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Nigeria's North: What Do They Want?


Nigeria's North: What Do They Want?

*Nigeria's North: What Do They Want?

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Yes, you heard me right: what do our Northern brothers want out of this amalgamation called Nigeria; does anyone actually understand what they really want? I do not, even when I’m convinced I do. The events unfolding on daily basis in Nigeria, right from the colonial days to date, have forced this question, which was never silent, to the forefront of all curiosities. It’s obvious that, like other tribes, ethnic, and ethno-religious groups in Nigeria, our Northern brothers also have an agenda and a focus in Nigeria. The desire of every zone in Nigeria, far above every other need, is to be rightly integrated into relevance as long as Nigeria remains one. However and obviously, the mandates of the majority of Northern Nigeria’s leaders are largely undefined or divergent of the always-thought goal of the senseless genocide against Biafrans: unity.

It will be noted that, from the time of the infamous amalgamation of what was then referred to as the Northern and the Southern protectorate into what is now known as Nigeria, the North has remained the most unwilling and the most appeased and appealed to for a “one Nigeria.” Fraudulent leadership crept into Nigeria for the simple goal of favoring and appeasing the North; the so-called Lord Fredrick Lugard of Britain, James Robertson, with Her Majesty’s approval, assured that. And by so doing, merits and progress were forever buried in Nigeria under the foundation of absolute falsehood. The first election ever held in Nigeria was fraudulent solely because of the unwritten law that the North must be favored above all others in Nigeria. The inflation of the North’s population was born out of that same ill-thought-out belief also. The consequences of these frauds, in a nation desperately fighting to sustain its unity, inspired the first coup, and then the so-called counter-coup which had no bearing to the first coup - so-called “carried out by the Igbos.” The massacre of over 30,000 Igbos in the North, the senseless war and the well-planned genocide by the Nigerian government with the full backing of Her Majesty were all in the bid to further press the claim of Nigeria as “an extension of Usman Dan Fodio’s estate.” Was the massacre reasonable and justified? And with the consequences ever piling up, can Nigeria give any reason today for going to war with Biafra? What about the war and inhumane bloodshed which has remained a major clog in the onward movement of Nigeria, was it justified? Is there anything that is worth looking at today and saying: “yes, we were able to achieve this through the genocide?” Well, I leave every Nigerian, beginning from the blood-thirsty Gowon, to answer that. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria

After the war, the Nigerian government, in their inhuman reasoning, assumed that the only way to keep their “father’s estate” (through the pretext of keeping Nigeria indivisible) would be to destabilize the South-East. And so, they set to work; every South-Easterner, no matter their status before the war, would have to start from scratch with the infamous 20. Next, other Nigerians were encouraged to openly and unashamedly seize all properties belonging to Ndigbo in other parts of Nigeria, and the government stood by them and called it “lawful;” calling all that Igbos had ever worked for since the amalgamation “abandoned property” even with the “no victor no vanquished” clause. Since the South-East readily embraced the early missionaries just as the South-West and other parts did, the government set into motion to force out schools from the churches-claiming that it would help to balance education in Nigeria. Who stopped the North from schooling when the South embraced it? And scarcely enough for them, the government had to go further to incite hatred between the South-East and their neighboring South-South; the government carved Igbo lands into other states and, thereby felt as having done something extensive to ‘pacify’ the North because, to them, “these people will always be in disagreement so we could have all the time we need to finish our master-plan.” My questions then, are: did any of these pacify the North; have all these injustices been enough to appease their ‘godness?’ You have that answer to give to your searching soul.

