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Who Dreads Biafra The Most? Search Yourselves.


Who Dreads Biafra The Most? Search Yourselves.

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*Nigeria: Who Dreads Biafra The Most? Search Yourselves

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Biafra is the only pillar holding “contract Nigeria” to its foundation; the single hand carrying Nigeria. Did I hear your opinion differ? It’s all clear-even as every second ticks by. Biafra remains the biggest nightmare which torments the beds of every heart and hand which holds Nigerians together in modern slavery. Biafra is the Karma of evil doers in Nigeria, the repercussions of years of selfishness which breeds wickedness and callousness. Ask yourselves: “who dreads Biafra the most, who really feels more vulnerable at the sound of this great name?" Only in answering that shall you truthfully come to terms with the depths of your wickedness and the superficiality of this country called Nigeria; perhaps you could save what you have left of yourselves. Without Ndigbo, Nigeria would quickly decay like a corpse refrigerated for centuries. If your opinion, however, differs from this truth, and you believe that Nigeria will suddenly wake up from its dead bed once Biafra comes, then speak to your peoples; gather your leaders and speak with one voice, saying: “Nigeria will get well when the Igbos leave”. Let your convictions be heard just as mine is-all over the world. It doesn’t matter how many accusations have been labeled against Ndigbo, Ojukwu, or/and Biafra, it holds no sand if every accusing finger in Nigeria continually points towards South-East; Biafra remains both the dread of Nigerian leaders, and the hope of Nigerians. Biafra is the freedom that will break the Nigeria bondage and set Nigerians free. Ndigbo are now home to the many names anyone would conceive of calling us, these make us stronger. Igbos love money, Ok; Ndigbo claim to be the wisest, hmmm; Igbos are wicked, I see; their land is landlocked, really? They want Biafra yet they have nothing apart from trade, tell me something; everyone knows that Igbos do not go to school, I’m listening; Igbos cannot unite, really? In a fruitless attempt to shut out the blaring truth, every hand rises to answer the Igbo question; yet the obvious most important but unanswered question after all these still remains: why do Nigerians then dread the Biafran state? Why has the federal government of Nigeria done everything to oppose this, including killing innocent people and setting the guilty ones free? And why do people from a particular location cry out in protest when Biafra is mentioned, as if their mother is about to be taken away from them? Patriotism is ruled out. The obvious answer to this is simple: Biafra carries Nigeria, Ndigbo are the only single pillar keeping Nigeria in its place. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

Photo Above: Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

Blood is the only highest sacrifice and atonement. If anyone would easily discard the Nigerian genocide against Ndigbo, and would think it incomprehensible that, after fifty-one (51) years, Igbos would still be talking about and advancing the Biafran agenda, let him cut a part of his body and enjoy watching his blood drip down to his feet. If anyone considers the blood of millions of Igbos shed on Igbo soil simply because they said they preferred freedom to slavery, let him offer himself to Boko Haram as atonement for whatever. The blood of Abel still speaks to this day against all Cain, against all those who killed their brothers when they should protect them. The blood of Biafrans slain still speaks and demands complete justice. Every blood unjustly dropped demands total justice; it speaks vengeance and vengeance shall it get. It’s true that the blood of Jesus speaks better things and has legally paid for all; however, it does not speak for those who work at cross-purposes with its divine purpose. These are why it’s still amazing how those who claim to be the leaders of Nigeria do not know the simplest truth about this blood which runs in every vein; blood is thicker than water and nothing can ever cut its divine flow. Any leader in Nigeria who waves away the lives wasted in the genocide is simply ignorant of the most important of all matters; whoever calls himself a leader in Nigeria but is deeply convinced that the genocide should be left in 1967-1970 is simply blinder than a physically blind man. The likes of Nigerian senate president, David Mark, who sings the song of “Nigeria will not divide” are the chains binding Nigerians together. He can’t manage his home yet he wants to be the king of slaves. He is a man of no insight who thinks that that the foundation he gives his house, wife and children has no bearing to their future. He is such a man that lacks the basic understanding of the word, “Unity.” Yet he is exulted to a position he knows nothing about apart from doing what they know best. Nigeria disintegrated before you joined politics, Honorable Mark; and all you have done your entire life is destroy Nigerians-those you were chosen to protect and develop. The fact that you have never touched the real issues facing Nigeria but goes on to in your wishful thinking of a country which has become your gold mine disqualified you as a leader-even in the ward level. You should respectfully resign. You ought to come down from your high horse and face your worst fear: Biafra will go and you will pay for your arrogance. Nigeria is a stalemate; everyone knows this. Every Nigerian deeply believes this. Rebranding of Nigeria, borrowing of billions of dollars by the government only to embezzle them amongst themselves and then praise itself for paying it up from the federal purse, or any such steps would no longer be accepted. Nigeria has remained a stalemate since 1970. The problems of Nigeria lie more in the denial of the mistakes of the war than in the consequences of the legalized and celebrated certificate of corruption which qualifies Nigerian politicians for leadership. The constant arrogant incognizance feigned by the Nigerian government to the mistakes of the war is the strongest key which has tightly locked up “project Nigeria.” But uniformed people generally dread change just as unrepentant Nigeria dreads Biafra. However change is one word which is constant; change never changes. Change must come. Every wise man prepares himself for eventualities, kings know that no mortal is immortal; change comes to all. Not every tree produces, some do not. However, every tree which produces is pruned for more production, while the one occupying space for nothing is removed to give space for those that produce. Nigeria, as a tree, was planted. It has not produced a single desire of any true farmer. Therefore, it shall not escape its place in the fire; it must give way for true advancement. And everyone also sees this and agrees to this, but somehow, fear- deep rooted fear- grips the wicked. ( Continues below..... )

