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The Supreme Court Of Nigeria Threatens To Wipe The Igbo “Off The Surface Of The Earth.”


The Supreme Court Of Nigeria Threatens To Wipe The Igbo “Off The Surface Of The Earth.”

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*The Supreme Court Of Nigeria Threatens To Wipe The Igbo “Off The Surface Of The Earth.”

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

A Solicitor & Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, who gave his name as Mr. Kunle Adegoke LLM, BL and his mobile contact number as 08023337003 has, on Dec 10, 2011, made public the unrepentant and anti-Semitic (anti-Igbo) position of the federal government of Nigeria and the law against the Igbo nation being upheld by the highest court of justice in Nigeria, the Supreme Court of Nigeria. In his speech, where he proudly waved the flag of his authority, Mr Kunle Adegoke said: “If they (the Igbo) attempt the same thing again (to demand their freedom), we shall wipe them off the surface of the earth.” Then he went further, in his native language, to fume: “Ebi loko yin (starvation is your albatross).” This genocidal statement and stance calls for an international intervention to save what is left of the Igbo nation within what is still referred to as Nigeria, seeing that the federal government of Nigeria is bent on remapping the world in which the Igbo will not have a history or a spot. The Supreme Court of Nigeria’s Solicitor & Advocate went ahead to make mockery of the many children systematically killed by food deprivation in Biafra, and threatened that, this time, they would finish (wipe out every remaining child with deprivation of food) what they had started in 1967. What evil! What callousness! What effrontery! What impunity! This also calls for the swift attention of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, International Human Rights Organizations, and all relevant bodies, to look, as a matter of urgency, into the facts of the 1967-1970 genocide carried out against Igbo in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, to prosecute those involved in the pogrom which eventually took the lives of over 1.3 million Igbo in the Nigeria’s invasion and genocide of Igboland and the Igbo, and to bring justice as a center standard for human rights declarations.

It should be recalled that, on October 30, 2005, The New York Times published a full transcript of the speech in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, was quoted as having declared his intention that Israel be wiped off the map. In his speech to the "World Without Zionism" conference in Asia, entitled: Ahmadinejad: Israel must be wiped off the map, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoted thus: “Our dear Imam (referring to Ayatollah Khomeini) said that the occupying regime (referring to Israel) must be wiped off the map and this was a very wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine. Is it possible to create a new front in the heart of an old front? This would be a defeat and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime has in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted the heart of the world oppressor in his struggle, meaning the occupying regime. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world.” It should also be recalled that, ever since that statement was made by the 6th and current president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the world has witnessed an upsurge of anti-Semitism, especially in the Islamic world, against Israel and its allies. The impacts of that poisonous statement made by the president of a strict Islamic Republic have reached every corner of the world, and are operational to this day. Although the statement met with vehement criticisms and rebuttals from different quarters of global governance, nevertheless, it went very far in reshaping the mindset of many young Muslims and served as a free tool for creating easy recruitments into terrorism. When a man who represents a nation could comfortably make such statements, no conjecture will properly capture the height of damages that will result from it- both against the nationals, and the peoples of the world. ( Continues below..... )

 Map of Igboland

Photo Above: Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria )

It was never a secret that the Nigerian government, not only claimed it lawful the genocide against the Igbo, the seizure of Igbo money and property in different parts of what is still called Nigeria, but the systematic killing of the Igbo, even to this day, all over Nigeria, and especially the North. To buttress their point, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, a name which means itself, has sent one of their representative to publicly declare that, not only is the government unwilling to address the injustices unleashed against the Igbo which led to their secession in the 60s, but that the government (even when it’s remained largely silent and unconcerned over the killings and marginalization of the Igbo still going on in Nigeria today), is ever ready to descent heavily again on the Igbo should they, out of the slavery burden, decide to secede again. And, from the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the choicest word to define their hatred against the Igbo nation was the one allegedly used by the Iranian president Ahmadinejad on Israel. To the Nigerian government, represented by the so-called Solicitor & Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Mr. Kunle Adegoke LLM, BL, Igbo nation is as much of a threat to Nigeria as Israel is to the entire Muslim world (as claimed by Ahmadinejad). Therefore, what would serve them would be making sure that the Igbo are totally wiped off the face of the earth by the Nigerian government. This inhumane mindset has remained the only goal which has united other parts of Nigeria since the amalgamation.