Today, sadly, as a South-Southerner with a middle name, Ebele, which could mean anything in any other language, became the president, the North is at it again. They have suddenly felt that their “father’s estate” is slipping through their fingers and not even a South-South man as the president could assure them that an Igbo will never be president in their “father’s estate.” Today, it is men who represent the North in the highest places of leadership in Nigeria who have sworn to kill every Igbo man and every other Nigerian who is not a Muslim. These so-called lawmakers and representatives of their respective constituents have been the very people championing the killing of other Nigerians in the North, including the Youth Corpers who were out to “serve” their country. Their instrument of terror, the so-called Boko Haram, has killed with impunity all over the North. The saddest part of it is that their leaders, from their Emir through other religious leaders (like the one who vowed that the North would go to war if Islamic banking is not instituted in Nigeria) to every other politician, have largely kept silent while these instruments of terror and death kill citizens of other faiths and tribes. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states, and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

Boko Haram, as has been translated, roughly means: “Western education is sin.” As these revelations are forthcoming, it’s been said that the Senate have sworn to defend Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume until he is declared innocent and returned to continue the sponsoring of terror against other Nigerians. If a man who agrees that western education is sinful is a representative of a group in Nigeria to the general assembly, and if the Senate is shameless enough to stand by such a man, then the nation obviously has more to deal with than already known. For one, it’s a clear opposition to everything the western world stands for; this inference can be far-reaching. My questions are these: Nigeria was built largely to favor the North and disfavor other regions, the fraudulent first-ever election, the massacre, and the genocide of the 60s were carried out to the full to appeal to the North; and the abolition of mission’s right to schools was carried out solely to please the North as well.

The NYSC was instituted also to make sure graduates from other parts of Nigeria serve in the North (deceitfully put: to ensure proper integration): if all these sacrifices made only to maintain “one Nigeria” and to continually appease the godness of the North have not appeased them nor achieved anything to pacify whatever it has been which fuel their resentment for other tribes and religions, what then do they want? What was the reason for the war? If they are really tired of the so-called Nigeria and would want out, why not come out openly and declare so; what’s the essence of the senseless killings and destructions? Is it, perhaps, like one state that childishly called itself “born to rule,” all a campaign for total dominance, the spirit brought and entrenched in the North by the raiding stranger of the gone days called Usman Dan Fodio? It has remained obvious that Nigeria was never meant to be one as it was formed, and so many people have voiced their fears in the past against this amalgamation; but fear takes a man nowhere if he does not make a step to counter it. It is clear that Nigeria has remained one, largely to the advantage of the North, especially considering all the sacrifices made and rights forgone by other regions only to agree to every whim of the Northern leaders; why then are there all these manifestation of dissatisfaction and frustration from the North-even amongst the money-men? Reaching here with me, every true Nigerian, especially those close to history, will sigh with me and echo: What do our Northern brothers want; what do they really want?

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Faruck [Visitor]
FaruckWhat a piece of non sense, waste of time and utterly deficient of real human civilization
12/01/11 @ 18:21
Comment from: kozuru [Visitor]
kozuruGreat write up.The North want every Nigerian to be a Moslem and to be rule from Sokoto caliphate. Any other thing short of this is not acceptable.
12/01/11 @ 21:51
Comment from: Mike [Visitor] Email
MikeI quite admire the sentimental attachment of Farouk. Being a northerner, i don´t expect anything less from him,afterall,a chicken won´t be pleased when a bird is being roasted right b4 it´s very own eyes. Though i don´t believe in d Biafra struggle,i am highly embarrased by the unbridled and incisive targeting of Nigerians of southern extraction for elimination by the northerners any time there is crisis in the north. Are southerners guinea pigs for experimental purposes? The north should spell out what they want afterall,my people say,when a labourer discovers that his keg of water is empty,the next thing that comes to his mind is to close for the day. The govt is not helping the situation; instead of arresting the culprits and ensuring capital punishment thru the judiciary to serve as a deterrent to prospective murderers and arsonists,use the media to start preaching ´unity´ in diversity. They even go ahead to mobilize armoured carriers and deploy soldiers and policemen to all the cities of the south in a bid to protect northerners. Almost every family in the south have lost their relatives to politically induced violence in the north. The question i am asking is, for how long will this politically orchestrated violence continue? The answer is clear- until the faulty foundation of the ´continent´called Nigeria is taken care of, these problems will remain unabated. God bless.
12/02/11 @ 02:49
Comment from: Emmanuel okoro [Visitor]
Emmanuel okoroI need not to be told that,that country called Nigeria is not one any person that is saying that we are one is just making a very be mistake as far as Nigeria and people in there is concern,if our people can't understand this well the coming generation will still pay for the unfinished assignment...
12/02/11 @ 02:51
Comment from: NA SAULAWA [Visitor]
NA SAULAWAI wonder what 'freedom of expression' means, if this type of hate-monger could be allowed to unabatedly propagate this callous and venomous ideology.This is a clear manifestation of an improperly trained child.Garbage in, garbage out!
