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Going One! Going Two! ...What Are We Worth?


Going One! Going Two! ...What Are We Worth?

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*Nigeria: Going One! Going Two! ...What Are We Worth?

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Africa on the “future” market: “…And after Tunisia was priced and sold, Egypt the great one came along: ‘Going one, going two…gone.’ It was sold too, to the highest bidder. Sudan had its price and it was commensurate to its leaders’ table of choices. The price going for Libya seems not commensurate but did it have to take redundant shakes to get its leaders singing her praises? Now, ladies and gentlemen, the giant is here- that great one, the enviable giant of Africa. We are all home to her might and greatness, to her feats and boasts. Here comes Nigeria, ‘the giant'. Let’s begin the bidding.”

This is the song of our land, the story of Africa. It’s the story of a great people, a people cut in-between the status quo and true change. “There is need for change and there must be change,” cries mother Africa. “There is a future and my children shall have great portions. But to you leaders have I presented these available options, choose wisely.” Now that Nigeria has come to the bidding table, what is she worth: Another civil war perhaps, a world terrorists’ base, or hopefully, a people driven by true wisdom? ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

"Going one, going two," it’s the bell for Nigeria. What will take us home this time? To whom shall we owe the future? What will be the history for the next generation? Bidding is inevitable and buying is sure, but the story of its transaction will leave an indelible imprint everywhere. For Nigeria, these great three-Another civil war, Terrorism, and Wisdom,-have come for this bidding and one must take her home…and that, soon enough.

Another Civil War:

This force believes that it must gain its freedom, and must do all it takes to defend what it believes in-including fighting for it and paying any price there is for its cause. This force realizes that casualties abound on the two opposing sides but has decided that nothing goes for nothing and everything counts. In the end and after a second civil war in the country, this force will leave everyone who survives it scampering from pillar to post, looking for sticks to start building all over again, and wondering why we will never grow up.


This force doesn’t believe in too many words but in action. It doesn’t consider casualties, and its major aim is to strike terror everywhere-to enthrone a state of chaos and hopelessness, and to oppose all. It realizes that there is need for ultimate sacrifices, and is willing and ever ready to offer all needed in achieving its aim. In the end, if there is ever one, every survivor is left mousing like a mouse, praying to survive, just for another day. ( Continues below….. )

Scene from Abuja MEND Nigeria golden jubilee independence celebration car bombing.

Photo Above: Scene from Abuja MEND Nigeria golden jubilee independence celebration car bombing - Forensic experts comb and examine a blast scene, looking for clues and collecting samples for forensic analysis.


This force, more powerful than all, though amenable in nature, is driven by the absolute truth, selflessness, and willingness to consider things in all honesty. It believes that, no matter how much war is fought or how the truth is covered, it will someday come to light because truth is never obliterated. It believes that a ‘round table’-the meeting of the true elders-is the seat of progress. Wisdom doesn’t consider an opponent more stupid, silly, inexperienced, and foolish than he really looks. It creates room for growth, starting with itself, and sees beyond its every fear of the truth. In the end, wisdom builds, establishes, and defends everything in its care-even better than money does.

Going one, going two…the bell is swaying in the hands of our leaders. What have you, leaders, decided for our country this time having clearly seen the dangers of indifference, whose bid have you concluded would ultimately be accepted? Boko Haram seemed a name of the illiterate few and an inconsequential sect when they started and when they sent across, including to me, a threat letter of their impending attacks before they began, but is now racking international havoc on us all. The Unknown Soldiers Squad (USS) is new on the horizon, and wisdom demands that it be not mistaken for a jobless few, and waved aside just like we tend to treat all important matters. This line of thought has dealt with us enough to resist the temptation of attending to it. And now, it’s the Great Britain warning that Al-Qaeda has concluded making Nigeria a terror base to the West. What does that tell us all? ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

I strongly believe that our leaders should call for a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) to iron out the rough edges of history and chart a meaningful and fruitful-for-all course for the future. The call for SNC shouldn’t send people with ‘personal’ interests in a ‘one nation’ panicking; rather it should help them see that their peace, prosperity, security, lives and future, and that of their families cannot successfully thrive over and against the peace, prosperity, security, lives and future of their neighbours and fellow citizens. It will give us all a common front and an organised pattern to tender our grievances, air our views, suggest opinions, make our demands, compare what we have hitherto believed to that of our brothers and neighbours, and come to an agreeable and implementable conclusion.

