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The West, Africa And China: Choosing Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.


The West, Africa And China: Choosing Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.

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*The West, Africa And China: Choosing Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

I have had time to study the works of many end-time preachers and prognosticators and what they have to say about the coming of the Antichrist and where they expect him to manifest from. In all of these, I have noticed with dismay that history is about to repeat itself. As the Holy Bible has given us, the people of Israel waited centuries for the coming of the long-awaited Messiah who would “make all things new.” Prophets saw that glorious day with their eyes of faith and spoke about them; a saintly man like Simeon prayed to see it in his days and he did, and was so glad that he prayed God to take him home in peace. But, obviously, the religious men of his time miscalculated the prophecy and when Jesus showed up, even with every word pointing to Him in affirmation, they could not put together his human background with their expectation of a military ruler. In other words, while they were hoping and expecting for “a messiah,” they were actually waiting and expecting, in ignorance, the Antichrist; little wonder that they all shouted before a frightened Pilate: “let his blood be on us and on our children!” When we all seek to unravel the mysteries of God, it’s important that we understand the spirit of prophecy: it comes in part; and rather than trying always to master the acts of God like the people of the Exodus, it may serve a greater purpose if we stoop a little more to understand, not only the acts of God, but His ways in our midst also. Moses did this…and was outstanding. Looking at Africa today, and the power tussle between China and the West for “ownership and dominance,” one wonders if the battlefield of Armageddon was originally mapped in Africa as against the well-known location. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Africa

Photo Above: Map of Africa

Enough of my own meandering so I won’t find myself in the path of the end-time Gnostics - adding to the much confusion of those who are eagerly awaiting the Lord’s coming. Whether the Antichrist will manifest from the moon or anywhere on earth, what remains paramount to every believer is to occupy until He comes; to keep ready – waiting for His return. What concerns me most as regarding this is that, while the world awaits Christ’s return, Africa should not be ignorance of the fact that the fights going on between the West and China on Africa’s soil does not help any man of the heavens - it draws us down. Every African country has many woes to tell on the invasion of the West – especially Europe – on the African soil. In this case, I shall use Nigeria as an example. Today, Nigeria is reaping the curse of British colonialism, imperial callousness, and policies devoid of a single truth. Today, after Her Majesty’s miscalculation of “the land of the monkeys’” value and ability to maintain our humanness, Britain can only look on and either smile for its callousness or regret silently for its falsehood which founded grounds for continuous bloodshed in Nigeria.

The West, led by Britain, invaded Nigeria and imposed on the people a government which is strange even in England; they compelled people with ever-increasingly diverging visions, cultures and lifestyle on each other and muzzled them under a name as strange and false as those compelled to bear it – Nigeria. In 1960, they showed a greater hatred for whatever is called Africa by leaving behind a type of democracy which was, perhaps, even more corrupt and impossible than the amalgamation of nations with obviously different destinies in 1914. At the height of the fruits of Britain’s inhumane treatment on the people living under what is still wrongfully called Nigeria to date, a war broke out between Nigeria and Biafra – two diverging nations. This would have helped Her Majesty to correct the mistakes (if it were to them) of 1914 but, instead, the European union, this time, joined forces to declare that, having and maintaining a dead zone in what is called Nigeria serves greater purposes for Europe’s survival than allowing for any nation from Nigeria which may be functional and determined enough to rival Japan - a country which success threatens those fueled by bigotry and miscalculation of their self-importance. Today, as all they look forward in every relationship with other countries – whether imposed or willed – is for what they stand to gain even if it means the annihilation of their counterparts, Nigeria has rejected Nigerians while Nigerians themselves are running around the streets – fighting each other. America, on its part, is not exempted in this blame (if conscience ever means what their English dictionary says). Considering all these, one now wonders: is the West the devil or the deep blue sea in this matter? ( Continues below….. )

Mr. Jean Ping, Chairperson of the African Union Commission

Photo Above: Mr. Jean Ping, Chairperson of the African Union (AU) Commission

China, like the locust of the old, eats everything on its way. They are a great nation of a world in our world – China is - representing about 20% of the world’s total population. The consequence of this is that you see the Chinese in almost every country. With this and their attempts to carry on, one would not be entirely surprised to see them in different countries of the Asian continent – living as indigenes and citizens. Now, that is not wrong in itself, but what is amiss is that the Chinese carry a dominant gene which, if not correctly channeled, permeates even those who have fought to keep their countries as theirs and threaten their sovereignty. The Chinese government with its merciless and undemocratic constitution threatens everywhere they enter. In the case of Africa, especially in that of Nigeria, the impossibility of unity in diversity proves to be a fertile ground for China’s neo-colonial invasion. While it may prove fruitful to have a bilateral, trade and/or military agreement with “progressive” economies, it will serve well to remind the people that Nigeria is an impossible population for a single country in Africa – especially when one considers the ever-increasing dissimilarities amongst the nations which constitute its name. The population is impossible, and allowing for a China-overwhelmed Nigeria is a more impossibility for the survival of the people within the region than the amalgamation itself. Considering these also, one now wonders: is China the devil or the deep blue sea in this matter?