12/02/11 @ 03:10
Comment from: aishat [Visitor]
aishatDont worry mr ikechuku very soon mr president will find you something because you begged him enough on this your article
12/02/11 @ 03:43
Comment from: Biafra4Life [Visitor]
Biafra4LifeThe north has an agenda and can only rest when fulfilled..The govt knows what they are doing and always turn blind eyes to the wanton killings of the citizens of this country that happen to find themselves domiciled in the north...most of us have lost a relative or friend to this problem and we still continue to look at it from the corner of our eyes....i will always borrow from the ICOn himself Odimegwu Ojukwu that let this c ountry define its existence and union...if done thats the only time we can know peace....Let the center be made weak and the sides strong,so any state can develop at its pace..not robbing peter to pay paul...it is wicked...the north are the only people in control of the oil resources generated from the south...and the owners are suffering from abject poverty and lack.....what do we call that if not SHEAR DAY ROBBERY....Pls this country should define its UNION so we can move ahead.And for my northern brothers who made comments here its a pity you people have failed to understand that u cannot go on to fool us....REVOLUTION IS COMING.....
12/02/11 @ 03:59
Comment from: Abdul Bazza [Visitor]
Abdul BazzaLet me ask you Mr Mike, What do the Southern people living in the North do when crisis erupt between Hausa/Fulani and other tribes?
12/02/11 @ 04:00
Comment from: edith [Visitor]
edithWhat a great question that has been posed! The southerners do not show or have ever shown the kind of hatred shown to them by the northerners. To what end do they treat their fellow men the way they do? If my fellow northerners who have read the article can only but say the truth,then it will show that the change may start to commence,but if still in denial then there is still cause for alarm and only the Almighty God can deliver us(as always)from the power of darkness that is likely to overtake this nation.

The problems the British created for us, so that they can continue to benefit after independence is still eating this nation alive. Thank you for posing that question....now northerners....please give us an answer! Then maybe the problem will have a solution,what problem doesn't.
12/02/11 @ 04:26
Comment from: Yahaya Yunusa Abdullahi [Visitor]
Yahaya Yunusa AbdullahiFunny people from a funny world with a funny and myopic thinking.The north and its people want nothing but respect and reciprocal gesture from the southerners.The north has helped the Southerners out of the shackles of slavery,malnutrition and hunger,what do we get in return!Barage of criticism and show of ingratitude.What the North want! The north want a separation of the country brought together by Humosexuals,lesbians and prostitudes.(No wonder their followers are calling for the legalisation and institutionalisation of Humosexualism,Lesbianism and prostitution)Holighost fire!!!!!!!!
12/02/11 @ 05:44
Comment from: mark s.w. [Visitor] Email
mark s.w.Mike. U rightly spoken. The socalled northerner [hausas fulanis] have lost their balances and having nothing to offer that's why their high hirachies chooses they way of bokom haram to regain governance.
12/02/11 @ 07:31
Comment from: alx2 [Visitor]
alx2U come across as a schizophrenic! disjointed thought lines occasioned by blind hatred! I'm from the middle belt and a Christian by faith, and though I stand firmly against the islamisation of Nigeria, I do not see any sense in your write-up! I wonder why you were given so much space to show-case your Lilliputian mindset! All said and done, who's stopping the south from putting forward its own agenda? Or, are you admitting defeat and subjugation? Your write-up is a nonsensical distraction! Grow up, mummy's baby!
12/02/11 @ 08:26
Comment from: Eje [Visitor]
EjeThinking about what the Northerners want is a waste of time.
Think about how to penetrate into the system and create your own world out of it. The Northerners want to rule Nigeria forever and it does not matter to them the direction of the economy. This is 21st century and that idiology was 16th century piece. The former Eastern region must have to come together to fight this coming war or the Northerners would conquer them and control the oil from the sahara desert. The war is on its way.
12/02/11 @ 08:51
Comment from: Kesh [Visitor] Email
KeshMr. Mike, truth is not welcome in this our Country. You made some good points.If it takes 1000 years truth will come up.Revolution! Revolution!! Revolution!!! I do not pray for it. Will it be the solution?
