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Like The Old Tower Of Babel, Nigeria Is Falling!


Like The Old Tower Of Babel, Nigeria Is Falling!

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*Like The Old Tower Of Babel, Nigeria Is Falling!

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Whenever one hears of “The tower of Babel,” one remembers Nimrod, “the rebel” against God. It also reminds one of Babylon, one of his centers of rule, before King Nebuchadnezzar almost turned it into a horizontal Babel. Of course, everyone who studies history, especially those of Zion (who do not only study, but take it to life), are not strangers to Nimrod and his futile dream of linking his kingdom to heaven through the staircase of his Babel tower; we also know the end of that pride of the flesh and the message it sent across to generations even unborn. Nimrod was the grandson of Ham and the great-grandson of Noah, the man who alone, carrying his believing family of eight along, surrendered to God’s will. And he was saved, him and his household. But as time flew, pride of self overtook the fearfulness and the love of God which was once their hold; Nimrod rallied the people against his God. And God brought his futile mission to nothing.

One now wonders how the infamous Tower of Babel and Nigeria correlate; others ponder on who takes the seat of that hunter of old, Nimrod, in the Nigerian setup. Wait! Before you burst your bubbles, let me explain, not only why Nigeria is the ongoing Tower of Babel of today’s world, but also why it’s already crumbling. Going through the story of Babel, you will note one thing: that God did not destroy the vision for that building because they had one mind and one voice; no, He destroyed it because they had one mind and one voice against Him- one mind to live in rebellion and one voice to stand in perpetual opposition to the word of God. And so, they planned on invading his throne and challenging His truths just like that old serpent did against Him before Eve. But how did God destroy that plan; simply by turning the understanding of one for the other upside-down. He made them utter strangers to each other and to their very selves. The Tower of Babel which Nigeria is building is the compelling of everyone under that name- the establishing of a strange generation of Nigerians. And how is that so; by erecting a society of corruption, crime and depravity. Nigeria, even when it has always been known as an epitome of falsehood, deception and the enslavement of souls, was not what it is today…and counting. Just as the old Nimrod knew very well the wise choice of his great-grandfather, Noah, but went ahead, not only to oppose his foundation but God Himself, even so our so-called founding fathers were informed enough to know that Nigeria was an impossibility, yet they went ahead and did all they could to preserve it- including by sacrificing the blood of the Igbo on the alter of Nigeria’s rebellion against God. And as times come and become history, evil replaces another. Today, Nigeria’s lingua franca has become not the mighty English, but corruption, crime and depravity. From the Federal government to the local councils, from the religious bodies to the custodians of traditions, from schools to markets, from the forces to the hospitals, and from the families to the society at large, the language is a trinity of opposition to God: corruption, crime and depravity. It’s increasingly becoming a badge of honor, a mark of the Antichrist, on Nigerians- that, without corruption, crime and depravity, you can’t possibly survive as a Nigerian. Gradually and with lesser resistance from the people (as a result of the chains of the federal government on the citizenry), everyone is doing everything to understand this very “language of the new Nigeria.” God frowns at it, He frowns at every rebellion. He frowned at Lucifer, the very spirit of rebellion, and laid eternal curse of him. He frowned at the rebellion of Nimrod and his people, and made nonsense of their unity. This day, He is frowning at Nigeria and her unity in corruption, crime and depravity. As long as He is God forever, no flesh shall glory over Him. ( Continues below..... )

Map and Flag of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map and Flag of Nigeria

