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Boko Haram Kill Igbos, Christians


Boko Haram Kill Igbos, Christians

*Nigeria: Boko Haram Kill Igbos, Christians

-Masterweb Reports

( Friday, January 6, 2012 ) - Twenty people, most of them Igbos were killed at noon on Friday by Boko Haram at a town hall in Mubi in Adamawa State. The victims were meeting to arrange the transportation of the body of an Igbo man shot dead Thursday evening by suspected Boko Haram terrorists on motorcycles. Ade Shinaba, Adamawa state police commissioner, speaking to newsmen said he believed Boko Haram was behind the attacks. No arrest has been made in the attack, which also left at least 15 people wounded. Adamawa borders Borno State, the home base of the dreaded terrorist Boko Haram. Igbo traders in Mubi town are closing their shops and planning fleeing the city.

Suspected Boko Haram operatives Thursday evening on motorcycles shot two Igbo men in Mubi killing both of them. Relatives and friends of one of the victims organized a meeting to discuss how to raise money for the transportation of the dead body and funeral rites in his village in the southeast. "It was while they were holding the meeting that gunmen came and opened fire on them," a resident told newsmen by phone. He said he believed "a dozen" people were killed. Another resident told reporters that the number of killings by motorcycle-riding gunmen were increasing in the area. Gunmen on motorcycles reportedly, twice raided a market in Mubi, shooting people and stealing money. ( Continues below….. )

An assault rifle
Photo Above: An assault rifle

On Thursday night, suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked a church in Gombe State during a prayer service, killing eight people. "The gunmen burst into the church spraying everybody with bullets," an eye witness that escaped injury said.

Nigeria has vowed defeat of Boko Haram and called Christians and southerners in the north to ignore the 3-day ultimatum given them by the terrorist group to leave the region. Boko Haram's ultimatum issued last Sunday expired Wednesday, December 4. Bulama Mali Gubio, a leading member of the Elders Forum in Borno State, claims some politicians were benefiting from the increasing security crisis in the country. Gubio said criminal groups were using Boko Haram's name to terrorize the nation and create chaos.

Boko Haram whose name in Hausa language means "western education is sinful" is modeled after Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. It wants to impose sharia law across Nigeria through terror attacks in drawing attention to their demands.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports



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Comment from: Anthony Eze [Visitor]
Anthony Eze
UTMAN DAN FODIO: There is no need crying now we should also fight back since the hausa's are using the boko haram as a baith to ask us to seperate we must go our way bye bye to nigeria.Declare the biafra republic. If the niger delta and the oduduwa children wants to remain with the north let them be their slave. To impose sharia law on everybody is a criminal offence,and that is the method muhamed used to win souls into muslim religion.We won't take it from them.
01/10/12 @ 12:52
Comment from: omolorun Emmanuel [Visitor]
omolorun Emmanuelnawa ooo......,if dey won divide d country make everybody dey ready o.but God go save us.
01/10/12 @ 13:56
Comment from: Eje [Visitor]
EjeAny Igboperson who is still staying within the Northern territory with exception of Abuja would be regarded as an attempt to commit suicide. Boko Harem has declared war in Nigeria and their targets are mostly Christains and the former Eastern Region. They will never stop until their aim is accomplished which is to overthrow the Government of Jonathan and replaced him with their own. Any Igbo who want to live should go back to Igbo territory until further notice. Do not let the government to deceive you because they don't know where battle front is.
01/10/12 @ 15:55
Comment from: stella. [Visitor]
stella.please stop killing people,what is all this,for god sake. boko don,t know god please try konw this god