12/02/11 @ 11:56
Comment from: Mohammad [Visitor]
Mike, People with your like mindset are very dangerous to this generation,when insecurity, Hunger and Disease parvades every where in the country regardless of North South or East,and you sentimentally believes that it is one part of the country that is responsible.We all have a stake in this project called Nigria,either good or bad and we all have to accept responsibilty collectively to it`s failure.It is a challange to all,excepts the cowards, the like of mike.
12/02/11 @ 12:42
Comment from: OKWUDIRI [Visitor]
OKWUDIRIVery unfortunate from people who live in the same country. It shows that we are confused people who are living in the 21st century, we should be in the middle age. What a shame when the world is planning to make life better, and countries are trying their best to meet the needs of their people!
For me, the world will not wait for us, it has moved ahead. Nigeria or Biafra, countries exist to better the life of its citizen. Sincerely if i may ask, what have we achieved as a people?
12/02/11 @ 13:24
Comment from: yemmy [Visitor]
yemmywhen u chase a goat to the wall, u should expect it to fight back.let them keek on provoking the articulate, hardworking and the educated southerners using their senseless platform.Mike do u think it is a mere coincidence that their leaders have dangerously kept qiute watching the madness going on unchecked? Time will tell when the avoidable bomb will explode and consume the whole country
12/02/11 @ 14:35
Comment from: austin [Visitor]
austinWell every thing that have a beginning must surely have an end . i am going to talk on all stand here not on one stand . the problems of this nation is Nigerians not the leaders ,because they can always play us like cards. what has the northern leadership of more than 30yrs brought to the north poverty in quote , if the northern part of Nig is like heaven we will certainly go and have the best of it. But what did u see few people who are using the normal innocent northern Nig youths for purpose. The same applies some times to the south , east and west .My advice to the Boko h. is that they should stop and let fight this course together. because most of us dont know the truth.No body can fight God or Allah , we are their representative . So no body can fight the people it takes time u will be surelly defeat if are killing people innocently .ANY BODY THAT THINK NIG WILL GO AWAZ IS JOKING. I want all of us to come together because the kingdom of Nig is at hand , i have seen it prophetically and in vission . Those that have this course of patriotism will see the promise land.
12/02/11 @ 14:43
Comment from: Gershion [Visitor] Email
GershionAll what northernance are diong is fulfilment of scriptur. What Nigeria need is prayer.
12/02/11 @ 16:49
Comment from: Dr.Albert. [Visitor]
Dr.Albert.Ok Boys.Time to go to bed. Good nite and sweet dreams.
12/02/11 @ 17:55
Comment from: uzowuru B.C [Visitor]
uzowuru B.CPlease let us allow this wound heal properly,war and confusion is not good for any body.May God help Nigeria with quality leaders for us all to benefit from the riches God made available for .Amen
12/02/11 @ 18:51
Comment from: garba [Visitor]
12/02/11 @ 19:22
Comment from: mahmud [Visitor]
mahmudyour side was only known for kidnapping, raping, robbery, gay and lesbianism, militancy, vandalism, human trafficking, prostitution, moral decadence what have you, name it you dont see all this as problem. i advicee you go back and fix your self before making ungodly comments and for your information, the problem of nigeria is the leadership not the north
12/02/11 @ 19:48
Comment from: Zarhags Zara [Visitor]
Zarhags ZaraThe time has come to realise the dream of break up...........
12/03/11 @ 00:50
Comment from: Ogebe [Visitor]
Ogebeall of you that are throwing up, looking at your write ups, it seems that BOKO HARAM GROUP are far better than all of you. Non of you have any meaningful suggestion to offer for the solution to the Nigeria mess. Look at all the nonsense all of U are writing inhere? Is a shame to all of you, from A to Z. WHAT ARE THE IGBOs SEARCHING FOR IN THE NORTHERN NIGERIA? THE IGBOS ARE THE MOST FOOLISH WISE PEOPLE IN NIGERIA, WHY DO THE IGBOS GO ABOUT DEVELOPING THE NORTHERN NIGERIA, AND IN THEIR HOME NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT.
