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Subsidies In A Federation Of Dark Leaders? Impossible!


Subsidies In A Federation Of Dark Leaders? Impossible!

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*Nigeria: Subsidies In A Federation of Dark Leaders? Impossible!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Arguments have raged on in support for and in opposition to the government’s plan to remove fuel subsidy; many have honestly outlined both the dangers of such move by the government-especially now-and the ways which they honestly think this adoption could be viable in the present Nigeria. Well, I’m not here today to stand in favor of or against whatever the government comes up with; they can always come up with anything, they always have. I’m here, however, to reintegrate one point: A Sovereign National Conference or a revolution remains the only solid ground for Nigerians, the only alternative to a continued drifting into oblivion and nonexistence.

Analysts have carefully spread out the deep-rooted crimes of the government-both past and present-in the much talked about government subsidies, the wickedness of independent dealers, and the prejudice which is common amongst all of Nigeria’s security outfits-including, if not mostly, the EFCC, which claims to be at the centre of the much campaigned anti-corruption moves. Before it slides, I’d like to remind the American government that flashing awards to these so called anti-corruption operatives would not, in the least, persuade them to carry out the purpose of this unit faithfully; if anything, it’s just a boost to help them in further alienating struggling Nigerians while those who have and are continually propagating these struggles remain in unholy intercourse with them. While America doles out whatever praises they deem fit to the EFCC operatives, it will do well to remind them that, so far, the only people they have ever prided themselves over would be struggling Nigerians who were forced into many illegal dealings abroad; the root of these characters which necessitated their compelled-choices of livelihood, however, remains to be even looked at. All the so-called former leaders in their different capacities who, obviously and largely evident, have stolen everything from their constituents remain to be brought to account; the EFCC, with its much-displayed name, is yet to succeed in a single prosecution. ( Continues below...... )

Nigeria National Assembly Complex

Photo Above: Nigeria National Assembly Complex

The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) recently made its opinion known as it regards the said subsidy removal; the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) also voiced their stand, albeit, in vehemence. I have also heard the Central Bank governor, Mallam Sanusi, offer his honest opinion to the challenges of the present Nigeria to include the dissolution of states, local governments, and ministries -however much I beg to differ. There are, still, individuals who believe they have greater stakes in Nigeria and have also spoken up for or against this proposal; but none seems to be pointing to the root of this evil, and therefore, none is close to any solution that may have any effect since fuel prices have remained on the mountaintop even with the said subsidy in place. Nevertheless, I honestly believe that these opinions were not born out of total ignorance; if anything, they are simply the culture-Nigerianism which has become mostly assimilated by all and sundry. It is the culture of picking crumbs in front of a big bowl of food, the ingrained attitude of pointing fingers to the house of a wicked giant’s little neighbor while referring to the giant when, in reality, the giant stands within view. ( Continues below..... )

Nigerians queue up to buy fuel at a filling station

Photo Above: Nigerians queue up to buy fuel at a filling station.

The problem with Nigeria has nothing to do with subsidized or unsubsidized whatever; the problem is the current Nigeria. The CAN’s body should, if anything, be conversant with the scriptures about foundations and how they were laid. If the foundations be destroyed, what should you who stand in the right do? The NLC often fidgets like a muzzled and helpless horse, even though the greater part of the rudder of this nation lies with it. The man who advocates a true federalism is the same man who advocates Islamic bank in what some claim to be a secular or federal state-a state which has remained tribally and religiously fragile and on tiptoe for decades. The problem with Nigeria far outweighs all these clamors, it has its root in Nigeria as a country and the structures upon which it was built/founded/named. When the foundation is accursed, every other thing gets infected.