Biafran Flag

Photo Above: Biafran Flag

Why are you afraid of Biafra? Who is the most afraid in Nigeria of a sovereign state called Biafra: is it the Yorubas, the Ijaws, Efiks, Ibibio; those from Benin, or perhaps, the Hausas? Who truly has everything to lose, who is afraid of the dark? Which man dreads to run his own home? Which tribe hates Ndigbo the most but secretly fears their extinction without Biafra? Citizenship is not by compulsion, no one has the right to compel the other into becoming a part of an unfruitful, (or fruitful, for that matter) country. The Yorubas can comfortably stand on their own if they choose to advance Odua; the Niger Delta have a right to theirs if they so choose, a Benin Kingdom has been a long dream of some fathers; the Hausa have ways for sustenance and progress. It’s rightly so because every land is blessed. Nigeria has fallen apart; nevertheless, somehow, it is becoming increasing obvious that some parts of Nigeria would prefer eternal darkness and damnation than letting Igbos go. Jacob (Israel) was cheated twice while he served for Rachel, the love of his heart. Yet he endured another season. However a time came for him to gather all he had for the next journey, and he sought for his merited rights to leave Laban and move on. But Laban cried and begged him, saying: "If I have found favor in your eyes, please stay. I have learned by divination that the LORD has blessed me because of you." Those words did not keep Jacob from his destiny; nevertheless, it provided a ground for a peaceful separation between him and his uncle. Nigerians cannot bear letting Igbos go, yet they lack the manliness to confess the truths of Laban’s momentary vulnerability. This is the curse of Nigeria. ( Continues below..... )

 Map of Igboland

Photo Above: Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria )

Who is more afraid of an Igbo-free Nigeria, which tribe feels more vulnerable without Ndigbo in Nigeria? Your confessions will help you to check your sources of vulnerability and prepare you for the inevitable. Your confession will help maintain good relationships even after everyone has retired to his home. And this confession will not be mumbled, it will be spoken openly and with conviction. But, whether Laban willingly or stingily frees Jacob on his way to meet with his God, Israel shall discover his real meaning and purpose. Just as it was said of Israel, I say of Biafra. Who dreads Biafra, who feels more vulnerable in Igbo’s absence than in their presence? Why do you complain of Igbo’s presence yet dread their absence? What are you hiding: your weakness, vulnerability, or perhaps, emptiness and fruitlessness without Igbo presence? Tell yourself the truth: it’s not about patriotism –such words died with the founding fathers, amongst whom were those openly doubtful. Face it: it’s your shame, your emptiness and irrelevance that you fear. And those who dread an Igbo-free Nigeria are undoubtedly those who killed Nigeria. They know themselves and they know that it’s too late for regrets. That’s why their seed has sprung up among them-a frightening, self-destroying tree. Yet Biafra is.