And dealing with Nimrod, “the rebel” and “the hunter” in Nigeria’s case, you can easily see our politicians bearing the same name and the same goal: “Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.” The impossibility of a continued Nigeria has remained protruding before their very eyes, yet they choose to unite it against all odds- even if it becomes the kingdom of the Antichrist. God forbid! May God alone be true and everyone else false. What He says, He will do; and as long as He remains God and on His throne, the knowledge of the glory of the LORD shall fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. Everyone must bow at the feet of Christ and confess His Lordship over all of creation. Even after many protests against the amalgamation of the North and the South of what is today called Nigeria, and the British-introduced electoral fraud which informed the coup, Nigeria’s leaders thought it the wisest thing to sacrifice the blood of the Igbo, everywhere they were seen, before the god all falsehood- the very god of Nigeria’s foundation and sovereignty. They suddenly remembered Mesha, king of Moab, and what he did with his eldest son (who should have reigned after him) when they were being defeated by the Israelites; and they sacrificed the Igbo on the alter of their god of falsehood and rebellion so they could keep the said country united against all truths. In their lifetime error, they made mockery of the blood of Jesus Christ and the efficacy and permanency of His atonement on our behalf. They would rather keep Nigeria united than not crucify Christ over again. So, God placed a curse on Nigeria. Yet the leaders would not listen. A curse was also placed on the nations which support and hold firm satan’s grip on those living within Nigeria; they were given over to depravity and all unthinkable abominations. Their men lust after other men and their women after other women; some fathers even lust after their daughters and sons, and mothers sleep with their sons, yet, to them, it’s alright and acceptable…because the curse on the accuser of the brethren follows those who obey him. It was so because a time of the great harvest and recompense is approaching. Nigeria’s leaders, He allowed in their folly. But this day, as they have unanimously been insisting on a continued Nigeria (even when they know that vision as an utter impossibility and a gross opposition and rebellion against the God of all flesh), He will strike again. First, He will strike the Nigerian society with total confusion, lack of understanding of each other, and lack of patience for everything Nigeria. Then He will strike those leaders who have assumed gods over a people whose true God lives in the abode of excellence and righteousness. He will strike them with the force of His anger that none of them will know what hits him. From the presidency, through the senate, house of rep, the judiciary, to the labor unions, everyone will misunderstand the other and grow impatient with the prevailing confusion. And the evil “Project Nigeria- the Tower of Babel” will cease. Then, after that, one language will be introduced. For the sake of the very elect, the language of disintegration will become the common mode of communication. And the chants of “break up, break up!” will fill the atmosphere. Then the Lord will take the center stage, and through peaceful separation, give us a new law- the law of love, faith and faithfulness. Because God still loves the world, His light shall come up again from the land of Africa, and reach the whole earth.

