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Nigeria And The National Celebration of Failure.


Nigeria And The National Celebration of Failure.

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*Nigeria And The National Celebration of Failure

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

If there were no truths, then there would be no responsibility, no accountability; no justice, and no God. But even among atheists who have lost track with truth, responsibility, and accountability, strong demands for justice still echo throughout the horizon. The danger of atheism-even when hidden within the walls and alters of churches and mosques-is that it strips one of the will and the ability for a life of responsibility and accountability. Worse still, it drains from the one who believes in nothing the right, whatsoever, to demand for responsibility, accountability, and justice from those upon whom the affairs of the people have been thrust. And as faith in nothing secretly eats deep amongst these self-propelled atheists, amongst those who insist on a “One Nigeria,” a god is born: Selfishness; selfishness now becomes the god. But, to them, they still have no god; they are atheist in their hearts, and whether they are held in esteem in mosques and churches, or not, they can be sure of one thing: they have only themselves to worship. But suddenly, the wind of justice catches up with them and they are, not just no more, but worse than those they have oppressed.

This is the faith of those who have led Nigeria from one doom to another, and those who, even when they are quite aware that there can be no other solution for unity, peace, and progress than a divided Nigeria, still go ahead to confer and receive awards prepared and sealed with the blood of the innocents. This is the fate and end of those leaders in Nigeria who call evil “development,” and call decay, “achievement.” How worse off shall those who seek honor from the hands of murderers be!

Sometimes, most times-even in absolute rejection-, there seems to be evidently reasons to momentarily laugh at “project Nigeria.” The mockery in the tone of my laughter is not, in any way, directed to Nigeria or every-day Nigerian; no, but it’s in every way directed to the blind leaders who, in complete conviction, actually believe they are the best of the fold. They attribute their position as a proof for that, yet they forget the bribes, the compulsions, the blackmails, the threats to life, and the blood spilled and lives wasted in other to sit on those seats; they praise themselves for being elected and, all through their tenure, their election and re-election remain their highest and only achievements. The rest is their puppet-like controlled selves, preparing for the manifestation of their father, the antichrist. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing some major cities, including the Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

It hurts when I remember all the oppositions and attacks that Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, had to go through in the hands of his enemies, detractors, enemies of the States, and enemies of mankind as a result of his stance on the slavery of blacks. After over one hundred and fifty years, and looking at the man OBJ and his Otah farm, and the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan (a man who grew up in the raw realities of Nigeria and even had to divert his attention and affection to fishes and biology when he lost faith in everything Nigeria and returned to nature), one can only ponder aloud: Were the whites really right when they insisted that blacks should not be treated as equals with them? Looking at how consistent and caring OBJ is to his Otta farm (qualities he lacked entirely as the president of Nigeria the three times he ruled an autocrat), and the choices that the incumbent president has been taking towards everything (from education to power, insecurity to tenure elongation; fuel subsidy to prosecution of obvious guilty politicians, human rights to killing of Christians and Corpers in the North, etc), one wonders: why are blacks their very own enemies? Why do our leaders crave for praise from the west and other places, but give no hoot about the opinions at home?

It can only mean one thing: they have all been marked for the punishment of Herod, Nebuchadnezzar, Gaddafi, and the likes of Assad, whose burning shall be the first. These leaders will not go severely unpunished-even if those who claim to be fathers of all Christians in Nigeria pray and fast for them, day and night. To such pastors and Imams: Your prayers are abominations to God when you cannot tell them openly what the mind of God is. You are as accursed as they are when you tell them that all is well while heaven is angry. To such a man who claims to represent us before heaven but does not represent heaven among us, your eyes shall be shut forever, and your office taken from you and given to another. For God says: “He that will go for me will stand for the freedom of my people, but he that stands for the enemy shall not go unpunished.” Its’ time Nigeria’s religious men and women bypassed those who do everything to bind together again the very veil which was torn from top to bottom at the consummation of Christ’s sacrifice, and sat with Christ himself in the place where no veil and no treachery hinders truth. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states, and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