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Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Manny [Visitor]
MannyWho will bail the cat?
10/13/11 @ 18:03
Comment from: Manny [Visitor]
MannyThis write up is from one of the Nigerian news papers and current. a ward is enough for the wife. Nigeria is a fallen nation. a change has to be now.

# It was in this sympathetic mood about a nation in dire straits that I stumbled on Dele Momodu’s piece, ‘Before Good Luck Turns To Bad Luck’, published in Thisday, September 3, 2011. In the piece, Momodu expertly catalogued Nigeria’s many woes and warned of darker days ahead unless some concrete steps were taken in the right direction.

In his autobiography, John Stuart Mill wrote: “No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thought.” That Nigeria is at crossroads is no longer news; and, that we have, as a country, lost it is no longer a surprise. Likewise, that President Jonathan still pretends not to “see the conflagration ahead” but continues to behave as if he is just a spectator in the midst of all these “sad tales” should not catch anyone panting. After all, our president is one of us - a typical Nigerian, always at home with the aura of power.

Even when his subjects are frenziedly enmeshed in hopelessness and helplessness, he gets himself conveniently immersed in the puerile passion of platitudes and the theatrics of a disappointing elixir of tenure elongation. What more? Jonathan is only a victim, not product, of a fated accident termed good luck! And, as a man who has gone this far on the munificence of luck, no one should expect any miracle from him, especially, at a time like this when the nation is deliriously reeling in the gloominess of “terrible tragedies” and grasping gluttony. Added to the sadness of these tales is a passive opposition which miserably fails to understand that wars are won in the map room, not via “tales by moonlight” on the pages of newspapers; and a docile followership which has simply resigned itself to fate.

Undeniably, our major challenge as a nation arises from the short supply of visionary and purposeful men to help our dear country chart a purposeful future. Unlike the founders and the fathers of Modern Nigeria who valued social order far above individual rights or satisfaction in their pursuit of happiness, our “accidental tourists”, mischievously tagged democrats, are propelled more by lust for power than by quest for service. They depend more on dint of luck than instincts of gut. Sad: ‘Fellow Countrymen’ champions, ‘twelve-two-third’ loyalists, and “opportunistic contractors” are leading dear nation and the led are merely siddon-looking as if their fingers are sorely clipped.

Momodu should realize that the morale of all Nigerians, not only that of “our security agencies appear to be low and depressing.” After all, injustice to one sector is injustice to all sectors. Before our very eyes, the “privileged ones” continue to insult our collective intelligence with selfish definitions of service when, indeed, ‘we, the people’ are already familiar with the contents of the Common Good. Politically, Nigeria is challenged! Economically, she is hemorrhaging! Socially, she has derailed! Ethnically, she is deranged! This is why even as political gangsterism, religious extremism and other avoidable conflagrations continue to threaten the bedrock of our existence as a nation, answers to posers which ordinarily needn’t consume our energy remain as products of “sheer ubiquity of our chaos, failure and decay.”

Basically, since the leadership has failed to lead by example, the followership has had no example to follow. In this entire self-inflicted dilemma, we continue to delude ourselves with stateliness when, indeed, we are quivering in the litigious propensity of historical convulsion. That is why even, “if every serious Nigerian” becomes “worried about the direction we are heading”, Jonathan may not have to! Perhaps, that is why our leaders have rarely weighed the import of greening the streets without a corresponding greening of the stomach, forgetting, essentially that ungreened stomachs may one day de-green the streets. After all, Nigeria is not Chile where an Eduardo Gordon would quit an exalted position over a ‘mere issue’ of a teenager’s death.

On Momodu’s expression of fears a la “symptoms of the end-times and that of a failed state”, matter-of-factly speaking, ours is a world of hate where the fury of power and the lust of self have defied the logic of reason. As we speak, available indices rate Nigeria as world’s 134th most corrupt country, some thirteen steps above its status in 2008. Now, dear country is world’s 14th most failed state, in addition to its 2nd position in newborn deaths! On the Happy Planet Index, she is placed 115th; and, on the Global Competitive Index, she is ranked 127th. Enviably, however, she has moved up to the 59th position, from its 161st in 2006 on the Ease of Doing Business Index.