To those still bound in the spirit by citizenship to Nigeria, no matter your height or position, begin to set yourself loose in the spirit. Break yourself free from the language of corruption, crime and depravity so that you may not be caught up by with the fate of those who have led those leaving within what is still called Nigeria against the direction of God’s Spirit. Stand alone from the crowd; stand out today and echo the voice of Nigerians’ salvation: “break up, break up!” Until Nigeria breaks, it will not be gathered. Nigeria, the new Tower of Babel, is already falling. No man should be ignorant in the times of great light. Him that has ears let him hear.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: vincent [Visitor]
vincentit is very clear that we are leaving in our last moment as one country.but i believe what will fastfaward the long awaited revolution that will finally lead to this disintegration are [1] Boroko Haram menace especially on Northern christians and southerners [2] Any atempt or atempted atempt to REMOVE OIL SUBSIDY.
12/15/11 @ 01:54
Comment from: Muhammad Zaria [Visitor]
Muhammad ZariaEnyiagwu,when Nigeria eventually breaks and if we live to see that, we shall see what your gains are.
12/15/11 @ 03:04
Comment from: Henry Okezie [Visitor]
Henry Okeziethe only option is to separate our lives & destiny from accursed union called nigeria because darkness & light cannot coexists; so let us pray for deliverance from this unholy multitudes, bloody tribes eaters of flesh & drinkers of blood, men & women from covens of darkness.
my prayer is O God send another moses that will proclaim a modern day redemption. thanks
12/15/11 @ 04:11
Comment from: Fasidi Taiwo [Visitor]
Fasidi TaiwoMy brother, Nigeria can never fall apart because there are so many people praying everyday for this country therefore, any thing that happen in nigeria, make us to wax stronger and stronger.All we should be praying for now is good leaders to lead us in nigeria because all our leaders are selfish, hungary,wicked etc.The bible said in the book of proverb that when a small boy is rulling any nation, the nation will be in chaos.As for Nigeria,we are been ruled by those who hate poor common men.They will not do any thing to favor those who voted for them all they want to hear from common men ,complain,cry etc
12/15/11 @ 05:06
Comment from: Jobas [Visitor]
12/15/11 @ 06:30
Comment from: Onu Otile [Visitor]
Onu OtileKeep it coming, your articles make the eyes blink on the clouds that hover around this one time great nation they have reduced to nothing. The same mediocre are trying to drag JEG's legs across a huge fire.Unfortunately, they can't stop us with their guns and killer machines.We are wise and smarter.
12/15/11 @ 08:11
Comment from: Emzy [Visitor] Email
EmzySince some have ganged up 2 sell nigeria 2 destruction dat is the most likely option.
12/15/11 @ 10:09
Comment from: MANKYND ESQUIRE. [Visitor]
MANKYND  ESQUIRE.Bro. Ikechukwu, you really sounds like that voice in the wilderness begging the people to amend their ways and get ready for the day of rapture.Nigeria is a nation of infidels and giants in corruption.May the God of all flesh redeem and restore Nigeria's lost image. Biafrans are the Israelities of Africa and for sure we must be lead across all the red seas of our time. AMEN.
12/15/11 @ 12:01
Comment from: rich [Visitor]
richeverytime i read your writeups my jaw drops,because you're saying it as it is,and too bad some fined them offensive,but at some point which is now,truth have to be told by somebody and am glad is you men,cause i don't know who would've done it better than you,so my kudos to you and may God continue to increase your wisdom and bliz you my brother
12/15/11 @ 13:00
Comment from: Samuel [Visitor] Email
SamuelSimply very pathetic is the case of our country nigeria. But its good to have people like you who will give explicit reality of the state and stage of the country . I pray fellow christians will be encouraged to hold firm our convictions. It might cost time but with persevearance victory is sure. I love your creativty & connectivity.
12/16/11 @ 03:22
Comment from: ANIBOR ESE [Visitor]
ANIBOR ESEThe sky will be our stepping stone in Nigeria some day. Let's be positive.
12/16/11 @ 07:22
Comment from: Jobas [Visitor]
JobasNigeria will definitely split into republics soonest 2015.Let every ear hear ,this is no joke.But If this is
averted by God,the the almighty will have to aologise to the former wipe out nations including the so called building to heaven which the almight scartered and made human to speak differently.Countries like Sorddom ,Egypt, Gormmora,Persia , cannan,Old Jerusalem,Babylon,and the kings and Head of states :::Nebukadinarzar,Pheroh,Goliath,Adolf Hitlar,Sanni Abacha,Ghadafi.etc etc etc need aplolgy from God for their deeds.Nigeria is still enjoying freedom and togetherness perhaps her sins hve not reached to the others mentioned above ,them I felt we should be ready to iether hear apology from God as said above or prepare for break-up.Why it must be in the period as mentioned above ,because of fuel subsidy,stil stay in power by same government,highest hardship to the masses no matter your earning,ageing of infractructures without replacement,privarising of education sector,Toll gate re-introductions nationwide,new \national \i \d \card scheme,\new plate \numbers \nationwide,\new \driving \licence,and even NEW FRUIT ARTIFICIAL JUICE and flavour industries as well as more pure outdated and unsupervised water industries.Please I acn be reached by e-mail jobas_2005@yahoo.co.uk I need your comment on my write-up to either encourage or discourage this post thanks.
12/16/11 @ 07:38
Comment from: Jobas [Visitor]
