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Nigeria: To Return To Aburi Accord, Resurrect Dead Biafrans Killed In The Genocide First.


Nigeria: To Return To Aburi Accord, Resurrect Dead Biafrans Killed In The Genocide First.

*Nigeria: To Return To Aburi Accord, Resurrect Dead Biafrans Killed In The Genocide First

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

It’s come to my notice that dead and far-from-true voices have started echoing the voice of Aburi demands as a measure to “solve” Nigeria. It will be noted that these voices, though laden with false claims of standing for the truth, never spoke against Nigeria’s genocide against Igbo and Biafra, nor did they speak out against the clear marginalization of Igbo which followed the end of the war to date. Today, as they have wallowed in their selfishness, callousness and outright rejection of God and everything true, their abominations are catching up with them and, gradually, like the venom of a python, their many evil which have turned into a curse, have started rupturing their hearts - the very pump of life. And when a heart begins to decay, one thing the living must do is to make sure that the need for a coffin and a grave allocation does not take them unawares. Just as everyone with physical eyes (not even considering the inalienable truths first) knows that whatever evil heart has held Nigeria together and bound all these decades has deeply ruptured, it’s equally necessarily to remind all that, in a time as this, what matters most will not be how to resurrect a dead body (only God does that) but how not to create more deaths in trying to bury a single dead – as our old, primitive and uninformed ancestors used to do for prominent people. Nigeria is dead. Nigerians – everyone Nigerian in paper and by soon-breaking compulsion today – ought to rally round the truths which have pursued us for decades, and finally accept that only the break up of Nigeria will be anything worth calling and celebrating in the long run as a true solution. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

Photo Above: Map of Defunct Republic of Biafra

Today, most Nigerians scramble to identify with the truth and dare to carve out different names for Dim Ojukwu. While some call him, “the man who saw tomorrow,” “a prophet;” “a true nationalist,” “a hero;” “the greatest Nigerian,” etc, it will do well to remind all that these very people who now proclaim, unashamedly, what Ndigbo saw about the root of the amalgamation of 1914 called Nigeria and decided to preserve their future, were the very people who, with their fathers, willingly and joyfully massacred Igbo in their homeland for the spoil of war and the joy of dominion. After many but unsuccessful efforts by Ojukwu and the Eastern leaders to get the murderous Gowon to halt the massacre of Igbo and people from the South-South in the North and all over Nigeria, Ojukwu took another step in Aburi which eventually took place between the 4the and 5th of January, 1967, in Ghana and, consequently, reached an agreement with the then Gowon-led government of Nigeria. But, on returning to Nigeria, the evil spirit of the amalgamation which revolved then around Gowon and clearly against the Igbo of the South returned the poison of bloodshed to him and his advisers who swore on their mothers’ grave that Igbo were the problem of Nigeria and, therefore, must be eliminated. On returning to Nigeria, Gowon reneged on the famous Aburi accord. Ojukwu, by the request of eastern stakeholders, having to choice left for survival in Nigeria (as still proven to this day), consequently, announced the Republic of Biafra. And as everyone with the spirit of truth knows, Nigeria invaded Biafra and started committing acts of genocide for three bad years. After the genocide against Igbo and the carefully-crafted government’s marginalization, dehumanization, enslavement and insults on the entire Igbo nation, which results has become a decayed and unworkable Nigeria, Nigerians have the guts of dead-conscience to point towards Igboland and, without remorse, declare that the light of Nigeria comes thereof. ( Continues below….. )

Starving Biafran Children

Photo Above: Starving Biafran Children

At this point, I would not have finished well if I do not bring to light the disease which frequents the minds of old, callous but defeated souls who would not accept their reward until shoved down their throats. When the disease of Nigeria’s decay comes eating deep inside some elders of eternal falsehood – people like Gowon and his hell-bound nature – I would not fail to mention IBB – the very man who fertilized the evil root of the ill-fated amalgam called Nigeria with the spirit of nepotism, tribalism and corruption from the grassroots. That disease is the illusions of the aged. Lately, Ibrahim Babangida has been credited with a speech where his weak soul threatens to ‘sew another soldier’s uniform,” take his gun, and go fighting should any part of the accursed Nigeria dare to be free from the decade of self-induced curse called Nigeria. Well, I have a few things to say to IBB before I close my case:

