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Whither Nigeria


Whither Nigeria

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*Whither Nigeria

By Charles M. Oluchukwu (Mazi, O.)

So many years ago, a musician from Nigeria, Evang. Sunny Okosun sang "which way Nigeria, which way to go?". This question remains vivid, vital and crucial. Many would have wondered why the song, as at the time, but the answers are not far fetched today. Nigeria as a nation has lost grip and hence is falling. This arises from the leaders' actions and inactions, which have today made the nation a laughing stock amongst comity of nations.

The nation, which witnessed many years of military dictatorship, is today a symphony democracy ruled by a parasitic political class, whose major objective remains to misappropriate illegally the nation's treasury, at the expense of the 150 million citizens. Marginalization of the ethnic groups viewed as enemies of the ruling ethnic nationality becomes sin qua non.

According to the theory of Prebendalism, public treasury is regarded as prebend that can be misappropriated by officeholders for personal benefits and those of their families and close friends. This ugly situation of prebendalism have remained a reoccurring decimal in the body politic of Nigeria, leading to decayed infrastructural development, lack of social amenities and security, corruption in every sphere of the nation's three tiers of government, killing and kidnap of opposition groups. These monsters have led to every Nigerian becoming a criminal suspect in foreign countries. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Today, the nation suffers migraine headache, as all ethnic nationalities seek to acquire power by all means, leading to tribal conflicts and religious upheavals. From Maitasine to Boko Haram, to Jos crisis, to Niger Delta agitation, to Ogoni MOSOP and MOSSOB.

Thank God, today the north through the Arewa Consultative Forum ACF has accepted responsibility on behalf of the north for the so many failures of the Nigerian body politic. What remains is for those in the corridors of power to accept the truth and make a total reverse, changing for the better.

It is now unimaginable that the so acclaimed giant of Africa now looks unto Ghana to learn from, on how to conduct free and fair election, and how to eliminate political killing, brigandage, thuggery and other social vices associated with conduct of elections. WHICH WAY NIGERIA? ( Continues below..... )

President Umaru Yar'Adua of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Umaru Yar'Adua of Nigeria

Our elders, former leaders and the international communities are now calling on Yar’dua to follow the part of honour and resign, or hand over power, but the sit-tight syndrome of the Nigerian political class will not allow him, but keep him till he is disgraced out of office.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This parasitic politicians should let go now or lead the nation to disintegration. If Nigeria fails, our heroes past, who fought with their blood and life to gain freedom from the colonialists, will never forgive them, neither will posterity forgive them.

Charles M. Oluchukwu (Mazi, O.) writes from Port Harcourt.


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Map of Nigeria

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