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Peter Obi's Many Burden


Peter Obi's Many Burden

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*Nigeria: Peter Obi's Many Burden

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Esin Suji)

Some six years ago, in May 2006, an apparently unknown political neophyte, named Peter Obi, upset the Apple Cart when he was finally declared the REAL Winner of the 2003 Governorship elections in Anambra State – after about 30 months of unrelenting legal battles.

The routine challenges of delivering good governance to a long-neglected populace are onerous, and coupled with predatory designs on public assets the burdens of steering the ship of Anambra State begin to come into marked focus. But as the Igbos would say” A naghi aso ngide eje ogu” [One does not shy away from battle on the scare of being captured].

At bottom were the challenges of a State made prostrate by a cohort of self-seeking and venal politicians, private individuals and their bogus outfits. In response to Peter Obi’s refusal to key into their modus operandi, they adopted all kinds of fiendish and physical means to render the State ungovernable. They sponsored thugs, arsonists, murderers, armed robbers, cultists and political jobbers to unleash terror on the administration and hapless citizenry alike.

Over time, the Good Lord granted the administration victory and the erstwhile ‘enemies’ are increasingly toeing the line of peace. Peter Obi’s message was unambiguous a situation where a minority would hold the rest of citizenry hostage was unacceptable. Of course, it is only a committed leadership that can successfully checkmate this unwholesome phenomenon.

Institutional structures were hardly enabled and public service morale was at an all-time low. It was indeed appalling and sobering to discover that – some 15 years into the creation of the State -- Judges had no official quarters, Permanent Secretaries without official vehicles, salaries/emoluments and pensions in arrears, offices in rented buildings, internally-generated revenues controlled by the predators and so on. Tackled with dogged determination, the Obi administration has changed the situation extensively for the better. Conditions of services have improved, majority of the Judges now have official quarters, Permanent Secretaries have official cars and drivers, new State Secretariat complexes have been constructed and now effectively occupied, salaries are paid as at when due, promotion is based on merit, pensioners get their gratuity within 3 months of their formal disengagement from service and the public sector is re-established as the main engine of development.

The Obi administration was also confronted with the heavy burden of local and external debts running into billions of Naira; much of which had no relevance to the development of the State, but to which the State had been committed. As at end-2011, the incumbent Anambra State Government had cleared all pension arrears to the tune of about N7 billion as well as other indebtedness it inherited. It is on record that the administration has not borrowed money from any person, organisation or Government within and outside the State. In spite of his background in finance and management, Peter Obi has stoutly resisted the attractive temptation to issue Bonds, which has become the bane of most other State Economies. He is not one to mortgage the future of the people.

The peace and security challenge conveyed the image of a State at war with itself. The predators that held the State hostage had unfettered access to public sector apparatuses through their influence in many corridors of power. With massive investments in community policing – involving regular agencies and screened vigilance groups – the Government has now successfully promoted collective responsibility in the maintenance of peace and security in the 177 major communities of the State, particularly against various manifestations of violent crimes.

All told, the Obi programme of action -- the multi-focused Anambra Integrated Development Strategy [ANIDS] -- clearly demonstrates the enormity of the challenges on ground. Evidently to date, there have been tremendous achievements in all sectors and sub-sectors of the economy, polity and society at large. Included here are significant boosts to transparency in the conduct of public affairs, education, ICT competences, healthcare delivery, agriculture and agri-business, water supply, social and economic infrastructure, youth & women empowerment and entrepreneurship, security, human capacity development, among several others. The impressive list is really a thing to tell: return of erstwhile mission/voluntary organization schools to their original proprietors, resuscitation of education and health services, ICT-Microsoft Academies in the Local Government Areas, the youth empowerment initiative better known as ANSYREP-Anambra Re-Birth, collective responsibility in security, expanded rural & urban road network of over 500 kilometres, community participation in development, ana enabling environment for business and deepening sense of self-worth among the people.

Governor Peter Obi is one of the three State CEOs invited into the select Nigeria Economic Management Team and an Honorary Presidential Adviser on Finance. Beyond this commendable and earned recognition, these twin roles impose great burdens on him to make impact in the fulfilment of the national transformation agenda.

A few years back, Peter Obi’s colleagues on the South-East Governors’ Forum unanimously decided that he should be their permanent Chairman thence, rather than the rotational 6-month tenure per Governor. Also, though the [then] sole APGA Governor, his counterparts in the Southern Nigeria Governors’ Forum and in the larger Nigeria Governors’ Forum also made him their Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively. As he bears the weight of imprinting his acclaimed integrity, transparency and accountability in the conduct of public affairs, he should become one of the rallying points to help galvanize these fora into greater relevance on issues of regional, national and international interests. There are critical issues of restoring unity of purpose and dignity among the people and Governments of the south-east; peaceful co-existence, co-operation and harmony among the ethnic nationalities of southern Nigeria; and mutual understanding and concord within the Nigerian geo-polity and economy.

