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Mothers, Cry! These Are Gay Leaders Hiding Under "Prostitution Bill"!


Mothers, Cry! These Are Gay Leaders Hiding Under "Prostitution Bill"!

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*Nigeria: Mothers, Cry! These Are Gay Leaders Hiding Under "Prostitution Bill"!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

I call on all mothers in Nigeria to weep in sackcloths-weep to heaven until God shows mercy. Weep because your children are no more; go hungry and call on God-night and day-because your husbands are turning gay even in your youths, and your sons are raping their grandmothers. Weep for men who rule Nigeria, weep for the young men they are training, and weep for yourselves because you never stood for the truth while they go on defiling sanity. The passions for debauchery amongst Nigerian leaders have led them to openly and unashamedly dare to smash on our faces another rotten egg called “prostitution bill” in the name of “job creation and revenue source.” What these law makers who have sworn under Satan never to obey a single law of God fail to take into consideration is that Nigerians may be pressed down and compelled, but never defeated or blind-we know that in their government-turned cultic gatherings, homosexuality is the first law of initiation and relevance, and that, in other to legalize gay marriages in Nigeria and give them the rights to destroy what is left, they have thrown in a veil in the form of “prostitution bill” to cover any shame they may have left. ( Continues below…… )

British Gay Priest Rev. Colin Coward with Nigerian Gay Fiancé Bobby Egbele.

Photo Above: British Gay Priest Rev. Colin Coward with Nigerian Gay Fiancé Bobby Egbele (Photo 1)
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The most painful feeling one gets when one looks at these so called leaders of Nigeria and their actions is not because of their corruption; the most painful feeling, perhaps, is the knowledge of their abundant ignorance. It gets more painful when everyone else, except them, sees how arrogant they are in their ignorance and belief in their “honorableness.” In their belief that they are doing it the best of ways, that no one else can do it better, and that they are making names, they comfortably, and without knowing it, wear their shame in their necks nationally and beyond our shores. They love wonderful skyscrapers but would not consider the number of pillars holding their foundations, and love to borrow laws without finding out the root of those laws and what necessitated their being put to practice. USA and Europe are always countries to emulate, so think Nigeria’s leaders, yet they fail to note that it was the quest for greater freedom, equal opportunities, and human rights which necessitated these moves in these countries; democracy led them thus far. True democracy, responsibility and accountably-these things rule those countries, but Nigeria’s government chose, instead, to emulate those which destroy more than they claim to build. ( Continues below…… )

British Gay Priest Rev. Colin Coward with Nigerian Gay Fiancé Bobby Egbele.

Photo Above: British Gay Priest Rev. Colin Coward with Nigerian Gay Fiancé Bobby Egbele (Photo 2)
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It’s no longer a secret that most of our girls in higher institutions have turned to unofficial prostitution as means to augment what they get from their homes; and these law makers pay them the highest patronage. These leaders are quite sure that most of these girls would keep their pride if things were different, nevertheless, they would prefer to legalize their pains than let them go away; they would rather give them certificates to sell their pride in other to generate more money for them to cart away with. I pity those who lead Nigeria, I really do. I’ve been a Nigerian for years and I know who these politicians are, how they think-their make up. Time has proven that they only have a look of life, but it’s not. Even a mad man dares to imitate good, and an imbecile, once in a while, follows rules, but these would not-there simply is no will, no zeal and no knowledge to do. Their thugs, guns and stolen money clothe them with a bloated and superficial air of importance and relevance. That is the more reason Nigerians should and must wake them from this slumber initiated through their communion of bloodshed; Nigerians must come out in accord to oppose these strange spirits in our midst. ( Continues below...... )

