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Why All These Now, Brood Of Vipers?


Why All These Now, Brood Of Vipers?

*Ojukwu: Why All These Now, Brood Of Vipers?

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

As the news of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s passage hit the news-world, a pandemonium and a moment of truth struck the Nigerian leadership. From all quarters, praises poured in. Many a man, such as Gowon, would have imagined a Ojukwu’s-death euphoria for himself and those whose conscious and deliberate contributions have not only destroyed what is left of Nigeria but are speedily destroying the conscience of every Nigerian on daily basis. Until Ojukwu’s testament gained its right of force, many actually thought that his death would be, according to one deluded so-called politician and elder statesman, “the end of an era.” But, far from it; his transition only opened up the grave of truth- buried and pinned down for over forty years with the blood of the innocents. His passage compelled those whose compulsion against others created a breeding ground for hell; it dragged the so-called leaders of Nigeria and champions of an illusory “indivisible Nigeria” out from their cocoon of falsehood into the light of truth about “project Nigeria.” Those who, on mountains and in valleys, have shouted down the vision of Dim when he was alive-especially, after the war- are now faced with the truth they have vehemently rejected, opposed, and fought against; and then, with the inescapable justice that must be fully satisfied.

Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was a man who alone, in the sixties, saw the vision for what is still called Nigeria. With the election which was rigged, the inflation of North’s population, the gross nepotism going on in the North and in Lagos, the first-ever coup, the counter-coup and then, the massacre of Ndigbo all over the North, coupled with Gowon’s ignorance-filled stubbornness, Ojukwu saw only one way out from the inevitable future under what was and is still referred to as Nigeria; he clearly saw that only secession could save his people from a collateral plunge into a future of gross darkness with those whose only joy comes from enslaving others…and then, walking joyfully in the dark. He made extensive efforts to get Gowon to stop the unnecessary killings in the North but Gowon would not give a hoot; the then leader from Plateau sanctioned the wiping-off of Igbos in the North and everywhere they may be found. As a result, the military were engaged in unholy matrimony with civilians of the North for the sole aim of eliminating Igbos. Even with the steps which Ojukwu took to ensure that he was not found wanting in Aburi, the blind leader of the blinds, Gowon, even after having agreed to the Aburi Accord, returned to Nigeria only to rebuff what was generally agreed upon by those concerned and in the presence of friends, witnesses, and advisers. It was late for Gowon and Nigeria because, by then, the blood of Igbos spilled for no reason all over the North had started filling their eyes; and like blood-sucking vampires, only more blood could calm their nerves. As a result, Gowon sanctioned genocide in the land of Biafra. The Yorubas, as many times, could scarcely part with the truth; their only statement: “if Igbo leaves Nigeria, they would leave Nigeria also” was all Gowon needed as their signature for the genocidal government. What a far-reaching declaration! ( Continues below….. )

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Photo Above: Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (Photo 1)

Despite all steps taken by great men who had lived to create a workable Nigeria, the opposite had been the result. The man ‘Zik’ spent his days championing a “one Nigeria” even to the detriment of the entire Igbo nation. And in Aburi, Ojukwu made yet another difficult effort to create and sustain a workable and profitable-for-all Nigeria; but, as always, leaders who were born- frightened of the Igbos-, and who have lived all their lives on guard against Ndigbo would not give room for any meaningful development in Nigeria. Immediately Gowon returned from Ghana, he dashed any hope remaining for Nigeria, and then made arrangements for war.

