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Open Letter To His Excellency, Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State


Open Letter To His Excellency, Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State

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*Nigeria: Open Letter To Governor Amaechi of Rivers State

By Concerned Rivers Indigenes As Ascribed Hereunder ( idaimi38@yahoo.com )

Your Excellency, Sir:


This is to inform Your Excellency, all Jumbos, the good people of Rivers State of Nigeria and its State Judiciary in particular, as well as the general public that we, - the descendants of the Okponkata dynasty and Chieftaincy stool of Bonny Kingdom consisting of majority of the sub- House, Unit Heads of the Jumbo Major House, majority of the House Chiefs, Elders, Principal Members, youths and women leaders of the Jumbo Major House, by this advertorial, hereby disassociate ourselves from the misconceived, ill planned and ill advised induction of Chief Horace F. Oko-Jumbo into the Bonny Amanyanabo-in-Council, on Saturday, the 10th day of December 2011 by the Amanyanabo of Bonny-in-Council.

2. It is no more gain saying, that Shell had continued to cause mayhem in various communities all over the Niger Delta where they work. We take notice of how Shell sponsored the activities that led to murder of Ken Saro Wiwa.

3. We also take notice of many subterranean moves by the Shell Petroleum Development Company and some of our internal enemies to convert community lands to herself and obtained certificates of occupancy through the backdoor as were the cases with the Bonny Oil Terminal land belonging to the Jumbo Major House of Bonny and the Rumuobikani land in Port Harcourt.

4. In the instant case, Shell has also annexed Jumbo House lands surreptitiously and has with the connivance of a greedy cabal channeled Jumbo house funds through unconstitutional modalities different from earlier set out precedent and true tenets of the 1958 Bonny Oil Terminal Agreement.

5. Shell has induced the Amanyanabo of Bonny, and the Chiefs Council to induct Chief Horace into their fold, in order to submerge and negotiate away the rights of Jumbo House in its entirety over her economic, social cultural law, traditional institutions and entitlements.

6. We publicly reiterate that in spite of the 1958 Agreement, some corrupt shell officials had used the Bonny Chiefs Council to syphon N840 million of Jumbo House money against our traditional, cultural values, thereby economically strangulating the House.

7. In the instant case, note that the induction event, is seen by all, as the usual divide and rule maneuver of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria Limited which had killed millions of people and disorganized communities in the Niger Delta. In all intent and purposes, it is orchestrated by mischief, and indicative of an under current of the selfish and corrupt interest of a few, power-intoxicated men determined to cause mayhem in Bonny Kingdom in order to carry out their hidden agenda of disinheriting Jumbo Major House of Bonny of accrued monies with Shell and its or selling the heirloom of Jumbo Major House in the kingdom.

8. The flagrant disregard and abuse of the legal processes of our dear country and the age long Chieftaincy custom and tradition of Bonny Kingdom by that event, is a challenge to the Rivers State Government and the law enforcement Agencies of this country. It is a rape of the Bonny native laws and custom which the Amanaynabo-in- Council of Bonny Kingdom as custodians of our tradition, swore to uphold.


The Amanyanabo in Council of Bonny Kingdom is openly put to the strictest test to answer the following questions following its action of Saturday the 10th day of December 2011.

i. Is the Council not aware of various pending litigations on the issue of the induction of Chief Horace Oko-Jumbo as a Bonny Se Alabo particularly Suit No. PHC/1769/2011 which is pending before the High Court of Rivers State on the matter, and adjourned to be heard on 10th of January 2012, as well as the Appeal Court case on Suit No. PHC/1741/2011 against Shell, Bonny Amanyanabo-in-Council and Chief Horace Oko Jumbo on the modalities for the induction of Jumbo House Chief and diversion of the Family money and various unresolved conflicts within the Jumbo Major House?

ii. Is the Amanyanabo and the Bonny Se Alapu not aware that the action of the Amanyanabo in-Council on Saturday 10th December 2011, to untraditionally induct Chief Horace Oko Jumbo into the Bonny Amanyanabo-in-Council without the Burusu Heads, Chiefs, Elders and Principal members of Jumbo Major House who installed him in line with Bonny ancient customs and tradition, clearly rubbishes our age-long tradition as regards Chieftaincy installation in Bonny Kingdom and within the Okponkata Dynasty in particular, considering the fact that the Bonny Amanyanabo-in-Council cannot and does not make or present Jumbo Major House representatives on that council?