Who do we celebrate from the amalgamation to date? Do we celebrate the first and false election, the counter-coup which had nothing to do with the first military coup; the genocide which Nigeria and those who led it will live their existence-here or there-paying, the man Gowon who now lives daily in regrets of what he has caused, military and civilian presidents who had nothing to show but guns, extorted and stolen funds, booze, and women? Do we celebrate those whose only mission in life is to dominate and not to lead; what about academicians who have led and are still leading? Obasanjo came and ruled thrice and left nothing but more decay, disease, loots, and deaths than IBB did; today, he has a farm which does well. Everyone knows that, to have a successful farm, one must posses a mother-like quality. That OBJ, a man who ruled Nigeria with iron fist and impunity for three consecutive times and made Nigeria worse, is able to keep his Ota farm growing and better, tells all the stories there is to tell about Nigeria and its leaders.

We had a president who was a lecturer: Musa Yar’adua. But all he convinced his wife and followers to believe was that, “when it comes to Nigeria, it is the property of the incumbent.” Now, we have another president in the person of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a man who holds degree in Hydrobiology and Fisheries biology, and a Ph.D. in Zoology, yet he is not close to telling the country that the only way forward is a Sovereign national Conference. Since none deserves it amongst the leaders, maybe, we should look at their achievements: falsehood, bloodshed, looting, bad roads, no water, no energy; failed schools, corrupt privatization, juries and judges swollen with bribe, injustice, bloodshed, etc. Which amongst these should we celebrate? Obviously, neither the leaders nor their legacies are worth celebrating. The Nigerian security agencies are so corrupt that they only go for the innocent citizens or those who, by the actions of the government, were compelled (as with a rope round the neck) to do things they would never allow others do in an ordinary situation; they go after these seemingly helpless people, while those who have sat and are still sitting on the doors of any developments for Nigerians move freely about with their guns, thugs, loots, and blood-stained consciences. When the presidency cannot be protected by the country’s highest and best and open celebration of Independence has become a time-bomb in Nigeria, what do we have, as a country, to award or be awarded if not bribes? It is a shame that the government of Nigeria today really thinks that the way to save face is to celebrate individuals who were never given a single leadership post in Nigeria. The country and those who have turned it into their father’s estate have nothing to offer or celebrate; now another step is being sustained: the bribery of some Nigerians. It’s not just a shame; it’s a decay which shall not remain hidden or inconsequential for long. ( Continues below….. )

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria

Photo Above: President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria (2010 - present)

There is no honor in the land, and the government of Nigeria is not in any justifiable position to confer honors to anybody. Honors can only come from hands that have been thorough washed clean and honored; true honors cannot come from dishonorable places just as old wineskin cannot carry new wine. Professor and Elder Chinua Achebe, a man who has brought more glory for Nigeria than those who, with guns, force, and looted money, have ruled Nigeria from time to time, has made and won a case for Africa without having to soil his hands in the blood which keeps all government houses in Nigeria in their places. By his second rejection of the worthless national award, he has shown, once more, a greater concern for Nigeria than all who bribed, forced, threatened, and murdered their way into election and their respective seats. Any man whose self is no god would have followed the path of Achebe; a man who stands for responsibility, accountability, and justice must always seek these before receiving due praise. Prof. Achebe is not a man to be counted amongst the sycophantic crowds that have become the majority of our elders, spiritual leaders, and traditional leaders today.

To those who receive awards from a blood-soaked government, I say this: Even when you do deserve honor, it is an honor you should give yourself-not the honor that Nigeria, as a country, should confer. There are men who deserve honor, and there are governments worthy enough to confer honors. Even amongst qualified governments, there are times to receive honor and there are times to reject honor. But, in the case of Nigeria and all of you, the hand that honors, the honor itself, and the honored have proven to be no leaders to emulate. Finally, it does not matter whether a person believes in God or not, the laws of God always bring justice at appointed times. To demand justice is to accept responsibility and accountability; to accept responsibility and accountability, and to demand justice, it to accept, with all reasonable doubts, that there is a God somewhere, who is Supreme and before whom all are held accountable. When these are considered, one can only opine: Let all those who received award from the government of Nigeria return them without delay, and let every Nigerian speak with one voice in support and affirmation of Professor and Elder Chinua Achebe’s godly and perfect stand: The conditions why awards mean nothing in Nigeria are still standing today-unaddressed and worse. That alone is the only true award in a nation where injustice and evil are crowned.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Map of Nigeria


Comment from: Eric [Visitor]
EricYou hold great prejudice and misunderstanding against atheists and atheism.

