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Why Some Northern Political Leaders Fear Jonathan


Why Some Northern Political Leaders Fear Jonathan

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*Nigeria: Why Some Northern Political Leaders Fear Jonathan
( Article submitted April 5, 2011 )

By Kali Gwegwe

For the very first time in many decades, northern political leaders were told the home truth. This was made by no smaller a personality than the Sultan of Sokoto himself, His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammad Saàd Abubakar. He was of the strong opinion that northern political leaders have failed the north; pointing out that the late premier of northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, “sacrificed his life for the North and Nigeria in the pursuit of the ideals which bind us together as a nation.” He was therefore forced to ask his northern brother this direct question: “...what has happened to Sardauna’s cherished legacy of unity in diversity and being your own brother’s keeper?”

In the Sultan's opinion, hatred has taken over the place of love while violence has become very fashionable. The same sentiments have been raised by youths from the northern part of the country. Under the leadership of Mallam Ibrahim Waiya, the Northern Youth Assembly blamed political leaders from the north for being responsible for the sad tale of underdevelopment and widespread poverty in the region. Since assuming the presidency about nine months ago, President Goodluck Jonathan has made concerted efforts to reform the nation's social, political, and economic sectors.

Unfortunately, many individuals and organisations have hidden under different platforms to sabotage these noble efforts. The opposition of Jonathan's candidature even after the PDP primaries is one of the efforts aimed at salvaging the north from the claws of a few but powerful cliques that has for centuries thrived on the ignorance of the masses. One can clearly see the influence of Robert Greene and Joost Elffers' "48 Laws of Power" in the way and manner northern political leaders have related with the masses. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria (2010 - present)

In the book, law 11 states that, "To maintain your independence you must always be needed and wanted. The more you are relied on, the more freedom you have. Make people depend on you for their happiness and prosperity and you have nothing to fear. Never teach them enough so that they can do without you." The ongoing reforms will put an end to all of these and the apostles of "48 Laws of Power" in the north are not comfortable with this emerging trend. Fearing that their foundation would be unearthed, they resorted to hiding behind all sort of banners to derail the good intentions of the president.

Education is a foundational effort to fight ignorance and poverty. President Jonathan appreciates this fact and decided to liberate the Almijiris with a special educational programme aimed at improving literacy in the north. In order to reduce poverty in the region, the president also approved the release of about N30b to bail-out the textile industry based mostly in the north. A similar fiscal policy has been extended to the leather sector also in the north. The lower Niger is being dredged to stimulate massive economic activities in the north. President Jonathan has also directed that oil and gas exploration activities be intensified in the north.

This is aimed at increasing the nation's foreign exchange earnings and also indirectly improve the federation account allocations to mineral-producing states in the north. Furthermore, President Jonathan has sent an executive bill to the National Assembly seeking to establish a Hydro-Electric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (HYPADEC) to cater for the needs of the host communities of Nigeria’s hydro power plants just like the NDDC is doing for the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta region. With all the above and other noble efforts of the president in mind, it will be safe for one to argue that Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is more Hausa/Fulani than the immediate past and present generation of northern political leaders. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing some major cities, including the Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

He has shown enough will to liberate the north from social, political, and economic bondage. It will be rewarding therefore for the north to support his presidential ambition. Unknown to many, one of the strongest reason why a section of northern political leaders are against Jonathan's candidature is the latter’s choice of Architect Namadi Sambo as vice president. Right from the onset, Sambo has shown that he is not prepared to promote the "old order" in the north.

Groups like the NPLF would have preferred a northern vice president that will be in Aso Rock to pursue the interests of a few northern elitist "old brigades." The average northerner is now wise enough to read the hand writing on the wall and has decided to jettison the “old order” that has confined them to the dustbins of their few selfish elites in the corridors of power.

This is a new Nigeria. This is the reason why most northerners are singing, “I am Goodluck Jonathan. I was not born rich. If he can make it, I too can!”

Kali Gwegwe (CEO, Nigeria Democracy Watchtower 2) writes from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State and can be reached at kaligwegwe@yahoo.com ( 0806 407 4810 )

