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Disunity in Unity: A Paradox


Disunity in Unity: A Paradox

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*Nigeria: Disunity in Unity - A Paradox

By Charles M. Oluchukwu (Mazi, O.)

Nigeria is an artificial creation of the whims and caprices of the British, without recourse to the desires and aspirations of its citizenry. This, we now observe to be the major bane to unity, even when the leaders pretend and the entire nation have sufered for their pretence.

The biggest and most populous black nation has witnessed one form of violence, inter and intra ethnic crises. Series of nation building discuss and dialogue have been held, yet there seems to be no end to the numerous fracases that have bedeviled the Nigerian state.

Residents of Jos waking from the last homicide commited by northern moslems with absolute support of their clerics and monarchs late last year to witness yet another gruelling killings. This crisis has claimed over 450 lives as reported in the dailies, why remain as a nation.

Niger Delta during their fight never fought along tribal or ethnic lines, rather they sought for end to the continued marginalization of their zone which lays the golden egg that feeds the nation. Their fight was directed against the multinational companies and the government. Why then shouldn't the north allow people from other parts of the federation to live among them?

If it is not Maitasin, it will be Boko Haram or Jos crisis. Should other parts of the federation continue to die in silence? Should they continue to lose their relatives in a nation that offers nothing but suffering? Maginalization in Nigeria is a product of the northern ruling class, that had hitherto held the nation spell bound, especially during the military dictatorships. ( Continues below..... )

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The nation should go back to the drawing table and renegotiate the basis of being one nation, and if need be ( which must ) disintegrate, or form a union of confederating states with less powers at the center.

Nigeria today sufers without a head or president, and the north has refused to see reasons, just because of the illegal zoning formula. Should ethnic or sectional sentiments continue to overide national interest, growth and developement?

Worsening the situation are the political gladiators that benefit from this dysfuntional system at the detriment of people of their ethnic zones. One wonders why Gowon fought for this nation to be one, when Ojukwu sought for the independence of the South East, considering the level of dilapidation of infrastructure and social amenities in the region.

One wonders why Gideon Okar fought but was killed in his effort to divide the nation. The north should tell themselves the truth on what stake they have in this country called Nigeria, other than reaping the products and revenue accruing from the southern parts of the nation.

The country should better be a confederation or better still be balkanized into different nation-states to allow peace to reign. The problems that necessitated the Nigeria-Biafran civil war are still glaringly evident and might lead to another civil war which this time might be more disastrous for the nation.


Charles M. Oluchukwu (Mazi, O.) writes from Port Harcourt.


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