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Bloody Xmas In Nigeria - Churches Bombed, Many Killed


Bloody Xmas In Nigeria - Churches Bombed, Many Killed

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*Bloody Xmas In Nigeria - Churches Bombed, Many Killed

-Masterweb Reports

( Sunday, December 25, 2011 ) - Series of bombs were today detonated by suicide terrorists at churches in five Nigerian cities, resulting to many casualties. Churches in the cities of Madalla, Jos, Kano, and Damaturu and Gadaka were bombed by terrorists. The first and deadliest bombing occurred during morning Christmas service at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla on the outskirts of Abuja, the capital city. 32 deaths have been confirmed in the Madalla attack. The death toll is expected to rise as seriously wounded victims may die in hospital receiving treatment. Several blasts were reported hours after the Madalla bombing, at Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church in Jos, Plateau State and at a church in Gadaka, Yobe State. Blasts were also reported in Damaturu in Yobe State, but this time a police station and a state security building were attacked in addition to churches. Miraculously, no one was killed in the Mountain of Fire attack. A police officer who got into gun battle with the attackers died of his wounds in hospital. ( Continues below….. )

People watch damaged cars
Photo Above: People watch damaged cars in front of St. Theresa Catholic Church. The church buildings were also damaged by the blasts.

Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group, has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The group whose name in Hausa language means "western education is sinful" is modeled after Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. It wants to impose sharia law across Nigeria through terror attacks in drawing attention to their demands. Nigeria is split roughly equally between Christians and Moslems. In recent days, gun battle between security forces and Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria killed over 50 in two days of fighting. "There was a major encounter with the Boko Haram in Damaturu" Ihejirika, Nigeria Army Chief said Friday. "We lost three of our soldiers, seven were wounded. But we killed over 50 of their members." Ihejirika added. Boko Haram's targets include police stations, churches and buildings/structures associated with Western influence. The Vatican condemned the church bomb attacks, describing them as senseless. Father Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman said "We are close to the suffering of the Nigerian church and the entire Nigerian people so tried by terrorist violence, even in these days that should be of joy and peace". Lombardi called the attack "another manifestation of blind and absurd violence which has no respect for human life and seeks to enflame more hate and confusion". ( Continues below….. )

A car burns outside St. Theresa Catholic Church
Photo Above: A car burns outside St. Theresa Catholic Church as people gather to survey the damage following the blasts.

U.S. condemned the Nigerian attacks which it called acts of terrorism. "We condemn this senseless violence and tragic loss of life on Christmas Day. We have been in contact with Nigerian officials about what initially appear to be terrorist acts and pledge to assist them in bringing those responsible to justice." the White House said in a statement released from Hawaii, where President Obama is on vacation. Today's bombings mark the second Christmas season that terrorists attacked churches in Nigeria. Boko Haram claimed responsibility for last year Christmas Eve attacks in Jos that killed 32 people. The group attacked five churches in the city while residents were celebrating Christmas Eve. The terror group claimed responsibility for two bombings in Abuja earlier this year, including suicide bombing of UN headquarters in August which killed at least 23 people.