For those who draw on their hairs because of the government’s ill-fitted position on subsidy: do not squabble anymore; go for what matters most, go for the foundation because therein lie the problems and their cure. To the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), I say: if you represent Christ and His church, look then carefully at the foundation of Nigeria and see why your support for or stand against subsidy removal or an Islamized Nigeria will hold no sand. Get closer to the word and understand that the only way to get anything about Nigeria right is to consult the pillars of this structure-go to the foundation. The word says: “Return!” In the case of Nigeria, “Return to the pillars!” Are you not tired of seeing the government arbitrary carry out decisions which you and the masses openly stood against because they are evil; do you now think that, by backing the government on this wicked game of subsidy where Nigerians serve as helpless dices, you would be anything relevant? By all means, no! Of course, the church has every role to play in the direction a people go, that’s why, when God comes to judge, His angels will start from your pulpits; the kingdom cannot be separated from those who are being prepared for it. Every created thing should work for our good while we keep ready for our homecoming. However, to remain relevant, you must openly speak forth the truth. Nigeria cannot be mended while everyone moves as if things are proper; Nigeria has to be stopped and dismantled for total overhauling. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

A Sovereign National Conference remains the only way to stop Nigeria without stopping the economy nor the people, and properly deal with the million-plus issues we have as a nation; pointing fingers, standing in support for or against proposals only make fun before those leaders who no longer have any hearts to feel. To even think that, “Even though a Sovereign National Conference is needed, it is not yet time,” to think in this line would be a greater demon than that which rubbished everything Gaddafi built and hoped for; it would destroy everything in the long run-such thoughts would. To the NLC, I say: where do you really intend to start in your agitations? Asking the president to resign would be most foolish if you cannot back up your words with some labor muscles. You have been there severally, have you not? The only option which remains now is a Sovereign National Conference. I humbly advice, both the religious bodies there are, and the Labor union to stand up with one voice and call for a Sovereign National Conference. Where that is unheeded within the short space of time given, the Labor force should go for a civil disobedience by abandoning their works-from the least to the highest.

Next, schools should follow, and after that, police and military personnel who have come to abhor the status quo, and who are also being mocked with a delay of their salary pay should stand for what is right and engage in mutiny. That is called revolution. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was far better for Libyans and Libya than all Nigeria’s past and present leaders put together. He cared for them to a length that no Nigeria’s leader has ever dreamt of, let alone voicing out; yet he was removed because he refused to heed the peoples’ call for a change. Libya is not even up to eight million in population, yet they ousted and reduced to nothing the most powerful political leader in Africa; Nigeria’s leaders would be deceiving themselves should they go on thinking that they have mastered the art of instilling and retaining fear in the citizenry. Nigeria’s, dreadfully, would be like the locusts and a field of corn. Now, neither I nor the people would want that, except for the last and only chance. But then, do we still have time to waste? Look, everything is wasting around us and fuel subsidy is not even one of the least. Any government that oppresses its people has lost legitimacy before God, and even the king of such a government shall be grateful with going into exile.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Map of Nigeria


Comment from: salisu isma`eel [Visitor]
salisu isma`eelhaa...so as you can now herd people start to think of revolution and worrywart so now the chance is at you people`s hand either to overcome the problem and be bark to masses advice and need though you are ruling theme,not biting theme,and pass through or if you think wrong you must see wrong doing wallahi...Allah ya kiyaye kurum...sai imani
11/03/11 @ 13:13
Comment from: Onuwa [Visitor]
OnuwaI really do not know where all these will lead us. Increase in electricity tarrif yet no electricity; increase in fuel price-diesel also de-regulated and extremely high; special levy in some states e. g. Rivers State(double taxation); toll gates in Federal roads etc.

God save us from our leaders.
11/04/11 @ 10:34
Comment from: Obi Nneka [Visitor]
Obi NnekaLORD unto ur merciful hands we commit our nation,Nigeria.
11/05/11 @ 16:26
Comment from: Akintola [Visitor]
AkintolaOh! Lord av mercy on Nigeria n save us from all dis trouble. Bless Nigeria n help us in Jesus name...
11/06/11 @ 04:05

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