Today, Ojukwu is physically no more, yet the vision he saw has overtaken all. All tiers of the government of the so-called Nigeria have been eaten off from the root by this very danger that Ojukwu saw over forty years ago and frantically wanted to avoid. For years and even to date, Nigerians have lived in denial of the mistake of the war which all stakeholders in the then Nigeria (and those within who sabotaged the Biafran first move) agreed to. Today, what we have as a government is made up of a bunch of confused men, experimenting, while sampling their “agbada,” with everything:- from setting of toll gates to dismantling of toll gates, banning importation of rice, importing rice, and banning its importation again; putting fuel subsidy, and removing fuel subsidy; agreeing to a second Niger bridge, and then, disagreeing to it; opening fresh schools yet living the old ones unfit for learning; hiking school fees yet making no room for jobs after graduation; importing and imposing variety after variety of motorcycles on okada (commercial cyclists), and then, suddenly placing a ban on okada riding in Nigeria, opening embassies and high commissions in all the states of the world, yet not giving a damn about a single citizen in those states, etc. What you see is a nation where no leader is ever guilty of embezzlement, yet trillions of naira disappear on monthly basis from the national purse; a nation where highly corrupt politicians will openly brag before the court that no court in Nigeria is competent enough to try them, yet the Nigerian government would not take such people to the international court where competence is final. Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor, was sentenced to 14 years in prison because he was convicted of trying to trade President Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat for campaign cash or personal favors- a crime which is a common requirement for the post of a godfather and in politics in Nigeria. It’s not strange that Nigeria is what it is today, as what it will continue to be as long as it remains politically one; we were brought thus far through the many frantic efforts made in all quarters of Nigeria’s leadership to deny the mistakes, the sins, and the genocide of the sixties against Biafra. And, “as long as the Biafra issue is not resolved,” I reiterate, “nothing will move ahead.” ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria defunct East

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing defunct Eastern Region(East)

Those who deserve more pity are, obviously, the ignorant and unconcerned masses. What Nigerians do not understand or want to accept is that these leaders-past and present-already know of the fate of Nigeria; they already know that Nigeria is heading for its final destination, which is a breakup. So, what they do, contrary to those who believed a Moses had come, is just “business as usual;” all of them are running from pillar to post-scampering for and gathering every last straw they could find in the harvest field of Nigeria’s wealth. What decree and what law passage justifies the innocence of guilty politicians who have robbed the country; what moral justification does the government have when it lets the guilty go free while the innocent are slammed with double punishment? None! Vice President, Namadi Sambo, decried that corruption has become a cancer in Nigeria; in his words: “I want also to seize this opportunity to assure Nigerians that we will fight corruption very seriously.

Corruption has been a cancer that has gone into the marrow of this country and Insha Allah we will address it and do away with it in this country.’’ When he said that corruption has gone into the marrow of the country, was he referring to okada riders, petty traders, masons, soldiers in the barracks, jobless graduates, etc- all of whom are struggling to make ends meet and writhing under the heavy load on their heads put by politicians-, or was he referring to the presidency, the senate, the house of reps, the governors, the ministries, the CBN, the judiciary, EFCC-, and all those with direct access to the nation’s ever-increasing barrels of crude oil and their dollar exchange? Is he referring to the cartels and cabals who have sworn that no politician will ever be found guilty in Nigeria even when he is caught pants-down? The president advised that detractors should leave him alone, stressing that he was ordained as president by God; now his vice says: “Insha Allah,” corruption will be addressed in Nigeria. I don’t know which spiritual advisers they have, but it’s amazing how quick Nigerian leaders bring God up as a defense even when they live is utter disobedience to every word from this same God. History has taught us that “God cannot be mocked,” what then makes these people believe that they can obstruct justice, and further enslave the people without incurring the wrath of the very God they desecrate His holy name? Selflessness is the second yardstick for a leader ordained by God, while total obedience to God’s word is the first; any man found wanting in these aspects is of the devil; such a man was never ordained by God. Leaders are not always ordained by God as many have thought. When men obey God, He gives them a leader; but when men disobey God, they get a leader they deserve. Calling upon God, without clear repentance, is a collateral damage; its result is deadlier than viper’s venom. ( Continues below..... )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing some major cities, including the Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)

As condolences poured in for daddy Ojukwu’s family and Ndigbo, many have broken down, in this moment of truth, and spoken the truth which has tormented them for years; hear them:

“Chief Ojukwu’s immense love for his people, justice, equity and fairness forced him into the leading role he played in the Nigerian civil war, as well as his commitment to reconciliation and the full reintegration of his people into a united and progressive Nigeria in the aftermath of the war. Ojukwu's Place In Nigeria History Is Assured.”- President Goodluck Jonathan.