It is very sad that the leaders of the South-East of Nigeria seem to either be fast asleep or largely ignorant; but I would not excuse them with any of these. Every Igbo should know that Ojukwu was the only true leader we all had; and now that he is gone, a Joshua must, of normalcy, emerge to bring us to the land we have all seen in our spirit. Our spirit on Biafra and the Igbo God-given freedom is one. And until then, no senator, minister, governor, or traditional ruler of Igbo extraction would stand to speak on behalf on the Igbo. Igbo youths know whom the spirit of Ojukwu naturally fell on, and until a pronouncement is formally made, none of the political leaders of Igbo extraction should be allowed to speak further blasphemy of “One Nigerianism” within Igbo soil. The Holy Bible says that the true enemies are the within a man’s household. The Igbo will not allow themselves to be “wiped off the surface of the earth;” and just like the Israelites, we will put up an eternal fight to regain and maintain our God-given freedom, rights, and blessings. If the politicians of the Igbo extractions do not agree to the continued wickedness of Nigeria against our people, they must speak in unison- and speak now. And if the federal government of Nigeria and its Supreme Court want to distance themselves from the above-mentioned genocidal remark by their very representative, then Mr. Kunle Adegoke LLM, BL should be disrobed and sent out of any law court within Nigeria; and a clear and proper investigation into the genocide cases be kicked off.