01/10/12 @ 17:13
Comment from: Willuz [Visitor]
WilluzIt's good that they, Boko Haram, are the first to initiate the division of this fake country called Nigeria, and I believe that Biafra nation is on the verge of being actualized. Already I've started spreading the news about Biafra to people here in Asia.
01/11/12 @ 02:18
Comment from: Simeon [Visitor] Email
SimeonStop the sakara, is it the children of Oduduwa who have no place to go ? or the Biafra ? As long as money is involved & shop to open it is business asusual.If a thousand are kill today, two thousands will replace them tomorrow,even this protest does not concern them, shops are opened in Aba & the rest of their cities. Go on jare, continue to build more shops & sell your products.
01/11/12 @ 04:53
Comment from: gaddafi [Visitor]
gaddafialmighty God will eliminate all of them, no mercy on them, animals is better than them, they don't meant in living with human, blood suckers.
01/11/12 @ 05:30
Comment from: Oha damian chinonso [Visitor] Email
Oha damian chinonsoDis issue of boko haram is a small unit which are appointed to terrorise the christain and especially the igbos.this is an indirect way of opposeing shara terrotary.pls all south-easth should try and make their way back home.we all understand dat ever seince gudluk jonathan ebele is the president of nig.no peace 4 the north.lets be wis.i suport we shld declare biafra as our country.thank u
01/11/12 @ 08:20
Comment from: miracle jack [Visitor]
miracle jacknigeria wil only b a beta place if dey divide it.let d government divide nigeria so dat d northerns wil stay on deir own nd stop killing d innocent nd d less privillage.
01/11/12 @ 09:16
Comment from: Anagbogu leonard nza ozubulu [Visitor] Email
Anagbogu leonard nza ozubuluFed. Govt. ought to liston to the voice of the people to stop these mess. Jonathan should be sensitive to the plight of those he is governing.
01/11/12 @ 10:27
Comment from: jimmy [Visitor] Email
jimmyThis is a sign that jesus is coming, nation will raise against nation, people will hate their brother. Hmm jesus have mercy and remember me in your kingdom.
01/11/12 @ 10:47
Comment from: Pharisees of Boko Harem. [Visitor]
Pharisees of Boko Harem.Lets face the facts. How come anybody could be a covert of this group if they wear clothing materials made by syntethics or sawn by machines? If your group actually believe Western education is sinfful, how come you use electricity,telephones,Cars,Cups/plates,Radios,Batteries,watches,Guns and anything that is technologically or scientifically based products? This was how Osama Bin Laden seats at home watching pornograghies but sends poor followers to commit suicide bombings. He also Wants the best for his own children. Fellow Nigerians on the whole, lets task all moslems where they are, the task of harmonising their koran for thier universal and one religion under their prophet and Allah. Also, you all should remember that your religion has one source and why these wide differences, others would like to know. We all should realized as well, that we in some part of the world were living in our own way before these religions- Christianism and Islamism were introduced.
I beg to stop here for now.
01/11/12 @ 12:44
Comment from: Emeka [Visitor] Email
EmekaIt is the fault of Igbo to Die in the hand of Muslim group of people, I want Nigeria to understand that it is only lack of understanding that Leeds Igbo Nigeria to foolish dead, the Igbo caused the death by their own hand, if the could remember how the Igbo's was slaughtered in Biafra war by the Hausa so called Nigerian, and the chiefs and honorable men of Igbo still invest the live in north and southern part of Nigeria, WHY THEY WILL NOT BE KILLED BY THOSE PEOPLE, 95% of northern Nigeria do not love an Igbo man or woman and the Igbo's go to their state to do business, how can they love you? They will never love you, due to the think after the war the Igbo will never progress but they do see all Igbo People in God progress and succeeds, how can the Hausa’s will like that?, when he never want Igbo’s successes.
GOD has divided Nigeria with river as Y which the only later with 3 positions and it can also take more unless thinking for the Igbo to think that we are one Nigeria, they will be killing and killing until they Igbo will come to their senses.
NIGERIA WILL NEVER LOVE BIAFRA, if Biafra continue to live in Nigeria without them as Nigerians, lives their with their Passport as they are in foreign land they will never get peace with them.

May God Help those Igbo that are still living in the north Nigeria.

