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Why I Visited Anambra State – IG of Police

Why I Visited Anambra State – IG of Police

-Masterweb Reports 
The Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar was in Anambra State yesterday on official tour of the Anambra State Police Command.

Speaking during a courtesy visit on the Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, he said he was in the State because all the times the Governor had called him on phone or visited him, that he was so passionate about security of lives and property in the State. “I am here to access the command, its operational readiness and needs”, he said. The IG said that Anambra was one of the foremost States in Nigeria in terms of economic achievement, which, according to him, flourished when there were peace and security.

Speaking about the police force, he admitted that he took over at a time the world all of over, including Nigeria, is facing security challenges. He assured Nigerians that the police would not relent. He promised to continue to work towards restoring professionalism in the police by emphasizing discipline, competence, training and motivation.

Responding, Governor Obi thanked him for the visit. He said that Anambra State Government was committed to working with legitimate security agencies in the State. He said that he had donated over 200 new patrol vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), communication equipment, among others to the police and that he would continue to support and work with them.

Obi appealed to the IG to consider Anambra security along the line of her huge population saying, “population wise, Okpoko alone should have its own command.” Describing Anambra as one of the safest States in the country, he linked the challenge os armed robbery to the volume of cash in the State, being predominantly a commercial city.

Later, at a well attended Town Hall meeting, The Inspector General of Police read a riot act, saying that road block is gone forever. According to him, Nigeria is the only country where police block roads and block easy passage by motorists. Through the ban of road blocks, Abubakar said, the police had curbed at least 70 per cent of corruption among its rank and file.

He said he would tackle the nasty issue of extorting money from detainees before bail, saying that there was nowhere in the constitution where money was prescribed for bail.
He also said that the police had drawn a code of conduct for police men and any one not toeing the line would be dismissed. But he asked the people to be courageous and resist tempting the police with bribes.

He also said that illegal use of siren must stop and that he had ordered the Anambra Commissioner of Police to enforce the law after his visit.

*Photo Caption
Gov. Obi (left) and the inspector General of police, Alhaji Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar (right), during a courtesy visit to the Governor