Finally, it will serve as timely to warn those politicians of Igbo extractions who would not hesitate to sell even their very own parents to keep their blood-stained positions in this Babel of Africa called Nigeria, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and the Nigerian government itself that the Igbo will never be wiped off the face of the earth. The Igbo will stand as a sovereign nation- away and distinctively of Biafra and not Nigeria. The Igbo will not be bound by the cord of corruption, crime, depravity, directionlessness and perpetual failure which characterize the Nigerian society among all of humankind. The days of Nigeria’s jubilation of its genocide against the Igbo have come to an end with full justice on its trail. The future which the Igbo look up to is a future built and sustained in God, not a nation of false and bloody foundation; not a nation of Antichrists.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: KITI-KATA Lookgood [Visitor]
KITI-KATA  LookgoodHey guys take it easy. I read Kunle's apology somewhere is that correct?, please accept it. Just stay wit us in Nigeria and lets solve the corruption problems together.Tell me, is anyone better than the other when it comes to corruption in nigeria?. Listen guys,anyone thinking of wiping another persons/race on the face of the earth is actually ignorant of God's existance. May God forgive Kunle,Amadinajad & their supporters, amen!
12/29/11 @ 18:13
Comment from: TA [Visitor]
TAMr Enyiagwu. I do not need to be a soothsayer to tell that you are an ardent Christian. I want to add at this juncture that if we (Christians) truly believe in the Bible which we all claim, we should just let the will of God be. Sometimes it looks contradictory when we start to look for solution or a way out of our demise.The Bible which we all believe already predicted what is happening today. I will always pose this same question to everyone that claim to be working for God. What kind of leadership can change things for the better when the creator of the universe already made it clear that there would come a time when war, hunger starvation, deceit, fornication, corruption would rule the earth. I thought if we are true Christians we should just pray for only one thing. The only thing we should pray for is just for the kingdom to come. Brother, I tell you what, no body or any set of people can fix it. Even the purported Igbo nation we are aspiring for would continually bring more chaos, anarchy and self aggravation if it is actualised. I respect and salute your courage though and I am proud to say that I equally have igbo blood like you. I have looked all over the globe and could not find any saviour anywhere, I have refused to believe in pastor or Imam, I have resolved to let the will of God be in my life. I have resolved to fear God and love my neighbour. Brother what happens when the emancipation of the Igbo is actualised? Iraq, Egypt, Libya are living cases for all to see. I’ll rather pray for the kingdom to come.
12/29/11 @ 18:49
Comment from: IDOLOR FRANCIS. [Visitor]
IDOLOR FRANCIS.I take the epistle i just finished reading as a big joke.But it if mr Kunle Adegoke actually made such statements, then there is a big question mark on the unity of the Nigeria people. FG must stand up to clear the air, and let the REAL PEACE AND UNITY prevail in the dear Country of ours.
12/29/11 @ 18:58
Comment from: Henry Umunna [Visitor]
Henry UmunnaWe should examine the character of the so call Solicitor who want to wipe out thew igbos. We know from history that he is expressing diaappointment that Nigeria is a laughing stock all over the ward.
Only the igbo has what it takes to save the evil land call Nigeria
The country is under curse and the igbo must one day leave for their promise land call"Biafria". It may take generation but we must keep the candle burning. I do not think my children- children will continue with his entity of criminals without shame.
We should follow peaceful path in demanding our self determination by going to the UN and table our demand for our nationhood- Biafria. We are not going to fight like before, therefore, Solicitor Kunle who is a coward cannot hide under others to commit his evil intention.
As a matter of urgency we should take this man to court of law and no matter it takes to international court.
12/29/11 @ 19:05
Comment from: Onu Otile [Visitor]
Onu OtileThe Igbos have noted what this fool of the year(Kunle Adegoke of Supreme of Nigeria)said and sadly too, he turned around to lick his spittle. It is best he voiced his gut feeling for the Igbos but believe me, he can't be better than his predecessors.The same Nigeria he loves would have wiped his race off Nigeria through Abacha.The Igbos would resist such atrocity but his clans men went to make peace with and take money from their lords as usual. We have forgiven him because he danced naked in the market square for hating the Igbos.
12/29/11 @ 20:01
Comment from: francis effiong [Visitor] Email
francis effiongFor how long would an individual live in this land (earth)which he has found,and when he dies what lagacy would he leave for the children yet unborn?Fortunately,I have fought the civil war.Whatever you want to call war in your language,war is not sweet.No sensible Igboman who experienced the Nigerian Civil War' after settling down after the bitterness of that war,would want to go back to it.Let us look at the past as history of yesteryears which is gone and pray for a better and peaceful future wherever we find ourselves. At the end of the civil war General Yakubu Gowon declared"no victor,no vanquished"finally, let us learn to forgive and forget and let vengeance be left with God,He says He will repay.
12/29/11 @ 20:13
Comment from: chidi [Visitor] Email
chidiwhen will this stop people of Nigeria,our leader ,remember judgement await you, before GOD you will stand, so lets put our hands together and make Nigeria a better place,
12/29/11 @ 22:26
Comment from: Akwaraike [Visitor]
AkwaraikeI wonder why we the Igbos worry so much over nothing or have we forgotten so fast that the Yorubas are cowards who hides at the back of strong men to make useless statements ? this educated illiterate fool posing as a solicitor of evil kunle adegoke who is deeply into occultism is just one of those cowards hiding at the fence of the federal government to voice out rubbish.
kunle since you are so strong and brave,why haven't you made the same statement to the northerners and Boko Haram whom you are slave to ? it is better to write the names of those terrorists in capital letters than to even write yours at all.Shameless parasite who is being fed by the igbos .Without the Igbos in Nigeria can Nigeria stand as a nation ? kunle for making this statement about the chosen people of JEHOVAH you will be wiped off the earth in one day together with your entire family.Just watch and see !
