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Governor Obi: Your Name Is Written.


Governor Obi: Your Name Is Written.

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*Nigeria: Governor Obi - Your Name Is Written.

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Men of honor have come and gone, with their names imprinted in times. Men of honor are, and there are those yet unborn whose names have been written in the prophecy of seasons. Mr. Peter Obi, the executive governor of Anambra state is in the now a man worthy of great honor; a man who truly deserves the honor of heaven, of his people, and of everyone to whom truth is not an offence. A king who values the touch of God is that one who will not be moved from his place-even when the world shakes. Such a man shall fulfill his times and seasons, and shall retire in fulfillment. When men reject truth, they only do so to their own peril, and that of their children. A king who assumes the god of his people is the blindest of the blinds; that tells the story of Nigeria’s leaders, those who support falsehood, and those who oppose the spirit of truth. The events which keep unfolding in the country called Nigeria, and even in several other places across the globe, defend the spirit of truth; it does not matter how much pressure is put against truth, truth will never be obliterated.

I have watched and listened carefully as claims and counter-claim have reason on this noble man of Anambra; I have also watched how men have sworn to politicize the future of a great nation, while vainly assuming that Mr. Obi is one “good man” who must not live, the light which should not shine before others who have sworn that darkness is a tool for obedience and loyalty. Without mincing words, yet without having to allude to any particular individual (such a man’s reasons, personality, or connections notwithstanding), I have arrived at the truth of leadership in Nigeria, and especially as it concerns Ndigbo: Mr. Peter Obi has come out as the only man who truly has, not only the interests of his state at heart, but the support of heaven. The best that any man, any leader can do for himself and for his people would be to allow God into his leadership; to let God father everyone who is under him. When the foundation is destroy, what would you, oh righteous man, do to escape a colossal punishment? God remains the answer. It holds no sand when those who have frustrated their faith in God by allowing others to dictate how they relate to the Spirit of truth stand out-even in Nigeria, strangely- to deny the very God into whom they were fathered and in whom they are held together. Many of these self-proclaimed atheists were named after God, a name which they still bear to this date, and which has become hereditary. The only sure foundation, the only solid ground In Nigeria and for any man, for that matter, is a complete return to God. ( Continues below..... )

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: Governor Obi's high performance score symbolized on photo     *Click here to Read Full Story of Gov. Obi’s High Rating

Nigeria, as has always been said and proven, has largely remained an estate of the great grandfather of the North, Uthman Dan Fodio, even to this day. Right from the amalgamation through the first and false election in Nigeria, the genocide against Biafrans, to the abolition of mission’s rights to control schools, the sole aim has always been to appeal, always and only, the Northerners. The so-called unity of Nigeria, since the 1914 amalgamation, has remained solely hinged on pleasing the North, and the North alone-to the obvious detriment of other regions, and to a sure eventual dissolution of the project called “Nigeria.” When the first election could not appease enough, the bloodshed of the Igbos followed suit; yet it was scarcely enough. Then, in the 70s, the churches must relinquish schools to the federal. The sole reason behind this, they said, is to balance the education imbalance between the North and the South. My question today is: did the forceful removal of schools from the churches done any good to appease the North or to balance the so-called “education imbalance?” I leave you to the obvious answer. What the South, and indeed the entire country, gained in those wicked plots was and still is great loss. Today, with all the sacrifices made by every Nigerian to appease the North over no fault of others, the Northern part of Nigeria has remained largely aggressive in their pursuit. Everything has fallen to the ground; nothing still holds-not matter the force applied to in-in Nigeria.

The missions were robbed of their schools (which did a lot for good moral upbringing in the society in the days) by the federal government solely to appease the Muslim-majority Northerners who have remained intolerant of any other faith except theirs. The South were denied Christian schools so the North would be equally educated, but instead, they promoted Sharia; today, Sharia is threatening to be entrenched in the entire country-from the government, to the schools, religion, business…everything Nigeria. The North insists that it becomes the law of the country. As if that has not been a far greater price squeezed out from Nigerians, “Western education is sin” came in to stay; what then did we fight for, why the many injustices against the South? ( Continues below..... )

Governor Obi and others pose for photo

Photo Above: L-R Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, the Hon. Minister of Education; Most Rev. Dr. Christian Efobi, Archbishop of the Niger Province of the Anglican Communion; Gov. Peter Obi; Most Rev. Dr. Valerian Okeke, Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha Catholic Province; and the National Chairman of APGA at the return of 1040 schools to the missionaries by the Governemnt of Anambra State. - CLICK FOR ENLARGED PHOTO.