Jobasuna no publish my former write-ups and comment on this na waooooo.you people are the same pro - government
12/16/11 @ 09:17
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
Osal believe Nigeria will be united as one nation, but l also believe their patience is running out faster than any one can imagine. The Arab leaders that have falling, never anticipated what befell them. Nigeria leaders are short sighted, and see Nigerians as longsuffering. Patience has limit, and the sufferings that successive government has subjected Nigerians to, is a drop in the bucket in comparism to the fallen Arab leaders. In those countries, they have good motorable roads, regular power supply, unemployment in the minimal, and crime rate low. ln ghadafy libya, the people where subsidized by the government and the only thing lacking was freedom, which is immersely lacking in Nigeria. In Nigeria police brutality is a daily occurence couple with the illitrate army boys who assumed the uniform as a licence to dehumanize those "bloody civilian". Those so called bloody civilian pay your salary, those so called bloody civilian are the people the army are charged to protect. The government condone these nonsense as a means of subjecting nigerians to perpetual fear and submissiveness. How must the president or Governor of a state unanimousely use the state money, to donate a car or other gift for whoever he chooses? This is corruption in the highest degree. The people condone these practices for lack of knowledge. Nigeria as is now, is a disgrace of a nation.
12/16/11 @ 11:06
Comment from: Anthony [Visitor]
AnthonyYesooo Pls Ese and Taiwo there is nothing positive about Nigeria and there is nothing to be positive about, Nigeria is already cursed and only its brake up will clinse the land from the curse. How do you think a country with ppl of different world views, visions, languages religions cultures with no national identity to Unite. Nigeria is the Only country on earth without a national Identity, the only country which its citizens detest to be identified with, how can we unite, God forbid.
12/16/11 @ 11:19
Comment from: omos prince [Visitor]
omos princewhat an interesting saying,we can pray our part,sudanese,people of old soviet union prayed,we can not tell God how to solve his peoples problems there are many ways God help his people either by killing the wicked,by jj rawlings {moses}through red sea type or taking isreal from egypt but what the people fear will surely come one day.clay and iron are not compartable
12/16/11 @ 12:46
Comment from: EJE [Visitor]
EJEWho will ever believe that Soviet union would one day disintegrate with all the weapons on their possesion. If Saddam Hussin was told in the dream that one day he will be captured and executed, he will command his army to arrest the dreamer. Where is Gaddafi and all other Kings and leaders who thought that they were above human destruction. In the case of Nigeria, nobody knows how the lord wants to settle the almagamation of 1914 that forced three saperate countries togather. The lord will oneday fulfill the wishes of Nigerians.
12/16/11 @ 23:00
Comment from: Jerome Nwogu [Visitor]
Jerome Nwogu@Muhammad Zaria:no one stands to gain when the mighty elephant falls because (1) it is too huge and heavy to be lifted up and thrown away. (2) the mess it will leave is too much work to clean and (3) the stench will drive people miles away. All these are prophetic sayings for the wise to read and mend the ways.But believe me, you will fire the first arrow at Zaria.
12/18/11 @ 13:22
Comment from: Shehu Shuaib [Visitor]
Shehu ShuaibHelo Nigerians,
The aspiration of our unity or disintegration of Nigeria is not in the hand of anybody. Nature have a way of stabilising injustice through nemesis on man and nation. When,where or how the balancing act will take place is beyond our current expectation or scientific calculations. We should all learn from what is happening in different parts of our World and get ready for our share of balancing act to correct our greed and atrocities to each others and to our institutions.
Long Live Nigeria.
Merry Christmas and A Prosperouns New Year in Advance.
By Shehu Shuaib.
12/25/11 @ 05:23
Comment from: Eugiko [Visitor]
EugikoI just read this article today(10/01/2012) and cant but conclude that this article was a prophetic write up.The fact was very clear that the Nation Nigeria was built on a very wrong foundation and collapse it must for badly laid structural building.The unfolding situation in the conutry in the last three days is potraying what Ikechukwu had written since December 2011 and even with some comments made by some posters.I know as Nigerians we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God but God says in the bible that if my people who are called by name shall humble themselve and turn from their evil ways and listen to my words,I will cure their sin and heal their land.It is still possible for Nigeria to survive if we all heed God's words.While I support and share your sentiments,my wory is that separation of the Igbos from Nigeria will do us the Igbos no good.We have our brothers in government and nothing really has been invested in the eastern region.Why?Our people are afraid of investing for fear of being poisoned or killed by their very close relation who they help most of the time but rather than wish them well,resort to satanism and vodooism to render the unspecting brother poor.They(igbos in diaspora) therefore resort to stay away from the glare of their brother amd make huge investment in foreign lands(including other parts of the country).We only need God my bother to help us at this crucial time to solve the riddle.ONLY GOD CAN SAVE US AND GIVE US THE RIGHT DIRECTION TO FOLLOW.
01/10/12 @ 20:17

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