12/30/11 @ 00:40
Comment from: Benja [Visitor]
Benjawho the hell are you calling guys? Which guys you want to take it easy? That man was speaking on behalf of his Yoruba peoples agenda against the Igbo people, and I bet you, it won't go just like that. Oh guys should take it easy because you weren't in my shoes? Come on in, do you real smell what this man and his ilks are cooking? A person at his position serving the so called highest court in Nigeria setting, what type of judgement would he deliver against any Igbo man is being brought to his church? Give me a break
12/30/11 @ 01:21
Comment from: steve [Visitor]
steveAfter going thru MR. KUNLE remark i think we should not just look at kunle as the only one with that believe. He is not alone, for the fact that he spoke out should tell us what many fellow nigeria think about the igbo race. just look at the trend since after the war. How many times the igbos have been killed in different parts of this country called nigeria up to date in the name of one nigeria.My heart bleeds when some one remaind me of the sufferings of the last civil war. Mr kunle, thank you for being the mouth pice of boko haram. Since the government have refussed to do anything because the victims are from the same kunles dream. Well lets leave it to GOD Almighty to see to it. i rest my case here,
12/30/11 @ 02:16
Comment from: Sylva.jp [Visitor]
Sylva.jpIf a learned person like kunle Adegoke would make such a criminal statement showing how much he heated a tribe in Nigeria he was fighting to remain one,of which use shall the country be made to remain one ? God please come down and separate this ungodly marriage for peace to reign in your world.but don't rule out the possiblities of the so called kunle having some problems up stairs.at least he's not getting any younger and you know what old age comes along with.
12/30/11 @ 02:26
Comment from: ogundiniyi olurotimi [Visitor]
ogundiniyi olurotimithis is a very childish article, you guys should be more serious
12/30/11 @ 02:37
Comment from: chinedu [Visitor] Email
chineduMr. president, the Ohaneze, Gov.s S/E, Int'l human right and the World powers should be legally notified by our dear cries. IGBO NATION MUST STAND, 'BIAFRA' with GOD all thngs are possible, forget the poor legal criminal called kunle and naija
12/30/11 @ 02:48
Comment from: Sunny Ekong [Visitor]
Sunny EkongPlease I just want to know if the Ibibios and the Anangs are now Igbos? I am confused, why the Biafran map should constantly composed of Akwa ibom and Cross River states, because we have never been knonw to be Ignos or as one of the Igbo nations.
12/30/11 @ 03:07
Comment from: Jobas [Visitor]
JobasI personally feelthat the so called advocate of the spreme courte of Nigeria has gone insane.He never said fought Abiola case who died fighting to ule same Nigeria,he never fight for Idiagbon who died as fighting to rule same Nigeria,He never fight for tai Solarin who used to stay for hunger strike just to save the opressed by same Nigeria,he never fought for Dele Giwa,Bola Ige, even to retain Lagos as Nigeria Capital by same Nigeria,nor to fight to even seperate as a south soveregnity state in case of real break-up of Nigeria.In fact,he is like a fly that follow corpse to the grave or buried with the dead.This man must be demorted from working in the highest court because his uturances do not suit his position irrespective of his apology.He should know that amagalmation of 1914 was done to unite north and south .In the sputh are yorubas and Ibos and minor tribes.And not to unite only Ibos with Housas.Adegoke is not a sensible Advogate to say that because Ibos are opressed and need freedom is a crime to grant the entire nigeria to wipe their race out frpm the earth.You should have known that Ibos are nation builders within and outside Nigeria or worldwide.Ibos touch all nations in the world and they can fight too even on physical streinght and can withstand any aggression.In fact let Adegoke continue to aplogise until we will writeto pardon him through this write-up means.But he should not either attend Ojukwu Burials nor funeral as well as never comment any other nonesence if he wats to stil leave..I commend Mr Enyeagu for viewing-up some ignorant statements from ourn so called advocate.I hope he would not convinct me to serve jail sentences but he can reach me personally or........I can be reached through this mail jobas_2005@yahoo.co.uk
12/30/11 @ 03:25
Comment from: Jibril saidu gombe [Visitor]
Jibril saidu gombeAny way illitracy is a great desease,those who pray for war do not know what the war is,but let what they pray fall on them,what worries me with igbos is that,what do they have to show or rely on that other part of the country does have which makes them always call for dissociation??? God forbib.
12/30/11 @ 04:03
Comment from: Chidiebere [Visitor]
ChidiebereIt is rather unfortunate and funny that a well learned person could rattle over word like this. Kunlun Adegoke of Supreme of Nigeria, in fact, if it was true that you made this statement, what is then the difference between you and an ordinary trader in the least market in Nigeria? Are you really a merited lawyer or you obtained your certificate on the road side? I personally loath such statement in life. You mean that you want war in Nigeria again? God forbid. Were you sent to high institution to learn to fight with all your academic stand? Please such pronouncement does not suppose to emerge from you. Let us take an atom for an example, an indivisible molecule. So Nigeria is an atom which cannot be divided by war, we are one. Rather than fighting over baseless issues, let us fight with the entire religious men and women in the country to secure a better future for our generations to come. Let us not to be used by any kind of evil mind set person to cause confusion in the country. Philosophically speaking, there is a vast difference between methodical reasoning and unmethodical reasoning. So let all the learned in Nigeria be systematic in their judgments and reasons and say no to bribery and corruption which have taking root in all corners of the country sides, no in the sense that no one can move the other to a change of mind. In conclusion, I rather urge you my dear brother to help the government to solve the present malady of the nation. That is the Boko Haram issue. We, your younger brothers and sisters including your own children want a better Nigerian nation. We should not be moved by our emotions

