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Terror Alert: Masked Group Gives Nigeria FG 3 Week Ultimatum


Terror Alert: Masked Group Gives Nigeria FG 3 Week Ultimatum

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*Terror Alert: Masked Group Gives Nigeria FG 3 Week Ultimatum

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A faceless group calling itself Unknown Soldiers Squad (USS) Network that sent a threat email last week to a Masterweb writer, has given Nigeria federal government a three week ultimatum. In a comment post made on July 5, the group gave the federal government three weeks to convene a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) or face terror in the land. They wrote that if their deadline for a SNC is not met, the country would witness their wrath which would not spare both the army and Nigeria State Security Service (SSS) at roadblocks. They said the ratio of their casualties at roadblocks would be 50 to 1 (apparently 1 suicide bomber).

USS comment post, just like their threat email of last week was apparently sent from a cyber cafe. The comment post was made on July 5, two days after the article on their threat email titled "Nigeria Terror Alert: Masked Group Threatens To Blow Abuja Into Pieces" was published.

USS comment post is republished unedited below.



Comment from: USS NETWORK [Visitor] 07/05/11 @ 13:39

It's of no doubt; We the Unknown Soldier's Squad (USS) Network was jobless. We are uneducated and touts, that is why we've accepted the uneducated/tout's job opportubity in Nigeria to die with the WISE & EDUCATED.

We gave Federal Government of Nigeria 3 weeks to consider a Sovereign National Conference for opinion poll and dialogue as the way forward.

We are out and bold to cause change to Nigeria bad government or die along with them. We hereby give the Government the chance to hear us first or the SOUND blast that will follow sequencially untill the WISE and EDUCATED are uncomfortable in Aso Villa.

We are aware of the SSS and the Nigeria Soldier's monting road blocks all around, unfortunately, they are all out to die with us on the day to come and can never stop us:- 50 soldier's (to) 1 - USS.


The faceless group this time in the comment post spelt their name correctly unlike in their threat email to Masterweb writer, Mr. Ikechukwu Enyiagu. A copy of USS threat email is republished in the article - "Nigeria Terror Alert: Masked Group Threatens To Blow Abuja Into Pieces" published on our website on July 3, this month.

Is USS threat to be taken seriously? It makes sense for Nigeria State Security Service (SSS) to investigate all documented cases of terror warning, to determine their credibility. This is imperative, in view of the increased terrorist attacks in recent times in the country, which have not spared Abuja, the federal capital city. Nigeria Police should be vigilant and monitor all suspicious activities rather than collecting money from suspects and motorists. The Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) unit of the force should share intelligence reports and coordinate activities with SSS.

It is not a bad idea for all ethnic groups in Nigeria to convene and agree or disagree on how to federate as Nigerians or good African neighbours. Few people based on their selfish interests should not bully others to order on "which way" for the nation. Viable nations are not built by force but by general consensus of the people through their representatives.

Faceless Niger Delta militants

Photo Above: Faceless Niger Delta militants

Late Boko Haram Leader

Photo Above: Late Boko Haram Leader, Mohammed Yusuf. Police said Yusuf was shot while trying to escape.