12/03/11 @ 01:04
Comment from: Docteur [Visitor]
DocteurProlific write-up. I associate myself with this writer. The problems with this country as pointed out have been political and religious. Our Northern brothers should understand that whether one is a chritian or a moslem, we are all serving the same God. Both the quoran and bible do not encourage destroying human lives. The idea of leaving the mosques after praying to your God and going to the churches to slaughter your fellow human beings is not a doctrine of any of these two religions. The inculcation of this believe to the 'BOKO HARAM' sect that if they execute their sucide missions and killed many souls, they will go to heaven and there, they will marry virgins, live good lives etc, is a deceit. The sect members should be informed that life ends here on earth. Heaven is a place for the holy ones where there is no wife, mother, father etc. Only saints live there. One must live a holy life here on earth to be qualified to enter there. You cannot kill human beings created by God and expect to enter heaven, Hell fire is for you. If as a citizen of this country you perceive any wrong doing, you seek for dialogue and not to resort to violence. No-one would be happy to see his loved one being slaughtered like an animal. Let's all put ourselves into the shoes of one who lost a loved one in an unprovoked violence like the BOKO HARAM bombing. All the violent incidences have been carried out in the North and have been unprovoked. This brings us to the same question > WHAT DOES THE NORTH WANT???? It is most disheartening that some Elites in the North encourage these human killings in the name of religion. Senator Ndume, a disgrace to the nation. Thanks to ZAMANI LEKWOT (a true Northerner) who despised the attitude of his people and re-acted patriotic against the unwanton killing by his kims men.
12/03/11 @ 04:06
Comment from: abdullahi rano [Visitor]
abdullahi ranomike you are myopic in thinking,Hausas/Fulani were not the problem of nigeria,but your own people whom dont respect elders,how many northerners in south,i pray nigeria should be divide and see who will suffer,if niger republic get oil,do you think kano,borno,bauchi will not have such,Boko haram is xtcian strategy do destablise nigeria,is your education to talk any how.you useless frustrated idiot.
12/03/11 @ 05:03
Comment from: Yusuf funsho [Visitor] Email
Yusuf funshoOur problems in dis contary is not indeed from nothernerns but from our shelvis leaders,imagin our leaders have no coserned in our problems sovering unconfortable,so forget about blaming nothernerns thoug they have there own contribution but to be frank is untill we fight for our right befor we can suceed in this contary let us forget about discreminatiom and face the riality GOD bless nigeria
12/03/11 @ 10:07
Comment from: Real one [Visitor]
Real oneThe write up is just a handy work of a frustrated educated illiterate sired and brought up by kidnappers,prostitutes,419ners, lesbians,homosexuals,armed robbers,vandals, cultists,ritualists and assassins. Honestly, there is nothing sensible in the entire garbage. go and solve these problems before you face the North if you can.
12/03/11 @ 13:36
Comment from: jokky [Visitor]
jokkymy brodas n sistas dot worry, i knw vry soon God will hear d cry of d southerners.
12/03/11 @ 13:36
Comment from: jokky [Visitor]
jokkymy brothers n sisters dot worry, i know very soon God will hear d cry of d southerners.
12/03/11 @ 13:37
Comment from: Nasiru Gambo [Visitor]
Nasiru GamboIkechukwu Enyiagu needs to know that part of history which he is either ignorant of or deliberately ignored in his writeup i.e. the executions and massive killings of the Niger Deltans for not cooperating or actively supporting the course of Biafra. This is still fresh in the minds of the Niger Deltan's. If the crude oil in the Niger Delta is what is instigating Ike and the likes of him to write malicious statements against the northerners, then, Ike should read Geology and search for oil in Igbo land bcos Niger Deltans would not share cude oil with you. You could be of assistance to them in the quest for break away Nigeria but i assure you will have to forgo Niger Delta in the so called map of Biafra.Ikechukwu's write up is characterised with unguarded utterances of hate to the northerners. the following should be taken into cognisance; the Niger Deltan would never amalgamate with Igbos to share the crude oil if Nigeria sieze to be one. If the northerners are that bad as you painted them to be, have a look at the population of Igbos in northern Nigeria and the liberty they enjoy(free business, purchase of property; land or buildings and houses in any part of the city centre, permanent and pensinable jobs in state governments in the north). There are so many southerners working as academic and non academic staff in higher institutions; universities, polytechnics, college of edu at the expense of many northerners who have graduated with MSc's and PhD's. These MSc's and PhD's northerners usually end up teaching in secondary school. These northern see themselves taken lower paid jobs while