1. You are old – in will power, wisdom and in physical strength.
2. Although there are puppets who do your dirty jobs for you, when it comes to war, everyone will be entitled to arms – it will no longer be an exclusive preserve of the “high and might.”
3. A man like you who would not voice a word of advice to your Northern brothers who have started repeating history and have formally made terrorism the army of the hidden Arewa Republic, what makes you think you have any legal, moral, religious, or even human rights to talk to the rest of Nigerians about patriotism?
4. You should know that the genocide of the 60s was not a victory through war – it was simply a genocide aided by foreign powers. You are too old to survive in lies and you should know that. This time around, you will find the horses and the chariots you once thought you had, dead and rotten, and your allies will look in your faces and tell you: “if we are to choose between terrorism and a helpless people, we would choose to stand by a helpless and harmless people.”
5. You and your brothers ruled and destroyed Nigeria and all you could offer your generation and posterity is the spirit of the antichrist – terrorism.
6. Finally, it may interest you to know – it should serve as a warning to you and your ilk - that Nigeria is already broken up and the process of final disintegration begun long before you woke up from the influence of Khaki uniform. “He that is down need fear no fall;” Nigerian youths have gone through what your pampered body cant ever imagine, and would not run away from the war you and your sons have introduced should a peaceful separation elude all.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” This, IBB, you know so well. And for those calling for Nigeria to revert – better still - to adopt the Aburi accord, are far too late; it should have been before the genocide. To adopt Aburi agreement, every single Biafran life wasted during the genocide must be brought back and all Igbo killed in the genocide must be resurrected first and foremost. Properties wasted and enumerations must be cleared before that will be possible. This means that there is clearly no going back to Nigeria’s breakup. If not, you would be telling Igbo nation that the blood of Ndigbo are the only sacrifice required on the alter of the never-satisfied spirit of Nigeria’s ill-fated amalgam. This will never be.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu can be reached at ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

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Comment from: kozuru [Visitor]
kozuruAll the tribes in Nigeria hates the Ibos. You may ask why ? simple, their hatred is based
On envy.They don't want Ibos to have their own country and they are not ready to treat Ibos well in this fake country call Nigeria. So for them Ibos are to continue to be second class citizens forever.This is laughable because just as God raised up Joseph in the bible,the Ibos had been raised up and blessed by God. Like it or not ,Ibos will be ruling themselves very soon.And nobody can stop it, because is from God who hate injustices.
04/07/12 @ 19:54
Comment from: pica mensa [Visitor]
pica mensaWell spoken. God will arise and batter them forever.
04/07/12 @ 20:32
Comment from: Igbo bu eze [Visitor] Email
Igbo bu ezeShame to islam and all northern muslims. All northern muslims shall forever remain minority and confused, your second name shall be poverty.
04/07/12 @ 21:23
Comment from: jojo [Visitor]
jojoThe days of Nigeria is numbered, is just a matter when not time. But the Igbo people must first remove the lug into their own eyes.
04/08/12 @ 03:29
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor]
StanleyBrothers,u've spoken well.Let who eva dat has ears hear wot d Ibo spirits r saying bcos (oga adikwa egwu na oge na adighi anya.)
04/08/12 @ 10:10
Comment from: Onu Otile [Visitor]
Onu OtileTheir faces are covered in shame because they have licked their spittle like dogs they are.In a frantic childish fanfare, they destroyed the democratic, economic and libertarian settings of a country their grandfathers acquired as theirs.But hey,is it not about time we retired these morons and moved on because the youths of the nation have discovered the treacheries of the old.Southeast, Northcentral and Southsouth will forever hold sway and carry the nation along.
04/08/12 @ 11:44
Comment from: Amadi madlion [Visitor]
Amadi madlionThe blood of our fallen Heros,The midnight cries of widows,mothers grand mothers and great grandmothers , the agony of the businessman watch in broad day light he gets only 20 pounds back no matter how many million in his account , the cries of biafran of scattered all of the Globe because of the Policies introduced to put us in enternal slavery the cries of quota system abandom property wickedness ' the cries have reach God ! Babangida Babangida Babangida I called you 3.times , the gong calls a person ,first Alive , twice dead ! You haven't noticed the harmmertan flushing arcoss Africa and middle East? Enjoy your lot as time permits you , you've already piled up arms , they will save you This is a new ball game ,are you stronger than Mouma Ghaddafi ?what happened to him , you must pay back those money you looted double ,Somebody better tell Cameroon that Bakkasi is Biafran territory given back to them by the colonian Nigerian president who did that for his self Agravadisement as part ot Biafra war policy ! Godluck Jonathan is the last united or dividing Country called Niger.......area IBB , just watch ! ! Gowon 'you see how they use you ! the blood of your childJren can't stop flowing , that's what you did to the African Jews , nobody ever messes up with the Jews and never got their own dose quadruple check your history ! What Usman danfodio their great grand father did to Ilorin a Yoruba land The only city in the south that is ruled by an Emir what an insult to the defendant of Oba Afonja What a humiliation and shame ,their memories ? Gone with the wind , thats what they could've
have done to you and your people , thank your God that the Biafran are 101% Christians ,
the entire middle could've been islamized
should have served you as an eye opener ,all your brilliant officers were slaughtered by Babangida you made your people look like the bat not perching up , not perching down and they are not welcomed as party of Biafra ! Fight your own war Period ! All of you are the same ,just like Benin and Yorubas .. " when the jungle is matured,,'we go know who be who !' No where to hide.