Nigeria National Assembly Complex

Photo Above: Nigeria National Assembly Complex

The government of Nigeria has to openly admit that it has failed woefully; all of Nigeria’s leaders must come clean and declare that they no longer have what it takes to keep Nigeria rolling, even like a rolling stone which gathers no moss. You produce hundreds of graduates yearly when there is no work for them, but your interest lies more in all the money you could squeeze out from undergraduates countrywide; and so, you build more schools. You transfer national infrastructures to other countries-leaving millions of Nigerians jobless; then you turn around and actually believe that the only way to empower women and create jobs for them would be to give them certificates to sell their bodies to whosoever wills. Sometime back, a local government in Delta state actually came up boldly to proclaim their number one “women emancipation” agenda in Delta state as “giving laptops to JSS1 female students." Ignorance never receives an answer to any prayer because selfishness, rebellion, and wickedness crush it. God’s punishment will rest on every evil government and all who run it down to the graves, forcing those who have no businesses with death, down with it.

The reason for this ongoing legislation is not far-to-seek: it’s simply their way of making room to legalize gay marriages in Nigeria. It’s no secret that many of these leaders are equally gay and only prostitutes can tell gays that the road is clear; and so, prostitutes must be liberated and prostitution, legalized. How shameful and pathetic! These men clamor for a Nigeria where prostitution will be one of the several jobs they promised to create. Next to that, gay marriage will follow; and after that, pedophile will spring forth, with their passions for even unborn babies. Incest has long been common with them, even at the highest level, who then can tell what swift end may befall even the innocents? ( Continues below...... )

A commercial sex worker

Photo Above: A commercial sex worker (prostitute) in action in a bar.

Prostitution increases crime, it springs up accidental murderers in every corner. Prostitution, apart from being detestable to every right-thinking human, is an agent of destruction. Legalizing prostitution in Nigeria is worse that legalizing cocaine intake in the midst of hungry and angry people with loaded guns. This government and whoever sponsored that bill ought to be buried in shame. If these politicians cannot provide jobs for the citizenry as they vowed to and should, it will do well that they do not compound issues. Legalizing prostitution is not job creation; prostitution is no work, it is management for people who would kill themselves eternally just to eat for a day…and then for those lost in moral decadence. In America and other countries that Nigeria’s lawmakers would readily want to emulate in these evils, they have first done their share in human rights, fighting corruption and establishing accountable and responsible governance before bringing up issues of debauchery. Only a man who is filled makes merry.