12/30/11 @ 06:22
Comment from: Edwin [Visitor] Email
Edwinmy brother, all these comment about the igbo nation by the said kunle should not be taken lightly. A drinkard from history will always reveal content of the chains of scret meetings against a person, group, community and a tribe, clan etc.
My worry is that we do not have any leader who can stand and say the truth.A ll our political leaders are money bags. If not what on earth will make Uwazuru to in detention. or even arrest the MASSOB members who have never used gun, matchet,bomb any weapon in there genue struggle. But these are the people the FG molest and many have been killed in detention. Uptill today, no igbo leader have said something serious about it.

I think Nigeria response to agitation better when the group uses gun and bomb like the Niger delter youth and Boko Hara.
Finally, i believe that nothing on earth will keep nigeria as one especilly when the bond oil will finish. if it is not today it will be tommorow.
12/30/11 @ 06:34
Comment from: Harmattan [Visitor]
Harmattan"The death that will take the life of a dog does not allow her to perceive the smell of feces" It's only a small child that sees herbal medicine and calls it vegetable. ...so said my father. Kunle Adegoke is "already on his way" for having assaulted the brightest intelligentsia in the whole of Africa. Unless he apologizes in not less than 5 daily newspapers, 'am sorry for him. He's gone, Kunle's gone!!!
12/30/11 @ 07:05
Comment from: Rome [Visitor]
RomeEven if there is no apology from the so called Mr. Kunle Adegoke, nothing will happen to Igbo race. But if I may ask; who and who will support Mr. Kunle Adegoke in this country knowing fully well that Nigeria is not standing angle 90. Do you need a prophet to tell you that soon Nigeria must divide. So people will not understand what Boko Haram is doing, they will be used as an instrument of division instead of war as it happened in 1967. But for Mr. Kunle Adegoke, just enjoy your free money with quietness otherwise, see your foot close to your grave, because I will pray that the hammer of Boko haram will hit your head.
12/30/11 @ 08:00
Comment from: Audrey [Visitor]
AudreyI do not think that any reasonable IGBO person should waste his or her time to be commenting 0n a fools statement.
If he has any knowledge at all, he would have known that, without the west and Russia,the war would have been a walk over for the Igbos.He claims to be a solicitor! 'Expo'
No body should blame him, he has got a dirty mouth to talk. Pig.
May God forgive him.
12/30/11 @ 08:01
Comment from: Audrey (Visitor) [Visitor]
Audrey (Visitor)This chap called kunle adegoke, in my opinion should be investigated by the security operatives over this massacre of some IGBOS in a church at Madalla on Christmas day.
To me, he is a strong suspect on this crime, am serious about this. Let us not heap everything on Boko haram. In the Western World, he would have been one of the first suspects.
12/30/11 @ 08:50
Comment from: boozbooz[visitor] [Visitor]
boozbooz[visitor]If it is true that Mr. Kunle made such a cynical statement, what then is the need for his western education?My dear Igbo people and indeed fellow Nigerians,let us forgive the so-called lawyer,for the love of Jesus. Because, no matter what he says,we all know that the Igbo people can never be "wiped out the surface of the Earth".As a matter of fact,we all need one another.So,why not we walk together as one Nigeria in the path of peace,prosperity and progress?

Nigeria, Good people Great Nation!
12/30/11 @ 09:45
Comment from: steve oscar [Visitor]
steve oscarI think, we should be asking the federal government to relieve the 'bad mouthed fool' of his duty and the Nigerian Bar Association denounce him. Then, the Igbo should sue him for defamation and so on. There is a good case here for legal proceeding. His apology does not remove the fact of his feeling and its important to take such utterances serious. Slip of tongue is a sign of repressed emotion. God have mercy on him
12/30/11 @ 10:20
Comment from: I 'Kori [Visitor]
I 'KoriI need a help and so0meone should anwser my question here my dear Ibo brothers and sisters.
Why are the people of Cross Rivers, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Bayesa States being continually been included in the map of Biafra?

Have they gotten their approval that they are willing to be copted into the map and republic of Biafra?

My Ibo brothers should clarify this point please as I love you all my brothers and sisters
12/30/11 @ 11:27
Comment from: Lawrence [Visitor] Email
Lawrenceif i am nuclear bomb, i would have fall in Nigeria and destroy the whole Nigeria, nothing good about this nation. my dear fellow IGBOS, lets stop this BIAFRA of a thing, since every one is against us, we are not the only sufferer in this nonsense country, even our back yard neighbors called calabar and akwa ibom are agaist us, which made bakassi to enslave themselves today from their betrayer nigeria to buyer cameroun, lets forget about Biafra and learn how to defends ourselves in this evil nation, lets all suffer from one nigeria, even yoruba, calabar, edo, rivers, etc are suffering from one nigeria too. pls brothers. we have not much to lose if we stop building houses in north and west and come home to develop our home, bokos wouldnt have seen us, onye mmiri furu okpa ya ka ona eri!
12/30/11 @ 15:46
Comment from: Lawrence [Visitor] Email
Lawrencethat map there is not map of Biafra, people should be more observational when they read, thats map of IBO speaking places. we dont want river and calabar too, they are witches and wizards, Malaysia have no mineral resources but they are the second richest country in south east asia. we can manage our economy by commerce. you guys can join one nigeria and go back to militancy when gej step down. after all Lesotho is inside South Africa and they are country in Africa.
12/30/11 @ 15:56
Comment from: letsfaceit [Visitor]
letsfaceitAll this coments about kunle is a distraction from real issue we need not be bitting war drum but a time to revisit what happened during the war as it concerns starvation who played what role this can be done by bringing together the best legal team to take all this case to internatiuyuonal court let's forget war and retaliation genocide have taken place in different parts of the world most of them ended up in hague the earlier we do this the better war will not solve the problem at least we ll be demanding compensation from the nigerian state which kunle should be a co defendant
12/30/11 @ 16:47
Comment from: Harmattan [Visitor]
Harmattan@I 'Kori: Please, go and knock on the graves of intelligent men like Philip Effiong and Okokon Ndem to ask why they supported Biafra 100%. I feel some of you niger-deltans still prefer enslavement by the north. Check out the list of over 30 students sent to Russia and China on scholarship in 2011, and tell me how many niger-deltans that are there. None! About 26 of them are from the North with one or two yoruba muslims. A lot of things are so wrong that it's time you began preferring your immediate neighbor to a stranger. Number 2: Biafran war is in world's history and the original map of the region that fought that war has not been altered. So' it's a question of time then we'll go the way of Sudan.
12/30/11 @ 17:58
Comment from: Mac bernard ishaya [Visitor] Email
Mac bernard ishayaWhat the Nigerian Supreme court Judge and other conservative individuals and groups do not appreciate is that Nigerian Christians in north, south and the diaspora are now fully united. Any injustice, in whatever form, including genocide to christian Igbos, is now injustice to all christians. Resistance shall be unprecedentedly stiff. Fifty years of playing 'secondary citizenship' by christians is over!
12/30/11 @ 23:57
Comment from: Unbeliever? [Visitor]
Unbeliever?What even is the meaning of Biafra? Is Delta State part of Biafra? I'll like to know, now.
12/31/11 @ 11:54
Comment from: letsfaceit [Visitor]
letsfaceitAwolowo,gowan and all those in authority during the war of genocide against igbos which includes economic blockade and starvation shoud be taken to icc as war criminals while