04/08/12 @ 12:35
Comment from: ugochukwu [Visitor] Email
ugochukwuMy broothers an siseters in the nort whorth
You peupol are thuwing thera in nort
if you dai beucose of propaty... god
wil ponish you beucose any flie did not hia
it wil go with daith an as you are there
Ther biafrans have bin regiosin

Weving thera flagi
e oke me god be
The glory jesuos neme. Emane
04/08/12 @ 14:03
Comment from: chrisugo [Visitor]
chrisugoWell spoken brothers,lets be thinking how to make Biafra real.God is with us.
04/08/12 @ 22:24
Comment from: ugochukwu [Visitor]
ugochukwuwell spoken my broyher iyke enyiagu.the time has come when we will come together and differenciate fantasies from realities.The reality is that the time has come to returne to abury,the reality is that the blood of our heroes are now crying,the reality is that they are taking us for granted,the reality is that we are the economic strong room of this entity called nigeria,the reality is that the day`s of the 60`s are gone were our fathers faught without weapons.
The truet today is that all there allies then,have now abandoned them.they are now seeing the reason why they should have allowed biafra to stand.
i see the republic of biafra by 2015,God bless biafra.
04/09/12 @ 07:52
Comment from: Nwadike. [Visitor]
Nwadike.My brother,after reading your motivated note,allot of things came into my mind,i said,so people are not happy as i am,that means the fight will soon start.What we should know in Biafran Nation is that, know achievement without sacrifice.Achieving Biafran Nation will come by peace or by War,any which one is highly accepted.So we should not west time in this project.Personally as a Biafran son i am ready for the War.I thank God Ojukwu has led the foundation laying stone of Biafra Nation.If we allow it to fall our children will not forgive us in future, I know some of our people will not allow Biafran Nation to stand because of their selfish interest in Nigeria Nation, but i have an idea on how to handle those people, by the time we start striking from their homes they will not have option than to stay clear.Lets us use this website as our social network.
04/09/12 @ 08:52
Comment from: mustapha [Visitor]
mustaphaALLAH will shame all the christian that were hiden under the pretex of BH(CBH) and WE ARE PRAYING LET NIGERIA DIVIDE AND SEE IF HUNGER AND DISEASE WILL KILL THE NORTH
04/09/12 @ 08:55
Comment from: james [Visitor] Email
jamesWe go fight oil belong to nigerian not so called BIAFRA ,They want to go because of oil then we have to share the oil revenue yearly or we go fight and fight and fight .
04/09/12 @ 14:02
Comment from: harry , [Visitor] Email
harry ,God bless you my dear broter for this woderful efort that you are making for the best people in the world that is that is the tribe of igbos the blessed and inteligent peole that God has chosen for him self,our payers all day is that the Almighty God will always strenghen you to grow from power to power until we get our dear belove biafran state that is almost been decleard,as for the nothern elders and their genaration who suck on blood shall get there own posion of hell here on earth befor going to the next etenal hellfire for yakubu gowan God will never forgive him for the massacre on Ibos,each time i thought about the genocide on my beloved people i shede tears,
04/09/12 @ 14:52
Comment from: abajuo [Visitor]
abajuoThank you Iyke, for reminding them. Biafra no n'ulo mgbede ya, she will soon come forth in her most elegant beauty.
04/09/12 @ 15:50
Comment from: BEN/MARYLAND/USA [Visitor]
