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Gowon, Jos Crisis And The Nemesis of Biafran Blood


Gowon, Jos Crisis And The Nemesis of Biafran Blood

*Gowon, Jos Crisis And The Nemesis of Biafran Blood

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Obinna Akukwe)

Biafra was the name given by a people on the verge of extermination, to the newly seceding republic. A peoples aspiration to be left alone to renegotiate how they want to exist away from a structure which wanted to swallow them. A dream that would have turned an African nation into an African Japan in terms of technological advancement. A people whose republican nature would have made models of federalism all over Africa. A nation that probably would have been the true giant of Africa.

All these were stillborn because the British establishment with their Russian and Egyptian conspirators provided covert and overt military support while the middle belt region especially the Benue Plateau axis provided the gallant, brave and daring foot soldiers who executed on the behalf of the entire north the killings of 3million Biafrans to keep Nigeria one.

History is a reminder of past events which has the prospects of a future repeat. A Biafran proverb says that "a fowl that gloated over the butcher of the guinea fowl knew not that the fate that befell the guinea fowl will soon befall it" The Middle Belt Region especially the Benue Plateau axis , predominantly Christians, were the people who fought the actual war. Over seventy five percent of soldiers who executed the war came from this axis. The officers were spread round the rest of Nigeria but the file came from the plateau. The Benue-Plateau people gloated over the destruction of the Biafran dream. ( Continues below….. )

Starving Biafran Child

Photo Above: Starving Biafran Child

Their first shocker was when General Murtala Muhammed led a coup that ousted General Yakubu Gowon as Head of the Nigerian State. The Dimka counter coup was repelled by forces loyal to the northern oligarchy and officers of Middle-Belt minority extraction were killed and since then the ethnic cleansing of the minority Middle Belt especially Benue –Plateau axis begun.

Despite the Dimka failed coup, the middle belt region continued to enjoy a commanding place in the Nigerian military establishments until General Ibrahim Babangida used the excuse of Mamman Vatsa coup to clear a lot of them from the military circles. Babangida then moved to dismantle the Langtang Mafia. Langtang is a town in Plateau State that has produced brave soldiers in the Nigerian Army. Generals Domkat Bali, Joshua Dogonyaro, Jerry Useni and John Shagaya among others are officers from Langtang town who at one point or the other held positions of trust and importance in the military-political environment of the Nigerian State. Other nearby towns equally boasts of senior military officers whose records in bravery and loyalty is solid.

Babangida, from Niger State, comes from a middle belt area that identifies more with the northern oligarchy than the northern minorities, found it difficult to stomach the presence of Benue-Plateau people around his political space and he started the gradual decimation of their people. The first casualty was Mamman Vatsa, from minority Nupe in Niger state. Having checkmated the Nupe threat, he moved to checkmate the Benue-Plateau threat. The first casualty was General Domkat Bali. Bali was the Minister of Defence, Chief of Defence Staff and Chairman Joint chiefs of Staff. He was the second most powerful man during Babangida regime and the third most powerful under Buhari. By the time Babangida finished with Bali, he ran to his village to recover from the shock. Babangida removed Bali as Minister for Defence, Chief of Defence Staff and Chairman Joint Chief of Staff on the 29th of December, 1989 and handed him the Ministry of Interior, then occupied by fellow Langtang kinsman, General John Shagaya. This demotion was meant to spite and humiliate Bali and whatsoever he represents. He was promptly replaced by General Sanni Abacha who later became Nigeria’s military ruler. The shoving aside of Bali was to remove the last vestiges of Gowon’s influence from the Nigerian Army and to pave way for the northern oligarchy to completely control the military establishment. At that time other officers of Benue Plateau extraction were retired without reason.