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Comment from: Olayoriju james ologun [Visitor]
Olayoriju james ologunNigeria a federating unit should integrate all and sundry incubate the unemployed, uneducated etc give a
sense of belonging to all it's painful to see what the priviledge Nigerian does with nigerian wealth nd can trigger hate to the system resulting to the vulnerability of our youths to vices these men are not faceless they have the back up of Nigerian senior citizen tackling this will damands a good approach
07/07/11 @ 04:19
Comment from: Oloyz [Visitor]
OloyzCalling for a SNC is a good idea, saying "No" to the leadership of a few corrupt leaders is also good one, a general consensus on our Nigerians should be governed is also a welcome idea but the Unknown Soldiers Squad should handle this diplomatically as conflict is never the best option in pursuing a cause. There are millions of Nigerians out there, educated & non educated, wise etc that are also doing all they could to bringing about the needed positive change to our beloved country hence unnecessary casualties and destruction of properties should be avoided. We all need a bloodless revolution in this country. I call on FG not to take this threat with levity but should give attention to it and convene the SNC as demanded (not for the sake of threat but because its good for the generality of the people).
07/07/11 @ 05:05
Comment from: Omeje, Iyke (Obukpa) [Visitor]
Omeje, Iyke (Obukpa)Nigeria today has turned out to be a different thing today. Security in the country is seriously becoming a matter of great concern to all, small and great. This shows how indigent a greater majority of the Nigerian populace has been all the while. I agree the cause of all this is largely due to poverty, lack of education and the whims of unemployment. Our leaders must rise up to their expectations, stop folding their hands in the offices and collecting large chunks of money to the expense of the nation. This threat alert is a shame to this country. Consequentely Nigeria has not got the required technology to check this type of threats and the perpetrators of these evils will always succeed and get away with it. The Nigeria FG should find solutions to this type of problem. Nigeria government should liase with the western world to acquire sophisticated detectors to unveil these devils in their hideouts and destroy them before they strike; control illegal possession of arms and amunitions and more importantly create job opportunities to reduce unemployment problems to the barest minimum. God save us in this country.
07/07/11 @ 05:14
Comment from: Dr Owen [Visitor]
Dr OwenI forsee this will come some day, though i had this bundled in my mind ever since i grew up as a man, travelled and reside in europe,saw whate and ways few criminal and curtist politisians take fellow citizims destinys for fun, seriously it is pathetic, on my own side i love to see this take place very soon. i know there are still real patrotic nigerian like great Ogboru and Gidon Okah who are willinf to crate histories. if the center can no longer hold let things fall apart for good, if any idiot do not like this let him go to Ogone, Owerri portharcult road, warri and the rest of niger Delta, then go to Abudja and see the diffrence, only time will tell, frome europe.
07/07/11 @ 05:36
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel  -  usaa rag tag, uneducated, hoodlums got sophisticated with guns and bombs they don't have to abil;ity to make and yet, they are using those in a terror events.

on the other hand, nigeria governance with billions harvested from the country each second, don't have the ability to route this idiots, and make them public examples? are you kidding me?

nigeria, what ever weak you weave, must be protected at all cost, boko hiram, faceless hoiodlums, or black avengers, ain't supposed to be obstacles.

