on duty that her unborn baby might die in her womb if she delayed, she was moved to Mater Christi: A specialist hospital located at 8, Bishop Okogie Street, off Ago palace way, Balogun B/stop Okota Lagos.
Instead of the baby would die, a Caesarian was performed. An outstanding bill of N150, 000 was given her out of which the husband was able to pay N50, 000.  
“As a result of the inability to pay up the complete bill, the poor woman has been detained by the hospital management for the past 2-weeks, because she and husband could not afford to pay the outstanding hospital bill,” the source educated.
Like Okore gave out her bank details for public assistance, Godwin did not shy away to do the same.
Corruption At Government Hospitals
While private hospitals charge exorbitant bills, the government hospitals that charge subsidised rates for their services, including antenatal treatment, was observed not to pay women the urgent attention they needed.
“If you want quick service, you have to part with N200 and another N100 for urine sample, which are compulsorily charged on every visiting day for the antenatal patients.
“If you don’t pay this extra charge for urine, then it’s as good as you did not come,” one pregnant woman at a government hospital, told newsmen.
Women Die Giving Birth
Many mothers and their babies have given up the ghost in the harsh birthing environment in Nigeria.
A study of The Pan African Medical Journal attributed "Nigeria still remains a major contributor to under-five mortality, contributing about 13 per cent, 9.4 per cent and 14 per cent of global under-five, neonatal and maternal deaths respectively."
A pregnant mother of three, died at a private hospital in Onitsha, during delivery on April 27 2015.
Her relatives, who upon admitting her to the hospital, went to source for elusive funds on the permission of the doctor, took her corpse to the hospital’s morgue, but hadn’t N70, 000 to pay as mortuary bill, therefore they returned the corpse to the doctor.
In December 28, 2014, a 44-year old printer recounted before journalists with International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), of how he lost his wife, F. Oduyoye, 35, in the course of putting to bed and how he paid through his nostrils.
He attributed her death to over-priced health services of the Lagos University, teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi- Araba, known as one of Nigeria’s foremost teaching hospitals.
Patients Pay For Drugs/Services Yet Given Mountainous Bills
His problem started on getting to LUTH, 7th of September, 2014, and his wife was in Accident and Emergency for three days.
“They said there were no beds, but that they will take us to the Intensive Care Unit, ICU,” the aggrieved man said.
He added that he spent N230, 000 to do X-ray, for drugs, scan and treatment on that particular day. And after donating nine pints of blood, the hospital collected N54, 000, and told him that the money was for the screening of the blood.
When hope seemed to be dwindling, the hospital’s authorities moved Folake to the theatre to operate on her on Wednesday, September 10 2014.
The man was told that the wife had infection; and after the operation, N135, 000 was charged, he paid another N250, 000 cash for ICU.
After the operation and the initial payment, N70, 000 was demanded from him again. It was noted that he paid N15, 000 every day, apart from N1, 500 for meal ticket he paid every day to the kitchen.
When Folake was discharged from the female ward on October 31, 2014, where she was later moved to, however, not discharged to go home, N1, 382, 700 was outstanding bill that he had to offset.
The hospital officials had to lock Folake in a ward until he could pay her outstanding bills.
“He had spent almost N2 million before the new bill came, meaning that he was charged a total of N3, 382, 700.
“The agitated husband’s anxiety heightened two weeks after his wife’s detention in the hospital when she developed cough and her health began to deteriorate.
“He alleged that even as she was being forced to remain in the hospital against her will, when Folake progressively got worse, the hospital refused to treat her, with the excuse that she had been discharged,” Abiose Adelaja Adams of ICIR reported.
“They killed my wife. The management of LUTH,” the bereaved man yelled, throwing his two hands in the air, while narrating his story. “They value money more than life.”
Detained For More Than 6 Months
After delivery, many mothers and their babies who were unable to afford their hospital bills, stayed for nearly 6 months or more, before reprieve could come their way through politicians looking for public stunt, or through amiable persons in the society.
A 23-year-old single mother whose name was given as A. Amadi that gave birth in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State, was in hospital by July this year, four months after she gave birth.
“While the mother and her daughter are in good health, they are not allowed to leave the public hospital until Amadi settles the N543, 000 ($1,900) bill for their care,” reported News Agency International.
The sarcasm was that Amadi who cried out that she had really suffered and they did not allow her to go out, eked a living “selling stones to construction workers for 40 naira ($0.15) per sack, and fears she may never be able to clear her debt – leaving her and her baby trapped in the Umuahia Federal Medical Centre (FMC) for the foreseeable future.”
One of the nurses who claimed anonymity hued of how mothers and their babies were treated, saying, “Sometimes, we place all the babies on one bed while the mothers sleep in chairs. Some babies have stayed here until they started crawling."
Increment In Antenatal Cost
On 27 September 2015, the editors highlighted on antenatal fee in Lagos hospitals, where the government increased the cost of medical treatment, equipment and personnel fees to N18, 000 from what it used to be.
“But the need to make the citizens, especially the poor, have access to antenatal services should be the prime consideration in the review of the fee.
“Already, most of the pregnant women who use public hospitals are complaining that the new fee is too much for them. 
“With the increase, most of these women who cannot afford private hospitals would be shut out of care as most are not gainfully employed,” said the editors.
Resort To Putting To Bed At Home
In spite of efforts to encourage pregnant women to seek help in the hospital, some of them wouldn’t, because of what they go through, as a result of precipitous hospital bills.
“In spite of efforts by the Federal Government and Kaduna State Government to ensure that all pregnant women dutifully attend antenatal care as well as deliver their babies in hospitals under the close supervision of well trained health workers, many women in the state still deliver at home,” exclaimed Christiana T. Alabi, a journalist based in Kaduna.
Doctors Arrested
Some doctors have been either arrested or taken to court for detaining mothers in their hospitals.
This was the fate of Dr. O. Afolabi, medical director of Afolabi Hospital, located at 78, Oworo Road, Oworonsoki in Bariga Local Council Development Area of Lagos, which was uncovered for detaining mothers and their babies by officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, in collaboration with the Office of the Public Defender, after a tip off.
P.M. News informed that on December 2, 2013, seven nursing mothers and their babies who could not pay the hilly bills the hospital gave them were rescued from the hospital by the government officials.
Afolabi, who delivered women of their babies through caesarian operation for a minimum of N150, 000 or more depending on their cases, was arrested by the Task Force and later released on bail after writing a statement, the source added.
People/Government Don’t Know Their Rights
“This is happening because people don’t know their rights or where to go when such happened,” the then Director, Office of the Public Defender, Mrs. Rotimi Omotola said; but the arrest may not deter unruly doctors from the practice.
“Criminal charges will be filed against the owner of the hospital if he is found guilty in the course of our investigation,” the source added.
Mary Kimani from Africa Renewal, said that mothers are experiencing this because government at all levels has refused to overcome the decline in government financing hospitals, therefore many hospitals and clinics began asking patients to pay more for services.
"The government also needs to extend the National Health Insurance Scheme so it goes to the grassroots," experts have said. "Only government workers and some private workers are entitled to it."
Odimegwu Onwumere ( Tel: +2348057778358. Email: ) reports from Rivers State, Nigeria.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Ikechukwu Nnochiri reports ] - The Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja has voided the judgment that sacked Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State from office. The court, in a unanimous decision, a five-man panel of Justices of the appellate court, vacated the June 27 verdict of Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja.
The court held that Justice Abang erred in law and occasioned a miscarriage of justice against Ikpeazu.
Justice Morenike Ogunwumiju who delivered the lead judgement, held that Justice Abang “committed a grave violence against one of the pillars of Justice” relating to fair hearing.
The court said Justice Abang placed the law on its head when it directed INEC to issue fresh Certificate of Return to Mr. Sampson Ogah.
While upholding the appeal, the court awarded N100, 000 cost against Ogah.
*Photo Caption - Abia state Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu addressing Newsmen in Umuahia after his victory at the Appeal Court. With him from L-R are Rt. Hon.
Matins Azubuike, Speaker, Abia State House f Assembly, Sir Ude Oko Chukwu, D/gov. and Dr. Eme Okoro, SSG.      Photo Government House Press