BEN/MARYLAND/USAIgbos/Biafrans will be vindicated,Nigeria were never one,It is simply a forced marriage by the British gov.Now that Nigeria is on fire where are the British.I grew up during Biafran war,and I lost 2 sisters while i was the oldest.I will never forget the atrocities the Hausa's committed on us,Rape unjustified Killing of males or extermination as you may call it.The Northerners have led Nigeria for over 32 years now yet,there place remained undeveloped.Boko Haram should actually ask there living Presidents or leaders what they have done with all the money they milked out of all of us "NIGERIA".More punishment are yet to come in the North
04/09/12 @ 18:51
Comment from: AgMartinx [Visitor] Email
AgMartinxAre the Biafrans the cause of ill-fated economy down turn presently being experienced in the North? Are the Biafrans the cause of the diseases inflicting the Northerners? Are the Biafrans the cause of poverty eating up the Northern populace? Are the Biafrans the cause of war (BOKO HARAM insurgence) afflicting the Northerners today?. I think its real time to apologies to the Biafrans or else more afflictions will spell doom on Nigerians
04/10/12 @ 05:42
Comment from: Ezeobiaso [Visitor]
EzeobiasoTruth can never be far fetched from four coners of this evil anchored nation called nigeria,.....one day this nation (Biafra) will rise...M.Luther king jnr. Woe unto nigeria and its (North) power drunk murderous vampires. Biafran nations is the promise land for Igbo world located east of niger, instituted by God of Isreal in its magnificient splendour with the risen sun. Nigeria(shame)....The Sun Must Rise in Jesus name!
04/12/12 @ 07:20
Comment from: prosper [Visitor] Email
prosperwell my fellow Nigerians ,and my lovely Igbo land the curse of our pain in Nigeria today is because we have a weak Government .. so pls you should tuck of our governmental system ,, that their need an amendment in their ruling, So why by doing that things will get better
, Biafra is a holy land .
04/12/12 @ 08:35
Comment from: dadanhamdani [Visitor]
dadanhamdanicongratulats, i like your bigs smile
07/04/12 @ 06:07
Comment from: leo [Visitor] Email
leoi firmly stand to my Nation Biafra and i am ready even if it will cost me my life, my blood just for the sake of liberty. To frank my people, there is a need to the creatures created with the image of God and with that absolute freedom which is given to a every living breath on earth to be free.But our freedom is on our hands, how: Avoid bribing and corruption because is the away to liberty rather it open a door of boundage, depressions, isolations, discriminations, hatred,
To all Ndigbo listen to this voice`" To Unity we shall stand and to Division shall we fall" so support with all your effort,encourage one another to this better future that we are hoping for:the Soverign Nation Biafra.
Let us remember that the joy of the people of Southern Africa was the starvetion, pains of many stroks of lashs on a one man for one nation.He endure all just for his own peoples liberty; what a great battle of step into freedom!!!
12/16/13 @ 18:58
Comment from: Brother Chidi [Visitor]
Brother ChidiThere is no two sides to truth. BIAFRA is the truth. Perhaps God of Isreal wants the Nigerians to first have a taste of the 1967_1970 genocide and if it is so , a lot is on the way coming to the nigerians in accordance to their participations to the Biafran war. My Yoruba
unfriendly friends please warm up for your fair shares
01/21/15 @ 01:57

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