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A Consciousness Against Sicknesses, Diseases And Infirmities (Western Aids).


A Consciousness Against Sicknesses, Diseases And Infirmities (Western Aids).

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*A Consciousness Against Sicknesses, Diseases And Infirmities (Western Aids)

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

There is a consciousness which breeds sicknesses, diseases and infirmities, and this consciousness has been the deadliest weapon used by “the west” to keep Africa down. There is scarcely a country in Africa where the west does not claim to aid in many ways- especially in combating diseases. And the sad story in it all is that many leaders have become puppets to the baits of these western so-called aids. They give aids for AIDS, yet Africans die in their numbers. They give aids for Malaria but children are daily dying. They create World Bank projects and several other community projects, yet not a single one of those projects have benefited the host communities for long. They do one thing or the other for schools but our schools get worse everyday. Even in the midst of their economic blackout and confusion they still keep at the forefront their claims of “assisting and giving aids” to many African countries. It has even gotten to the place where they now insist we destroy any remaining morals we have or forfeit their so called aids-package. Well, it’s not help that they are giving; it never was. What they have all along been doing is engineering a psychology in this generation of Africans to still look upon themselves as inferior to those who are in no way better or superior. For what better man is decayed in moral? Morality is the virtue of leaders. Those who have no respect for the divine and for nature (even if they claim to) have no business in aiding others towards betterment. This psychology breeds a consciousness of needing help from those who do not really want to help and have never truly helped; it generates sicknesses, diseases and infirmities where there are none. It is a killing-machine deployed against our generation of Africans. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Africa

Photo Above: Map of Africa

Looking all over Africa, one would notice that countries which have, for decades or even from inception, depended on foreign aids have remained largely unproductive. It does not matter how much of resources they have, nothing works there. South Africa looks the way it is today because the wests have their kind as indigenes there. Taking Nigeria as the best example, one would see an elephant depending, as if its life depends on it, on an ant- in every measure. Nigeria is called “the Giant of Africa” but it’s a mockery of even the smallest country in any part of Europe. Nigeria has enough resources to feed Britain, three other European countries and itself, yet Britain raises and waves the threat-flag of withdrawing its aids if Nigeria does not allow it to run its affairs from London. Nigeria has very good doctors working in the US and all over Europe yet we have no proper medical facilities in Nigeria; they would rather send us medicines in the form of aids. AIDS and several other diseases started outside of the African continent, but now Africa has become the testing-ground for drugs for every disease. They would rather partner with an evil government and drain the peoples’ wealth only to supply them with drugs than stand for the people and make the government functional and responsible for a healthy society. They bring medicines to Africa but their people die by a common mosquito bite. They claim to care for democracy and human rights in Nigeria, and they would agitate against the passage of gay bill in Nigeria, but they will not speak or do any tangible thing to see that corruption (which destroys the root of human rights) is removed from governance. Did you say they are helping Africa? No way! Before the genocide of Nigeria against Biafrans, the European Union was said to have rejected Africa’s freedom in Biafra- saying that Biafra would become another Japan and that Asia’s Japan is one too many for Europe. You still think they care? Today, Nigeria as a whole is worse than Hiroshima. Their amalgamation accord included preventing the missionaries from entering Northern Nigeria in the colonial days, and thereby limiting formal education in the North...they did this just so they could strip Nigeria naked. The effect told on all of Nigeria and, today, they are rejecting our doctors and those for whom they maltreated others have now publicly called their education “abomination.” They would want you to believe that they have the best but, in reality, Africans built their democracy. In Somalia, they would rather provide tents in the deserts and mass-graves in the wilderness than stop the war as they do in places they stand to gain a lot. They want to colonize everyone, yet they reject the sovereignty of God. Even most of their so-called human rights organizations have become bodies of falsehood; they claim to stand for human rights but they have ignored Nigeria’s destruction of Igboland and the Igbo from the 60s to date. They would rather speak of oil spillage where they stand to gain than to speak for those who may not readily have what to give. Human rights my foot!

