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Nigeria: Masterweb Team Scores Governor Obi High


Nigeria: Masterweb Team Scores Governor Obi High

*Nigeria: Masterweb Team Scores Governor Obi High

By Masterweb News Desk

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Masterweb team was on the ground in Awka August 25 to 27 for celebrations marking the twentieth anniversary of the creation of Anambra State. Anambra was created on August 27, 1991 by the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida. Our team operating as independent observers travelled across the state on August 25 inspecting projects by Governor Obi’s administration. The team began their trip at 9.00 am ending at 7.00 pm when it was getting dark and did not completely cover all the targeted projects. Our team returned to Anambra on August 30 after the celebrations to visit remaining projects.

It took us this long to file a report on our assessment of Governor Obi’s performance which we are rating “excellent”, because we employed both visual, common sense and scientific methodology in arriving our rating. We visually saw the projects and not a third party describing them to us, used common sense to assess them and scientific methods to cross-check assumptions and conduct accurate analysis.

In our analysis we compared Anambra State under Governor Obi to other states in Nigeria and not in the United States nor anywhere-else in the developed world. Comparison of a Nigerian city or state to any place in the developed world can not be made until the federal government delivers on her responsibilities. The infrastructural and power supply situation in Nigeria is shameful, to say the least. These are constraints among others, in the ability of a non-corrupt efficient governor doing his best.

In our statistical comparative analysis, the performance of Governor Obi was above the mean (average) and significantly too. Using a confidence interval around the mean of 3 standard deviations, Obi's score was determined to be statistically significant. This ranked him one of the best governors in the country.

In the analysis we rated the projects by Obi’s administration assigning each project a number between 1 to 10 (10 for excellent), adding up the total and deriving the mean value. We came up with mean values for other states from figures from members of our team and reliable contributors, in a survey organized for that purpose. These were the numbers we used in our statistical analysis.

In the next couple of days we will commence the release of our inspection reports and photos. Our reports will be on few projects at a time, to enable readers devote more time and attention on each project.

Projects visited and inspected by our team include:

1. Amaku University Teaching Hospital

2. Anambra State Ultra Modern Fire Service Headquarters & State Emergency Management Complex, Awka.

3. New Anambra Govt. Secretariat (Twin Building)

4. Roads: Dualized Awka-Enugu Road (Zik’s Ave); Ora-eri-Obeledu-Akwaeze-Igbo Ukwu Road; Anambra State University, Uli Campus Road;

5. Alex Ekwueme Square

6. Prof. Kenneth Dike Library

7. Hydraform Block Industry

8. Anambra State Housing Development Corporation

9. Anambra State College of Agriculture, Mgbakwu

10. Obibia Bridge linking Okpuno and Mgbakwu

11. Neem Fertilizer Company

12. Otuku Bridge linking Umueze Anam – Nmiata

13. Faculty of Law, Moot Court, Library & Dept of Mass Communication –Anambra State University, Igbariam.

14. Onitsha Business Park

15. Onitsha Judges Quarters

16. Ministry of Justice

17. Onitsha North Local Govt. Headquarters

18. Onitsha Governor’s Lodge

19. Kidney Dialysis Center & Resident Doctors Quarters – Onitsha General Hospital

20. Justice Chuba Ikpeazu Stadium Onitsha North

21. Onitsha South Local Govt. Mini Stadium

22. Sabmiller Brewery (South African Brewery attracted to Anambra by Gov. Obi)

23. Obizi Water Scheme (Main Station at Uga, Booster Station at Uga, Reservoir Tank at Uga & Booster Station at Nkpologwu)