do you need me?. just call
07/07/11 @ 05:41
Comment from: Abdullahi Muhammed [Visitor]
Abdullahi MuhammedWe should always fear our creator, as it is not easy to build butBut easy to destroy. Do you think God the architect and the creator is happy with us destroying His creation? Let us fear Him And carry out His duty as He has sent
07/07/11 @ 06:23
Comment from: Ayinde [Visitor]
AyindeGod help our Country o, dis Bokoharam Militants, Niger Delta Militants and Oduaa Militants are all treats to the Security and continue existence of this great Country. May I suggest that the Federal Government invite all the traditional leaders in the North, South and West to an urgent Security Meeting to discuss these issues and find a lasting solutions within a shortest time. I strongly believe that the issues can be settled by each Ethnic group leaders. Local Politicians and even the Nationally recognized one without good records should not be allowed to participate because their contributions may not be welcomed by the general public. The Security setup should be rearranged to meet international standard. The Issue of Nigerian Police be the trouble causers every time should be checked and possibly others security outfits like the Civil Defense should also be allowed to participate actively and write report on Local or National issues as the case may be. God Bless Nigeria.
07/07/11 @ 06:48
Comment from: moses [Visitor] Email
mosesany way ! It is proper 2 have d national confrence but it would have been better if federal govt can set up committee on security matter n involve prominent men 4rm d north.
07/07/11 @ 08:17
Comment from: jegede james [Visitor]
jegede jamesIf these groups are not coward, let them come out for Dialogue with their demands and stop using guriella tactics to waste innocent lives. We can still achieve the purpose of nation building without necessarily turn to anomic society. Thank you
07/07/11 @ 09:33
Comment from: ALI ISHAQ [Visitor]
ALI  ISHAQThe greatest problem is lack of accountability and honest administration by our leaders,let the government involve the traditional rulers, and religious leaders God help Nigera.
07/07/11 @ 11:27
Comment from: edede, mk [Visitor]
edede, mkThe atermath of amesty.
07/07/11 @ 12:41
Comment from: Bala Mohammed [Visitor] Email
Bala MohammedPeople should stop giving too much attention to unscrpulous elements. Whether they are educated or not, they cannot constitute themselves into a small group to terrorise the whole nation of more than one million people. Let them go to hell. On their own part let them tell us what they have contributed in making the country better. As for the boko haram, the governors of the three states (Bauchi, Borno and Gombe) were responsible for the emergence of boko haram. In Bauchi-Yuguda created the "SARA SUKA", in Gombe Goje created "YAN KALARE" in Borno Sheriff created "ECOMOG". All these were used to maim and kill for the governors. Unfortunately for the states, the groups transmuted to terror group as a result of bad and irresponsible governance on the part of these governors, except for Goje who has done well. The groups were used and dumped.Their apologies to boko haram is a testimony to their guilt and the evils that men do lives after them, the only bad thing is that these evils which they do are living after innocent people.
07/07/11 @ 13:15
Comment from: paul uzokwe [Visitor]
paul  uzokweAn idle mind is the devils man workshop.Since Nigeria got her independence until now, there has not been any progress in this country,just because of corruption and bad governance of the past and present leaders.Education that is the back bone of any nation is already destroyed.The infrastructures are nothing to talk about,human lifes are counted for nothing,and could be as cheap as a chicken. The armed forces and top government offcials are the law makers,but they are lawless themslves.How can one make a constituition,he or she will not apply or obey,and yet they expect her citizens to obey it.Romans 2 verse 21 says THOU THEREFORE WHICH TEACHEST ANOTHER,teachest thou not thyself?THOU THAT SAYEST A MAN SHOULD NOT STEAL,DOES THOU STEAL.What is happening is not strange, cause the cup of nigeria is now full,just like it happened to the Amorites.Remember in Israel,there was a time they had no king,and everybody did that which was right in his or her sight,and a time will come when nigeria will be like that,since there is no law and order.Nothing is functioning in Nigeria, even the so called ministries.People go about doing their own thing and businesses,and at the end of the month they are paid hugh amount of money for doing nothing.Is that how to run a government?The government better wake up cause they rae sleeping.
07/07/11 @ 13:26
Comment from: okpara onyedikachi [Visitor] Email
okpara onyedikachilet the lying dog rest, but we only believe in GOD if not we all will die one day. One day it will happen???
07/07/11 @ 14:03
Comment from: Dr. James Achikeh [Visitor] Email
Dr. James AchikehIn 2006 - 2007, up to 2008, the PRONACO, led by the late Chief Enahoro, conducted a meaningful and Nation wide SNC. The PRONACO SNC was represented by all ethnic rulers and representatives, Self-determination groups and Institutional organisations and Religious groups throughout Nigeria. In 2007 to 2008, the PRONACO submitted their work to the Federal Government of Nigeria under former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The Nigerian Government and politicians shoved the PRONACO work under the carpet.
Now, this USS Network group has every right to give the Federal Government of Nigeria an ultimatum to conduct SNC since, as it appears, they listen more to voilence than open debate and dialogue. Nigerian politicians and the members of National Assembly should save Nigerian citizens and actually convey, and/or, make use of PRONACO work on SNC. It is far better to live peacifully among Nigerian peoples as separate Nations or in a strong Confederation than living and maintaining Nigeria Federation (Which is not federation as it is now practised)where the people suffer and have no development in their lives.
07/07/11 @ 14:35
Comment from: Eje [Visitor]
EjeBoko Haram or whatever you call yourselves should not give ultimatum to the Government in power to convene a sovereign national conference. To discuss the affairs of Nigeria is an urgent situation which must happen before Nigeria could stand as a nation. Give Jonathan some time to organize his administration. The means of suicide bombing will never get any problem resoved, rather it is a process of disintergration.
07/07/11 @ 16:05
Comment from: bimi abula [Visitor]
bimi abulanigerians are suffering, politicians are looting, soldiers are waiting for the time bomb. my people, lets us all die together we have nothing together. nigeria is finished
07/07/11 @ 16:18
Comment from: A Okoro [Visitor]
A OkoroUnfortunately terrorim and huge sence of insecurity has become the order of the day in Nigeria as the continues its existence as a failed state.I am not surprise of this USS threat/the ultimatum because where peaceful moves are always rebuffed by the Government makes violence inevitable.Nigerians have been yearning for the SNC for many years but the powers who benefit from the chaotic scenario of Nigeria would not allow this,rather amongst others they prefer forcefully holding the country together where innocent blood is routinely wasted.Its either the leaders listen to the voice of reason or risk the chaotic disintegration of Nigeria which might not be in their favour.A word is always enough for the wise.