In all of these, even as Nigerians continue to “live in perpetual fear and hopelessness”, the situational reality of our nationhood is that we are a peculiar people. Little wonder then that ours is a peculiar situation. In our politically-janjaweeded enclave, there is no marked difference between a peck and a log. Rather, it is more about self-service, not altruism; it is about backstabbing and brickbats, not solidarity and satisfaction. Here, might is not only brutally right, it is also terribly brutal. In a peculiar fashion, we self-praise, shift responsibilities and rationalize excuses for our incompetence and failures. We talk glowingly about efficiency and delivery without taking into cognizance the spirit and the suitability of the equipment with which to deliver on our promises. While the bosses are extremely too bossy, the bossed are simply too timid.

The resultant effect is a highly-unproductive gamble that leaves all disillusioned. The fateful truth is that Nigeria’s cult of critics is the worst culprit. Hence, why “there is hardly any consideration for the Common Good of the people”; why, even when “impossible promises were made”, all the “victims of this mass hypnotism” could do was to wildly jubilate in unrivalled ecstasy as if promises and actions were of equal potency.Momodu’s plea with Nigeria’s “privileged ones” to “begin to downgrade their own lifestyle” and show “support for the poor of our society” is a welcome development.

One can only pray that Nigeria’s men of means would heed the sermon according to one of their own. In any case, have our “privileged ones” forgotten that though “poverty is no disgrace to a man, it remains “confoundedly inconvenient”; that Jesus Christ empowered His disciples even as He sent them out into the world to become fishers of men; that Elijah empowered Elisha, which appropriately prepared him (Elisha) for the battle ahead; that the battle at the Valley of Elah did not end with David and Goliath; and that that Great Prayer did not end with the mere extension of King Hezekiah’s life? Here in Nigeria, Action Group’s Obafemi Awolowo reportedly empowered the United Middle Belt Congress, UMBC’s J.S Tarka. History even has it that the late sage at a time demonstrated to the late Lamidi Adedibu the meaning and the essence of empowerment. Time has come for a change. If it mean dividing that nation let it be.
10/13/11 @ 18:47
Comment from: Riot5000 [Visitor] Email
IT WOULD NOT HURT TO REMIND NDIGBO and especially, their so called Governors to come together and plan for the inevitable. It will happen, sooner than later.
The North is ready, are You?
10/14/11 @ 02:28
Comment from: ukonu uzoma [Visitor]
ukonu uzomaReading through your piece reminds one of the imminent breakup of Nigeria and the obvious independence of Biafra as a country. Nigeria can survive without Ndigbo no doubt but the fear of the unknown inhibits Nigeria for taking the bold step of talking about the freedom of Biafra.

Some elements of Nigeria society especially the politicians have some vested interests in keeping Nigeria one because their survival in Nigeria should Biafra go cannot be guaranteed hence insistence on keeping Nigeria one. When in marriage one partner says he or she is no longer interested in the marriage no matter what the other party does to keep that marraige is a wasted effort.

As long as Ndigbo in this marraige with Nigeria have
made up their mind to leave this marraige with Nigeria, whatever Nigeria does to placate Ndigbo to remain in Nigeria is a waste of time and resources and to their detriment. So the best thing Nigeria should do is let Ndigbo as Biafrans go their separate ways though painful.

Although, there remains some rogue elements among Ndigbos in the name of parasitic politicians who would always want Ndigbo to remain in Nigeria for their own selfish end, I advise Ndigbo anywhere and everywhere to sustain their clamour and demand for the freedom of Biafra anytime and everytime because it is not unnoticed.