The Langtang Mafia was the most powerful caucus in the Nigerian Army. It was an informal kindred gathering of officers of plateau extraction where matters of interest were discussed covertly. They exerted lots of influence in the military and political settings. Another mafia known as Kaduna Mafia was there to serve the interests of the northern oligarchy. Babangida, with the humiliation of Bali, started the process of dismantling the Langtang Mafia. The creation of Jos North Local Government in 1991 by Babangida, without consultations with the indigenes of Jos was to cannibalize the influence of the Langtang Mafia. ( Continues below….. )

Starving Biafran Children

Photo Above: Starving Biafran Children

What Nigerian students and activists of southern extraction saw especially the South East in the early nineties was the return to bondage of minority north and yet the chicken had come to roast. In the order of marginalization in Nigeria now, Middle Belt geopolitical zone comes is the number two, after the South East. This is what the Benue-Plateau had as reward for fighting the Biafran war and killing their Christian brothers.

Jos was the capital of Middle Belt or Benue Plateau region. Jos was home to all Nigerians, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Ijaw, Kanuri until the sectarian violence started in 1991. Since then Jos had known no peace. The indigenes have been waylaid in the dead of the night and slaughtered like guinea fowl. All the presence of the entire armed forces of Nigeria has not stemmed the serial killings. All the prayers and fasting have not helped either. A police commissioner who gave support to their exterminators in the hey days of the conflict, against all opposition and indictment, is now their Inspector General of Police. This is just an indication that their enemies will lord it over them.

What is happening in Plateau albeit Jos is curse in operation. In 2 samuel chapter 21, The Bible illustrates about David the King of Israel who suffered serious famine for three years under his anointed leadership .When the famine failed to stop he inquired of the Lord and was told that his predecessor Saul broke covenant by killing the Gibeonites in his zeal to please God. Therefore the Israelites are suffering as a result of the misdeeds of King Saul who was long dead. The constant urination and defecation on the socio-political space of the Plateau people is as a result of their complicity in the Biafrfan genocide. General Gowon, the military ruler who led the war on Biafra, have since the past ten years led a prayer group called ‘Nigeria Prays’’ This prayer though laudable and commendable has not worked. The reason is the same mistake of King David. David’s prayers failed to work for three years of austerity measures, structural adjustment, subsidy removal and power sector reforms until he made prayers of enquiry and was told the source of the problem. Gowon and his prayer group should change their prayer topic and ask for forgiveness for the extermination of innocent blood. They should equally send an appropriate delegation to the Biafran Headquarters to interact with the representatives of the people and the clergy and extract a covenant of forgiveness and the curse will be lifted. Failure to do so, the Benue Plateau and the rest of the minority middlebelt will soon be relegated again into the most marginalized zone in Nigeria.

Obinna Akukwe

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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Comment from: Dr Fortune Ukonu [Visitor]
Dr Fortune UkonuThere is no doubt Nigeria under General Yakubu Gowon mistreated the igbos for no just cause other than the fear of domination by the igbos in the industrial, academic and political sectors.

The igbos may find it difficult to forgive General Gowon who conducted the civil war campaign to externminate the igbos because he (Gowon) knew of what to do to stop the killings of the igbos but deliberately failed to do that because again according to him Gowon for the sake of rich oil deposit in Biafra.

He stated that he was afraid that should Biafra exist as an independent nation it will become one of the wealthiest nations in Africa. General Gowon can be likened to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judia, now Isreal who knew that Jesus brought before him was an innocent man but was afraid of stepping on toes of powerful men of Judea of the old.

Today, General Gowon (though) a humble shaw shaw man has become a shadow of his former self. He is neither favoured nor regarded by rulers of today. He is just a past and forgotten ruler cast away by the wayside and Babangida himself fairs neither better than Gowon. Gowon
may be given some credit in the sense of the 'no victor no vanquished' declaration after the civil war although that infuriated his colleagues at that time.

The blood of the slaughtered igbos can necver be washed away from the hands of all of them who conducted the genocidal campaign against Biafra. Just take a look at them, they do not cut the sight of a happy people.
The igbos could forgive them and not to forget it. But the consequences of their sins against the innocent Biafrans must run (dead or alive).

