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Open Letter To Owner(s) of Arik


Open Letter To Owner(s) of Arik

*Open Letter To Owner(s) of Arik

-Masterweb Reports

Everybody who knows the state of commercial airline business in Nigeria before the advent of ARIK Air Ltd would only but thank the owner, Mr. Arumeni Ikhide for introducing what can rightly be described as an innovation in air transport in Nigeria. Today, one can enter domestic flights in Nigeria with confidence that he is entering a brand new plane. I understand the company does not also joke with maintenance and that it is generally passionate about safety.

But somebody needs to tell him that air transport business is more of a service industry. At the heart of the operations is the quality of service, otherwise, with all the new planes, it will be a white sepulchre that is externally attractive but rotten inside. Going by the quality of services Arik offers, I am afraid that is what it is turning into. The Managers of that company need to act urgently. People are complaining of lack of good services by the company. Before you know it, the pent-up resentment will have great effect on the company. At that time, it will be too late!

I am a frequent flyer of Arik. At each time the quality of service keeps deteriorating. One is bound to witness greatest lack of love for the company by those that work for it. Clearly they are not interested in its growth and development. This is bad. Part of the doctrine of dignity of labour is that one must love any work he does through which he eats and keeps the body moving. If you are a road sweeper, and you make daily living through that, you are expected to love the job.

On the 4th of April, 2012, I and some friends were supposed to travel by Arik to Lagos for the Service of Songs for the wife of the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank plc. The flight was to take-off at 4:50 pm. We had earlier given money to somebody to purchase the tickets for us. He did at NICON Hilton Hotel at Abuja. The first mischief was that they told him they did not have seat in their Business Class, because one of us wanted to travel on that class. He bought economy class for all of us.

The guy was at the airport two hours before departure time only to be told half way that the counter had closed. He was almost stranded. We arrived at the Airport at exactly 3:35 pm. We thought all we needed was to collect our boarding passes, go into the departure hall and relax over some drinks. Behold, the guy had not checked us in. In fact, he told us how they refused to attend to then in preference to some passengers he suspected must have greased their palms. ( Continues below….. )

A landing Arik Plane

Photo Above: A landing Arik Plane

My friends AND I was exasperated at how things had fallen apart in the country. People complain of what our leader do, yet they do worst in their little positions. At last we decided to go beyond the counter and meet a higher, understanding officer. We were directed to one Mr. Ogaji Dabim, introduced as the Duty Manager. Tactically, I asked him when boarding for that plane was supposed to end, he said at 3:10. I pointed it out to him that it was clearly written that boarding stops 30 minutes before departure and should have ended at 4:20 pm. He could not lie about this one because we ourselves were at the Airport at exactly 3:45. When I made it clear to the guy that I will tell this story to the whole world, he became panicky. One of us who was told at the point of purchase of ticket that there was no business class was upgraded at the airport, after he paid N13,000. This was how he issued boarding passes to all of us, but before we finished all this, we missed the flight and did not travel again.

This was not the first time I witnessed such treatment from Arik. The pathetic thing about this is that when one had succeeded in the past, he would find out that many empty seats still remained in the plane.

What would easily be deduced for events at ARIK is that they have strong corrupt syndicate that specialises in selling half of the seats for flights only to say that the flight is fully booked. What they now do is to collect extra money from the back from people for their pockets and sell those tickets to them. At one occasion when I was desperate to travel, I had to pat extra N5,000 naira to make the trip. They often end up not selling everything that once one entered the plane, one would be surprised at many empty seats in a supposedly fully booked flight.

The foregoing is not good for the owner of ARIK. We know how capital intensive airline business is. By introducing ARIK, the owner had done us good, He is providing for us what Nigerian Airways could not do. It will be bad if, due to poor management, he allows those who cannot buy plane tires to ruin his business.

Mr. Charles Ugonna, Abuja

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Comment from: Nzeh, Armstrong [Visitor]
Nzeh, ArmstrongCharles I think you right. I thought i am the only person that have observed this abnormalies from ARIK ticketing staff.Its even more in Lagos airport.
Their counter is always crowded, unorganised and full of touts who are ready to extol money from you at any slightest excuse.I wish the owner of the business could make a spot check to the counter and see for himself what his wards are doing.
Yes, ARIK has good planes and this has given them good reputation among air travellers but this could be eroded by very corrupted officials and poor officiating by their counter staff.You could have a good product but if it is poorly packaged and managed, the product may not sale as expected. This is the case with ARIK.
04/18/12 @ 02:35
Comment from: Tayyeb Othman [Visitor]
Tayyeb OthmanThat is one issue, what of the issue of fraud in their online booking system. I was initially booking online but on three occations no ticket issued but my account was debited. As I am writing now, Arik is yet to pay me refund for a ticket not issued since March 2011.

04/18/12 @ 03:40
Comment from: Balogun [Visitor]
BalogunWhatever a man sows, he shall surely reap. I will not say more than that, I believe the management of Arik understand quite well what that means to their source of funding this Arik Airline.
04/18/12 @ 07:28
Comment from: okwumuo aloy [Visitor] Email
okwumuo aloymy own concern is on the arik cabin pressure, it is unbearable for us using aero i dont know the reason ,pls let them fix this problem,before pple will go crazy
04/18/12 @ 11:54
Comment from: Ernie [Visitor]
ErnieI flew ARIK to and fro from Lagos to Enugu last month. The flights were delayed more than three hours each way for no reason. In fact flight schedule has no meaning for ARIK and some other Nigerian domestic airlines. You can't plan business meetings and rely on ARIK to get you to your destination as scheduled. It is very pathetic indeed.
04/18/12 @ 23:25
Comment from: kenneth .D [Visitor]
kenneth .DI think my friends had said it all and the best thing that should be done is to recruit new staffs and fire all the arrogant ones who does not know the value customers and this should be done with immediate effect before it is too late.

Arik staffs are so arrogant, so full of them selves not well trained and selfish. Please something has to be done before is too late, separate the bad eggs from the good one.

Thank you.

Kenneth D. From ghana

04/23/12 @ 18:07
Comment from: abiodun [Visitor]
abiodunThank God this experience isn't peculiar to me. I am so offended, got to the counter 1hr 10mins to depature only to be told counter has been closed.The duty manager was so rude waiving us off like animals. Now we get to pay$300 as no show n rescheduling. Really, this is my first arik exp & let me assure u the last. British airways am back.
10/23/12 @ 09:47
Comment from: Bea [Visitor]
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truly amazing.
08/20/15 @ 16:00
Comment from: Wally [Visitor]
WallyHurrah! In the end I got a website from where I can in fact take
valuable data regarding my study and knowledge.
01/18/16 @ 11:21

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