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Comment from: Michael A. A [Visitor]
Michael A. AWhat are christians waiting for??
12/26/11 @ 01:45
Comment from: Gershion [Visitor] Email
GershionMr precident hve to looke in to this islam teroris,no macy on so call boko haram, i plead mr precident to take serious action on this mater,many of our brother are dieying and no any action have being taking mr precident wll he fold his and see his people are dieying like that.
12/26/11 @ 02:30
Comment from: Leonard [Visitor]
LeonardThis is babaric action,which clearly show that we in Nigeria are not united.
The best solution is for the country to split into four region, so that every tribe and region go their different ways.
12/26/11 @ 03:51
Comment from: mr. christ . [Visitor]
mr. christ .i think is right time nigeria needs a sourvrinty confrence to direct the country.. nigerians cityzens will not be dieing in name of one nigeria,, the leaders ar deciving themselfs. every body knows that all is not well as a nigrian nation.. the politicans ar only intrested in sharing d nigerian cake [money]. we needed mr.jerry rawllings of gana revolution in nigeria if they want to stay together as a nation..
12/26/11 @ 04:52
Comment from: moshood [Visitor]
moshoodTo bad in Nigeria o
12/26/11 @ 05:37
Comment from: ayorinde [Visitor]
ayorindeSatan has descended in disguise in the name of knowledge is forbiding (boko haram) The holy book says people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.The Holy prophet (saw) said you should seek knowledge even to China He was not asking you to seek Qur'anic knowledge to China.Today boko haram want to set Christian against moslem bombing churches killing moslem and christian in the name of their false beleive.Nigerian must rise up in unity to fight against this evil.The region where this evil begins should not be concern of ours but elimination of the evil should be our GOAL.Bearing in mind that we accept the tenent of JESUS even though he came from Jewish clan and Mohamad(saw)from the Arabs,with the same zeal should we apply to eliminate the enemy of knowledge(boko haram)
12/26/11 @ 06:22
Comment from: ayorinde [Visitor]
ayorindeThe world is filled with blind people like boko haram but the wise must be very carefull to remove this cow from a chinaware store
12/26/11 @ 06:30
Comment from: BABA T. [Visitor]
BABA T.The country should be devided, is getting too much for these Boko Haram group of people. what about if the christian in every other states start attacking the muslems in each of the states,i believe that will be second civil war coming. Let the Boko Haram be warned to save our great Nation.
12/26/11 @ 07:15
Comment from: Steven Amadi [Visitor]
Steven AmadiThanks for this wonderful plans that the United States have for Nigeria Church,and the entire Country,i think is best that the Americans and other western world will look into all this problem of bombing in our lovely Country,the so called boko harram people should be eliminated by all cost because they are bringing the image of our Country to Nothing,the westerners looks at Nigerian as a terrorist Nation while it was the so called Muslim are destroying this great nation of ours,i hate the Muslims so much with great passion.

May GOD help our Nation.
12/26/11 @ 08:42
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel -  usasir, chief, war lord, imperial commander, dr. goodluck ebele jonathan, you don't know what to do with this cancer called boko haram?
i didn't think that an academic doctor, even though your academic achievement wasn't in governance, however, you are the shinning light on the hill, don't let boko haram estinquish this light.
all the israely guards you surrounded yourself with, need to be nationwide if you so trust that they will bring sanity to this troubled country you now rule. but if i am the president now, they will be no boko haram. period. remember, the boko haram are incapapble of creating life, and such they are trying to erase in nigeria. do we need america to solve this boko haram for us?
12/26/11 @ 09:51
Comment from: Olaboye [Visitor]
OlaboyeThe time for retaliation from Christians has come!
These unprovoked attacks by moslems against Christians in Northern Nigeria has been going on for many decades. Now , Enough is enough!
Islam is a religion of peace, indeed!
They will pay dearly for these attacks and all previous attacks against innocent , peaceful Christians.
The time for RETALIATION has come and that is the only language which these worshippers of satan understand!
If moslems have vowed that CHRISTIANS will not enjoy peaceful worship in churches and will not celebrate Christian festivals , then moslems too will not worship in their mosques and will not celebrate their own festivals, without bloodshed and fear!
Their 70 demonic virgins having horns and satan their father are waiting for all of them in hell fire! They will be despatched speedy to go and meet them in hell fire where they all belong!
12/26/11 @ 10:20
Comment from: Olaboye [Visitor]
OlaboyeWho is surprised at these atrocities of cowardly and wicked slaughter of innocent , peaceful Christians? NOBODY is surprised.
As in Northern Nigeria, so muslims have done and will continue to do in Isreal, India, THE USA, Europe, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria,Iraq ,Yemen ,Kenya, Uganda, somalia, Ethiopia an so on!
Boko haram is just another name for the islamic agenda of evil domination of this planet! Moslems have vowed they want to rule the whole world by force through the use of terrorist threats , intimidation and bloodshed not only in Nigeria but worldwide.
Does any one need further proof that this "PEACEFUL" evil called ISLAM is now at war with everybody?
If someone has vowed to kill you and your entire family , what do you do? Do you dialogue with, pray for them beg ,pacify them? WITH WHAT? Or turn the other cheek ?
These people have declared war! So it is FIRE FOR FIRE. Time for not only prayers for forgiveness for enemies but time for serious revenge action from Christians and for the SPEEDY and merciless massacre of these gutter rats by the Nigerian Armed Forces.
12/26/11 @ 10:34
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaNigeria is not the only country in Africa where muslim cohabit with christians. The election of a christian at the herm of affairs, has infuriated some element in the north, that they chose to distabilize the country. From this bombings, tageting Christian churches and no musque involved, is a clear indication that, this is a war on Christianity. This is a war that they are going to lose. No one, l mean no one, that has chosen to battle with God ever wins. They need to take lesson from the exodus from Egypt as recorded in the Bible, and subsequent wars other elements challenged God to war. When plague falls on their land, they will understand Whom they are fighing with.
12/26/11 @ 11:48
Comment from: Atati [Visitor]
AtatiOn the 1st of december 2011, A Topic was posted on this website asking: NIGERIA NORTH WHAT DO THEY WANT? By Ikechukwu Enyiagu.
And i replied like this (Pls see below). Since i posted it, nobody has ever post any comment to support or oppose my view,UNTILL ANOTHER BOMB ATTACK ON THE 25TH DEC 2011. THE NOTHERNERS KNOWS THAT YOU THE SOUTHERNERS ARE AFRAID TO DIE. YOU GUYS SHOULD FACE YOUR "FEAR!!!
(PEACEFUL VOTING FOR SEPERATION) which is the true way to finding peace to Nigeria problems. Pls read below