07/07/11 @ 16:36
Comment from: ali omachi [Visitor]
ali omachiThe proliferation of our societies with small arms smuggled into the country in the wake of do or die politics has created an army of dangerously armed youths with no well thought- out or articulate philosophy founded on widely accepted prism and logic.what is the ideological basis of 'Boko Haram'? That western eduction is 'sin' in this rocket age of advance technology? Or that 'sharia' be 'implemented' in twelve states in the north as if those twelve states have distinct soveriegnty that is independent of the Nigeria State and Constitution. What is the intellectual dept of the now emerging rag-tag group styled USS that are 'calling' for a SNC, when they don't seem educationally equipped to understand the intricacies of their 'quest'? Because of the failure of governance and security in this country, brazen acts of treason are being perpetuated with reckless impunity under different guise and aegies. Where do we go from here?
07/07/11 @ 18:19
Comment from: benjamen jeremiah [Visitor]
benjamen jeremiahit is time to seek God intervention as touching Nigeria case. With God nothing is impossible. He will heal our land
07/07/11 @ 20:37
Comment from: Moruff inaolaji [Visitor]
Moruff inaolajiIs too early to discover who is goodluc lets give him chance to address issues and stop violence
07/07/11 @ 22:14
Comment from: danny [Visitor]
dannyMy question to the faceless is, why have they not started this all those days the primitive northerners were in power, even when the so called obj was in power? why now Goodluck is in power? i personally supported the idea of breaking up nigeria because we are not one. I want the faceless to give Goodluck atleast 2years to know what he is up to,after 2years if he follow the footstep of the stuppid northern past leaders then i personally will come back and join you guys to flush and kill all of them. i HAVE MANY IDEAS TO KILL THEM BUT WE SHOULD WAIT. Faceless,if you can listen to me you will have my full support with my group also, lets give this present goverment 2years first because they will have excuse if we start attacking them now. I'M READY TO FIGHT FOR A BETTER NIGERIA IF THEY HAPPENED TO FUCK UP. We live outside nigeria and we are not happy about all the shit that have been going on.ME AND MY PEOPLE HERE WILL COME BACK WITH FULL FORCE IF GOODLUCK FAIL US AND I PROMISE YOU THAT WE WILL KILL ALL THERE CHILDREN HERE B4 COMING BACK.WE KNOW ALL THEIR HOUSES HERE AND WE MONITOR AND FOLLOW THEIR CHILDREN, SO THERE IS NO HIDING PLACE FOR THEM AND THEIR HOUSEHOLD.THANK YOU AND STAY BLESSED.
07/07/11 @ 23:06
Comment from: OSWAKE [Visitor]
OSWAKEHello Nigerians, We are rated among the most corupt coutry, The most underdeveloped because for over fifty tears of independence, they say we sre developing when in actual sense we are retrogressing, we have leadership that are insensitive to the plight of the people,Nothing is working and nothing works, see the health sector, see the education, see the industries, see security, we are among the most insecured nations of the world,People will come and reside in this country from sudan,Mali,Burkina Somalia,China,India,From Arabia world without any document,and all our security personal is interested in the 20 naira they collect from them,The IGP, CUSTOM,Immigration STINKS.We need to talk.
07/08/11 @ 03:51
Comment from: kanmi [Visitor]
kanmiNigerian leaders in power are busy looting the treasury and the disgruntled resless and asking for their shares while the sane standing akinbo in the middle watching and doing nothing. GOD HELP US.
07/08/11 @ 04:26
Comment from: austin [Visitor]
austinFirst let me attend to Boko Haram, Islam is all about peace and love, and the Holy Koran tells us that anybody who kill an innocent soul is like he has killed the whole mankind.When prophet Mohammed left Mecca to Medina because he was to be killed by the corrupt leaders , he came back boldly and fought them and he defeated them because he stood for the right path of progress and he never ever killed any innocent soul. killing innocent people, the police,Army,SSS are normal people like you and me who want to live. You people should go after the Pharoahs in Nigeria who dont want to let the country grow.All Nigerians are behind anybody that can change this country for good.We are tired is a shame to say you are from Nigeria in abroad we have almost half of the wealth that Europeans have and yet we keep dying day in day out.THIS POLITICIANS ARE KILLING HUNDREDS TO MAKE THEIR MILLIONS.those dying by accident, hospital,stavation e.t.c Do they even know how many Nigerians are dying in the Sahara desert every seconds even in abroad because this people were driving out for economic reasons.Every thing that have a beginning surely have an end .Their are two people iknow you never steal from and go free , the ALMIGHTY GOD and the PEOPLE ,their is always a payback time if you do so politicians beware because judgement day is at hand. Nigeria has come to stay,conclusively i must say to all Nigerians that NIGERIA have watch but we have time , the power that shapen our future lies in our own hands .No body can build Nigeria for us we must build it our selves. So i would like all these group to stop killing and come out boldly we are behind anybody that come for a change. I am tied like every other people.
07/08/11 @ 04:39
Comment from: Okondo [Visitor]
OkondoIt is better for Nigeria to have SNC now to avoid this unnecessary waste of blood and resources. Nigeria is almost 100 years. It can decide to live together or to go back to what it was before 1914 or even into any number of their choice.
For me, i am in support of SNC now.
07/08/11 @ 04:39
Comment from: Rafiu Akinloye [Visitor]
Rafiu AkinloyeThis terrorism will continue to strife in Nigeria in as much as corruption is encouraged in the land. Our anti corruption agencies (EFCC and the likes) are fake and powerless. They are empty barrels making the noise everywhere. Our constitution has been designed to favour corruption. We need to fight corruption first before we can make an attempt to stop these terrorisms.
07/08/11 @ 04:58
Comment from: muhammed [Visitor]
muhammedthe leader of Nigeria should provide the basic needs to their people eg water,electricity,education,health. this are basic need we Nigerians needs, if this thing will be provided to us, go and do what ever u wish do.
07/08/11 @ 05:24
Comment from: Ben Fela [Visitor] Email
Ben FelaIts rather too late to have an SNC. The situation in Nigeria as it is today is beyond redemption.Thats the truth.We are gradually retrogressing into a state of anarchy. Our past leaders saw these divisions and factions propagating in the country but turn a blind eye. May be because for the past 50 years of our nationhood, we were ruled mostly by the military who do not value public opinion. My analysis:
2. OPC (Odua people congress)--(SOUTH/YORUBA)