their counterparts in th souther get higher paid one in thier land and never complained. Needless to say that the north has substantial population of graduates to man all the institutions of learning. Can Ike tell me any part of the southern Nigeria that has this good will and provide privilages of a fraction of such magnitude to the northerners.I would like Ike to go round the north and see the population of southerners and thier businesses before making illogical comments of hatred to northerners. I certainly believe Ike has a notion that has form scar in his heart which is never to like northerners. That's ok. But Ike should be aware that in the event of Nigeria siezing to be one; the north already produce and provide food to Nigeria, the north has natural gas and crude oil in Bauchi state (and probably other states) which was claimed by Shell and Chevron not to be in commercial quantity by just drilling 3 wells. Who knows if forty or more wells were drilled as it were during the first oil exploiration in the Niger Delta. Perahps the north will be better off even without crude oil by exporting its agricultural products abroad in exchange for dollars, pounds and Euros and not Naira. Ike should also be aware of the Allah's given vast fertile agricultural land in the north which few countries in the world has. Has Ike ever wondered that Nigeria (via what the north produces) is among the very few countries in the world that is self sufficient and need not import meat, maize, millet, rice, yam, fruits, etc. Thousands of cattle, sheeps, goats, chickens produced in the north are slaugtered in both the south and north and there hasn't been any day of shortages or need to import. The Igbos particularly have purchased almost half of the expensive properties in Abuja. Would the northerners be given this fair treatment if Abuja were in one the Igbo states. Ike should clearly know that the northerners aint scared of break away atleast we wouldn't be looking forward any part of Nigeria to share crude oil with.
12/03/11 @ 15:21
Comment from: Akintunde [Visitor]
AkintundeIf you take the North as monolithic entity that think only in one way, your write up may be even more cynic.The North can readily be divided into 3 (1)The moslem hard liners (majority which are illitrates) (2)The Elite (ruling class)these has no religious barrier,but during power game they use religious sentiment to get to the seat of power eg SHARIA it has nothing to do with faith,but ways of defrauding Arabic countries.(3)The lager group which like in any society are ready to shift to where the government of the day is moving.The only way to liberate our society is education.Nigeria refused to develop because our government base their activities on predetermined colonial manipulations of North/South.We refuse to plan with statistics,we falsify censors and all the things that can help us.Culprits are among all the tribes.We have to liberate ourselves from the colonial sentiments then from the litle cliques that are using divide and rule to sow seed of discontent among us to hold on to power.
12/03/11 @ 15:44
Comment from: usman jada [Visitor]
usman jadaI tink it is time nigerians forget abt dis issue of break up and tink of ways to find lastin solutions to our problems instead of putin the problems of nig on one side of the country,may Allah help us .....
12/04/11 @ 09:07
Comment from: Okechukwu Nwosu [Visitor]
Okechukwu NwosuI don't like Nasiru Gambo's bit in this debate. But for Ikechukwu I think you missed the point or you simply want to tease us. You know what your northern brothers want and you courageously referred to them as brothers. They want to provie us with rulership of this country while the south can provide ownership of technology and wealth. Is that not ok. If they go and mind their cattle and leave you to do all would you be happy. Honestly if we bring people like Shagari and Aminu Kano as presidents and add people like Ekwueme and Adeniran Ogunsanya Nigeria will not have serious corruption so that technocrats will have peace to develope the country. A northern poor and a southern poor are similar and there are more poors in the north so who is fooling who.
12/04/11 @ 12:05
Comment from: Atati [Visitor]
AtatiWhy are you all southernance afriad to say the truth, even the president!!!. We all know that seperation is the only soluction to Nigeria problem.When Gadafi said it, they called him an idiot, but the truth is always bitter. We're in the 21st century so we don't need to fight any war for seperation all we need is to follow by example what Sudan did to seperate, which is vote for seperation YES OR NO, then let the result decide. Simple.
12/04/11 @ 20:38
Comment from: Okukekwere [Visitor]
OkukekwereMr Ike's question and write-up calls 4 serious national consideration. It is quite unfortunate that northerners lik Yahaya an Mahmud with their parochial way of thinking are attacking Mr Ike. Our northern brothers have got almost everything the country owns but are still complaining. I believe things won't stay like this. A time will come when the north will be begging for peace or separation.