There will be no peace with all of them. The people of Biafra must help themselves by being nice to each other other than the ongoing dog-eat-dog syndrom in the land.

But looking at the present wickedness in igboland today namely - high level corruption, kidnappings, killings, stealing public funds by government officials with reckless abandonment to mention but a few, do not portray any credibility that Biafra would have become a better place? I doubt it.

God is not a fool one should understand. Imagine a Biafra where the Mbaise man is undermined by Orlu man or the Enugu man undermining the owerri man or Onitsha man undermining the Awka man. What would happen then?
The Bible said 'By their fruits you shall know them' or 'show me your friend and I will tell who you are'.

Make no mistake, I am an igboman with all due respect but the magnitude of war of attrition taking place in igboland today does not convince or convict anyone that Biafra as country would not have been a corrupt-free country - maybe the igbos would have suffered heart attacks.

I congratulate the coming of life again of the Radio Biafra in United Kingdom although it is once a week broadcast but it will still rekindle the spirit of Biafra. For sure, should the igbos continue to be their brother's keeper there will some hope that Biafra would be a dream come true. But one is yet to see any signs of that yet. God Bless Nigeria and God bless Biafra!
04/21/12 @ 11:52
Comment from: ALI IBRAHIM [Visitor]
ALI IBRAHIMThis writeup is misleading and lacks any substance.Nigeria is 52years old
Rulers from the middle belt - Gowon,Babangida and Abdulsallam ruled for more than any other zones,
The religious inclination of Babangida and Abdulsallam made the writer associate them to the far North
Again the creation of Jos North as purportedly alleged by the writer clearly showed how sentimental and biased the writer is.
Jos North since its creation only enjoyed democracy once when one Ismaila won the Chairmanship since then only caretaker or sole administrators were appointed to oversee the affairs of the local government up till now.
Bravery in the army is the work of gallant commanders from the core north during the Biafaran war.The statistic that more than 70% of soldiers that fought the war is misdirecting and ill conceived
I strongly advice that such writers should desist from malicious claims of favoritism
04/21/12 @ 16:21
Comment from: martin okeke [Visitor]
martin okekeBiafra has come to stay. We thank God for making us Biafran. We are the best God created in the black race.we must unit to tell ourselves who we are, and make sure all who wanted to annihilate us are brought to book. We must also renmind each other that no one would love any Igbo man more than his fellow Igbos, lets also cordinate and make sure the event of the war is remembered yearly and lets remeber and honour those who fell/died to give us life. Lets tell each other that we are the greatest and best. Let no forget our spiritual leader, Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu who gave all he has to give us life. Fellow Biafrans we are Gods own people
04/21/12 @ 16:36
Comment from: Warren Carr [Visitor]
Warren CarrIt is sad that wars take place, yet in the same breath, there can't be peace without war!

It is obvious that we are seeing a history from a revisionist viewpoint rather than what actually happened! I don't believe that the northerners were the ones who started the fire! Just like it wasn't the northern parts of the US that started the fire of civil war back in 1861.

If biafra had succeeded, there would be untold hardship for the non-ibo people in that region.

In my never-to-be-humble opinion, Nigeria is seen as a bad country, not necessarily so because of the north, but as a matter of fact, it is the southerners, particularly those from the east that has given this country a black eye around the world. Go into any prisons around the world where Nigerians are incarcerated and tell me how many northerners are in there.

I think that instead of dwelling on what has happened and passed away, we should, as Christians have one voice and stand against a common enemy that wants to destroy or stamp Christianity out of Nigeria. When the Islamists kill people on the Plateau, they are not only killing the original indigens of the Plateau but southerners as well.