Apart from Nigeria which has its foundation in impossibility, no country, to me, is entirely evil in itself. While I condemn the callousness of the West and the locust-invasion characteristics of the Chinese, I welcome any change and agreement which may prove sincere and honest. But, for that to happen, they must show honesty as it regards Nigeria and the impossibility of its continued oneness. Nigeria was never designed to be one, and its remaining so does everything to destroy the many nations under it. Clearly, it’s this vulnerability which the West and the Chinese are playing at. And recently, the Arab (Islamic) world, with the “Dan Fodian” spirit on the lead and on a come-back fight - is doing everything to make marks in a land of the people craftily crafted as the battlefield of the world. But, to everyone under what is still called Nigeria, it should serve as a reminder to state that: “when two elephants fight, it’s always the grass that suffers.” Bottom line: the one and only solution for Nigeria – whether as it regards the West, the Arab (Muslim) world or the resourceful Chinese – is an immediate break up. And to Nigerians: unless this mad demonstration against fuel subsidy shifts to a call for a Sovereign National Conference and the inevitable dissolution of this false Luggardist-British creation called Nigeria, we shall inevitably have to choose between the bloated self-important and unrepentant West and the locust-hunger-driven neo-colonial master called China. Nevertheless, men must always device their plans and plot their graphs of domination, but, at the end of it all, it’s the Lord’s will alone which shall prevail in all. It’s my conviction that Nigeria is due for a peaceful separation (dis-amalgamation – whatever that means to those who own English language). But, until then, Nigerians have to decide between the devil and the deep blue sea – between the West and China. It remains a stalemate when disintegration is delayed

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: Anthony Eze [Visitor]
Anthony Eze
Good talk now or never, we need to get out of slavery called Nigeria. This nation should be careful to learn from their past every egyptians gift from this china shloud be looked into before accepting it other wise we may accept what might be a time bomb.
01/10/12 @ 12:38
Comment from: Ben O. Ebito [Visitor]
Ben O. EbitoWhere are our dear human right activists, where are our dear lawyers, where are our dear intellectuals? I might as well ask, don’t we have right to sue Britain for gross misconduct and conspiracy?
01/10/12 @ 18:27
Comment from: Ben O. Ebito [Visitor] Email
Ben O. EbitoWhere are our dear human right activist, where are our dear lawyers, where are our dear intellectuals? I might as well ask, don’t we have right to sue Britain for gross misconduct and conspiracy?
01/10/12 @ 18:30
Comment from: nwokem ndubueze [Visitor]
nwokem ndubuezeyour message is brief and concise, there will be no peace in Nigeria. Unless its by Gods intervention, with God all things are possible.

But the possibility of this will merge by dividing Nigeria
into three,coz those who claimed to be the first son of Nigeria should remember that %90 of natural resources are not from their region therefor why are they too desperate to rule Nigeria by all means?
01/10/12 @ 21:27
Comment from: Mohammed Ibrahim [Visitor]
Mohammed IbrahimWhat an irony! At a time when great nations are devising means to remain ever greater such as China taken back Hong kong and eyeing Taiwan-the EU nations looking for ever ingenious means to be united, some small-minded Nigerians are day-dreaming about balkanisation of their God given wide expanse piece of the earth called Nigeria. Please take a visit to the tailor shop and see how unity is achieved and see the product of unity, the cloth you wear! Without unity you would remain naked despite the huge pile of cloth you may own! long Live Nigeria and may God bless this land Nigeria and its peaple!
01/11/12 @ 04:43
Comment from: Godfrey....USA [Visitor]
Godfrey....USAJust wondering,why all we hear and see our Ndigbo brothers write about is the demise of Nigeria? Have we ever sit back and think by looking at our individual family background as it regards our birth? Some were born with silver spoon in their mouth while others were born with wooden spoon in their mouth. Tell me has anybody ever say;"those poor parents, I reject you?" No. We all work hard and try to make good our lives so as to live better legacies for our children. What Nigeria need is GOOD LEADERSHIP. We don't need leaders that will not fight corruption. If you look at the 2012 proposed budget,it shows that we still do not have good leadership.Fellow Nigerians let us fight hard to usher in good leadership so that we can actualize the dreams of every Nigerian worldwide.
01/11/12 @ 10:01
Comment from: Laprossel [Visitor]

You are in the deep drown by the Ocean.
Go by history, not by wish.
Your wish for one Nigeria, Also ZIK did,and how about himself then,and now his wife and family crying today? Check your history then stop and think before you comment.

Good Luck
01/11/12 @ 15:34
Comment from: Dominic [Visitor]
DominicIt might be convenient to blame the to our woes and failure as a nation, the greater ills are from within. Remember it has been almost a century since the amalgamation and fifty years since independence. We have had enough time and opportunity to right the error if we are all in agreement it was an error. Because of greed the correction has been elussive. The major problem is that selfishness has ruled the mind of most of our leaders and the people. It is acceptable for a section of the country to wallow in afluence while others starve and die. When you switch place, those who had enjoyed begin to recite the litany of their woes and cry foul. This is also why it is such a big deal where the leader come from. There is is political ideology, people chose where to belon

g based on their calculation of where their political opportunity is highest. Moreover, there is the mentality that leader own the economic fortunes of the country and are free to spend it switch they chose.
01/11/12 @ 15:52
Comment from: ogechi egwim [Visitor] Email
ogechi egwiminteresting write up .although i would have preferred a more detailed analysis of the China/west dominance theory.that would have caused for a more mentally stimulating read.as to God and his eternal plan.I truly believe that the amalgamation into Nigeria was his plan ,the reason why we have our issues is because people naturally despise order. This is a phase infant democracy we are going through. Yes it may cause us a lot but it is an opportunity for this great nation to truly exercise true democracy and finally state that we the masses have a say.my belief is that Nigeria will prevail with wisdom and true governance.So help us God!!!!
01/12/12 @ 05:10

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