All these people belong to different ethnic regions in Nigeria, they speak different languages, the all have divergent religious views, tradition and culture is different. They are strange to each other.
My opinion is: To establish a confedral state or to create four countries out of Nigeria if that colud bring peace.
07/08/11 @ 06:32
Comment from: Ferdinand Frank [Visitor]
Ferdinand FrankIt is disheartening that my dear country Nigeria is dying so fast.sometimes I wonder if this country is the same one that my father used to tell me about, that in there days, final year undergraduates are being courted by different companies, ministries, just to secure there services.Days when there was no or minimal corruption,hatred and violence.
nevertheless, I want to appeal to the FACELESS, to give this new and present president a grace of 2(two) years, let us see what he can offer. we have been patient enough but let us still extend it for more 2 years. He has promised a lot of good things, lets see if he will fulfill them. If he does not in 2 years, then let hell break loose.
Than you.
07/08/11 @ 06:34
Comment from: abdulahi ahmed [Visitor]
abdulahi ahmedSir,
People do amuse me. When the north was ruling nobody wanted to divide Nigeria. The west ruled we did not divide. Now it is south south we want to divide. Some people are just wicked. We should note that without the oil of the south south Nigeria is dead. We shall fight to the last drop of our blood alongside with the south south to keep Nigeria one. Allah bless Nigeria.
A. Ahmed
07/08/11 @ 08:44
Comment from: DAGACI, M. ETSUGAIE [Visitor]
The struggle for power and all the sentiments and emotions associated with it in Nigeria is fearful and worrisome. Various peoples of the country are daily, doing everything possible, to outsmart each other using either ethnicity or religion, to extract political concession from the centre and in the process igniting anger, disdain, baseless hatred and conflict among various peoples of Nigeria. This has only assisted in threatening the peace and gradually dismantling the corporate existence of the country on which much efforts and resources have been expended.
I sometimes wonder, if Nigeria is a nation or just a geographical expression of a wide spectrum of people forced to live together. Can’t we, for God sake, do something about this ugly situation as have been variously suggested? I mean this pretence of living together by all means and in the process insulting and hurting ourselves.
We certainly can’t continue this way because we won’t get anywhere. Let us look for amicable ways of living together or otherwise. The otherwise aspect may be a painful decision but it is worth considering. In Nigeria, God has made provision for each region which if well harnessed, will make every Nigerian happy and well anywhere he/she may be within the country. In fact, I feel strongly that going through a national conference as being suggested by some groups and individuals, will be a waste of time. And of course, why must we go through another conference, when we have the national assembly where all the regions, religions and ethnic groups are democratically represented?
All we need is a motion, from any courageous member of any of the federal chambers on the continuous existence of Nigeria or otherwise; only if we are sincere. Or what do you think?