Beloved, we need to stand together. This is not a time of disunity, but it's a time when Christians all over Nigeria should come together and destroy the enemy!
04/21/12 @ 19:49
Comment from: Riot5000 [Visitor] Email
Riot5000IT KILLS me when people come online and write about HARDSHIP Minorities WOULD HAVE had, if Biafra lived.
On the same token, those same Minorities are the ones REGRETTING that their parents SABOTAGED Ojukwu's war efforts, just to stick it to the Igbo Man, some of them are Igbos themselves in the Riverine Areas, my cousins.
Let me ask you this question; ARE THOSE MINORITIES BETTER OFF TODAY UNDER NORTHERN Rulers and Obasanjor?
Who hanged Ken Saro Wiwa, and WHY?
Why is MEND blowing up things? STOP the IGBOPHOBIA and admit that Ojukwu could not sit and watch his ward slaughtered by BARBARIANS in the North and GOWON REFUSED TO PROTECT them. MINORITIES, ARE YOU BETTER OF UNDER NIGERIA?
Yesterday, it was core Igbos, tomorrow, it will be you, and you will wonder why Igbos look the other way while the North make SUYA out of you.
Vilify Core Igbos as much as you want to, but that is NOT going to help you catch up with them.. With only 20 naira from AWOLOWO after the war, they have OVERTAKEN others in their own land, and the progrom of 1966 has started again.

If the North would not let others ethnic groups live with them in Nigeria, Nigeria needs to seperate and let everyone go their way, INCLUDING the Minorities. Then, you get invaded and enslaved, not by Igbos , but by some others you do not know.
04/21/12 @ 23:49
Comment from: nosikhealths [Member] Email
nosikhealthsThe text can by no means be said to be misleading. The account stands on the threshold of history and contents verifiable. This write-up remains epochal,factual and highly constructive even offering the only ameliorative solution(though spiritual) to the intractable Jos crises.It 's now up to Gowon and his kinsmen to choose between pride and peace.Igbo wishes them well.
04/22/12 @ 01:11
Comment from: daniel - usa [Visitor]
daniel - usawhat is this much ado about nothing? minorities, biafra, and the other crabs we have so much fill the internet with these should hav remained in the anals of history and be left alone. quite frankly, we learn from history.

a northerner is not the one ruling nigeria now. but this president still bows to colonialism. explain to me why two years ago, the president went and spent $2million (dollars) in britain claiming they were celebrating nigeria at 50, money that should have been used here in nigeria

can't we all see that even though gowons, ibbs, objs, and all like them may have constituted malignant cancers to the well being of nigeria as a nation, but we still do have common enemies in the faith of our assumed colonial masters. britain and america included.

haliburton don't have to be the refiner of nigerian crude oil, b p (british petrol) should have ceased to function in nigeria. it should by now been called biafran or delta or nigerian oil.

while these white colonialism still exists in just a modernized form, we locals convene hatred to each other, hatred so deeply rooted in a misdirected selfism.

at the end of the day, God, Allah, Oluwa, Chineke in his infinite wisdom willed us together in this geographical area called nigeria.

God willed us together? well, biafra couldn't dislodge, republic of oduduwa was dead on arrival as the great chief obafemi awolowo developed a cold feet and couldn't declare the republic then, and today the cancer of boko haram emerges just without a purpose.

nigeria still fragilly stands. is there anyone with the true spirit of nigerianism, let that one step up and judge over nigeria like solomon, david, samuel did for judea now called israel. oh, remember mohamadinism rose out of the early church. nigeria to exist we need unity, we have fought enough. the malams, the chiefs, and the rest of us must weigh the results of this fights thus far, and conjecture what unity must have done for nigeria thus far as well.

if we keep fighting ourselves, which is what the british and america want, they will keep taking our oil, eating high on the hug, and emerging robust while we're more acidic and corrassive fighting over the crumbs they leave us from our vast endowment by God, Allah, Chineke, Oluwa that is