Do not cease to talk about Biafra at home, overseas, in beer parlour, Isiewu joints, in the bus, aircraft, in the marketplace and at any availabe time and place. Biafra will survive. It is only a matter of time. Sustain the demand for Biafra freedom. Keep it up and it shall eventually come to pass. God bless Biafra and Nigeria as two states that will love each other.
10/14/11 @ 02:46
Comment from: Chukwuma Joseph Egbo [Visitor]
Chukwuma Joseph EgboGood morning to all igbos,i think to bigest problem that is still stoping the baifran is our so call igbo politicains.there are only intrested in their family, and the love of God is not in them rather there love earthly things. I pray that God will open our sprirtual eyes to see ahead Amen.
10/14/11 @ 04:07
Comment from: Moses N [Visitor] Email
Moses NYou are blessed Enyiagu, to me widespread of arms and amunition in the South East will help us force our way out of this failed British project (nigeria). Niger delta achieved through arms, Boko haram is doing it today and it seem to be working for them so can you tell me why Indigbo have chosen do without arms? Am a graduate with no job and am very much ready to work for Massob.whether they like it or not we must go, but what is the plan of our representatives in the govt? I ask because there is no charity at home
10/14/11 @ 07:04
Comment from: sunleye-solawumi olaleye [Visitor]
sunleye-solawumi olaleyeI so believe in Biafra and the ethnic determination of Nigerians. But you are so wrong on the importance of Biafra to Nigeria. If Biafra is such a huge and important cornerstone of Nigeria, then it should have been easy to wreck up Nigeria through her. The reason Biafra cannot be is because most Igbos cerebrate the warped way you do.
Rather than coming out to seek like minds who wants ethnic determination, you go about making yourself as the most important race in the fake commune called Nigeria, thereby making it so difficult for any other ethnic determination seeking sector of the country to trust you enough to want to foster a purpose with you.
If Ndigbo is so important in Nigeria, then where would you place the Yorubas - as second rate to the Igbos?
Please grow up. Most of us want to go. We all want our own countries. We are all slaves labouring under the colonial yolk of our brainless and idealess Nigeria master. Making out you are of special position and birth will not make the others to have any trust in you, deep enough to want to work with you to attain liberation. And yet, by the special composition of Nigeria, we could never gain our freedom if we do not come together to work to defeat this our slave master.
The only ones talking about Nigeria in any good light today are those in the till milking the wealth of Nigeria, and those lazy ones in the north who see Nigeria as their birthright from their British father.
It is as a result of these kinds of talk that make Nigeria master to stop respecting the Ndigbos and see them as all talk and no action. In fact, it will be of the utmost benefit to all of us wanting ethnic determination if the Igbos can get their act together and be the horn for liberation. Or is it not obvious to you guys that it may not be possible for an Igbo man to become the President of this country in future? The Yoruba man has a better chance at this than you guys and it is because of this factor that is making them unable to seriously pursue their Oduduwa Kingdom as strongly as they need to do.
However, if we all fail, we shall all remain in the squalor that is Nigeria; not growing, not developing, forever retarded. Check the histories of break-up and successful secessions
10/14/11 @ 10:16
Comment from: Nkem [Visitor]
NkemNigeria is a country with about 450 ethnic groups. The northern part of the country is more divers as it has more ethnic groups, even though some are very small. Nigeria has become very ill and it even looks like its going to break up. The west have even termed Nigeria as a political abnomality which should not have occured. Simply because the can not understand us. 51 years is not a small time, we should open our eyes and see that the only reason we exist is because God allowed us to exist. When you see an igbo man you will know that the igbo nation has a purpose greater than Biafra. God has given the igbo nation a mandate called Nigeria. And they are rejecting it simple because one of their sons, out of personal ambition and greed convinced them that they where never ment to be a part of nigeria. Its unfortunate that with all the wisdom of the igbo man he can nt see that that same greed and over ambition is what is distorying nigeria today. That same problem would one day distroy biafra. God in heaven has given u a mandate to defend, protect and rule nigeria. If you reject this don't expect to fare an better in a new country because God is not a fool. Where ever the igbo nation goes i go because i am an igbo son but i can not help wondering if we do not have a greater purpose.