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Map of Nigeria


Comment from: Abdullateef Olaosebikan [Visitor]
Abdullateef OlaosebikanThe northerners are not ignorance of what is going on, if you noticed all the people you are referring to in the leadership cabinet they're all hiding behind PDP that is the major reason why there is violence in most of the northern state, they feel Buhari of CPC will be better off and they want all PDP's knocked out, if you recall even the Hausa's in PDP were attacked weather muslim or non-muslim during the violence especially in kaduna, it is not that they dont want Jonathan they feel PDP has done no good to the people. [lets be reasonable these people were there satisfying there selfish needs not showing any care for the populace, these are very obvious all over Nigeria we vote them in to lead and represent us not to become dictators]
05/01/11 @ 02:58
Comment from: yarlabe [Visitor] Email
yarlabethis is 21st centuary nobody can be deciev easily.it is known to many nigerians that the first thing GEJ did after he took over was to stop the inlan water ways projects all over the nation.this is just to criple the effort of his predisessor.indeed ur article contains alots of lies, unco-ordinated and contradicting informations.but the truth of the matter is that God has created us in this land and we have no other country than nigeria the only thing that will bring peace,stability, and developements is JUSTICE.wayo,misused of power are all elements of injustice and the results of injustice are always crimes and violence.there4 is now left for us to do good or bad and to live like other human beings in other part of the world or we remaind in our african zoo.finally one thing is certain we are blacks,we are nigerians,we are africans living in a small pirces of land and it will remaind so for ever.
05/01/11 @ 05:49
Comment from: onyeulo [Visitor]
onyeuloAfter all said and done,have you monitored the comissioned projects?i remember those days when the minister incharge is always on the road supervising.why is it that the present ones so lazy to go out their and see things physically in the field,likewise governors.am not from edo state,but why can they take some example from adams oshomole who is a democrat.why do they have to compensate their supporters with contracts that is not executed?shame on the nigerian administrator....
05/01/11 @ 06:01
Comment from: Joseph Akpan [Visitor]
Joseph AkpanCan you please let this publication to get to all Nigerian
news media and in Hausa, for all to read.
05/01/11 @ 08:02
Comment from: Will Ugwu [Visitor] Email
Will UgwuI have fallen in love with this miracleman called Goodluck. Nigerians should support this man that I believe God has brought to change the way we have been doing politics.
Please, support this man to take nigeria to anther level. Nigeria has been matching backword for so long now, let us match forward ones again.
We have done everything so wrong for so long, let us see if we can do them right again.
We have neglected the nation for so long, lets see if we can respect our nation again.
We have demoted our country to the last position, lets get it up to the first again.
We have reduced a giant nation to a liliput, let us make it rise again.
We have embarrassed Nigeria enough, let us make it our pride again.
The world is watching and they have been patient with us, because they all know that Nigeria was meant to lead Africa but our leaders have refused to take the mantle.
Please, stop the fight now and forever. It is time to go about the business of Nigeria and Nigerians.
05/01/11 @ 08:15
Comment from: ezeudo [Visitor]
ezeudoInteresting and that simple shows how the old leaders of the northern state are behind the killings of the south east and south south who are living in the northerner part of Nigeria, we are saying split Nigeria and lets split into two so that the northerners will have their way in their so-called place, and you all know Nigerians are never one nation, it was the British who joined us together to enable them achieve their aim. But now the southerners are saying split Nigeria into two NOW!
05/01/11 @ 09:31
Comment from: Jerry .O [Visitor]
Jerry .OWhat the North needs most is education, until that is settled poverty and under-development will continue in the North. Ultimately the whole country will be the worse for it. As a body all the parts should develop evenly anything short of that is abnormal growth. Can you imagine one leg growing faster than the other in the same body.
05/01/11 @ 10:06
Comment from: Mudashiru S. Kayode [Visitor]
Mudashiru S. KayodeThe North Should realized the need for Change in the political entity Called Nigeria.
Let us all be factual and fear God. The so called north we are all talking about today,are the present leaders following the foot steps of the founding Fathers of ONE NORTH AND ONE NATION?
Thank God, Alhaji Shettima Ali-Mongonu is still alive where most of the so called Northern leaders should have gone for re-orientation on national and regional development(in human, material, religion, and relationships).
05/01/11 @ 11:08
Comment from: M . ALI BABA KANO [Visitor]
M . ALI BABA KANONobody is scared of goodlack jonnathan in the north the fact that they putted him there.this is becaused they can control him . Don't forgets the north owned the party and the northerners dominated it. they could have through him out during the primary election when he run against ATIKU .
I do believed the so-called northern leaders have sold the north effectively because of greed, selffish,corruption and total disregard of their value,calture and religion.
JONNATHAN is a good man and i do believe he can do better not only for the north but for the entire nation if they co-orperate with him.
05/01/11 @ 11:30
Comment from: Abromene Joseph [Visitor] Email