Comment from: Atati [Visitor]

Why are you all southerners afriad to say the truth, even the president!!!. We all know that seperation is the only soluction to Nigeria problem.When Gaddafi said it, they called him an idiot, but the truth is always bitter. We're in the 21st century so we don't need to fight any war for seperation all we need is to follow by example what Sudan did to seperate, which is vote for seperation YES OR NO, then let the result decide. Simple.

12/04/11 @ 20:38

Comment from: Okukekwere [Visitor]

Mr Ike's question and write-up calls 4 serious national consideration. It is quite unfortunate that northerners lik Yahaya an Mahmud with their parochial way of thinking are attacking Mr Ike. Our northern brothers have got almost everything the country owns but are still complaining. I believe things won't stay like this. A time will come when the north will be begging for peace or separation.

12/05/11 @ 05:34

Comment from: Atati [Visitor]

Why are you all southerners, afriad to say the truth, even the president!!!. We all know that seperation is the only soluction to Nigeria problem.When Gadafi said it, they called him an idiot, but the truth is always bitter. We're in the 21st century so we don't need to fight any war for seperation all we need is to follow by example what Sudan did to seperate, which is vote for seperation YES OR NO, then let the result decide. Simple.

12/05/11 @ 09:56

Comment from: raphael ben ayanfeoluwa [Visitor]

the will of GOD will be done but no tribe/region is superior to others. a time is fast approaching for solution. keep watching for His solution

12/06/11 @ 05:25

Comment from: Atati [Visitor]






12/07/11 @ 20:10

Comment from: Atati [Visitor]