If anyone doubts me on the purpose of the igbo nation then he/she should take a look at jos and he would realise that the only thing stoping the jihad of usman danfodio that has been resurrected by the hausa/fulani is the heavey presence of igbos in jos. If the igbos can see this and do the same at a national level nigeria would be better. We have delibrately removed our hands from the affairs of the country with the hope that it would one day disintegrate and we would achive biafra God is no mans fool what we are doing in this country would follow us to biafra. If u disagree with this then look at our igbo governors they are ashame and are no diffrent from goveronors of other states. If biafra ever becomes a reality let us not dicive our selves that it would be all rose because it wont. The igbo nation must defend those smaller ethnic groups in the north and ensure thier freedom from slavery
10/14/11 @ 16:27
Comment from: anthony [Visitor] Email
anthonyi like biafra to survive as a nation; but i am worried about how life will be like in the dreamed biafra. ibos fight and undermine each other here in nigeria.do you think that such fight and undermining will end with the advent of biafra? of course not.if ibos were to really unite and work together in nigeria, they can really overtake nigeria, and then there will be need for biafra. talking about biafra by ibos is a testament that ibos have failed to germinate certain internal cohesion needed by them (ibos) to take over nigeria. that the ibos have the potential to take over nigeria is a fact universally acknowledged by the hausas, yorubas, ijaws, ibibios, efiks etc etc. so, wake up ibos and enjoy your manifest destiny of running nigeria.
10/14/11 @ 16:52
Comment from: simon .c. [Visitor]
simon .c.lets pray so that God 'll help us as he help jacob to meet up with the real meaning of his name. Igbos are nation builder, we will build our home first.
10/14/11 @ 18:34
Comment from: chukwuedo in italy [Visitor] Email
chukwuedo in italyGOD will do it, long life people of great nation Biafra long life N'digbo i want to asure you people of repoblic of biafra that in the next 3yrs coming separation of repoblic of Biafra will be adressing in the body of Nigeria govt.Biafra will stand biafra will go back home. The God of our fathers is with us, yes i can see the national flag of biafra now thank you God. AMEN
10/15/11 @ 03:31
Comment from: Alero [Visitor] Email
AleroGod help Biafran's. Our governor's are not doin what they suppose to do . I heard that armless MASSOB members were arrested in Enugu, for what?
10/15/11 @ 14:10
Comment from: Kingsley James [Visitor]
Kingsley JamesThe author of this article need to have his head examined if he thinks the present day Bayelsa,cross river,Rivers and Awka Ibom will agree to be exploiyed by the Igbos
10/15/11 @ 17:05
Comment from: cheta nwankwo [Visitor]
cheta nwankwoi accord my humble respond to you mr olayele or whatever acronomy you chose to refer yourself as. that you comment to this distinctive report is share madness and disrespectfull to the amiable and endeared people of ndiigbo.nevertheless there have never been a time ndiigbo has suppose themself as the superior strater to the rest of the nigerian ethinic groups.people from thesame stuck as you had been those who have fallng victim of brithish and colonial brain washing tactics which had left us nigeria at the state which we are even to this day.the biafran has been the one aggitating against the project nigeria idea instituted by our colonial dictators called the british.our innocent blood had been sheded,our women were raped and dehumanised,our peace errode,and progress inpeded what more can i not say.so i ask you ,has the yorubas been able to stand up for the truth and defend it even with their blood?>the primary reason ndigbo enguaged in the civial war with nigerian had today been made lucid and glaring to all nigerian .that is why you can witness the upraw steming from niger delta boko harram and the rest of unrestness witnessing in different parts of nigeria today.please mr olaleye or whatever get your fact before you ajar you caputivity to utter any word than can be disrespectfull and insulting to the huourable people of ndigbo.we are not hear to create segregation and make our self more importantant than any other ehticity but rather to reaffirm that we are still not happy with the way governace are been run in nigeria.
10/16/11 @ 08:18
Comment from: Ali Abbah [Visitor]