[ Masterweb Reports: Linus Effiong reports ]- Abia State health workers have locked the gate leading into their premises to protest the non payment of their six months’ salaries  by the state government on Friday. Speaking with newsmen in Umuahia, the Secretary Joint Action Committee of all Labour Unions, Mbanefo Ifeanyi, said that the state government was owing health workers in the state six months’ salaries.


Ifeanyi said that the union had written to the state Commissioner for Health over the issue, including the inability of the government to pay  the stipulated minimum wage and Consolidated Health Salary Structure [CONHESS].

He also  said that the present administration has refused to look into the disparity in the salary structure.

He said,  “We also want the state government to restore the night allowances which has been stopped for a long time now.”

Ifeanyi said that they want the state government to also pay the arrears of their CONHESS which had been approved by the immediate past administration and “has been wasting away on the desk of the health commissioner.”

Ifeanyi said, “The commissioner who got wind of our planned protest got back to us that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has approved the payment of two months’ salary, but as we speak nothing has been paid to us which made us to embark on the protest.” 
Reacting to the issue, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Nkwachukwu Agomuo, said that government was working hard to clear the arrears of salaries of the health workers.

Agomuo said that the workers are being owed for five months and not six months, stressing that the state governor has directed that the ministry ensured that the workers are paid.

The permanent secretary said that the issue of CONHESS was purely a labour matter.
 “We are not going to touch that area until the issue of ghost workers is sorted out completely.  “There are issues that need to be sorted out like some workers who are not health workers but because they are working in that ministry want to be paid CONHESS,’’ he said.

*Photo Caption - Map of Abia State