12/09/11 @ 15:54

12/26/11 @ 13:08
Comment from: emmanuel [Visitor]
emmanuelI dont know who is fooling who. In ODI crises FGN send the military and ordered them to shoot at sight and ODI was levelled. The Boko Haran are not hidden, FGN shoot eliminate these parasites, it looks funny that they wake up when we have a President from South South. Enough is enough, Jonathan pls this is the time to divide Nigeria so that all will have peace. A country/President that cannot protect its citizens is not worthy to be, moreso We are too big to be one, different cultures,languages, religions and so on
12/26/11 @ 13:27
Comment from: Olusola Adeyemi [Visitor]
Olusola AdeyemiIt is about time that the government of Goodluck Jonathan should priortise the urgent need to put an end to the activities of these groups of people once and for all, or else.........
12/26/11 @ 14:01
Comment from: Onu Otile [Visitor]
Onu OtileDid Gowon actually take the curse home??? I vehemently disagree with any one that calls for the country to be broken up into sovereign states.The country must remain one, indivisible and under President Jonathan.There were calls for it at a time the easterners were butchered in the North but the people who could have solved the problem took it as a child's play and cashed in on the temporary displacement of the Igbos.Today, where are Awolowo, Enahoro, and the other busy bodies that claimed to love Nigeria more than you and I.These morons have tasted blood and power and are hard to be caged. We must all deal with it together.
12/26/11 @ 14:22
Comment from: JeffCharles [Visitor]
JeffCharlesIt's an insult to a big netion called nigreia wit all the intellegent oficers we hv in nigeria here people are dying for what they not if i may ask what are our security men doin if they can do what ought to do for us then we need to protect ourself by lookin for self arm
12/26/11 @ 15:17
Comment from: achi Nsor [Visitor]
achi Nsorits high time we sort out once and for all. Mr GEJ could you please look into this problem and develope a strategy on how to solve them. we cannot continue like this anymore.
this group has taken many innocent lives from us. kindly put up your team members to and lets resolve this asap,
12/26/11 @ 15:30
Comment from: Andy Chukwuma Adiele [Visitor]
Andy Chukwuma    AdieleTo whom it may concern,please explain to me and the world, why the northerners keep killing Ibos and other Souther while Northers continue to live happily in the South without any retaliation,how long are we going to continue to watch,till these barbaric subhumans whip us out of God living earth?
12/26/11 @ 15:31
Comment from: Dr. Osho Kayode [Visitor]
Dr. Osho Kayodeas a nigerian living in Europe, its quite a shame hearing this news about our country.we have been building this country since 1960 and yet we,ve gone nowhere .i strongly believe that the cause of nigerian,s problem is massive illiteracy .until this is solved and education will be compulsory we will never cure this country.our leaders should take example from the former USSR when all children were forced to go to school and when this is not obeyed their parents were questioned by the law.Lets start curing our nation now.
12/26/11 @ 15:39
Comment from: harrison [Visitor]
harrisonI have never seen a president so weak, so fearful and unfit to rule like president goodluck jonathan, pls mr. President if u don't no how to deal with security issues like these, pls contact men I mean real men like OBJ, to advice on how to go about this kind of problem, b4 people will begin to do what they are not support to do
12/26/11 @ 16:03
Comment from: Johann Nwachukwu [Visitor]
Johann NwachukwuThe governors of the southern states should read the handwriting on the wall, and ask the northerners in their states to go homes while the southerners in the north should come back south for due consultations. I am not Nostradamus, but I can see bloodbath brewing. Let us not act God, and think that this situation is solvable. It is among the end-time agenda of the anti-christ.The beast is going to come from the muslim sect while the false prophet will come from christian Europe to accomplish the remaining one week of Daniel's 70 weeks. The Church should prepare for thr great airlift while Israel should prepare for the three and half years of Jacob's trouble and 7 years of tribulation for the world. If they like, let them bomb all the churches; it will not deter the rapture of true christians.
12/26/11 @ 17:04
Comment from: Ezife [Visitor]
EzifeTo be sincere Jonathan does not know the road to follow cuz his comment is not strong and hopeful ,unless he makes his stance and call this killings as a collective gang up of all the muslim northern rulers to fall his government ,and call a strong national conference on this bokoharam problem and step on the toes of their strong symphatisers and challenge them strongly this killins will not stop.unless someone pulls the bull by the horn and the result will be another civil war then the norther muslims will regret it because there will be no escape for them .This is a systematic elimination of xtians by the muslims who claim,when they do this they will go to paradise.this is leading to civil war i dont have doubt about it eg .some countries like iraq ,palestine afghanistine,yemen and others such things happens it never stopped so what will make it to stop is by pulling out of the northern muslims so they can practice their violence. It is even better for people who said nonsence about Ojukwu to withness what he saw and sought for peaceful confederation in arburyscoference,which Gown later turned down b/4 he sought to bullets ,now the same western world who gave them this previledges are against them now . they cannot be trusted. this means that what Ojukwu saw 40yrs ago that other nigerians are seeing now especially the middle belt region what a big regret had i known always comes at last Ojukwu you are more intelligent than others may your honorable soul rest in perfect peace Amen