As is well-known, the reign of terror in the pre-Obi administration era practically tagged Anambra State a pariah State. Investing his tremendous personal and corporate goodwill as well as governance credentials, Peter Obi has restored the confidence of the international community in the State. Across the State, quite a number of organizations within the United Nations system, the European Union, bi-lateral, voluntary, other donor agencies and Development Partners are actively involved in various value-added programmes and projects in Anambra State. These are verifiable.

A man of vision and mission and a positive Change Agent, Peter (the rock) Obi represents a new genre of leadership that well-meaning Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria have prayed and hoped for over the years. In the Nigerian experience, there is a thin line between loyalty to the State, admiration, support and sycophancy for Oga. But, Peter Obi has avoided the creation of a leadership cult around his person. Rather, he has been focused on the daunting task of strengthening institutional structures that would render abuses of public trust unattractive.

The trip-wires are still being laid on his path and the pressure has been mounting, but he is unwavering in his commitment to meaningful societal development. His attainments and determined focus in the service of his State and country at large speak volumes of Divine intervention in his mission. So help him and the rest of well-meaning Nigerians, God.

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

Anambra State Governor Peter Obi

Photo Above: His Excellency Governor Peter Obi

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Comment from: Dr. Chinasa PhD Biostatistics [Visitor]
Dr. Chinasa PhD BiostatisticsPetr Obi is indeed a gem.Most Nigerian governor donot care about posterity.They are hyper focussed on what they can steal from the state.Before Peter Obi, all we heard were tales of how poor Anambra state was and thus its inability to provide the minimum basic ammenities to the people.Now all we hear are projects which have been executed as a result of prudent use of resources and reducing the cost of governance.
Masterweb, you need to keep your promise to show pictures of more projects like Housing estates,Anambra state university projects and other projects you promised to publish the pictures.We are eagerly waiting for those pictures.Thank you for your service.
01/16/12 @ 17:39
Comment from: Chief Kosisochukwu Azubuike [Visitor]
Chief Kosisochukwu AzubuikeOga Gov. Peter Obi, God bless you for your humane heart and dedication to the masses.
I just want to remind you that Dim. Odimegwu Ojukwu have not yet been immortalized by his own state.I wish we could name Anambra state university to his blessed memory.I am sure he deserves much more.But atleast that is a noble way to start saying thank you to a man that sacrificed so much for his people.
01/17/12 @ 00:04
Comment from: Nzekwesili Bernard [Visitor]
Nzekwesili BernardMy dear Governor, His Excellency Mr Peter Obi, may this same God who helped you to overcome the Giants of Anambra State give you the wisdom to bring peace to APGA and conduct Local Government Elections in Jesus name AMEN.
01/17/12 @ 01:18
Comment from: Agumba (Barr) Sir O.F.O Agu ,Ksm [Visitor]
Agumba (Barr) Sir O.F.O Agu ,KsmOnly those who don't know Peter Obi will be surprised by this article, but if you know the man, then you should know that he has not been given his full credit. If there were a handful of leaders of this ilk in the Nigerian political terrain, then this country would have a very bright future. Instead all we appear to throw up are hoodlums and miscreants who have come to believe that politics is a do or die affair or theft by other means? Peter Obi is to my mind a breath of fresh air.

01/17/12 @ 03:38
Comment from: VINCENT [Visitor]
VINCENTfrankly yu are good,but let me remind you mr Dee peter,that we are seriously watching your actions and inactions in the curent critical situation of igbos especially in the North,it seams to us you are cmprmising the name and safety of igbos in the North to what ever your political intention may be.frankly you are no leading us well.as the head of S/E governors forum,what have you done since the masacare of igbos started in the north?some of you of igbo extraction who have started eyeing the presidency come 2015 and have done nothing to ensure that igbos still exist uptill 2015,who then will vote you in as president if as at 2015 you are the only igbo man still alive.
01/17/12 @ 09:40
Comment from: Ginika Obiozor [Visitor]
Ginika ObiozorI returned from the USA to Ichida last christmas. I must say that i was pleasantly suprised at what the governor Obi had accomplished. i hail him and say more grease to your elbows.

Any Igboman still buying and buiding skyscrappers in northern Nigeria is ON HIS OWN! Igbos are the most difficult people to advise and iam Igbo.Boko Haram asked their people to leave the south and they did! Do you think Massob can tell igbos anything and they will even pay attention talkless of complying?

Igbos have been continously killed in northern Nigeria since 1960s,yet some igbos are still calling there home and building the most exhortic and expensive houses in northern Nigeria.yet, such fools have no hut in their hometown!!!
Life is a risk.If one decided to take the highly risky gamble of settling in the far north for some funny reasons,he is free to do so.But don't blame anyone for your folly when calamity befalls you.
01/17/12 @ 13:10

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