Ali AbbahI have been following your write-ups with keen interest and i respect your temerity and intellectual prowess, but in this particular piece, your attack on the person of the senate President is uncalled for and smack of your running out of the methodology to fight the Biafra course. With due respect Mr. Enyiagu, you have gone off-course and need to retrace your steps before lossing the respect you have gannered among the Ndigbos.As a suggestion, call on your kinsmen, the likes of Ekwerenmadu and Anyim who are dinning and winning with your political predators to resign, only then will there be a justification for your attack on the person of David Mark. Put your house in order, kill and bury the spirit of diunity and betrayal that has found a permanent residence in the heart of your fellow Ndigbos and your dream can come true.
10/16/11 @ 08:41
Comment from: Obidike Anyinso [Visitor]
Obidike AnyinsoWe know Biafrans. Bayelsa,Cross River,Rivers and Awka Iboma are not going be exploited by any Igbos woman or man cause we all brothers and sisters. Biafran in deed l look up for a fabulous cha, land of hope and greatness.
10/17/11 @ 05:40
Comment from: Afam Orji [Visitor]
Afam OrjiThe problem with non-igbos is that they speak from both sides of their mouth. If you hate Igbos so much, just join in the crusade to have their excommunicated from Nigeria.
10/17/11 @ 07:30
Comment from: 'lemment [Visitor]
'lemmentMy heart aches as i ponder the pain in the heart of every igbo man &woman becos of their frustrations in nigeria.but like every other tribe in within the nation--injustice,poverty,neglect etc continue to stare us in the face.why can we not rise as one to confront our overlords?we may look at selfishness and disunity as some of the limitations.more importantly however is that we do not look unto GOD for help;we trust in horses--intelect,munition.self centerness,pride,membership of cult,ojuju.,your leaders over the years continue to wine and dine with your tormentors;yet you are unable to confront the Judas among you;your Governors are as rapacious as every others;they loot the state treasuries too and careless for their people etc.you must put your house in order;how you will do it i dont know-but this i know your oppressors have learnt the policy of divide and rule from the their British parents and you Ibos are very easy victims--all they need is a few carrot,they have learnt how to throw up leaders who will never benefit their people--all you need do is to look at history,leaders chosen for you are genarally not the choice of your pple.the Yorubas have learnt to turn their back on this warrant leaders---turning your back on them may be a step fwd.do you remember what Obasanjo said when he was to make Anyim senate president"let's dress him up and make him look important'time after time who helped Obasanjo to upstage senate presidents of Igbo stock?who accepted to replace their brothers at the helm of affairs at the drop of a coin?if you sell yourslf cheap you be unsable to buy yourself high[expensive]you need a lot of soul searching.no amount of grandstanding can do it.[
you need to create rapproachment with other groups and extend hands of fellowship to them].how can GOD answer the prayer of such pple?GOD is able to deliver you,but you have to turn to HIM with sincere hearts.Is anybody really happy with project Nigeria?i doubt.However GOD who delivered Ghana can also deliver you[us].
10/17/11 @ 08:32
Comment from: obinna ugochukwu [Visitor]
obinna ugochukwuour help will comes from God,ndigbo let us be one,i love biafran.
10/17/11 @ 09:37
Comment from: phil [Visitor]
philand who says that all the other states apart from ABIA, ANAMBRA, ENUGU, IMO AND EBONYI will like to join hands to form the great BIAFRA as you call it. anyway, reason this properly: why not tell all your Igbo people to go back home and make their nation great as you claim. you claim you have helped to build NIGERIA as a nation. then go and develop your NATION- BIAFRA. i wish you goodluck.
10/18/11 @ 04:56
Comment from: Manny [Visitor]
Brother Kingsley James. I think you have hit the nail at the head indirectly. I think you know the history of the previous war to say that.
Your statement read "The author of this article need to have his head examined if he thinks the present day Bayelsa,cross river,Rivers and Awka Ibom will agree to be exploiyed by the Igbos"
That is the fear of the igbos, because it was the same group you mentioned that betrayed Biafra in the last civil war. Any body reading this, who knew or have read how the war was fought will not ask why. Any attempt to carry out any plan without full support of the aforementioned states will not work hence the thought of Igbo people under-minding others and risk of sabotage as a result of the thought.
Igbo! Igbo!! Igbo!!!, look before you leap.
10/18/11 @ 06:41
Comment from: Muhammad Zaria [Visitor] Email