12/26/11 @ 18:26
Comment from: Ezife [Visitor] Email
EzifeThe muslims are enjoying it because they do or say nothing to condem it after all they are muslims the more they kill the more thrones muhammed will keep for them in mecca
12/26/11 @ 18:30
Comment from: EJE [Visitor]
EJEMr. President, i advise you to do nothing about all these bombings, anyway there is nothing anybody could do to deter well managed Boko Haram. The Easterners should also be silent because this killings are directed to Gowans and Danjumer's territory who planned and killed majority of the Ibo military officers. Bako Haram has one objective to distablize Jonathan's regime and put fear on the Southerners so that the regime will go back to the northern Muslems. It is left for the christains to allow that to happen.
12/26/11 @ 20:05
Comment from: Shaila Dahake [Visitor]
Shaila DahakeI hate these people who did these. Nigerian christian people should come together and fight against these people and ask government whether they are responsible for that many innnocent people dead solve this problem thats all.
12/27/11 @ 00:38
Comment from: nyash [Visitor]
12/27/11 @ 02:02
Comment from: Zakary Gundah [Visitor] Email
Zakary GundahIn assessing the role of government, the religious and traditional leaders in the north over this Boko Haram saga, it gets difficult for any Nigerian [outside of the elite in government] to absolve governments of complicity. Governments [state and federal] promote a culture of deprivation, inequity, vulgar display and consumption of stolen wealth, impunity in the appropriation of our commonwealth to themselves either through official graft or stage-managed privatization of our patrimonies like NAFCON, NITEL, Aladja Steel etc. They unconscionably inflict pains on the ordinary man through multiple taxation masqueraded as tolling of inland roads, as in Lekki-Epe in Lagos, unnecessary change of vehicle license number plates and drivers licenses, withdrawal of phantom subsidy on petrol and benign connivance with providers of essential municipal services as they arbitrarily hike their charges at will.
In spite of these, the ordinary man has no drinking water, pays arbitrary and unjustifiable "estimated bills" for rarely available electric power in his one-room apartment. Meanwhile, primary school drop-outs who become local government councilors get paid more than university professors and the Jonathan and Sambo families pocket 1 billion naira for feeding in the state house Abuja! He cannot get treated for malaria without spending the whole day [and an arm and a leg for drugs, in spite of drugs/money donated by international agencies for this treatment] at the government hospitals.
There is too much injustice in this land called Nigeria and that is why our youth throng across our borders in their thousands daily to such weird destinations as Afghanistan, Vietnam, Haiti, Chad and such unlikely places. Many were deported from these destinations in 2011. What a shame!!!
It is about time we re-defined the concept of genuine service in political office and put this in our constitution. Thereafter, past and present, dead and living Nigerian leaders will be made to atone for all they have stolen from us. The proceeds will be far more than we need to better the living standards of Nigerians.
If we fail to do this, Boko Haram, al Qaeda etc will always have a ready supply of our jobless youths who can be swayed to such lunatic idiocy as western education being evil. The bombings will continue and Jonathan and his incompetent lot will continue to promise to “leave no stones un-turned”, “fish them out” and”bring them to book.” I heard all these phrases from October 19, 1986 with Dele Giwa and they have resonated with Alfred Rewane, Kudirat Abiola, Funso Williams, Bola Ige and the several bombings we have had of recent.
The political class needs to sit up, put on their garb of patriotism and be fair to both the Nigerian nation and her people that they swore on oath to serve.
12/27/11 @ 04:13
Comment from: Tessy [Visitor] Email
TessyI think d Nigerian Government should seek d aid of d Americans cos dey have handled n solved a similar case to many countries since our so called government re afraid of dying n cannot perform.
12/27/11 @ 05:15
Comment from: clement [Visitor]
clementam a nigerian living in spain and am very ashame of what nigeria is graduarly tuning into today, we use to talk about countries like IRAQ,IRAN,AFGANISTAN and other countries alike, saying that we cant be able to live in such places but now what is the diffrent between those countries and our own nigeria,if something is not seriously done very fast by the autorities about this things that are happening then i can only say that this is just the beggining, because that's how it all begins in this countries.today look at where they are now.if things continue like this, then lets try to imagine nigeria in the next ten years.
12/27/11 @ 05:53
Comment from: Ray [Visitor]