we slam them with s 20 trillion dollars compensation I believe this is the way foward Am calling on all inteligent legal luminaries to rise up to the challenge olisa agbakoba who is one of the best known lawyers we all know there is no amount of money that can bring back to life those millions they killed through starvation let's do what gani fawehimi can do for his people we have a good case people like kunle will be silenced when such action is taken
12/31/11 @ 13:46
Comment from: ogbodojerome@yahoo.com [Visitor]
ogbodojerome@yahoo.comkunle's outburst is a clear testimony of an agenda against the igbos, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.Forget the apology of a hypocrisy.The continued silence of the judiciary is another evidence of injustice and lawlessness in nigeria-baisness in the bar.
12/31/11 @ 17:07
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]
visitorEscuse or no escuse he made his mind clear and sounded a warning of danger. there is a stage and position a man reaches in life any thing he says is like a semen from a mans orgaan if it doesnt produce man it produces woman.kunle adegoke knows escuses is a mere painting which can wipe when needed.Such statement needs to be tackled with the office hes representing at least to leave that office if what he said doesnt represent the opinion of what hes serving
12/31/11 @ 18:43
Comment from: Nnamdi Achebe [Visitor]
Nnamdi AchebeIf it is proven to be the true that what Kunle said truly represents the position of the Nigeria Supreme Court; then that confirms what we all already know that the Judiciary in Nigeria is at best "a piece of shit". I feel that Kunle's so-called Judiciary and FG should first save themselves the embarassment of Buku Haram, before toying the cowardly idea of wiping igbos from the face of the earth. What idiots in high place ....
12/31/11 @ 19:24
Comment from: Arinze [Visitor] Email
ArinzeThe problems of Igbos are too many, how can they leave their mansions and their wealth in the north and west even if they were ask to go?. How many estates does Alhaji's and Baba's have in south east or south south, the Igbos are clamouring for their own state with out knowing what it takes to be a nation. The truth is that the Igbos are not ready for that for now otherwise what do they have to start with, they have no sea port, no standard international air port, no embassy, no military accademy, no basic infracstructure, no power plant as a matter of fact they have nothing to count on and the FG knows all this things, that's why they deprive the Igbo states all this things even the so called Igbo political leaders are doing nothing to improve the living standard of their people rather they're busy chasing shadows. They only care about them selves and their families, they prefer to be a well fed slaves than to be hungry free man. If any group of people are calling for war then they must be cracking a big joke, there will be no more war only justice will prevail. I strongly believe in no violence movement as we all knows no easy walk to freedom, time will tell.
12/31/11 @ 19:36
Comment from: matilda [Visitor]
matildaits really very sad to hear this as my heart bleeds for the igbos. how could kunle adegoke say this? its really a shame. i wasnt born during the war but what my parents told me about the war was horrendous that i never wish it repeated but then out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. the igbos shall not fight to loose their husband or children's blood anymore but will observe a watchful waiting to see if all the predictions of nigeria disintegrating will come to pass. usa was among countries which predicted that and am sure they must have seen beyond what an ordinary person like us see before saying that. ibo peoples properties especially in the west will not be lost because everybody in the world has a right to own properties anywhere in the world. the yorubas where this man belong to occupy 20% of london and other parts of uk and its still them and their callous ways that has brought hardship and hatred for blacks generally in the uk so its not new for a yoruba man to make such nasty comments. but then ibos should rise up and get themselves fully armed with good quality education without bitterness that is what will liberate us. we are inclined to business no doubt but then progressive business is better managed when educated. they can still be doing their busineeses while getting education or vise versa. IBOS BEWARE you are israelites and nothing can wipe you out of the face of the earth rather the mans family is on its way for that dooms saying. long live our dear igbo race. nothing do una!!!!!