24. Ekwulobia Erosion Site Gully

25. Agulu Aguinyi Water Scheme

26. Odor Bridge linking Awgbu and Amaokpala

27. Comprehensive Secondary School, Nwafia (rebuilt by Gov. Obi)

28. Amansea-Ebenebe Road Bridge

29. Women’s Development Center (Rebuilt by Gov. Obi)

30. Okija Road Project (Okija to Ogbaru) & Okpu Bidge, Okija.

31. Dept. of Biochemistry - Anambra State University, Uli Campus

32. Lilu Road Project

33. Anambra State Judiciary High Court Complex

34. Umunze Cottage Hospital

35. Ekwulobia General Hospital (upgraded by Gov. Obi)

Anambra State is one of the names that can not be omitted in the history of Nigeria and Igboland. It has always been at the forefront of issues in Nigeria and South East Region. This is the reason why Anambra is among the places Masterweb has reportorial interest. Masterweb independently covered Anambra State Association-USA (ASA-USA) ‘09 Convention which held in Washington DC on October 24, 2009. In 2010, our team in conjunction with citizen reporters monitored (live) Anambra 2010 gubernatorial election. This year we were on the ground in Anambra touring the state and independently inspecting projects by Governor Obi’s government. Yes, eventually we touched down in Anambra to report the true situation of things in the state in terms of development. Masterweb is renowned for the authenticity and accuracy of her investigative, fact-finding and reportorial works. We do not operate based on hearsay, vindictive or tabloid reporting as some news media and authors have done in Anambra in the past.

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Obi's score symbolized on photo

Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Photo Above: Map of Anambra State, Nigeria.

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Comment from: Orakwe Obinna [Visitor] Email
Orakwe ObinnaI do not know what criteria you used. ANIDS, I pre-surpose is meant to be a comprehensive developmental master piece. I was expecting some form of a report sheet on this viz a viz;
1.What his population size is & stratification of his people as a basis for his choice of programs/policies. 2.What his urban/rural development plans are with respect to improving the economy of the state & well being of his people, score sheet so far.
3.Healthcare delivery at primary, secondary & tertiary levels viz; Quality & Accessibilty (Don't Anambrarians deserve worldclass quality care), Practicable health insurance program etc
4.Education viz; How many he plans to educate now & in the future in line with best standards attainable world over,teacher training, workable scholarship schemes.
5.Uemployment viz; Policies to encourage investments by both indigenous investors & others, his employment capabilities now & in the future
6.And on, and on, and on.
What you listed so far is same as for everyother common average Nigerian politician except that he may not have any obvious criminal recordes so far.
10/05/11 @ 19:55
Comment from: Jude Anyadiegwu [Visitor]
Jude AnyadiegwuOrakwe Obinna, Masterweb used statistical comparative analysis of all governors in Nigeria. They have done an excellent job quite unlike most authors and news media that would write in favour or against a political figure without any analytical justification. For the job done by Masterweb in Anambra, I will rate her the best media in Nigeria and one of the best in the world. ANIDS is a bonus on the leadership of Governor Peter Obi because no other governor in the country has such a program. I am sure Governor Obi's team will read Obinna's comments and respond to questions posed in it. Obinna should also forward these questions to Governor Obi and I do not have any doubt he would respond to them. Kudos! our able Governor Peter Obi.
10/06/11 @ 14:20
Comment from: Igwenemaku [Visitor]
Igwenemakuwe are moving ahead,what are we doing about rampaging errosion problem sites at Nnewi,Nnobi ,Alor, Ideani,etc.On security, ivestors both foreign and sons and daughters ,as well as friends of the state are yet to return poorverty and hunger ,health of our ageing parents,pregnant mothers ,children,education are yet to be given governments attention.Its not yet uhuru. Thanks.
10/12/11 @ 20:08
Comment from: Dr. Chinasa Ibe (Ph.D Bio-statistics) [Visitor]
Dr. Chinasa Ibe (Ph.D Bio-statistics)Obinna Orakwe,
Your contribution is exactly the reason why people in Nigeria percieve our people abroad as being aloof and out of touch with reality.This is because people like you have failed to borrow a concept from an advanced country,then apply it in line with the prevailing realities of Nigeria.I have similarly heard a contribution from an Anambrarian based in New York that Gov. Peter Obi should introduce electric trains for mass transit! Suggestions like that expose the fact that these Nigerians donot understand the underlining technicalities for such a project to work.First,you must have stable electric power,you must build the capital intensive railway lines and bridges across higways,then you must import the coaches and train a maintenance team abroad unless you have the money to fly in expertriates for any minor fault.Thus, suggestions like this expose the ignorance of such citizens who imagine that because they saw something working in New York,it must necessarily be reproduced immeadiately in a third world Nigeria with derelict infrastructure .Considering our finances and level of development, would it not have been easier and more practicable to suggest that Gov. Peter Obi should buy more innoson buses for his mass transit program?