RayI,m highly moved emotionally and felt extemely bad to hear another bloody massa killing in Nigeria, Oh may God
save the people of Nigeria.Well it is the high time to raact and get these idoits, basts and loosants to book,Once beaten first shy second time will be a total reaction.Mr presdent Sir, arise right now and do something before it is too late don,t wait for any side talk,This is the time every country is trying how to join together to improve their economy not to kill one another.I stand firmly to say it again whichever group is responsible must face the degree of the law.
It is enough.we christains can,t bear it any more./
12/27/11 @ 06:09
Comment from: Alias Alhaji. [Visitor]
Alias  Alhaji.I pray for the families of those who lost their love ones.God would punish the evil doers of this shamefull act.i pray the president would act decisevely to end the suffering of our brothers.As a muslim to kill any soul is like killing all humanity.Boko haram are not true muslims,they kill both muslims and christians.
Jonathan knows very well the people masterminding this crime,he knows the leaders especially ex gov of borno state,who happens to be a great paddy of jonathan. I comdem this killings and all true muslims must condem it.
12/27/11 @ 08:57
Comment from: Unaigwe Emmanuel [Visitor]
Unaigwe Emmanuelthis is a terror act, many blood where shade, tears broken all bcos of heartless people. let come to think about this, this are so called Islam who say that their relgious is peaceful. I no this people backed up my all this northerners politician who only wany blackmail Jonathan regime, bcos all of this never happened during Yaradua. God of revenge will fight for us. but let all Nigeria should no that our life is at stake. right now we are not save even u. thank u
12/27/11 @ 10:25
Comment from: Kafoumba Kenneth [Visitor]
Kafoumba KennethThe government of Nigeria need drastic action against terrorism. Terrorism is is worst then the AIDS you are fighting every day with billion of dollars. You have to make sure that the nation is secure in all level. I seeing that the government is not doing enough to tackle evil act, because they always informs before any action take place.
12/27/11 @ 11:49
Comment from: jojo [Visitor]
jojoit high time we will start killing moslem in nigerdelta enough of this let bombing starts the niger delta militant will soon resume bombing of mosque soon let divide the countary.
12/27/11 @ 13:05
Comment from: TIMMYROTTY [Visitor] Email
12/27/11 @ 13:06
Comment from: Phemie [Visitor]
PhemieI have a strong believe that Mr President lack the power to tackle this menace, otherwise we shouldn't have witnessed this attack on xmas day agian. It is a slap on Mr President's face being a christian. I think the perpetrators and thier entire household need to be ruthelessly dealth with and this are charisma that Mr President does not have, He is very soft on these people, he should apply force once and for all so that we can have our peace or another thing is that Mr president should be ready to support a leader that has a military and no nonsense leader when he is leaving office in 2015 that is if he is allowed to be in office till then. He should sit tight. Nigerian need peace
12/27/11 @ 14:38
Comment from: Rev. Dr. Amadice [Visitor]
Rev. Dr. AmadiceIf a blind man be deceived that there is no red oil in the soup, whould he be fooled that there is no salt in the soup. You dont keep a goat and yam tubers together. How can some one that believes in blood sheeding and another believing in thou shall not kill live together. Azikiwe Ebelechukwu Goodluck. May i submit to command you to call me now now now. Paul and barnabas must must be seperated for the peace of the united nation. Ohhhhhhmm.GRINDERS OF THE SAVANA SAHEL SHINE FORTH. SINLOTS OF KAGARKO, IGABI, BIRNI-GWARI AND KUDAN AM FOR JUSTICE. FIRE FOR FIRE OF KAFIN HAUSA, YANKWASHI, GURI AND MAIGATARI BEAR WITH US. IRON FLYERS OF KABO, BICHI, DAWAKIN, KUMBOTSO WHY NOW. ANTI BOKO HARAM AND ANGRY KOBO MALAM TAKE COVER FAST.
12/27/11 @ 14:47
Comment from: LASBORNE LASBORNE [Visitor] Email
LASBORNE LASBORNEDo you need to be told that Boko Haram, a Northern Islamic group, is aimed at intimidating, weakening and destabilizing GEJ's administration.
Do you know that Boko Haram enjoys the support of the majority of the Northerners. The Northerners know that they have cheated on the Southerners. That is why they are not comfortable with GEJ'S administration that came up shortly after OBJ's administration. In order to continue to succeed in dominating the Southerners, they use Boko Haram to cause fear and confusion among Nigerians, with the aim of intimidating, weakening and destabilizing GEJ's administration.
Before, it was three equally powerful regions: East, West, and North. Now, it is North and South. They have more states, LGA's, legislatures, appointments, and in other allocations.
The Northerners would not have achieved this without using Southerners against Southerners to their advantage.
Can I say that the Northerners are the wisest and the Southerners are their fools?
12/27/11 @ 19:05
Comment from: Eugene [Visitor]
EugeneThis is pure sabotage! The president must realise this.... The Muslims should not allow these low life idiots destroy their name.... Muslims must act to stop and speak out against these persons... Before the Christains starts bombing mosques etc
12/27/11 @ 19:52
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel  -  usato the president of the federation.