Mr. Emeka
01/11/12 @ 13:33
Comment from: AguJohnson Afam [Visitor]
AguJohnson  AfamDat one na nonsense we na igbo we no dey run for people like that, when think say if they shot us we leave our things for them and run away we are going to fight them back and we must win them and na them go run away for us
01/11/12 @ 15:16
Comment from: Obi [Visitor]
ObiIt is said that he who does not know where he is coming from does not know where he is going. Once beaten twice shy, the wise says lets talk peace and the fool says war, war, it is easier to make war than peace. I know the world is at watching what Nigerians are going through and how mostly Igbos are being killed, Our wish is that peace rain, mind you that beginner is not always the finisher. If Koran has said kill..kill..if we carefully search the Bible, we may discover that David fought despite been man after God heart. Hausas that are learned, listen, it is high time you caution your people. Igbos are not mouth making people, if what you guys thinks is that we are afraid, think again. But one word you must hold strong here is that if second war is provoked among us, it will not end until all Hausa land is left with no soul. If you hope to have help from westerners who capitalized on your weak sense of reason makes you ruler over right thinking Africans to perpetrate their dubious acts, think again. This is 21 century, it would not be like previous war when we were limited, constrained but yet withstood for as long it lasted. Now we are allover the world, made strong and mighty influential and most of all favored by God. We have technical know-how to attack whoever gives helping hands to you.
Preacher man, please dont tell me it is sign of Jesus coming, if there was fight in heaven to get satan out of way, I may be forced to get this mess out of way.
Whosoever love Hausas should tell them to stop.stop.and stop.
01/11/12 @ 17:36
Comment from: Benignus [Visitor]
BenignusHow long will Hausa continue to kill innocent Igbos and other tribes? Just imagine.While I support peace I also suggest some killings of Muslims/Hausa in the South for them to feel little of what others are feeling,hence nothing would be done to them. The Boko Haram sympathizers/advisers to Dr Jonathan are hell-bent to bring down this government.simple because it is not a Muslim/Hausa that is on throne.Enough for these senseless illiterates.
01/12/12 @ 02:14
Comment from: ENYINNAYA RAPHAEL [Visitor] Email
ENYINNAYA RAPHAELfellow Nigerians and christian the word of God said we should be wise as serpent and innocent as a dove vengeance belongs to God. My Ibo brothers in the Northern part of Nigeria time has come for you to come home and build your own inherited land promised you by God you have stay away in that foreign land for to long remember where your wealth is there is your heart can any Ibo man chest your out of Ibo land all am saying is come home save whatever is left of you now before it is too late the civil war is still fresh in our mind and what happened to our late heroes.
01/12/12 @ 09:36
Comment from: abubakar isa [Visitor] Email
abubakar isaIbo comentators or whatever you call yourselves, we now know that its the like of you who are preaching seperation that are the boko haram, islam is a peacefull religion and it preaches peace. The problem with thelikes of you is that you refuse yourselve access to the qur'an to know the truht about the religion, with that, you'll continue to remain ignorant. Nigerai going seperate ways as you praeches will never change anything, are you aware of the killings between the Ezza people and Ezillos? Was it from the muslims? Or are you saying the ibos don't have bad people among them? My brother pray for Gods intervention and don't be myopic.
01/13/12 @ 02:58
Comment from: Oghenebrume M.Henry [Visitor]
Oghenebrume M.HenryCo-owners of Nigerian.Let us wake up to this call.Whether you a muslim or a Christian,we most stand up and fight this enemy who call them self Boko Haram.It is our common enemy.

President.My advice for you is to be stronge and don't fear God is with you.Nomatter what,he will sulely see u through and the entire nation we are praying for you.
01/13/12 @ 07:15
Comment from: Jones [Visitor] Email
JonesThe situation in this nation should be well taken careoff,there are several indications that the house of assembly,senate,has no family among those that were killed by the Islamist,well let their be an information that house of rep.will be boomed on their meeting day or senate been boomed and several senator are been killed,then you will now see how vast they will beep up the security.Kidnapping is a minor thing neither fuell subsidy is any yoke to them because they know that they will still money to settle that but death can not be paid for.Please can you see the differences?Senators,honourables,governor will collect more money from FG.I want to extablish this fact on the existing protocol that all the Governors were in support of the remover of oil subsidy?So what are they shouting and they also endanger the masses to untimely death.Noone of them are saint you could only heard from them when the table is been turned againt them.Well we should turn to God.My submission is that if nigerians can go befor God with fast and prayers just for 7day and united in our prayers oh they will feel the unsee hands of the righteous one at work,they receive the unsee guest,the canal demostratn may not last.I rest my case...
01/13/12 @ 15:43
Comment from: Innocent Francis [Visitor] Email
Innocent FrancisI also think what Anthony Eze say his right, it better to separate animal from human being instate of lose our brother and sister everyday in Northern area in the name of Boko Haram, please lets separate this our nation let northern area go and establish, I think there will live in peace, since there don't like good things in their State, please we tire of this nonsense, this is the voice of the citizen

01/14/12 @ 05:54
Comment from: Samuel Gathur [Visitor]
Samuel GathurOOoooh!!!! God of mercy, forgive Your right masses, and prosper the needy. the killing of our bothers and sisters looks dangerously confusing to me. I was in Maiduguri for a sort of business; when suddenly I found myself in one of the scene of Boko-H massacre. what I SAW WAS CONFUSING TO ME. The Hausas, Igbos, Yorubas etc and in fact no discrimination or tribe, geo-area, whether males or females. Just the spry of bullets. My findings revealed, Sons and daughters of executed persons killed by Security men (men in uniform), deployed to restore peace there.
Finally, rialised that, the Boko Haram is just a name.
01/15/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: joy ikechi [Visitor]
joy ikechisave ur ass, ur family and leave the north
07/09/12 @ 15:14

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