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Nigeria: A Lie Which Supports Palestinian Statehood But Denies Biafra’s Inalienable Reality!


Nigeria: A Lie Which Supports Palestinian Statehood But Denies Biafra’s Inalienable Reality!

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*Nigeria: A Lie Which Supports Palestinian Statehood But Denies Biafra’s Inalienable Reality!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Has anyone ever seen such blatant and arrogant hypocrisy! Has lie ever obliterated the truth! Never! What shall we then say to these things? If a man eats his cake and expects to have it, shall he not be called a gluttonous fool? What name is more appropriate for a state which supports the establishment of another while, at the same time, does everything, not only to stop and deny the realization of the one beside it in which much blood have spilled and lives wasted, but continues to carry out policies with the intention of erasing the generation of this noble people, the Biafrans? What’s more, what game shall we say that the Nigerian government is trying to play with the international community when it sits on the rights, freedom and actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra and, at the same time, raises its corrupt and blood-soaked hand in support of another territory’s statehood? It gets funnier when one considers that this mouse called Nigeria, which cannot defend or protect even its president, thinks that it’s going to score any diplomatic point while resisting the actualization of Biafra and supporting the actualization of a Palestinian state even against the peaceful steps brought forward by the very people that protects its presidency. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

The Palestinians have a right to statehood, every right thinking person accepts that. And we accept and believe that the time for that is now and ripe. The steps towards that actualization, however, are what are being considered. The people of Biafra have experienced genocide in Nigeria just as the Israelis have all over the world. While the Biafrans have opted for a non-violent approach to the Biafran dream, the Palestinians have used every method, including rockets and all forms of violence to ascertain their rights. But while this hypocritical, corrupt and bribe-taking Nigerian government goes ahead to arrest, beat, kill, and unlawfully detain MASSOB members in their peaceful and non-violent means for a Biafran state, [1] it unashamedly raises its voice and hand in support of a state filled with all violent method. [2]

Perhaps, and I’m sure, this is the time that the torchlight of the international community should be beamed uninterruptedly on Nigeria to see how a state as hypocritical, wicked, violent against its citizens, corrupt, destructive, fraudulent, discriminatory, faulty, and politically, economically, and security-wise unstable as Nigeria could stand up boldly and assert to be an embodiment of wisdom, democracy, freedom, and human rights. I strongly believe that it’s high time the United Nations understood that, for peace to reign in Africa, Nigeria must disintegrate. I strongly believe that the Western world understands the needful urgency in creating a Biafran state as one of its greatest measures in combating terrorism in Africa. Now that terrorism in Nigeria (starting from a city less than three miles to the capital) [3] has moved to killing Igbos who cannot recite any portion of the Quran in broad daylight, the sky shall be Al-Qaeda’s limit in the world if America and the rest of the world do not urgently stand up to support for the Biafran statehood. ( Continues below..... )

Uwazuruike in Federal High Court, Abuja

Photo Above: Chief Ralph Uwazuruike in Federal High Court, Abuja., Tuesday, November 9, 2005 facing treason charges.

If indeed there should be a Palestinian state now, then there should be a Biafran state now. If the government of Nigeria claims to believe it proper that the Palestinians are due for statehood, then it will amount to an international display of immaturity, foolishness, and arrogant callousness when it goes on to deny and resist the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra. It’s childish and unthinkable that a blind man could claim to see where the seeing should step on; it’s totally laughable and shameful that the Nigerian government could feel secure in the hands of Israel and still speak like an ungrateful baby. Palestine is due for statehood, yes, and Biafra is due for statehood too! If freedom must come with a cost, Biafrans have paid double, and if peace is the process, Biafrans have known this way. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

Photo Above: Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

It’s important for everyone from everywhere, including Nigerians, to know that those who claim to be leaders in Nigeria have gone totally bonkers. A nation where the president is protected by a foreign security outfit [4] is not fit for a state within a state, and a nation where the first lady publicly and before the international community overshadows the president, her husband, [5] is a laughing stock amongst other diplomats and heads of state. The beauty of divine justice is that, no matter how much money you steal, no matter how much power you wield, and no matter how much blood you spill, your end shall be greatly shameful. That’s the inevitable end of Nigeria.

A stitch in time saves nine. Israel fought the 1967 war (also known as the June War, 1967) which stretched the Palestinian statehood actualization to this date barely a month before Biafra declared independence which led to Nigeria’s genocide against her (Nigerian-Biafran War, 6 July 1967). If Nigeria must speak in defense for human rights in the international community or anywhere else, it must start by speaking in defense for human rights at home. [6] This hypocrisy and this nationally-glorified life of sycophancy amongst Nigerian leaders can only bring one thing back home: more decay. Unless and until Nigeria releases its hold on Biafra, peace, freedom and human rights will continue to elude all in Nigeria. By the way, it does not matter what Pharaoh thinks or believes, God’s people must go. It matters not how many children Herod the king has killed is search of the seed of Abraham, the ‘born of the spirit’ shall not be touched.