my name is daniel uche an igbo man yet a nigerian.
04/22/12 @ 05:12
Comment from: Ohiri [Visitor] Email
OhiriFirst it was Awolowo, not Gowon that caused Biafran babies to starve to death. Second, as history was told, it was Gowon again and Gen. Yaradua that saved the killing of young Ibo men from 12 years up @ the end of the war.
Please live Gowon alone, he was only 35 years old when he was asked to rule. To verify my first point as Awo is no longer around, we can ask those around him by then. Awo victimized the Ibo's again @ the end of the war, by ADVISING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHEN HE WAS THE FINANCE MINISTER TO GIVE TO IBO'S ONLY (20 pounds) NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY HAVE IN THE BANK. This was the same Awo the ibo's saved from the prison by Hausas in Calabar.
While my second point can be verified by sending a Coroners Inquest letter to Obasanjo and the rest of
the military officers in the East @ the end of the
war.Whether my second point is a FACT or NOT? Why Obasanjo, people like me who watched his speech during the funeral of late Gen. Yaradua. During the speech "Quote Obasanjo to South East Senators & House Members- SOME OF YOU MAKING NOISE NOW WILL NOT BE ALIVE TODAY IF NOT YARADUA."
Please live Gowon alone. I lived through the violent history of NIgeria from my years 1966-1967 in the North and saw what happened in Kaduna, how Ironsi's life was speared @ Kano's visit, @ that of
Akintola @ Aba. Please live Gowon alone.

04/22/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: obeta michael [Visitor] Email
obeta michaelWe Biafrans are predominantly christians and have forgiving spirits than every other parts of nigeria. Yes we forgive you gowon but we can't forget, even the obsanjo and his kinsmen faught d war against us. He can't deny it, obasanjo, gowon, ibb, yaradua, buhari are all green snakes hiding under green grass 'nigeria'. Fellow Biafrans let's unite to make our dreams come through. Northerners gave our oil to white men to conquer us, thesame reason why obasanjo singlehandedly gave bakasi to cameroon. But if they are not guilty of their sins let them touch Anambra basin to escalate another war. This one will produce victor and vanquish.
04/23/12 @ 06:19
Comment from: Ken Onyedi Esq [Visitor]
Ken Onyedi EsqThe truth of the matter is that every tribe in Nigeria would want to hate the average Ibo man, even for no just cause, leave this people to go, you will not, give them what is due for them, you will not.The fact still remains that there can be no peace without a commensurate justice.
The way things are going in this country where the little percentage of Nigerians who believe they are born to Rule are arrogantly misleading the rest of us and when they are out of authority they either develop a Sharian like or a Boko Haramic campaign to destabilize this country.
As a nation I support the 'siddon look'of the Ibos in the country. The country is at a precipice, and the earlier we as a nation sit together and tell ourselves the truth.Nigeria is sitting on a fragile tripods that hate themselves with dexterity.
When i look into the future of Nigerians I find it difficult to believe that we have a FUTURE as a nation. The truth is that this country is a wasting assets so long as we continue to persecute the IBOS.
04/25/12 @ 12:19
Comment from: onyeneke onyekachi [Visitor]
onyeneke onyekachiThe truth will always be told and history will judge us all the likes of Awolowo, obasanjo and gowon history will judge you all• One thing I will to add is this we the igbos our future is in our hands not in the hands of the yourbas or the northeners we must work as one people, and never give any room to this people who hide in the name of one nigeria to destroy our people and igbo race . Long live biafra
04/25/12 @ 20:21
Comment from: externbus [Visitor] Email
externbusIts is a sad truth that the igbos who fight for so much of their emancipation and who pride in their self-glory are too blind to realise that they are not united at heart enough to be united as a geopolitical entity. Let us spend resources in creating awareness among ourselves to the fact that brotherly love and humble selflessness, is the key we need to achieve our freedom from this thing oppressive called Nigeria. If we achieve unity and singleness of purpose, we shall know its time to leave this God-forsaking thing. As for the Biafran war, we know and it is common knowledge that many countries aided Nigeria in fighting Igbos, hence the untold suffering experienced then. If there is no fear, let such happen again let us see if revenge will not make some people more furious and exterminating than others. We have to be careful, caring, calculating and tactical. Biafra will one day become free, when all the Igbos understand the value of freedom.
04/26/12 @ 15:52

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