Our men have failed us; our fathers have become sons of perdition. Mothers, save what is left! Things will always get done when women stand united; stand up and pull out this antichrist in Nigeria’s foundation. Religious leaders and traditional rulers have equally fallen from their exulted heights-each builds his paradise here on earth. But maybe, this time, women would come out en masses and save what is left, and, in the saving, save themselves; Rachel should not have to weep twice. A call for A Sovereign National Conference remains the first necessary and expedient step.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: emeka [Visitor]
emekaMy brother we are helpless in a hopeless country called nigeria.So all the problems facing nigeria has no answer yet, boko haram, mend, massop, no water, no electricity, no roads, no schools, no hospitals no food, no refineries, basic amenities lacking,no security no right to life, no hope for tomorrow, injustice at all levels, and above all no focus, ecxept looting the countrys resouces and going to the assembly to talk trash on daily bases.All the money mentioned stolen on daily bases if recovered will make nigeria realise vision 2020 today,not tomorrow.Stolen money ends up in the hands of prostitutes and gays.Ekwerenmadu should go and hang himself in shame and his likes aswell.Only but one day.See col.Gaddafi.
10/20/11 @ 20:05
Comment from: loui [Visitor]
louii had an oppotunity to listen to a lawyer the other day and he said ''Nigeria is a woman in her age who has been beaten, robbed, gangraped, molested and every evil you can think of by a gang of thieves,'' who think only within a certain circle to enrich themseves more and more with the resources Mother Nigeria has left for all her children. i couldn't agree more. my prayer for those who are making prostitution a legal job for our sisters and daugthers is that, their daugthers, sisters, female relatives and so on will go to the best of the best institutes in the world with record breaking qualifications but will end up as prostitute should they legalize it. Amen !!!
10/21/11 @ 03:39
Comment from: Adijat Azeez [Visitor] Email
Adijat AzeezIn fact, if only our so called leaders could think this way, things would have been better for us, but i think this is because we no longer have the fear of God, we 've forgotten that there is a last day, we are not ready to think abt the day of resurrection. Satanic promises are now coming alive. Nobody wants to study again but to use what u have to get what u want in our various schools. Uhnnnnnnnnnn.... May the good Lord help us because we don't have leaders, they are all corrupt.
10/21/11 @ 06:01
Comment from: ogunlade Joseph [Visitor]
ogunlade JosephThanks for recommending prayers for the so called leaders who had succeded in taking this nation from grace to grass. One day God will open their eyes and they would see the extent of their madness.
10/21/11 @ 07:07
Comment from: rev.ivan sardonyx [Visitor] Email
rev.ivan sardonyxDear Ikechukwu,thank you for your publication on the issue of nigeria leader verses satan oriented leadership of sodom and gomorah.
It is conscupious that sins,shame,and uselessness are no more hidden but GOD will give you the grace to expose THEM.
10/21/11 @ 07:19
Comment from: Terrumun Bitto [Visitor]
Terrumun BittoJesus Christ warned us before He was taken to heaven of these very happenings. He said as it was in the days of Lot- that is universal legalisation of homosexuality will be the normwhen He comes back.
10/21/11 @ 11:42
Comment from: ben john [Visitor] Email
ben johnrubbish legislation,whomever the Gods want to kill,they first of all make mad.those fucking thieving law makers are heading toward thier doom.
10/21/11 @ 14:36
Comment from: Regina Tambuwal [Visitor]
Regina TambuwalAlmost all of Nigerian leaders are rotten to the core. Their children have no direction, they may be sent to expensive foreign schools with little or nothing to show for it. Some of them have decent wives that are suffering in silence because their husbands have 10 mistresses, numerous girlfriends, uncountable one nights and get this......TOY BOYS. That is the characteristics of a leader in Nigeria, starting form the very top!
10/21/11 @ 17:34
Comment from: owa [Visitor] Email
owayou see, the lawmakers left the issues of national interest for personal wordly, devil oriented and Godly forbiden issue. May d Lord send the mover of this motion and his family to eternal damnation.
10/21/11 @ 18:12
Comment from: manny [Visitor] Email
mannyGod is the greatest pay master and will pay them accordingly.May be that is supposed to be one of the mandates why God made them legislators through our votes- to promote satanism rather than Godliness through their reprobate minds just because they have lost decency and have sold their souls for money.I'm sure the laws will catch up with their children,grandchildren and generations to come.This is how God will surely pay them for destroying what He died for.
10/21/11 @ 20:44
Comment from: Abubakar [Visitor]
AbubakarAlmighty allah (saw) will never 4give those that think of evil 4 our daurgters and sisters amee.
10/21/11 @ 23:11
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]
