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Nigeria airspace to be shut over oil subsidy removal-"There is no going back", says Motajo, acting Sec Gen, NUATE


Nigeria airspace to be shut over oil subsidy removal-"There is no going back", says Motajo, acting Sec Gen, NUATE

*Nigeria airspace to be shut over oil subsidy removal-"There is no going back", says Motajo, acting Sec Gen, NUATE

By Lateef Lawal

Aviation workers including Pilots and Engineers are set to shut down Nigeria’s airspace to both domestic and foreign airlines in accordance with the directives of the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and the Trade Union Congress(TUC) to protest the removal of petroleum subsidy by the Federal Government. To strategize for the planned nationwide protest, all the aviation unions/associations in the industry have started mobilizing their members to ensure the total shut down of the country’s airspace with the summoning of all executive members of all the aviation unions and association to an emergency meeting on Friday,January 6, 2012 at an undisclosed venue. This was disclosed by the acting Secretary General of the National Union of Air Transport Employees(NUATE),Comrade Abdul-Kareem Motajo while shedding light on the commitment of aviation workers to follow to the letter the directives from the TUC and the NLC saying that organized labour movements and especially Nigerians can no longer afford supporting a “deaf and dumb” government that derive pleasure on inflicting pains and unbearable hardships on the masses. ( Continues below..... )

Airborne Plane

Photo Above: An Airborne Plane (Photo 1)

According to Comrade Motajo, a circular has been issued to all employees and stakeholders in the air transport sector and allied organizations directing them to “ close down operations at 00.00hrs Sunday-meaning Monday 9thJanuary,2012” and added that they must ensure full compliance in the interest of all Nigerians and ”our industry”. The circular was endorsed by Comrade Olayinka Abioye,Deputy General Secretary of Air Transport Service Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, Comrade Abdul-Kareem Motajo, Acting General Secretary of NUATE and Comrade Umoh Ofonimeh,Assistant General Secretary of National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers(NAAPE). Expatiating on the planned strike action, Comrade Motajo said that the government should not be deceived that if the labour leaders are arrested, the total nationwide strike would be scuttled. He said, “arrest or no arrest the Nigerian people are ready for the total stagnation of economic activities throughout the country come Monday, 9th, January 2012 unless the government listen to the voice of reason and revert to N65.00 per liter of petrol that subsist before the unpopular hike of the pump price of petrol to N138-N141”. ( Continues below….. )

United Airlines Airborne Plane

Photo Above: An Airborne Plane (Photo 2)

The unions, he further assured are reaching out to other professional bodies in the industry, especially the Air Traffic Controllers, Aeronautic Engineers, Aeronautic Information Service and others ensure success of the strike and send a signal to President Goodluck Jonathan that he was in the saddle at the instance of popular support he enjoyed during the last presidential election and he should therefore listen to the voice of the people and desist from going down into ignominy as the worst president Nigeria ever had. Re-echoing the stand of the NLC and the TUC ,he enjoined the police and the military not to in anyway disrupt peaceful protest by Nigerians, because they are also part of the polity with ”our families and theirs going to the same market, all our children and family members going on public transport whose fares have been hiked by over 100 per cent by the unpopular removal of subsidy by the government”. If President Jonathan refused to revert to the old price of N65 per liter, Comrade Motajo said the organized labour would be in the fore-front of calling for his impeachment as he no longer serve the interest and welfare of Nigerians he swore to protect at his inauguration and that the killing of an unarmed protester in Ilorin was an act of deliberate man’s inhumanity to man as is being unfolded by the Jonathan administration and that,”we are ready to prosecute this inhuman act at the international court of justice in the Hague”.

Lateef Lawal (NigerianAviationNews)

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Comment from: Sunny Metu [Visitor]
Sunny  MetuThis President is "dumb & deaf" as you correctly described.Universities are all closed due to labor dispute,lives & property in jeopardy because of Boko Haram,Political salaries are way over the roof,EFCC is not effective,refineries are not working, no motorable highway and electricity remains epileptic. It is good Boko Haram got some of the hand held (Shoulder) surface-to-Air missiles from Gadhaffi soldiers , before the land borders got sealed off & ready to bring him and Okonjo-Iweala down and crashing , when next they take to the air, if planting a bomb on their Executive jets fail. . . and Mrs Petroleum minister, how many times will you budget money for Turn-Around-Maintenance of these refineries?.. or were the previous budgets simply shared with your cohorts .You also failed to tell Nigerians the cost of the TAM.That is how you collude with NNPC to steal our money.Prince Ogbulafor, Orji Uzor Kalu, Fabian Osuji are yet to be tried for stealing from the treasury while Bode George & Alameyieasha got away with only 1-yr prison time. A crime that should put them away for life with a minimun of 20-yrs in jail, as a deterrent to the rest of you, in power.The NASS should enact & enforce tough prison terms to stealing from the govt. to move Nigeria forward, not getting the masses to sacrifice any more than they have already done to keep this fledging democracy alive.. .and like Gadhaffi who refused to listen, Jonathan & Okonjo-Iweala could be made to die a very disgraceful death ,stock inside sewage drain pipes, and naked too , for all to see and jeer at, by the time all of this settles down.
01/11/12 @ 22:37
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel - usahas this ghappened in any of the oil producing nations, even the poorest one?