Many have called repeatedly for the return of mission schools to their rightful owners, without success. Governor Peter Obi, a man who found himself amongst those who would never stand the light, has found the truth; for morality, which has since been lost in Nigeria, to return, schools must go back to their original owners. A nation laden with moral decadence has no power to fight corruption, nor to stand for the truth. According to the truth which Mr. Peter Obi has dared to speak in these times of gross falsehood: “The collapse of education in Anambra State is directly connected with the takeover of schools owned by the missionaries, churches and voluntary organisations in 1970. That singular exercise signalled the disappearance of morality and the building of character from our school system.” He went further to declare finally: “This can no longer be allowed,” This is true in Anambra, and it’s true in every other part of the South. There are some states that have attempted this but, like I said, they have largely remained mere attepts; Governor Peter Obi is the only governor who went ahead to stamp his feet on it. And for the so-called Anambra NUT and their so-called MOA, I say this: even if you have refused to see that your so-called MOA has done nothing for Anambrarians than institute an ever declining slope of moral decadence in our schools and in our society, you would not blame those who see the truth. That agreement, if it solely stands against the return of schools to missions, is obsolete and ineffective.

One may impulsively ask what relationship education has with morality in a society; I will answer you: Everything! This is a time of return; nothing else will suffice. It’s a time of return to the early truth which, though discarded for decades, still remains what it is: truth. This change should not be limited to Anambra, or to the South-East; it should permeate the entire regions. As God is allowed His rightful place in the upbringing of our children, the running of states and the peace which has eluded all will return and dwell amongst us. As this step is taken, more steps will be required for truth to set us free. It will service for wisdom to note here that the return of schools to churches has nothing, whatsoever, to do with forceful introduction of Sharia; while morals will be better encouraged and harnessed by the missions, Sharia law of Nigeria has no room for human weakness. While we wait on other governors to take the footsteps of this great man, Mr. Peter Obi, I personally would like to say to his Excellency: Sir, well-done! You have written your name in the annals of the great. As you have realized the place of God in the governing of your peoples, and especially, in the lives of our children, God will fix your reign and days in the place where pushing and pulling are not, no matter from where. And as you put your decision into action, may God open your eyes to other crucial matters that affect our state and society. And may God surround you with willing, obedient, and faithful hands as you journey with God’s approval and blessings towards a better Anambra and a restored Igboland. You have shown Ndigbo, by your total care for Ezeigbo, Chief Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, in these times of trial for us all, that Ndigbo are your heartbeat; the returning of schools to the churches is yet another feather to the crown which only God has given and his servants confirmed. You are unstoppable, worthy father! You are great amongst us, and indeed, your name is written and forever written.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Ugwuegbu Bertram [Visitor]
Ugwuegbu BertramIke thanks so much for this write up. God will honour our Gov. Peter Obi for his good gesture towards the war-lord - Ikemba 1.
Please, keep the flag flying.
11/28/11 @ 20:23
Comment from: Emma [Visitor]
EmmaIke, your name is also written on the book of the living. You are indeed a God-sent. You have continuously channeled your God's given grace in a write path. Peter Obi's works may not have been properly known if not people like you. Therefore to think of Great Men is to think of Ikechukwu Enyiagu. Please keep on keeping on. I am really motivated by your articles.
11/28/11 @ 20:32
Comment from: Unubi J. I. [Visitor]
Unubi J. I.In fact I so much cherished the dynamic and people's oriented government of Mr. Peter Obi, governor of Anambra State. Though am not from Anambra State, neither am I from the eastern part of Nigeria. But I have been keenly following the government of His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi, right from when his mandate was robbed till when he regained it, he is marvellous. His cristics says "He's stingy and hand thighthened man" because, he don't share money or corruption friendly Governor. My prayer is that God Almighty preserve and keep you to rule our great nation one day, so that you can demonstrate to the entire world, another style of leadership that is not yet known any where and the WHOLE WORLD is waiting for you sir. Long Live Anambra State, Long Live His Excellency Gov. Peter Obi, Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria. Sir, I humbly SALUTE your courage to return the private schools to their original owners. This is another CHAPTER of good leadership and no one has done this yet except YOU. This is another milestone !!!.
11/29/11 @ 03:46
Comment from: Goddy [Visitor] Email
GoddyPeter has tried as the son of the soil.i pray he will do more for his people. But he shouid carry other local govts along.
11/29/11 @ 13:01

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