MohammedWell, I only pity the Nigerian mercies for being heartless and spiritually blinded. The legislator rules with what they saw wish-able to them. But this time around, we need them to rule us with what it deemed favourable to Nigerians. Homosexual and prostitution in Nigeria are required to be strictly discouraged. But he who brought the issue of legalizing gay marriage or prostitution in Nigerian will no doubt reap the consequences from the hands of God Almighty.
10/22/11 @ 05:27
Comment from: Romanus [Visitor]
RomanusWhatever you sow that you will reap at the end.It is also good to remind them that no sin goes unpunished
10/22/11 @ 05:29
Comment from: Nenchin [Visitor] Email
NenchinThe Holy Bible and the Holy Quran condemed in totaly the act of prostitution,and described it as a sin.All nigerians must sit tide in prayers because our representatives are turning into agents of darkness.For heaven sake,why would a senator of all people came up with this kind of bill?is he out of his mind?he needs to beg GOD for forgiveness because he has sin graviously.
10/22/11 @ 05:38
Comment from: Frank [Visitor]
FrankMy brother ike. Here is the meaning of nigeria:Nonsense Indecent Group( of people) Elected (to) Rule Injustly Again(and again). That is why what matters to those "idiots" called leaders of this country is there pocket, home and foriegn bank accts. They can pass any bill to law provided it aid their selfish aim not considering others. Afterall they(leader) are nigeria and only nigerians.
10/22/11 @ 10:49
Comment from: Gloria [Visitor]
GloriaYour thoughts are right on point. All we can do is pray for God's intevention. All the so-called law makers in Nigeria are the problem. They encourage women selling their bodies because they are the buyers. So they want to past a law that will protect their demonic lustful agenda. They are killing their wives and destroying their families because AIDS is real and blaming it on voodoo. May God help us. I thank God we are all going to give account. Thank God.
10/22/11 @ 13:47
Comment from: Philip [Visitor]
PhilipBro. Ike, i'm not surprised at the turn of events in Nigeria. These are signs of the end time. All those prosphesies about the second coming of Christ are manifesting. The devil has taken human form, parading himself as lawmaker(s). May God have mercy on our leaders and grant them wisdom which is essential for good leadership. Our leaders should have a rethink for rightousness exaults a nation. Keep up the good work Iyke. God bless you
10/22/11 @ 16:06
Comment from: okafor joachim chukwuma [Visitor]
okafor joachim chukwumafellow nigerians who have the fear of God in them, this is the time we call upon the name of God for rescue from impending catastrophic bill which our elected law makers want to pass in the guise of employment generation call"prostitution bill". let every nigerians including leaders of religious thought proclaim a fast and prayerin the land with examplary role played by King Jehoshaphat in 2chronicles 20:1-37. God will see us through, Amen.
10/23/11 @ 21:15
Comment from: Justus [Visitor]
JustusIt's a shame on d part of our legislators to thought legalizing prostitution is the last measure to solve Nigerian's problems.But,i will agree that ikeremadu is not in control of his mind again,there is an evil spirit following him.If he doesn't know what to say why can't he shut up,than talking and ended up being destroyed by courses of Nigerians.His wife and family member should talk to him 4 their own safety,but unfortunately they can't escape d rot of d law of nature.That one is 4 sure,when d consequences started coming up,they should accept it in good form,wishing him and his family member d best in future.
10/24/11 @ 06:32
Comment from: garba celestine [Visitor]
garba celestineits amazing a nigerian is into such satanic act, i wonder what the catholic institution in nigeria want its parishioners to believe in, the crucifis or god of baal?
10/26/11 @ 12:00
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel  -  usasince when did nigeria become a gay nation?
11/13/11 @ 11:51
Comment from: simon [Visitor]
simonMay God have mercy upon our leaders.for his name sake save our dear country from the hands of some evil men in position of authority.hand join in hands the bible says the wicked shall not go unpunished.
11/25/11 @ 05:18
Comment from: Douglas Ezenwa [Visitor]
01/09/12 @ 04:21
Comment from: gurullu [Visitor] Email
gurulluall that glitters is not gold those ,that are behind these evil act will be paid accordingly no matter who they ,God in his mercy is not facial.Surely they will came to know of what they have planted
02/11/12 @ 04:00
Comment from: Jimmy cruise [Visitor]
Jimmy cruiseCan u imagine the people we pay with our tax payers money.can u imagine what they can come up with?nigeria is blessed but nigerians are afraid 2 openly revolt and stand up and demand a true and God fearing governance.i tink the solution is revolutpion
03/02/12 @ 08:40
Comment from: Knight Ekanem [Visitor]
Knight EkanemMessr. Legislators, imagine layin wit one of ur daughters as a commercial sex worker! How wil u feel? Dont u reason b4 u speak? Hav u gone silly? Is this a way forward 4 nigeria? Think twice beloved legislators.
03/05/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: Knight Ekanem [Visitor] Email
Knight EkanemAs far as i know, no man can perverse the ways of the lord. I know its time he seperate the sheep from goats.
03/05/12 @ 15:29

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