01/01/12 @ 23:52
Comment from: ifeanyi [Visitor] Email
ifeanyisuch kind of statement is unfortunate.i belive in the peace that God gives to thoes that trust in him.every enemy of the children of God shall be expose.unless there are guinue repentence.
finally,my prayer for the igbo race is that God will bring them in line with his purpose on earth.i pray they accept Jesus as the only way,light and the truth to find thier way.God bless nigeria.God bless ndi igbo all over the whole world.and long live our president jonathan.
01/02/12 @ 08:58
Comment from: Lateefah [Visitor]
LateefahAr u guys sure this mr kunle is alright
01/02/12 @ 16:22
Comment from: AY [Visitor]
AYHey, Nigerians we are one, forgive whatever he had said. lets pray together for nigeria to move forward.
01/02/12 @ 16:23
Comment from: salihu [Visitor]
salihuI think the problem of this country is corruption, that's why you can say/do any thing nothing would happen to you if you have money or authority with you. The in-security in the north(boko haram), tribal killing in south east, MEND in south-south and armed robbers all these are as a result of incompetence of our government that give autonomous power to executives and they abused this power. Lets Nigeria have another constitution that represent Nigerians not ruling class.
01/03/12 @ 05:18
Comment from: Ezeani Anthony [Visitor] Email
Ezeani AnthonyI want to get that idoit who call his name Mr kunle Adegoke.I want the web site to give me this email or if the web site fail to provide this information to me i will personally sue this website to international who allowed this Bastard statement to summit on website.
01/04/12 @ 08:10
Comment from: umezuruike [Visitor]
umezuruikeThe Igbo have all that it takes to stand its ground and defend its self with whatever means the enermy chooses in that entity (nigeria) which is ours as it is theirs, so Umuigbo let not people like this man with his childish utterances trouble your heart
01/04/12 @ 08:55
Comment from: ukaeje onyebuchi [Visitor]
ukaeje onyebuchimy heart bleeds 4 this so called nation nigeria.but i strongly believe in the future,the igbo though going through the wilderness experience will surely get to the promise land.God help us all
01/04/12 @ 16:52
Comment from: jonas [Visitor]
jonasmay God help him and save those who truly love HIM
01/05/12 @ 02:54
Comment from: Kingsley M [Visitor]
Kingsley MMr. Kunle haven made your intention known to the public not considering his unfortunate and political position in the Country. This statement is a stain to your personality even to your entire generation. It is obvious to every right thinking human being that the so called Kunle has hidden agenda. Igbos are very happy that God is in full control, Mr. Kunle you are a bunch of humiliation to that position and to the citizenry but note that your days are numbered in that office.
01/05/12 @ 04:04
Comment from: soro [Visitor]
soroUmu igbo let us wait on the Lord patiently. He will surely do unto us as he did to the people of Israel in egypt. Wait on him, he will deliver us.
01/05/12 @ 11:09
Comment from: J. bosco E [Visitor]
J. bosco EMr. Kunle Adegoke is a fool and a dog.
01/12/12 @ 03:34
Comment from: imagelink concepts [Visitor]
imagelink conceptsWho will kunle and his cohorts wipe away from the earth? IGBOS.It is not possible.This will show us the kind of fools we have today as 'solicitors/advocates' even at the nation's supreme court.
Even the world powers cannot do it.I do not want anybody to have pity on us Igbos.Again,we know that Nigerian justice will not vindicate us but God's mercy and grace will ALWAYS be our portion.
kunle's days are actually numbered. Let's forget this fool but remember that fools speak from what they hear the 'wise' say.
01/22/12 @ 07:01
Comment from: David [Visitor]
DavidThe so-called Kunle is an idiot, though Yorubas are known for cowardise. Infact, the school fees his parents paid for him is a total waste. Kunle, his wife and children will be wiped from the surface earth, let nobody remind the Igbos the past. To hell with his apology, an insane man like him, "Thunder fire him".
01/23/12 @ 13:56
Comment from: Uwandu [Visitor] Email
UwanduI will personally skin Kunle and his likes alive. He thought that today is yesterday, his foolishness will not allow him to know that nobody holds monopoly of violence. The Yorubas and Hausas are not equal to share anything in common with Igbos yet they vomit rubish. They kill our people, we kept silent? That should have shown signal of impending danger, time shall tell!