Africa is blessed beyond measure. She is blessed with the best brains and resources. There is more than enough in Africa to feed the world (where have all the money which sustain the imperialists been coming from?). They watch injustice go on in Africa so that many would die and the world’s population would minimize; but what happens when nature brings disasters to their shores; who dies? The slave masters were taskmasters; they would use whips to keep the blacks focused on grinding the mill because, if for a moment their thoughts strayed, they would become free and better. And they would not have that of the black man. Today, everything points to the treachery of Britain in the amalgamating of what a mistress called Nigeria. Yet, like the genocide of the 60s, America and other European countries still prefer to keep silent and watch; apparently one Japan is too much for the entire Europe. But who says Biafra wants to be like Japan- considering the latter’s history and uncertainties? When we lay down, we dream; these dreams remind us that man is not just the flesh- we all come from a place. Africans, especially those within what is still called Nigeria, should rise beyond this modern slave-tool called western aids. Those who hate us more are those in our midst who have sold us out, for without them, no man from any other country would come into Nigeria and make matters worse for the masses. Aids are not for Nigeria and not for Africa. It’s the west that needs aids- aids in morality, love, honesty, trust, neighborliness, justice, equality, etc. An average African will live through what killed ten westerners. Africans have strong faith in God and the healing He brings through many ways. The next time they claim to bring aids or threaten to take them back, we should be able to look them in the face and tell them: “your aids are poison in our land, and until and unless you allow true democracy and human rights to takes its full course in this false amalgam called Nigeria, you are only as fake as your aids are.” Africans are wiser, and those within Nigeria are weary of sleeping in the day.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Unbeliver [Visitor]
UnbeliverThe white folks are doing what they can, and we are benifiting what we can. We don't have to agree to everything they say, agreed. We may have somethings to teach them, agreed. But honesty? An African been honest? Of his own freewill? Hardly yes! Have you forgot about corruption? Does it hail from the top or the bottom? A typical African's thought is simple. He will probably want the best FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY(immediate or community) only, regardless of others. An average urban Africa easily turn out jelous and deceitfull. My God, how can you compare? A white man may not have the "morals" the authour describes, but at least has his rights(He dosen't have to do, or suffer from many things he dosen't want to) and is most likely peacefull and honest. If an item is bad or he finds lost money he returnes it back. Rather than religion (which is taken advantage of, or fall victim of illitrates), the so called "morals", and false neighbouriness(which the Authour failed to mention), I feel Nigeria would have merited her title as "Giant of Africa" if we just had FREEDOM(the freedom of one man of course must not violate the freedom of another), Genuine Honesty, and Respect(Both self, and of others). Take a closer look, then you'll realize my point! The average Urban Nigerian MAY be inteligent, Religious and "morally" sound but this are things on his surface! He is wicked and displays selective honesty and deception! He many attimes deserves cane from his collonial masters! What do you think Mr Enyiagu? Am I right or am I right? NB: By "White folks" I meant the more civilized white countries like Europe.
12/31/11 @ 09:41
Comment from: collins [Visitor]
collinsDear M. Enyiagu,
Your article showering insults and distrust on the west came to me as a surprise. I share few of your points of view and reject most. You are blaming the west for your failures and the failure of black race. The west is responsible for your underdevelopment . ok.
What I will like you to understand is that comments like yours are more destructive to a people than the true harm.
It seems that you have not really understood the real disease infesting Nigeria. If you do not know or that you pretend not to know and search for a scape goat, I will like to remind you some of them and advise you to read numerous articles on that written by editorialists like don adinuba or
1 Corruption. The west are not responsible for squandering many trillions of dollars since the oil was discovered in nigeria. Today, OBJ, Babangida, El rufai, Alameisa, Kalu, and a host of others are richer than some African countries while we know their salaries when on duty. Nigerians could not demonstrate and chase these people out like the Arabs did.
2. Greed and wickedness. It is only in Nigeria that you hear of the kidnapping of children and reverend fathers for cash ransom. It is only in Nigeria especially in igboland that you hear of using human parts for juju minting of dollars. The west are responsible for that? ok
3. lately, boko haram has started the new wave of destruction therby deterring foreign investors. The western are responsible for that? ok
4. The second biggest producer of pétroleum in Africa can not boast of electricity in the towns, potable drinking water, housing, maintainance of roads, security, etc.Thes are the keys factors that bring rapid develoment to any country. These areas are all neglected and you blame the west that are seeking their own interest.
Please redirect you blames to the appropriate destination and stop cleansing nigerians. Nigeria is 99% responsible for their woes and the situation is not improving. People like you who could reach Nigerians through your pen should rather mobilise them for a revolution and not calming tham down by telling them : The foreigner are responsible for our problems. All emerging nations of today are exposed to the same obstacles like Nigeria and still they are forging ahead. Brazil has just overtaken Britain as the world's no 6 economy. China is now no 2. India is coming up. Lets sit down and keep blaming the west and watch our leaders loot the nation.
12/31/11 @ 15:59
Comment from: abdul [Visitor]
abdulMy brother, I love this write up cos it shows that some of us are beginning to wake up. but the problem is that we're waking a little too late for these guys have infiltrated our continent, countries and Nigeria and its politicians in particular. i wish africa all the best....
01/01/12 @ 09:36

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