“The Ikemba jettisoned personal comfort to embrace pain in order to secure lasting peace for his people and Nigeria. His death has left a vacuum that may endure for a long time.”- Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed

“He was a great Nigerian who stood firmly for what he believed in and remained tireless in his pursuit for justice and equity. He was a courageous peoples champion and an uncommon fighter of battles of good conscience that elevated the spirit of human dignity far beyond the realm of self gain. His eventful life as a brilliant scholar, brave soldier, astute administrator, outstanding political leader and a priceless hero of worthy causes showed that truly he was a most remarkable man; fearless and bold in the search for a better society.”- National chairman, ANPP, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

“Ojukwu mirrored the trinity of Igbo character.” -Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State

“Ojukwu’s death robs Nigeria of a veritable voice of wisdom.” – CAN

“Odimegwu-Ojukwu was an extraordinary Nigerian. Dim Ojukwu’s patriotism about the oneness of the country was not in doubt. He believed that given the country’s diverse socio-political and cultural configurations, the nation-states within the nation must be given room to flourish in a mutually exclusive arrangement that would further the aspiration of the country. His understanding of the political dynamics in the country was extra-ordinary and trust him, his rendition was usually in a class of his own.” –IBB

“While alive, Ojukwu displayed rare courage on principled stand on sensitive national matters, we in the Seventh Assembly regret his death but we are consoled by the fact that we will continue to uphold his principle, ideals and uncommon courage that Ojukwu lived and died for. We are calling on the President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to immortalize this gentleman officer, courageous, successful politician and a leader’s leader.”– Northern governors

“Dim Ojukwu was a visionary leader whose passion for a Nigeria where every federating unit would be proud of belonging to was unparalleled. He saw tomorrow and his action and passion for a truly united Nigeria shaped our socio-political environment of today.”- THE Senate

“In the process of our friendship and guests in each other’s homes and in all our transactions and engagements on and off the political scene, I find Dim a most forthright and honourable player. No doubt, the understanding and trust that developed between us and between him and other political players contributed in no small measure to the overall success of the process of national integration. Ndigbo has lost a brave captain who has now passed to the status of a legend. His death in many ways can be said to be truly irreparable. ’’-Buhari.

“I’m happy Ojukwu died as a Nigerian.”- Gowon ( Continues below..... )

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Photo Above: Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (Photo 2)

Amongst those who have spoken here are broods of vipers whose truths flow in the streams of blood. They knew all along that Ojukwu was right; and even though they have not come out to say it, they also know that, if Ojukwu was right and since the very things for which Biafra came are still here-even in their mushroomed states-, then only the break up of Nigeria could ever salvage Nigeria and what is left of her. Ojukwu was never a corrupt man. His fight against marginalization was out of genuine love for his people and for those in Nigeria who were being cheated, marginalized and misled by a then highly corrupt few. He fought against corruption with his inheritance and the entire Nigerians kicked against it, shouting “We want a corrupt state!” Today, what Nigeria has is a complete range of politicians who would rather steal from the public, yet never lift a finger to help them.

Even heaven has seen your works and your worth; and like my God and savior, Jesus Christ, I say to you: “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? I only wish you were different so that I could gratefully exclaim: “Oh generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” Dim Ojukwu truly deserves the honor no man has ever been accorded in Nigeria, yet Nigeria, as unfit as a sinner who cannot pray to God except for a prayer of repentance and salvation, cannot accord Ojukwu any befitting honor save to grant us a Biafran state. Biafra remains the only answer. Avoid this, reject this, and Nigeria will remain in the wilderness until Christ comes. Yes Biafra is.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Map of Nigeria


Comment from: Fortune Ukonu [Visitor]
Fortune UkonuEnyiagu, I am constrained to respond to this piece consequent my troubled spirit about Nigeria's past, present and future. I make reference to what George Bush (senior) said during the first USA incursion in Iraq. He said "if only Iraq could see the amount of military forces amassed in the desert against it". If only Nigeria could see her bleak future, she would give up anything to avoid that. As much as I wish Nigeria well now and in the future, the country is unavoidably set on self distruct.

