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Biafran Activist Faces Deportation From UK


Biafran Activist Faces Deportation From UK

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*Biafran Activist Faces Deportation From UK

By Mark Clint

On 20th November 2006, Mazi King Eze Onuigbo, a Biafran activist based in UK participated actively in disrupting the image-laundering project of the Nigerian government called "Nigeria Heart of Africa", which took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Hall. Till date, the Nigerian government is still looking for the protesters. Mazi King Onuigbo’s participation in that disruption can be viewed via this link:-

The demonstration at the Nigerian High Commission at Northumberland Street can be seen here:
( Continues below….. )

Heart of Africa Logo

Photo Above: Heart of Africa Logo

Furthermore, Mazi Onuigbo is a leader and not an ordinary member of a number of pro-Biafra organizations in the UK. He is a member of Biafra Liberation in Exile (BILIE); the current president of the Good Shepherd Movement and former director of mobilisation Biafra Liberation League/MASSOB INTERNATIONAL.

Onuigbo's arrest by UK authorities instigated by the Nigerian High Commission is illegal and should be deplored. Currently, he faces deportation to Godforsaken Nigeria. Self-determination is right and not a privilege, Biafrans must be free.

Mark Clint can be reached at markclint2000@yahoo.co.uk

Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

Photo Above: Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

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Comment from: chris [Visitor] Email
chrisThose propagating Biafra do not actually want a republic. They want settlement or popularity. Otherwise they would have learnt that Niger Delta states are not interested in Biafra. Inclusion of Niger Delta to Biafra's territory speaks volume of my position.
30/11/11 @ 09:56
Comment from: Hull [Visitor] Email
HullThose trying to bring Biafra in to existence are fools cos Nigeria is One. Let the Government try and settle the Niger Delta Region.My Prayer is that god will frustrate all the enemies of Nigeria and it's goodness
30/11/11 @ 11:01
Comment from: Eby . E [Visitor]
Eby . ELet us speak the truth one to another, let us not live in pretense, Nigeria is not one. Can you justify the killings of the Igbo's in the Northern Nigeria? Can you give the reason for the killing of the 10 Youth Corp members, the killing of my cousin{a military guy} by his fellow military all in the guise of Boko Haram?
30/11/11 @ 20:21
Comment from: odi [Member] Email
odiDear, Readers let us face reallity nigeria is not united who ever that said that nigeria is united is a liar expecially from the north,northerners took knife and gun from the so called wicked colonist to fight the people from the old eastern state and corrupt the mind of the people that think that are minorities,some foolish people kick against Biafra is because the are greedy and lazy the think if Biafra exist that the we not have the opportunity to loot,steal and share money any body who think that people from the southsouth are not interesting in Biafra is a fool the are interesting but the we not show up their interest until the times come,if you look the map of nigeria very well you will know the Igbo,s have being maginalize,nigeria separate some people from the old eastern state by politics by making southsouth and southeast but when you look at the map very well you will see that some people in southsouth fall to the eastern part while other who specifical fall to the southsouth some speak Igbo till today whil some from the east should have being southsouth the map is their go and take closer look to it.
02/12/11 @ 08:46
Comment from: Abuchi [Visitor]
AbuchiThose who still believe in one Nigeria will be the next victims. Biafra is in a very good position because they have fought for their freedom 40sth. years ago and survived it. And I tell you they are very ready to fight again because bravery is their second name.One Nigeria does not exist apart from the oil. Those who don't have oil in their land would clamour for one Nigeria at the expense of the oil owners who have been suffering. Woe to you hypocrites, for we must divide.
02/12/11 @ 10:44
Comment from: Mark Clint [Visitor] Email
Mark ClintItis a great injustice to the Igbos that the Nigerian governement cannot foster fairness and equity in the so-called union.The Igbos in particular deserve more.The argument that Niger Delta are not for Biafra and be extention Igbos is problematic because most of the land mass from Imo state and Abia states were carved out and forced into Rives State in order to weaken and divide proponents of Biafra project.Consequently, a lot of questions still have to be answered becuase there are so many Igbos in Rivers and other parts of so-called Niger Delta. I address it as 'so-called' becuase the 'goepolitical zones'are the PDP creation for administrative convenience.They are not in the Nigerian Constitution and so are illegal, unconstitutional unless they have now smuggled it in.
03/12/11 @ 10:40
Comment from: odenigbo [Visitor]
odenigboNigeria belong to the north,Oduduwa belong to the west and Biafra belong to the East...Nigeria is a failled marrige and there was no treaty binding the amalgamation of 1914 by the colonian master.Nigeria will never work and beleive it or not Biafra is sooner or later.Long Live Biafra
03/12/11 @ 10:57
Comment from: markclint [Visitor] Email
markclintAny form of disintegration of Nigeria or slightest change in the structure of Nigerian state whether caused by Biafra agitation or by any other crisis still in line with the aims and philosophy of Biafra project.There are those hardliners within the Nigerian state who are looking out for another Biafra war but believe it or not, dismemberment of Nigeria may or may not come from Biafra.But the spirit of millions of massacred Biafrans will continue to hunt Nigeria and peace will continue to elude it till justice is done for the Biafran marytrs.
03/12/11 @ 18:47
Comment from: Nmbaking Chinedo [Visitor] Email
Nmbaking ChinedoOh! BIAFRA my fatherland i love YOU, the land of the Rising SUN the LAND flowing with milk & honey the triger of African contenant, the African Jewish holy nation where peculia people chosen by the Most HIGH GOD of Isreal are lìvíng! My beloved brethren be couragous our freedom is at hand.South sudan had gotten their freedom last year{8/9th july 2011} we re the nest in the world list the have Independance.
14/01/12 @ 13:58
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
13/10/15 @ 09:39

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