To answer your questions, in the absence of a reliable population census data in Nigeria, the Anambra state government simply relies on intelligent guesses of what the population of an area might be,the age stratification,unemployement level, poverty level,the number that are urban or rural etc.The number of healthcare facilities and the quality of care can easily be deciphered by appropriate government agencies.
To plan infrastructural development in Nigeria is rather difficult because data is usually unreliable or even politicised.But that should not become an excuse not to deliver development to your people.Gov.peter Obi is trying his best to do just that within his limited resources.Many former Anambra state Governors before him simply pled "LACK OF FUNDS" as their only reason for doing nothing to develop the state.Do you want me to name them for you?
Considering their budgets size, Gov. Peter obi has achieved a lot more with his budget of N67 billion naira budget when compared to Gov. Fashola's N450 billion naira for Lagos ( Almost $3 billion dollars). Igbos must change this very bad attitude of seeing nothing good in anyone else but himself. We must learn to appreciate and encourage good governors when we have a rare chance like now to have one.Thus we donot appear as ungrateful people who deserve the selfish rogues we have had in the last 20 or so years as "leaders" in Anambra state.
10/30/11 @ 16:50
Comment from: Ewurum Anita [Visitor]
Ewurum AnitaGov. Peter, your handwork is very powerful, i appreciate it. God bless u abundantly.
11/09/11 @ 01:25
Comment from: John Obegolu, California [Visitor]
John Obegolu,  CaliforniaEach time I am in Nigeria and travel through the network of Anambra State roads, I truly get amazed. Not long ago, it took me nearly 2 hours to visit my sister's home in Ajalli, from Obeledu. Today, it takes only minutes. What is more impressive is the Obeledu to Oraelli road, I am not sure if it has connected to Igbo-ukwu. I never knew Nigerians were capable of such solid construction with working drainage system. I wish more states will play their parts in road construction, that way traveling by road will be a pleasurable experience.
11/14/11 @ 01:48
Comment from: ANYANWU C-MAN [Visitor]
ANYANWU C-MANgood work speaks more than talks,i was at home(Agulu) during the exmas,my people criticize gov. Peter obi for not performing any project in Agulu but thathe link all communities in Anambra through roads. BIG THANKS TO OBI
11/23/11 @ 18:19
Comment from: Nwigwe Caroline [Visitor]
Nwigwe CarolineGovernor Obi you have certainly done well God bless you.
11/24/11 @ 07:25
Comment from: Adike Chris Anayo [Visitor]
Adike Chris AnayoI had the opportunity of meeting Peter Obi CON yesterday when he hosted the Executives of Town Unions of which I represented my Secretary General. In my opinion, Anambrarians should celebrate him. He is truly humble, committed, sincere, and above all passionate about moving our people forward. Obi is grounded in governance and the only thing he needs is our support and understanding. We should change our values and embrace a new orientation towards the way we live. Money should cease to be a factor.
12/18/11 @ 01:35
Comment from: chukwudum [Visitor] Email
chukwudumkudos 2 gov obi 4 transfoming Anambra but is imposible 4 every body 2 support him, @ least he need some good critics 2 continues his good work. We are behind him our amiable gov.
05/30/12 @ 04:54
Comment from: Ejiofor Kenneth Chika [Visitor] Email
Ejiofor Kenneth ChikaOur leaders are misleading us in rural areas because they are our mouth pies and also mouth pies of government to us and what they said is automatically what we wil believe.
03/13/13 @ 18:59

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