Atheists are not more selfish or anti-social than religious believers. In the United States, the percentage of Christians in prison is far higher than among the general population. At the same time atheists are fewer in prison than they are in society.

Atheists don't believe in "nothing." Many atheists have many beliefs--in science, reason, critical thinking, and ethical concern for others.

One can't but note the overall irony of your article. If morality includes not telling lies about other people, not trying to blame minorities for things they don't do, then your article is a prime example of a kind of immorality. And yet you want to blame atheists for things for which they are not responsible.

For shame.
11/23/11 @ 18:32
Comment from: Chobby Kunle [Visitor]
Chobby KunleDear Mr Enyiagu,

I always read your articles and you have always centred your anger on poor leadership measured by the poor state of Nigeria compared with some developing or developed countries of the world. In which ever way you present your case you are justified because when a country is developing, its progress can be measured by the quality of life its people lead as simple as that.

Put it mildly, how many Presidents has Nigeria had for fifty years yet there is nothing to show for its existence other than bad name abroad, corruption, selfishness and denied comfort its people.

You mentioned some of our past leaders as if they have the state of mind to know they have misruled the country. Our past leaders from local government chairman to the president expect to be awarded honours for jobs well done. This is the irony of country called Nigeria where coruption, bribery, stealing and opression are celeberated.

A country leaders that have no consciense is bound to fail. Who amongst our leaders (past and present) in Nigeria can you excuse from having a hand in the down fall of this blessed nation? Nobody! 'We are all in it together' except the unborn Nigerian.

Imagine the church that should have been the 'lender of the last resort' has been hijacked by some peopled that con poor and innocent Nigerians of their hard-earned money all in the name of preaching the gospel. The truth is that Nigerians are so confused and mesmerised to the point that they can no longer differentiate what is true and what is false and cannot know what is happening to them or how to fight for their rights.

When the citizenry of a country degenerates to this point then they are finished. Compare the citizens of Nigeria with those of Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen you see Nigerians as toothless bulldogs. Nigerians can 'huff and puff'all day but cannot push the wall down.

Comparing Nigerians with citizens of Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen, Nigerians should be ashamed of themselves because they are cowards who are not supposed to talk where others are talking. If not for the people of Libya, Gardaffi would still be alive and lording it over Libyans.

Some people say Nigeria is different from these mentioned because we are a democratically ellected government. This is absolute lie. A democratically elected government can be held accountable by its citizens if it strays.

A country should be measured by some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of its progress but what can anybody who is anybody measure Nigeria with - Nothing! The country stinks with corruption to the point that no official of the government has any moral right to point an accusing finger on another.

Just imagine the removal of Mrs Farida Waziri. What is the informed reasons for her removal? When a democratic government removes such a public figure from such a post, it usually states its reasons to its citizenry than to leave it to public gaze and speculations. This again is treating Nigerians with lavity.

My brother Enyiagu stop given yourself unneccesary hypertension so that you live long and enjoy the fruits of your labour because Nigeria is a 'rolling stone that gathers no moss'. God bless Enyiagu.
11/24/11 @ 03:19
Comment from: azodike [Visitor]
azodikeEric, I think you missed the kernel of Mr Enyiagu's article. Just for your information, atheists believe in nothing. A belief is placed in someone higher than oneself. We do not believe in anything, we believe in someone. Atheists believe in no other person than themselves. Also, where did you get the statistics that there are more Christians than atheists in American prisons? This is the problem with people throwing about unsubstantiated statistics. Enyiagu's point is very clear - that's Nigerian leaders (past and present) do not believe in God. If they did, they would know that they must account to Him. Because of the ways our past and present leaders have ruled Nigeria, they are no different from the atheist who considers himself or herself to be god and yet subject to the judgment of GOD.
11/26/11 @ 01:28

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