12/05/11 @ 05:34
Comment from: Atati [Visitor]
AtatiWhy are you all southerners, afriad to say the truth, even the president!!!. We all know that seperation is the only soluction to Nigeria problem.When Gadafi said it, they called him an idiot, but the truth is always bitter. We're in the 21st century so we don't need to fight any war for seperation all we need is to follow by example what Sudan did to seperate, which is vote for seperation YES OR NO, then let the result decide. Simple.
12/05/11 @ 09:56
Comment from: raphael ben ayanfeoluwa [Visitor]
raphael ben ayanfeoluwathe will of GOD will be done but no tribe/region is superior to others. a time is fast approaching for solution. keep watching for His solution
12/06/11 @ 05:25
Comment from: Atati [Visitor]




12/07/11 @ 20:10
Comment from: Atati [Visitor]
12/09/11 @ 15:54
Comment from: Daniel chima ihems [Visitor] Email
Daniel chima ihemsThis our generation,our fathers lost in the war because the war was between biafra and world powers.i think the muslim north can not survive the new generation war. The muslims buy arms and the christians make arms. The genocide may reverse against the north.they masacred jews but today jews are world leaders.am seeing another unique change in the history of ndi igbo. The lord has tied your enemies to a stake,they cant fly..when you wake up,put on your armour and cut your enemies to pieces. The spirit opend my eyes and i see hausa and fulani with those who look like them scattered all over deserts of niger and chad seeking for refuge like libyans,irakians and palestinians. I also see ikemba nnewi warning the igbos not to bury him until the nation of biafra is restored. When wil this be i askd the spirit when this wil manifest and he said very soon.
01/11/12 @ 10:06
Comment from: elharun [Visitor]
elharunNORTHERNERS WANT FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE ON THE SIDE OF THE PRESIDENT.LEVEL OF POVERTY IN THE NORTH,AAND AS STAKEHOLDERS IN NIGERIA NEED AN AMNESTY PROGRAMME THAT WOULD EMPOWER ITS YOUTH AND BUILD THEIR CAPACITY TO COINTRIBUTE TO PEACE AND STABILITY IN NIGERIA.AMNESTY FOR NIGER DELTA ALONE IS UNFAIR,LOPSIDED AND UNJUST.NORTHERNERS WANT MR PRESIDENT TO CONTINUE THE DRAINAGE OF RIVER NIGER HE HAS STOPPED UNLESS HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF SEXTION,NOT WHOLE ON NIGERIA.NOETHERNERS WANT TO OWN LANDS AND HOUSES,DO BUSINESS AAND GO TO SCHOOLS in the south as southerners do in the north,they enjoy everything in the north,and northerners hv nothing in the south.ANY SOUTHERNER THAT IS ATTACHED IS AN ACTION OF MISGUIDED NORTHERNERS.NORTH REMEMBER WITH PAIN HOW OUR BEST LEADERS WERE KILLED,SIR AHMADU BELLO AND Tfawa balewa.this rngineered the civil war in addition to the plans by ironsi Govt to eliuminate northern elders.North is the most receptive,tolerant and generous region in Nigeria.u c southerners from z remotest village to z most cosmopolitant town enjoying themselves peaxefully and successfully,more than in their own areas,yet we are accused,out of share ungratefulness
01/22/12 @ 05:54
Comment from: De Lajas [Visitor]
De LajasIkechukwu, mike & co. Gud day. Thats why you do not participate in the oil subsidy removal demonstration. Busy making calculations on how to get accepted by the Niger-Deltans so that you can claim back your seized lands in Rivers and other part of South-South region. I would rather urge you to read how indigbo enslaved the Niger-Deltans in the pre-history period and now crawling under the shoes of GEJ to give you the mantle of leadership in 2015 (deception). The guy is reading you one-by-one. You think they will forget? The north and the south west economy built Nigeria. If you dont know, ask your G-Pa. About the killings in the north, 95% of the killings in the north affects Muslims and this was targetted on the muslims economy. I wonder why you are busy wasting your time on hypocricy. Why dont you concentrate on your spare parts?
01/29/12 @ 16:42

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