i am asking for the post of the nation's secretary of home land security. i am asking for this post a.s.a.p

contact: 1 (609) 470 3277
12/27/11 @ 21:54
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel  -  usana small shit de spoil nyash o o o. i ask again, doesn't the president know who exactly these cancer called boko haram are? every conspiracy has a leader, who is the leader of boko haram? doesn't the president know?

mr. president appoint me to the post of the secretary of the home land security. this should be done immediate (a.s.a.p.)

every riot has a cause, what is the cause for the boko haram? every mutiny has a purpose, what is the purpose of the boko haram? every revolt has a objectives and goals, what is the objectives and goals of the boko haram?

shall we then lay low waiting for this cancer called boko haram to finish with the northerners and then proceed south. people, that ain't gonna happen.

sir, gej. i need this job of the secretary of home land security now, right now

contact: 1 (60-9) 470 3277
12/27/11 @ 22:27
Comment from: Bello [Visitor]
Bellodont be deceived that islam is a religion of peace. thank God i am delivered from that satanic religion. he who live by sword will die by sword. boko haram is an islamic agenda to frustrate the government of goodluck and make life difficult for christians in nigeria particularly in the north. where are the gideon okah's? its high time we place this people to where they belong.
12/28/11 @ 01:03
Comment from: adedibu olalekan [Visitor]
adedibu olalekanmr presedent..................shame on you,if your blood family is eventually got involved in this terible incident definitely you will know how painess its...mr president, to be sincere the dead of yar-adua is quitely better to your living action....mr president you are very poor in action, and very actless....its my advise for you to leave the governmenet without get anybody informd.....
12/28/11 @ 01:21
Comment from: Ibikunle, Ayodele [Visitor] Email
Ibikunle, Ayodelewe should all realise one thing that even we moslems are not in support of this boko haram bombing. these unfortunate beings are politicians hiding under the umbrella of religious austerity. suicide bombing or killing in islam is a sin whose penalty is direct hell fire. the government should just rise to this challenge and stop making OIL SUBSIDY his topmost priority. God bless Nigeria.
12/28/11 @ 03:50
Comment from: endurerance ifoma [Visitor]
endurerance ifomaFellow christian,is this how we are going to wait for rival religion to eliminate and put fears in the mind of christian that want to serve God ? Why are they not bombing mosque if they are not Muslim? its better we follow Moses law and fight.otherwise Govt will never put a halt to this menace. if we dont fight ,Tommorrow may be your turn / your children.
The children of Israel if they fail to fight for freedom they all could have perish in the hands of the Egptian.
12/28/11 @ 03:53
Comment from: Ugo [Visitor]
UgoOne thing is for sure christians CAN never be used for reconcilation on political matters in nigeria we are presoiuse.
The whole world can see what is happening in nigeria is nothing but a religoius war even if you ARE deaf or dumb you can understand the languages of sign.
12/28/11 @ 11:14
Comment from: DUSKY E.S. Z [Visitor]
DUSKY E.S. ZIs it true islamic religion is preaching peace?. Then why killing innocent souls?. The so called boko haram should know that nigeria will never be Islamic country. My christian brothers & sisters we should not fold our hands seeing innocent souls perishing. Cos they are anty CHRIST warriors.
12/28/11 @ 16:00
Comment from: chucks [Visitor] Email
chucksMr president has shown a dismal failure and weakness in the handling of Boko haram issue in Nigeria.History they say always repeat itself.I pray he takes good counsel ,seek the lord ernestly for devine direction and bring out the mature and firm character of good governance that great leaders are made of.May he not dissapoint the many nigerians who voted him into power.Most Nigerians i strongly believe are becoming fed up of the governments handling of various policies and issues that affect the life/and true image of our country both within and abroad.
12/29/11 @ 17:24
Comment from: ugo [Visitor]
ugoi just hate all Muslims with passion
12/30/11 @ 07:23
Comment from: Brights bella [Visitor]
Brights bellait's unfortunate for lives to be damaged by some aimless union or whatever called boko haram. i wish i were a soldier, so that i could annihilliate the force behind your sponsors.....
12/30/11 @ 10:29
Comment from: Ronke Fatai [Visitor]
Ronke FataiFor Daniel Usa & co. hating d muslims is nt d solution as millions of muslims ar against d so called boko harams.a christain lady was recently caught in Bauchi while attemptin 2 set her church ablaze.in Bayelsa d same happened wit a young christian man so wat r we talkin about? pls let watch our words & pray 4 peace 4 our dear country ok?
01/10/12 @ 06:23
Comment from: Akedemix [Visitor]
where is the police or the military to response the said bombing attacks? they should strengthen the military & police force to get caught this terrorist!

06/15/12 @ 04:04

This post has 10 feedbacks awaiting moderation...

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