I do not at the moment reside in Nigeria and although I am presently residing comfortably abroad but what does it profit a man if you live comfortably in some foreign land when your kits and kin are languishing at home. I am continously drained emotionally each time I remember the hardships my people are subjected to in Nigeria on daily basis without hope of ending.

My worriness is compounded by the fact that our leaders past and present from the local government to the presedency have taken undue advantage of the docility or passiveness of Nigerians.

For the fact that Nigerians cannot be like the fighting Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians or Yemenese, must our leaders take advantage of them? The fact that our armed forces and police would jump at eny opportunity to shoot to kill demonstrators so as to prove their loyalty to the president or are not enlightened as those of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya who were not trigger-happy in killing protesting civilians must the ruling elites use it as an opportunity to oppress the polity.

The handwritting on the wall is that Nigeria is becoming a rolling stone that gathers no moss. As we are talking and planning to fight corruption another set of army of corrupt politians, police, military, public servants and Nigerians are hatching plans of how to steal, embezzel if not already on the aircraft smilling their way to foreign banks with their loots.

Conclusively, Nigeria is finished and any hope that Nigeria will one day become like the developed countries of the west in our generation is a delusionary
thinking. Some will say that the developed countries we are now enjoying were once like Nigeria. I beg to differ. Nigerians seem to be different people with different mindset.

Nigerians are pathologically fashioned of a mindset that share no regrets or remorse. this is our demise as a nation. Do we have any conscience? Call a whiteman a thief he will commit suicide but call a Nigerian a thief he/she sees it as compliment and due for a national award. Can people with such mindset progress?

I have asked myself time and time again whether ethnicity or tribal difference is Nigeria's major setback or if Nigeria is so big to be managed as one? But the creation of states could have solved that problem because every state has every opportunity to be developed as much as it could if it so wishes.

One thing the creation of states should have enshrined is competitiveness of which state has developed more or cared for its people better than the other. Instead states in Nigeria are competing on which is most corrupt and which state governor in Nigeria has looted most.

Academically, there is a limit one can hold colonialism or the leaders responsible of ones failure because at a point in time in ones life you ought to take charge of your life under a conducise environment which of course the government should create. But has Nigeria created this environment? Today Nigerians rush to Ghana for better life.