01/23/12 @ 16:53
Comment from: Jude [Visitor]
JudeWe have heard a lot my fellow brothers and sisters, tell me how someone who called himself an intellectualism be making such statement, a solicitor claim, shame to the Nigeria Lawsuit. A man who has problems and never knows how to go about for the solution to his problems has a big problem. Tell me what has it to profit you killing yourself and thousands in the name of suicide? is that not insanity? What do you expect when someone that came out of the university by carry over became opportune to eat on a golden table with a king won't talk out of points. Solicitor sorry go back to school and pass your subjects correctly before voice out statements of such. Nigerians stop letting people that are ignorant to rule you and that is the only medication to your treatment.
02/08/12 @ 08:21
Comment from: Ajibo Nonso. [Visitor] Email
Ajibo Nonso.Very unfotunate dat d so cald elders of BIAFRA are slepn wen dey ar suposd 2 b standn up.Shame 2 dem all.Bt i chalenge dat charge nd bail lawyer 2 neva run wen d MASSOB TIME BOMB WIL EXPLODE.Afta stavn d igbos nd disposesin dem,ar u beta dan us?We are d isrealites of africa rememba dat nd we ar proud 2 b BIAFRANS.
02/16/12 @ 03:29
Comment from: Favour [Visitor] Email
FavourIbo,u guy are worried,wat should we the so called niger-dealth do,guys do't worry,the masquerat dat dance firsth,will rest at last,live the yoruba,thay are fool,but thay do't no,wat do they hav to show off,lagos or obasajo the only yoruba man to rule nigeria in peace not in pieces amonge them,ibo,niger-delth,north-central,let come together,and show dis people dat thay are fool (yoruba,north esth and west)the nest president should be from the north central or igbo,one love nigeria
02/17/12 @ 18:14
Comment from: IBRAHIM KAHUWAI AKAU [Visitor]
IBRAHIM KAHUWAI AKAUthe so-call Igbo that are clammoring for the Igbo nation can they stay together for one year? they should go and sleep rather than distoping people about their nation, i dont think they can unit to became one nation, example was just the resent elections we had in this country nigeria like the one of 2003/2007 how they were divided within themself, then what are they saying? let them cool down and pray for this NAIJA OH!
03/16/12 @ 08:48
Comment from: Tunji [Visitor]
Tunji100% of igbos that made comments so far appear to believe this cock & bull story. It's very clear that you guys are just looking for any avenue to vent your anger. Truely you have evry reason to be unhappy with the british fraudulent entity called 'Nigeria'
For me, what we need is true federalism, each federating unit should be allowed to control it's resources. Going different ways may not be the best for us. Southerners should come together to let our Northern friends know that they need to develop their region by their resources, and stop clamouring for power just to be in control of the southern wealth.
03/27/12 @ 07:17
Comment from: samson [Visitor]
samsonthis writer is a comic one.There is no trained lawyer in Nigeria who will make this kind of statement.it is not true.the writer wants to know how igbos and indeed nigerians will react to the statement.He has suceeded.well done .
04/09/12 @ 14:05
Comment from: obi [Visitor]
obii have made it crystal clear that yourubas, housas-terrorists should be on their own and leave igbos alone.These people yourbas and housas are maniacs and there fore should be discarded to dustbin. they are not human beings, sniffing mouths. go! go! we dont need you distard lizards. dirty yourbas and housas. very soon you preposterous fools will witness the break up of this animistic country nigeria, fools.
06/11/12 @ 09:55
Comment from: Kodi Azuonye [Visitor]
Kodi AzuonyeThe above ejaculation is not the first cry of its type against threats to wipe out the Nation of Ibos, which is like unto a light to all the other hostile tribes of Nigeria. The lunatic boasts of the Solicitor named does not merit any comment. It should rightly be ignored; for the Land of Biafra, stench with blood,cannot stand by with folded hands and watch her children being slaughtered like chickens. It can't happen here again.
01/15/14 @ 21:46
Comment from: machenry [Visitor]
machenryHis a big fool and a disgrace to Nigerian legal system.Let them come and wipe the igbos we are watching them.We are not afraid let them come.
01/16/14 @ 20:15

This post has 11 feedbacks awaiting moderation...

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