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Nigerian PDP Chairman Ogbulafor & The Igbo Wackamo


Nigerian PDP Chairman Ogbulafor & The Igbo Wackamo

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*Nigeria: Ogbulafor & The Igbo Wackamo

By Stalwart A. Mgbadike

When Children engage in autochthonous plays it is often a dramatic reenactment of pervasive environmental perception. As a child I participated in a bunch of such plays. The one play that echoes in my mind as it relates to "Vincent Ogbulafor/Chairman PDP Nigeria" is the ‘Onye kwuluoto akwatuo ya’-----translated------------ ‘If you stand up among us we shall bring you down, for I am the king and I should be standing up not you’.

In that play every kid must remain seated. Anybody who stood above the pack got whacked, tackled, brought down to earth and eliminated. Then the parties will sit down again and the next brave child would dare to rise up and again the group will bop him back to the dirt of earth on which we sat. The play goes on and on until only one lone person, the king was left standing.

The essence of the game which is captured both in the cynicism of its words and acts is to challange the audacity and repudiate the legitimacy of whosoever stands a shoulder above their peers to be the imaginary king. The duplicity of the game is that while participants are plotting and conspiring to get rid of the king they are at same time scheming to take his place once he fells.

The recent agitation championed by the Igbos to remove Prince Vincent Ogbulafor from the chair position of PDP Nigeria had made me reflect more closely on this childhood moonlight drama.

As reported in some of the Nigerian newspapers the lists of Igbo politicians rooting for the down fall of Chairman Vincent Ogbulafor is long. Look them up on the web and tell me who among these hired guns can in clear conscience cast the first stone?

Emboldened by Igbos self destructive nature other ethnic groups have piled up asking for Mr. Ogbulafor to be fired. ( Continues below….. )

PDP Chairman, Flag and Logo

Photo Above: Chief Vincent Ogbulafor, PDP Chairman-(Right), PDP Flag & Logo(s)-(Left)

Their rabid and relentless attempt to bring down Prince Vincent Ogbulafor is not based on any fundamental principle differences but rather fueled by off handed atavistic infantilism sipping out of their genetic psyche. The childhood drama bears me witness, it was entrenched, popular, fun, strong, and original and most Igbo children played it.

The Igbos will therefore continue to harass, henpeck and hound the chairman until he succumbs to their machination, then they will scheme for a way to play his part. But if they listen to their childhood lessons they will realize that they too will go down by the same sword they drew.

Now they have escalated the charges against Ogbulafor to include embezzlement.

I am the first to excoriate and be infuriated at those who have stolen or misused my country’s money but please do not give me those tired and trumped up embezzlement charges as the reasons why some Igbos insists on Mr Ogbulafor’s head.

If the only thing they can pin on him is a $ 1.5 million charge when he was a minister under Obasanjo then this man is an exceptional Nigerian politician. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

Even the oil looting imperialist racist quire boys of BBC have joined the trumpeters in reporting on Mr Ogbulafor alleged financial misappropriation. I query their newfound love for Nigerian interest.

Past and current Nigerian politicians have bribery, corruption and stolen money oozing out through their nostrils, eyeballs, ear canals and butts. Why don’t these decrepit groups of Igbo stooges call on them to step aside?

I say hold your sanity allow Vincent to continue his role on the rugged landscape of Nigeria politics. Do not demolish him support him. Let us not weaken him but strengthen him. Let us not batter him but better him. Let us not denigrate him but delegate him.

I like Vincent because he is tall, intrepid and pragmatic. It is insanely incomprehensible for some Igbos to be calling for his removal as the Nigeria PDP Chairman. He worked hard to get to this rank, a hot, strategic and essential locus from which he can open up key positions for the perniciously marginalized Igbos.

I commend Chief Ndudi Okereke, the PDP Chairman in Abia state and all other Igbos who have stepped out of the soccer field to show support for Vincent Ogbulafor. It shows a great deal of intuition, courage, hindsight and foresight.

And to Benard Eze the guy who reportedly cannot wait to usurp Vincent position I say mellow down brother and pipe down. As a kid I am confident you partook in the ‘Onye kwuluoto ------’ game just like I did and you perhaps might still harbor the lessons of the drama which is that at the end everybody goes down, everybody with the exception of one lone schizophrenic megalomaniac.


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Map of Nigeria

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