why nigeria? the fifth oil producing nation of the world. what are you doing with the oil mr. GEJ or are you just a good luck for the GEJ only? how about the nation you are to be rulling
01/12/12 @ 00:29
Comment from: Moses Ola-Olu [Visitor]
Moses Ola-OluGood Luck Jonathan,is a dubious man tha cajeol nigerians with his sweet mouth, he said he did not have sheo when he was in school. But now he knows his way to Indonesia to established refinery there, so that he can be selling to us in high price, that is his reason for removing oil subsidy. Obasanjo retired to Farm, Babaginda retired to his mansion he stole nigerians money to build, Jonathan wanted to retire to his refinery in Indonesia in 2015, JONATHAN YOU ARE FAIL.
01/12/12 @ 04:03
Comment from: ihesie chibueze lawrence [Visitor] Email
ihesie chibueze lawrencei think this is opprobrium over our president goodluck jonathan i purport he has been passing a difficult durations i urgy nigerians to easily there angers, we elected him and he made us a promise under oaths that is not gona fail us or let us down, i personally assure nigerians that our president knows what is doing, a little clue to his politics is a way of bridging the actions and tracking the non-govermental organisations groups boko-haram, i think our president is a wise man indeed.
Nigeria problems started long time ago after the civil war the federal government suppose to adopts the principles of ethnic balance and propationality and let other ethic groups to rule so that the other ethnic groups will not feel cheated or inferior i think this is the main contributions to our problems presently so please guys lets leave goodluck alone this is my policy percepactives. thanks
01/12/12 @ 06:26
Comment from: theophilus A.Bulus [Visitor]
theophilus A.Buluswhy are nigerians so meopic in thinking? our problem is an accumulated one.it has accumulated for the past many years,but does not mean that it can not be ammended.if goodluck is taking a step to fixing some of the problems,why not give him the chance.if at the end he still fails we can now blame him.he is not the only cause of our problem,we all are responsible.remember history will only forgive he who takes the wrong step but will never forgive he who failed to take any step at all.
01/12/12 @ 11:15
Comment from: theophilus abaje bulus [Visitor] Email
theophilus abaje bulusgudlukc is not the cause of nigerian problems.don't make him a scape goat.he is only taking a step to fixing some of the problems that has been accumulated by our past gready glutons who call themselve past leaders.history will forgive him for taking the wrong step,but will never if he fail to take any step at all.carry go mr president.
01/12/12 @ 11:30
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaThose that have benefited and are still benefiting from this dubious oil subsidy are the engine fueling these riots. The ignorant union leaders or those that have been paid, are the trigger to sent ignorant workers to the street. l want to believe the president took this bold step for the survival of our economy and for the benefit of those that have long been deprived. lf successive president have mean't well for the people and not just for their political survival, this so called subsidy the nation thought was benefiting them,would have long been eliminated.
01/12/12 @ 17:02
Comment from: John [Visitor]
JohnThose of you here that said Mr President meant well by Implementing the removal of fuel subsidy should go and think very well before the comment on this page,think of the poor and less privileged and also think of the future Nigeria, how can you justify the increase of fuel price from #65 to #145,We own the oil, God has blessed us with its, why should be buy it more costly that most country that we supply to,Instead of Mr President to think of how to solve the real problem facing Nigeria, he is thinking of how to embezzle and enrich his clue and himself with oil money,The Boko Haram is shooting, bombing and killing innocent Nigeria day by day,he refuse to tackle that,Mr President the people that voted in into power are dying of hunger,students are tired f staying at home, parent are even afraid of how to take care of their children because of the hardship you and your wicked supporter have brought upon the people of Nigeria, Remember the God we save is alive, he will do justice.if you think and say our voice and cry does not mean anything to you, God the creator of heaven and earth is hearing us and he will judge you and your evil cabinet
01/14/12 @ 00:23
Comment from: Osa [Visitor]
OsaThe benefit from the removal of fuel subsidy will filter in with the passing of time. Those rich that have long benefitted from the subsidy, created the present enviroment of deception. They want the poor to feel they were benefiting. Their dubious means are the result of fuel shortages, and lined their pocket unbeknown to the ordinary Nigerian. Bravo Mr President.
01/14/12 @ 09:54

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