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Speech by Braithwaite at The National Intervention Parley


Speech by Braithwaite at The National Intervention Parley

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*Nigeria: Speech by Braithwaite at The National Intervention Parley

By Dr. Tunji Braithwaite

( Speech by Dr. Braithwaite at the national intervention parley held at Yard 158, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday 9th January, 2010. )


Please recall our specific demand 15 months ago (1st September 2008) for the institution of a Revolutionary Interim Administration in Nigeria for the sole purpose of rescuing the country from an impending disintegration into a failed state. I made that call on the platform of the NUD; Nigerians United for Democracy.

Three months after the demand, I was constrained yet again to warn our compatriots of the danger confronting us in Nigeria; that was on the occasion of the Supreme Court Judgment validating the contested election of Yar’adua. I said, on 12 December 2008, “Another ugliness in the worthless Judgment is the encouragement it clearly offers to corruption – in a country already paralysed by wholesale corruption. The message of the Judgment is that in Nigeria nothing is taboo!”

I have gone down this memory lane, only to highlight the steady and irreversible but dangerous descent into anarchy now facing us in Nigeria, due to our penchant for seeking an easy way out of a looming doom, and ignoring alarm bells.

Today, there is neither a president nor an acting president in office. In reality and in law, there is a vacuum in governance. It is a fact that before the country got to this stage, governance in Nigeria was anything but responsible to the Nigerian people. This is due yet to another fact, that both the legislatures and the executives comprise, by and large of unelected persons in the name of a charade democracy, which clearly is a swindle on the entire citizenry.

“Nigeria” in the comity of nations, is a notorious name, though the Nigerian people constitute, generally, a caring and kindly-disposed multi-ethnic commonwealth. Therefore, many a time, people like ourselves cannot comprehend how Nigerians can tolerate for so long a succession of desperadoes in governments, who plunder and cruelly ride them rough-shod with impunity and audacity, while the people appear helpless.

Corruption, reckless corruption is the order of the day in the governance of this country with attendant horrible social consequences all round. I need to save time and space by not repeating what is already notorious in the context of rotten governance in Nigeria.

But the latest sacriledge, indeed the abomination that desecrates, to which we are now being subjected must not only be pointed out, it must be resisted by all decent Nigerian compatriots from every walk of life with every fibre of our being. The forgery of the so-called absentee president’s signature on National Budget and other reckless acts by the felonious gang illegally running the Nigerian Government are just one evil too many. How deep can any nation sink, before it is rescued, if we would not be adjudged guilty of culpable dereliction of generational responsibility and duty when the imperatives dictate only one course of action? namely, to confront and annihilate the evils of national anguish before they consume the nation.

What obtains in Nigeria today is nowhere near democracy, but a wholesale fraud, whereby a gang of impostors have for so long engaged in systematic destruction of national and personal aspirations of a potentially – great country. Perhaps, the reality is that, the vaunted potentials of the country have been frittered away. ( Continues below….. )

Dr. Tunji Braithwaite

Photo Above: Dr. Tunji Braithwaite

Our people from all over the country have been traumatised long enough such that in view of the cumulative effects of corruption, irresponsibility and a dubious democracy, there is no other option now to the institution of an Interim National Administration of honourable patriots.

The question must be asked: Who is administering this nation today and on behalf of whom is that being done? The absentee president’s ministers are running wild, engaged in grandstanding against the comity of nations, clearly in ultra vires of their limit of responsibility, while at the same time, they spend our resources without any checks.

There is, now undoubtedly, an anarchic situation in Nigeria; the constitution which is the Supreme Law of the country is being steadily sabotaged and eroded by the impostors in governments.

Therefore, in asserting the sovereign power of the people of Nigeria, we call for an immediate institution of an Interim Administration, which must:

(i) Set up a regime of Peoples’ Courts throughout Nigeria to dispense Justice for and on behalf of the Nigerian people. We assert that the No. 1 enemy of peace, prosperity and democracy in this nation is the wholesale endemic corruption which has permeated almost every facet of human activity. And we reject off-hand any hypocritical notion of the constitutionalism or otherwise of such a necessary step in our chronic pathetic national state. Our position is that law and Justice must now be accorded the primacy of place in a manifestly lawless and corrupt environment. The salutary effect of this will be the unmasking of the masquerades (which in popular colloquial language are referred to as “yeye people”) occupying sacred offices in the land, and allow the strong measures be a cast-iron deterrence against the satanic evils of corruption. It is absolutely necessary that this be put in place before the next charade of elections.

(ii) We invite the Senate President to head the Interim Administration only in a spirit of compromise, provided such would not defeat the objective of this controlled revolution. But should he decline the role, we would appoint a consortium of decent, incorrigible and altruistic compatriots to head the Interim Administration.

(iii) Since our primary objective is to entrench a genuine democracy in Nigeria, the Interim Administration must “clean up” the country and dismantle all power blocs of corruption in the land, to make it a nation governed by law, Justice and fear of God, instead of the present rule by criminals.

(iv) The Interim Administration shall be the administration to organise and conduct genuine, free and transparent elections in 2011 or shortly thereafter, depending on how quickly its sole mandate of cleaning up the nation is accomplished.

Let the word go forth that these are the minimum demands, the Nigerian people make of our collectivity, and only for the purpose of avoiding a catastrophe, the end and the course of which would be impossible to control or limit.

Thank you and God bless the people of Nigeria.

*Dr. Tunji Braithwaite was the national chairman and presidential candidate of National Advanced Party(NAP)in 1983. He retired from active politics in May, 2009, but speaks on national issues when necessary. A lawyer of international repute, Braithwaite successfully represented late Fela Anikulapo Kuti during his trial over Kalakuta Republic.

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