Looking at Nigeria pessimistically (given that a pessimist is a well informed optimist)I predict the collapse of Nigeria either in the distant or near future (not by force) by wilful agreement of the stakeholders. So pressure groups like MASSOB, OPC, and so on should sustain their match and quest for independence for their dreams shall come true.
12/19/11 @ 01:36
Comment from: Chekwube [Visitor]
ChekwubeNwanne ina araghukwa ura? Chukwu agozika ndi Igbo-Anam ayo Chukwu ka onnyere gi ebe obuna ino.
12/19/11 @ 05:38
Comment from: Muhammad Zaria [Visitor]
Muhammad ZariaThis leaders did not say that Ojukwu is not a culprit. He is some one whose position in history of course, can not be forgotten.For leading the blood shading of both his people and his, created enemies.So all the jingles are just political gimmicks.Thus,Mr Enyiagwu,Eschew your arrogance against respected leaders and be rest assured that Ojukwu died as a rebel.
12/19/11 @ 05:59
Comment from: MANKYND ESQUIRE. [Visitor]
MANKYND  ESQUIRE.Bro.Ikechukwu, I thank you so much for bringing us back to our real senses. Your doggedness is awesome and I bless the breast that you sucked.We [Ndigbo] are foreigners in our own Country but I do believe that evil that men do will remain hunting them. The Ezeigbo -gburugburu remains a rare-gem and the seen messiah of Ndigbo. I only pray for the unification of Ndigbo in the areas of being our brothers keepers and coming back home to invest just like late Oliver de- coque advised.As long as the LORD liveth, the biafran dried bones shall rise again and we will tell the story of how we overcome. As a native of a small but mighty town that protected Ikemba in one of his bunkers during the Nigeria/Biafran civil war, we will immotalize Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu [ THE EGBE-IGWE 1 OF AMORKA ] by making Ojukwu's bunker in Amorka a tourist center. The God of the Igbo's never slumber and we will surely rise again.....YES WE CAN.
12/19/11 @ 10:13
Comment from: Chike [Visitor] Email
ChikeThere is no curs 4 alarm,i beliv dat d God of ndigbo does nt sleep nor slumber. We are jst lik d peopl of isrealit in d land of Egypt,soon we wil reach our promis land;there4 i urg all igbo 2 b united nd luv one anoda.
12/20/11 @ 08:49
Comment from: queen [Visitor]
queenmr muhammad zaria or what ever u and an idiot to talk, about dim ,u are a very big fool vipers like u and all ur hausa cheifs very very soon u all we die like cows daieska
12/26/11 @ 08:35
Comment from: Bene Dike [Visitor]
Bene DikeAnd, “as long as the Biafra issue is not resolved,” I reiterate, “nothing will move ahead.” This is the inevitable truth and one day it must come to fulfil.
As for bastards like muhammed whose surname is Zaria (aparently he does not know who is father)this is a discourse of serious minded intellects who are desirous of ending the suffering of people of every oppressed Nigerians. This is not just for the igboman who by grace of God is industrious and earns a modest living no matter what but for scums like Mohammed Zaria who are being used as suicide bombers by the same northern leaders who had made them homeless, jobless, hopeless and layabouts, while their own children and concubines wallow in wanton affluence in ivy league schools and cosy apartmentsd in Europe and America on looted capital allocation meant for the state.
As for the brood of vipers, especially Gowon, the stooge that allowed himself to be used as a weapon of the attempted annihilation of God's people, we are waiting for the comments that will follow his demise, but it does not take a prophet to know what it shall be. A man hanunted by the crying ghost of innumerable nigerian children who died of kwashiokor and their fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers killed en masse in bombing raids inside their villages, homes, markets, churches even during funeral ceremonies of earlier victims. Even his praying campaign will not give him peace till the day he hands himself over to the UN criminal court to face trial for genocide he committed against Ndi Igbo with Obasanjo, Danjuma, Babangida etc. Enyiagu, I must commend your effort in this write up, no doubt i saw the Igbo erudite wisdom and indomitable spirit sprang out of your write up. And the effect of this just on small piece of article has more divastating effect on the already dead psche of all those evil men and enemies of Ndi Igbo than million tons of atomic bomb. And i assure you, the world is reading this, our youth who do not know what happened are being educated and those evilmen are dying by inches as they read. Indeed the pen is mightier than the sword. Let us sustain this intellectual war. Bravo.
01/27/12 @ 13:46
Comment from: chinelo [Visitor] Email
chineloI believe in the phrase "what ever that man sows, that he reaps.Gowon sowed the seed his people are reaping today in jos. he gave orders for great igbo bloods to be shed by those dogs in the north, like mohammed zaria and his brothers, now what is happening/ those dogs has turn around to kill and make life horrible for Gowon and his people. where are all the generals from middle belt who joined the lepers from the north to kill the princes and princesses of igbo land. oooo, they cannot carry guns again but just sit and watch like cowards they are. Ojukwu was a visionist, a warrior, A great General and an intelligent Igbo man. Let the Nigeria Dogs beware, even a little Child from the east be it girl or boy has the spirit of the great iroko ikemba of igbo land in him or her.
03/16/12 @ 09:59
Comment from: dadanhamdani [Visitor]
dadanhamdanicongratulats, i like your bigs smile
07/04/12 @ 06:01

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