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Nigeria Electoral Revolution Launched


Nigeria Electoral Revolution Launched

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*Nigeria Electoral Revolution Launched

By Masterweb News Desk

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What was dubbed "Nigeria Electoral Revolution” was launched in a solemn broadcast today shortly after 1.00 pm local time on Ray Power FM ( 100.5 FM Dial ) under the "Vision Nigeria" program. The launch was by a group identifying itself as People's Mandate Movement (PMM) with a website at www.nigeriapmm.org

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People's Mandate Movement (PMM)  Logo

Photo Above: People's Mandate Movement (PMM) Logo

The broadcast lasting about six minutes brought many call-ins by listeners who called to show their support for the revolution launch. According to reports, the phone lines were jammed by listeners trying to add their voices to the revolution broadcast. Click on this link => http://www.nigeriapmm.org/PMMLaunch.html to listen to a clip of the broadcast. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

The full text of the broadcast titled Nigeria Electoral Revolution Launch is reproduced below.

Nigeria Electoral Revolution Launch

Power to the people! We bring you great news of the season. On behalf of the Electoral Revolution Planning Committee we announce the launch of the organization “People's Mandate Movement” or in short “PMM”.

The objective of the electoral revolution is to usher in the people's choices as leaders and prevent the imposition of false leaders on Nigerians. We can achieve this by organizing ourselves, uniting and guarding our votes in supporting the right candidates for elective offices.

We are not a political party, but a mass mobilization movement for the reclamation of Nigeria by the people through the electoral process. Membership is free and open to all Nigerians.

You can register free at the movement's website at www.nigeriapmm.org You will find both the logo and flag of PMM on the website; feel free to carry and display these symbols. Power to the people! The website would be announced again at the end of this broadcast. In due course registration forms would be made available at selected locations nationwide to enable those who do not have access to the internet to register on ground.

Nigeria Electoral Revolution is now on course with this broadcast. We have been able to overcome all forces of darkness and anti-democracy on our march in this struggle. Power to the people! We need Nigeria by the people, for the people. Go now and register at www.nigeriapmm.org “PMM” stands for “People's Mandate Movement”, which is the name of the organization.

Nigeria belongs to you and you decide whom to give leadership mandate to. Be ready to make your votes count in the election of leaders that would serve you and not exploit the people.

Thank you great Nigerians for your patience and support in this struggle. We commend the patriotism of all People's Mandate Volunteers (PMVs).

We also e xtend our gratitude to Ray Power FM, Nigeria Masterweb and other news media that made it possible for us to reach you with news updates of the struggle.

Power to the people! Great Nigerians!!

People's Mandate Movement (PMM)  Flag

Photo Above: People's Mandate Movement (PMM) Flag

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Map of Nigeria

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