iii. Is the Bonny Amanyanabo-in-Council and its abettors, - the SPDC, not aware that there is a clear Federal High Court Judgement (FHC/PH/495/2011) involving Shell Petroleum Development Company of which ordered the EFCC to investigate the role of Chief Horace Jumbo in mismanaging the finances and heirloom of Jumbo Major House. That this is subsisting and has not been vacated?

iv. Is the Council not aware that there is a clear and pending EFCC embargo that SPDC and other Oil / Gas Companies operating on Jumbo House Land, (including the Bonny Oil Terminal), should not pay Chief Horace Oko Jumbo and his agents, (which now includes the executives of the Bonny Chiefs Council), one kobo belonging to the Jumbo Major House, pending the outcome of their investigations which the Federal High Court upheld?

v. Is the Bonny Amanyanabo-in-Council not aware that the registered averment of Chief Horace Oko Jumbo that he took up an Oko Jumbo Chieftaincy stool as “there is no Okponkata - stool” but ending up being given a nameless Jumbo Major House stool title on Saturday 10th December, 2011, is an aberration unheard of in the history of Bonny Kingdom? Chief Horace Oko Jumbo was being given what he openly desecrated, rejected and never asked for, whereas he and his agents fraudulently documented a non existent Oko Jumbo stool, for public consumption. How can this stand?

a. The issue of the induction of Chief Horace is sub-judice. Hence the Burusu Heads (Gentlemen / Elders) Wari Alapu (Jumbo Main House Chiefs) Principal Members and others, dissociate themselves and their members from the charade termed induction without those who are concerned.

b. The challenge of the few OKO-JUMBO members against Okponkata stool and ownership of Jumbo Major House spoke volumes of their height of desperation to covet and annex Jumbo House and causing mysterious deaths and chaos.

c. The purported ORUBEBE directive that Shell should negotiate with the Bonny community over our land is treacherous and unacceptable. What is his interest in getting Jumbo and Brown House monies at variance with the tenets of the 1958 Bonny Oil Terminal Agreement which we insist on and by which the Jumbos and the Browns are supposed to pay the Bonny Community 40%, and not the other way round?

10. It clearly appears that the desire of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and the Amanyanabo in Council to use Chief Horace Oko-Jumbo as a stooge, a willing horse and an instrument, in connivance with Shell Petroleum Development Company officials is to continue to disinherit, impoverish, enslave and cheat the Jumbo Major House of its numerous outstanding and pending rentages, compensation monies and dues. This obviously was the under current which drove it to its unpardonable and desperate act of Saturday 10th December 2011.

11. If the Bonny Amanyanabo-in-Council did not have ulterior motive, they could have moved to bring about peace at the time Chief Horace got judgement at the Appeal Court, but they were showing sympathy with those opposing Horace. How come the volte-face and automatic change of attitude midway? Or did Chief Horace also sign away the House to them, since he and his agents are barred by the EFCC?

12. It leaves no one in doubt that the Bonny Amanyanabo in-Council’s act of Saturday 10th December 2011 does not have the support of the entire good people of Bonny Kingdom in general and Jumbo Major House in particular; the public should therefore disregard his induction.

13. In the interest of Justice, fair play and security in the state, His Excellency our beloved Governor is hereby urged to particularly take notice of the point raised in paragraphs 6 and 11 of this discourse and to intervene accordingly.


By virtue of the above, we distance ourselves from the activities of Saturday 10th December 2011 as it did not meet the aspirations of the entire good people of Bonny Kingdom in general and the Jumbo House members.

Thank you, Sir.


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Comment from: joy caleb wariboko [Visitor] Email
joy caleb waribokosir we the people of rivers are happy with your hard work my the almighty God bless you. sir please use your good office to help the people leaving around rumudara before former mr bigs down to 2nd artilary arae by elf road, for the past one year we hv not seen light and the power holding in charge of the area are telling us to provide money for a new transformer which the poor masses can not afford pls sir help us. that area is in total black out for the past one year now
thank you and God keep u and help u i am joy caleb wariboko
02/02/12 @ 04:31

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