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[6] UN Chief Urges Jonathan to Keep Eye On Cote d’ Ivoire, Liberia http://theliberiantimes.com/?p=910


Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Map of Nigeria


Comment from: Isaac Fiberressima---Oloibiri [Visitor]
Isaac Fiberressima---Oloibiri"...it does not matter what Pharaoh thinks or believes, God’s people must go". This is true talk brother!! Biafra has in double folds, got what it requires to join comity of nations compared to Palestine, but the UN needs more information on all that have happened since post-civil war nigeria to now, including the environmental degradation in my community which the criminal nigeria has been playing politics with.. Thanks.
10/04/11 @ 02:35
Comment from: kenny [Visitor]
kennyMASSOB Members As Well As BIAFRA Nation Should Understand That Israel Is Not Supporting Palestinian Statehood As Nigeria Is Not Supporting BIAFRA And Palestinian Knows Very Well That Israel Will Never Allow That To Happen And That Is The Reason Why They Move To UN To Present Their Case As Well Is MASSOB Is Really Serious Over Their Fight To Have BIAFRA They Should Make A Move To UN As Well And Lobby Other Countries To Give Them There Vote Of Recognition But If MASSOB Seat Down In Nigeria And Crying For Nigeria Govt.To Allow Them To Have Their Own Nation In The Name Of BIAFRA That Means They Are Not Serious To Get BIAFRA Yet. MASSOB Need To Go Back To Drawing Board And Put Everything In Other And Come Out In Full Force To Fight Nigeria Govt.By Taking Them To UN After They Lobby To Outside The World Like USA,Israel,France Etc.And I Believe This Is The Time And Period MASSOB Will Make A Move To Lobby And Get These Countries As Nigeria Govt.Decided To Go Against Their Will After US And Israel Govt.Pleaded With Them To Vote Against Palestinian Statehood And Nigeria Govt.Refuse,If MASSOB Can Lobby Them To Support Them Over BIAFRA Nation,I Believe They Will Support Them To Show Nigerian Govt. That They Are The World Power That Decide What Will Happen In UN.I Wish MASSOB And It's Leader Raph Uwazurike Good Luck As They Make The Move,God Will Guide And Bless Them In Jesus Name.
10/04/11 @ 11:44
Comment from: Chike [Visitor]
ChikeI absolutely concur with Kenny,its a case of international diplomacy,projected by lobbying of the big countries that make the decisions.
10/05/11 @ 06:57
Comment from: Kaizer waribo uranta [Visitor]
Kaizer waribo urantaThe problem between nigeria government and biafra nation is that some of the biafrian top officials that dine with nigeria govt,are the people sabotaging the proccess of biafra soverignty state.for the case of palestine the whole people whether big or small,are in support of their state.the biafrians should rise up and forget to shoot theirselves on the foot,and take what belong to them.we all are in support of it,and we will take the bull by the horn.kuddo! To biafrans.
10/05/11 @ 11:05
Comment from: Moses N [Visitor]
Moses NIkechukwu Enyi God wil continue to bless you. To me let Mossob carry arms bcos Nigeria is not ready to let Biafra go and the international community should be alerted if that wil be of help
10/06/11 @ 05:22
Comment from: Riot5000 [Visitor] Email
Riot5000KENNY, I HOPE WORLD IGBO CONGRESS and all the FAKE IGBO ASSOCIATIONS are reading your article.
I pointed all this out in a previous post of mine about how Igbos in the Diaspora are USELESS BUFOONS who are INCAPABLE ofutilising their host countries governments and the UN to expose Igbo sufferings and maltreatment in the hands of Nigeria.
From what i see, i am afraid for the Igbo race.
The mind goes, everything else goes.
WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ON EARTH REFUSE TO TEACH THEIR CHILDREN about what happened to their folks in a war of GENOCIDE?
How do you prepare the younger generations to learn and protect themselves, when you REFUSE to teach them of their history?
How about the Governors of Igbo states in Nigeria?
Do you see any coherence or ahderence on their parts to foster Igbo causes and unity in Nigeria?
Is is far fetched to say that Igbo Nation is DOOMED?
10/12/11 @ 23:56
Comment from: hannah [Visitor]
hannahIt is time to make a change, you can't sit down and expect a nation if no movememt has been made. the MASSOB member should follow thought as well as palestinian's statehood, table your allegation to the UN pls Guardian report this thanks
12/04/11 @ 17:34
Comment from: nkem [Visitor]
nkemi think and i see that most members of massob are people who do not know what they are doing. They keep giving wrong information about Biafra state or nation. I was told that Biafra is a member of the United Nations and it is number 143 on the list. I have browsed the site of UN and internet to confirm and not thing like that. And I discovered that they pay 4000 naira every month and they have their own biafran pounds which cannot be spent anywhere. the question is what do they do with this money and how come the world (UN) does not say anything about Biafra. How come the Biafran fighters do not go up to UN (America, France, China, hypocritical Britain) and the other G8 nations to table their case with evidence the killing going now and the past killing and why not come out all the time and let news Tv like CNN. Aljazeera, press tv BBC etc broadcast your agitation. I do not want to believe that some people are enriching themselves from the 4000 naira monthly contribution. All i have heard about Biafra as in how far they have gone are nothing but lies. I was told that they hosted their frag but i did not see it on TV i have gone to the east several times i see not about Biafra. I ask some Igbo chiefs in east about Biafra all they keep telling me is they they have not heard anything.

IGBOS AND CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED WHAT IS THE SO CALLED BIAFRAN HEAD Chief Ralph Uwazuruike doing about it? has he taken it to United nations? African Union? G8, has even send messages to Igbos in nigeria and diaspora nothing has done by him. Please stop the deception and do something. You are fighting to be the biafran president then fight like nelson mandela of south africa
01/08/12 @ 07:08
Comment from: Okenze.1 [Visitor]
01/24/12 @ 13:52

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