Abromene Josephi pledge my respect to you Mr. Kali Gwegwe, wow! i need a friend like you that truly knows the better tomorrow of our Nation. How i wish you are the Minister of Information but just like Yarlabe, there are many that will not Believe yet it would'nt stop us neither their fighting and killing will change destiny. I believe in our president to deliver good governance and the change we want to see even in the face of these oppositions. I saw a credible man in Jega and i can hear a credible voice in Gwegwe.
05/01/11 @ 13:53
Comment from: Afam [Visitor] Email
AfamNigerians have started again; praise-singers are at it again. All these encommunes were also showered on Obasanjo when he was first elected. Same was the case with Babangida in 1985. The major reason why Nigerian leaders don't do well in office is because of the multitude of praise-singers and back-scratchers in the country. Their devilish songs end-up stupifying their leaders into perpetual failures. Nigerians! This is the time to open your eyes widely and constructively and objectively criticise your elected leaders to the point of night-sweats. That is the only way you can be on-guard and prevent your leaders from a sudden drift. It is the job of Nigerians to keep their leaders focused on the ball always. Lest I forget, President Jonathan so far has left the impression of a weakling. No strong leader would have his subjects plunjed into incessant bombings, kidnapping, rioting, and other tumoil all over. No articulate President would open-up imports of tooth-picks, bottled-water, petroleum products, paper-bags etc. A good President would force his country-men to go to work and produce what they need. If Jonathan does not have the guts, he will never do well in office. I believe it is too early in the day to judge. So time will tell
05/01/11 @ 17:26
Comment from: Yujin [Visitor]
YujinThe (core) northerners are not afraid of GEJ. It is just that their time is up. The struggle will not help. This empire is but a calm sweating commando sitting on a Time-bomb. GEJ is somewhat like Aguiyi Ironsi, wishing that things will fall into place for the nation many of us dream. Simply forgetting that dreams need the RIGHT and TIMELY actions to become real. All these wanton destructions by northern elements is only preparing the hearts of other segments for a detonation. If you have the eyes you will see. The murder of Federal soldiers sorry corp members on national duty is treated as a minor unlike before. Innocent blood is wailing right from the 60s through today.
05/02/11 @ 04:01
Comment from: chuka [Visitor]
chukaNigerians have voted for GEJ. What is remaining is work, work and less talk. We ve heard a lot in the past, let him now walk the talk. Enough of all these rantings!
05/02/11 @ 08:12
Comment from: Gab. E. N. [Visitor] Email
Gab. E. N.I wonder what would have become of this country if the present hub of economy is in the north. The self-centered northern leaders should reason well: encourage their youth to go for education that will promote economy of the country particularly in northern Nigeria and not primarily that which gears towards government. They should think of how to make their future generation independent of the God-given blessings on the other ethnic groups in Nigeria. This I say because whether now or later, it will be discovered that the blessing of economy will speak louder than political seats being hunted for today. Sponsoring violence is far from healthy emancipation of the future generation of northerners.
05/03/11 @ 03:33
Comment from: JOHANN NWACHUKWU [Visitor]
JOHANN NWACHUKWUWhoever aspires to rule modern Nigeria must have clean hands. The blood of innocent Nigerians murdered in the north since 1960 is still crying for vengeance.They are increasingly murdering their fellow country men and women whom they aspire to rule.
All these notwithstanding, they have brought in religion as instrument of warfare against political opponents.They have attempted to hausanize and fulaninize their neighbours in the middle belt. They have killed strangers domiciled in their territory.The worst crime against humanity is to deal treacherously with strangers who have trusted you by sojourneying in your midst.They killed pregnant women in the open, murdered innocent children and corpers sent to develope their states. The sins and crimes of the hausa/fulani north have reached heaven.
Their religious head should assemble them to pray for God's forgiveness and repentance if they want to assume their leadership role again in Nigeria.
No bloody hand can occupy Aso Rock again. If any bloody person who has directly or indirectly wasted lives ascends the throne by unconventional means, he will die on sit. God hates blood wasters.
05/03/11 @ 10:26
Comment from: Uju Christian Ikemefular [Visitor]
Uju Christian IkemefularFrom the write up above you can see that God want to show His mercies to this great country by allowing up to pass through all these rigorous process and finally choosing for us a leader that have his people at heart. Even with what we are hearing and seeing from the north, the young gentle man still the northern at his heart. My prayer is that God will him the wisdom and strenght to man his office.
05/03/11 @ 12:13
Comment from: Ezekiel Okah [Visitor]
Ezekiel OkahNigeria is a country where sycophancy is predominant. They never stop singing the praises of those in authority so far as their palms are greased but that is not what I am talking now. The truth, the Northern Leaders should know is that time is no longer on their side because they have deceived the masses for a very long time and the younger generation of Nigerians want a change from the old order. This they did by voting massively for GEJ regardless of their religious affiliation. The president on his own, should diligently select his cabinet members who will help him deliver on his campaign promises he made by saying, "I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN" to millions of Nigerians and even those youth corpers who died in serving their fatherland. He should not let them die for nothing.
05/07/11 @ 07:23

Comments are closed for this post.


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