07/08/11 @ 10:04
Comment from: Kelly [Visitor]
KellyAs one nigeria one mind one vision one hope one future we should be our brothers keep,and report any suspicious act so as to make this nation a better place.it is very easy to break down put not easy 2 build. Let us think.
07/08/11 @ 10:53
Comment from: abdurrahman lawal [Visitor]
abdurrahman lawalTe reason of all creation of groups is due to the injustice and selfish interest of Nigerian leaders.
07/08/11 @ 11:22
Comment from: Jamil [Visitor] Email
JamilMy there country men and womem,we should kown that what ever we do today will showly come after us. My fellow (USS) bombing abuja or nigeria is not the solution to our predicament,please let both the muslims and the christians go into fasting and prayer for GOD intervention in our country. What ever peace can not do,then volence will never do it. Only GOD can change this country.
07/08/11 @ 11:47
Comment from: Aboh Humphrey Ebhozele [Visitor] Email
Aboh Humphrey EbhozeleIt beats my widest and yet deepest imagination that inspite of the sufferings, sufferings from starvation, corruption, total neglect of positive and beneficial policies of the Government of Nigeria, the leaders are yet to see the genuine need to better the living standard of its citizenry. Until this is done, i do not see anything good coming out of the present administration. While i do not succumb to violence, i stand fofr a Sovereign Nationnal Conference
07/08/11 @ 13:32
Comment from: VICTORY OMOEFE [Visitor] Email
VICTORY OMOEFEI dont see a faceless threat coming from a faceless group... Let them come out openly, ours in the creeks was an open ballot. I personally challenge these faceless sycophants to come out. They are bunch of barbaric idiots, if not for the sake of our brother President Goodluck Jonathan, we would have given them a run for their faceless threats.
07/09/11 @ 08:22
Comment from: Abraham Chidi Maduabuchi [Visitor] Email
Abraham Chidi MaduabuchiNigerian government should at least find a viable means of calming these men. This is a big threat to the Nation and such could avert good people who has the intension to invest in nigeria to run away to other safe country and with this development more and more joblessness will increase cursing more dangers. Please someone should tell nigerians.
07/12/11 @ 05:41
Comment from: mike [Visitor]
mikeThis is a great challenge to the Nigerian leadership, to the chief security officer,to armed forces, to the members of the senate and house of representatives. Is there no coordinated efforts of intelligence sharing to root out this ugly menace rearing up its ugly head? Should a group of disgruntled people hold the entire nation in bondage and fear? This is great challenge to all.
07/21/11 @ 18:08
Comment from: segun [Visitor]
seguni think we should import a leader to rule us bcos we cannot do anything ourselves as niajarians. our brothers from the nort are just selfish. QED
08/05/11 @ 09:22
Comment from: Tony Nimpar [Visitor]
Tony Nimparmy concern is the masses who are mostly not the benefitary of the National cake, but suffer the loses when it start.
06/08/12 @ 04:19
Comment from: dadanhamdani [Visitor]
dadanhamdanicongratulats, i like your bigs smile
07/04/12 @ 06:05

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