Muhammad ZariaEnyiagu, yes you are a true igbo man. Igbos always exhibits their xters whether in action, in deals or even in writing just as you are doing now keeping your selves in deceits that you are always special. It is not surprising that some of your kins men in 1966 set the stage for the confusion of Nigeria by selecting some leaders of a section of the country and terminate their lives in the name of revolution thereby setting the stage for tribalism and nepotism which has ultimately come to stay with us.As a northerner i re- grated the mass genocide of igbo people in the north for a fault of which is not theirs however, it is educated elites like you who thinks they will have a fair share of the dividend of confusion that are working hard to that not minding the consequence of that action.I read about a prominent igbo man called Enyema in the 50s who openly boasted that 'the domination of igbos over the Nigerian state is just a matter of time'. I believe the spare parts dealers,the road side mechanics, the traders in biafra will not see any difference from what is obtainable in Nigeria in the event of what you are thinking, happens.You need to travel down to the north of Kaduna state in zaria to get a protocol of the Nigeria college of aviation technology zaria in which the top most executives are igbos without any remorse. There is a saying that "you never know the value of what you have until you neglect it".Cheers.
10/20/11 @ 06:32
Comment from: Ross Teri [Visitor] Email
Ross TeriEnyiagu, i like your piece, at least to some extent. The last time i read your piece i was vexed with the level of tribalism, arrogance, senselessness and immaturity that was contained hence, i did not contribute.
You igbos, i think have a lot to learn from the Palentinians who now have their territories recognised (even by nigeria that can not solve her own similar internal problems) by dint of matching their words with actions as a people.
But all you (igbos) do is to claim you don't want nigeria whereas your actions prove otherwise. You can not even stay in your own land. You people are not even united to fight with a common interest and purpose. Your own brothers and sisters are the main bane of your quest, if truly their is an earnest quest.
Stay in your own land and fight your course to prove to the rest of nigerians and the world that you are serious, just like the palentinians. Don't have anything to do with nigeria, politically, economically, socially and otherwise until your mission is achieved to prove your seriousness; but all you do is lip-war, words-war and the moment a piece of carrot is dangled before you, you begin to sing a different song. What a pity! What a shame! for a people who arrogate to themselves the wisest. I think you people are just FOOLS!
You want liberation but you want to forcefully include other people- the niger deltans as part of you. FOOLS! Readjust your ill-map- biafra.
10/20/11 @ 06:34
Comment from: richard [Visitor]
richardi want to address some of the comments made in reation to MR Enyiagu,some of you are attacking Enyiagu who made an intelligent case,instead of you to address what he is saying or engage him intellactually,it becomes an opportunity to bass him and ibos tyipical Nigerians mentality,as i read his write up he did't attack any ethinicity and he was gracious enough to priase you guys,still some of you who can't help yourselves,you sees it,as one of those opportunities to tell igbos to their face what you think about them.thank you anyway for letting us know we stinks and that we hate ourselves while every other ethinicity love themselves oh really! ,however you cannot defend that Nigeria has short change our wedges and has done everything possible to kill us etc and yet we're still striving as people and some of you can't compete on plain field with us,and don't get me started on the welfare kings and queens of the North.anyway the God of Jacobs lives
11/12/11 @ 16:33
Comment from: James [Visitor] Email
JamesIbgos or whatever they call themselves they wil forever remain fool. I don't understand why they are always proud of their ignorant, they hope on what they don't have"OIL.. haha, I laugh, if so call Beafra is powerful enough to make Nigerian what is it, then go back to your forest. it's a shame you can not even stay in your Beafra state and make money, all over Nigeria there is Igbos doing 1 ,1 Naira business, even in my own village. Common, dont be proud on noting Shame to you.. Come to think of it, in what way has Igbos contribute meaningfully to development of Nigeria? Tell me...
02/28/12 @ 02:19
Comment from: ise ise-ntah [Visitor]
02/28/12 @ 10:53
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]
MichaelI absolutely agree with Mr Enyiagu's write-up. Many people may see it as a mere assumption. Assumption could be true or false, and could also be determined by undemystifying attitude of people towards letting one part of their group to secede.If someone is unimportant why all these killings? Reasonable human beings would let anyone/group who thought he/they were the cornerstone of a group/ country to secede and see they are not what they thought they were. Why are we afraid of Biafra's secession? LET THEM GOOOOOOOOooooooo.......please.
03/03/12 @ 10:01

This post has 14 feedbacks awaiting moderation...

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