Our military should be trained the more on the acts of combat and to always be on the alert, but honestly, training them to fight internal disorderliness created by the selfish few in power who have refused to either step down for true democracy, allow for true justice to prevail, or help in building a more agreeable tomorrow, is not going to make much difference in the long run; if anything, it will incubate the worst kinds of nightmares and hatch them before the glaring eyes of all. There are Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya to advise us against that choice of step. And now that China wants to partner with us for speedy growth, where is the footstool without security and unity?

Let the PDP-headed government decide, for once, to do what is right, and be forever remembered for it. Let this government arrange and call for a true Sovereign National Conference. The voices of our history as a country say ‘yes’ to a Sovereign National Conference, and I say ‘yes’ too. “Let greater wisdom prevail upon us, lest in following the trivialities of incongruent memories, we divide to allow things fall apart.” Sovereign National Conference(SNC)in Nigeria is the beginning of democracy in Africa. Going one, going two…oh; wisdom, please prevail!

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Map of Nigeria


Comment from: ike obi [Visitor]
ike obithank u ikechukwu ,am happy for the south sudan
07/10/11 @ 15:11
Comment from: Okwuokei L. S. C. [Visitor]
Okwuokei L. S. C.Ike, thank very much for this write-up. quite enriching.

A word they say is enough for the wise. Before the election they were series of treat but that did not deter Nigerians from voting who they say is their choice. I praise their courage and determination in the last general election in Nigeria. We could have be there if they allow us, but will they? Another question for another day. Look around you, they are the same people who have fail the Nation before now. You could not move the boat and you refuse to allow others to move it, Abba! We are youths and we know them very well. A child was in occasion with his Father and the man was to deliver a speech. As the man began, the son said "Daddy keep quiet, you are part of the failures". What a shame! We will tell them this one day if they don't take time. SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE IS THE WAY!
07/10/11 @ 16:02
Comment from: Vandi J. Zira [Visitor]
Vandi J. ZiraWe don't have problems beyond solution in our beloved father land we are fond of shifting or drifting from reality, every Nigerian owes nigeria a sacrifice to make: we need to Put selfishness; the root of greed and offshoot of corruption to a logical termination. Then every other things will naturally fall in line. Nigeria lost her peace long ago when leaders loots and go free. It is not now that vices is looting lives that we make much noise. Let us all repent and embrace truth then the desired peace will reign. God bless Nigeria
07/13/11 @ 15:07
Comment from: uzoegbu [Visitor]
uzoegbuSovereign national conference!The panacea for all Nigeria's ills? Ghadafi suggested that Nigeria should be divided into Moslem North and Christian south. His suggestion angered Nigerians. Yes it did because Nigerians still believe in one Nigeria. Nigeria faught a war which had as its motto "to keep Nigeria is a task that must be done." The war ended with Nigeria remaining one! Abacha called a Sovereign National Conference which turned into a constitutional coference. Delegates went to Abuja, squandered millions of Naira and Nigeria remained one. A certain political leader made a statement late last year that there may be no Nigeria in 2011. The statement had an undertone of if... He lost the election and today we are in the mesh of bombings and Boko Haram!
It is unfortunate that Nigeria does not value history. History hinges on Hegelian Dialectics; thesis, antithesis, synthesis. We start with unity, then division, then the move again for unity. I believe that man should make history not history to make man.
Let us work with the given which is Nigeria as it is and find ways to strengthen its unity for our own good and for the glory of the black race.
07/17/11 @ 17:45
Comment from: partir pas cher [Visitor]
partir pas cherrealy i love nigeria
08/26/11 @ 21:51

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