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Jonathan, Ndigbo And Structural Marginalization


Jonathan, Ndigbo And Structural Marginalization

*Jonathan, Ndigbo And Structural Marginalization

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Chuks Ibegbu)

It is disheartening that Igbo Political leaders and actors have kept pernicious mum over the issue of the structural disadvantage of the group in Nigeria, a situation that is affecting the ordinary citizens of the zone. Outside the governors and political office holders in the zone, the ordinary citizens of the South East are the greatest victims of the structural imbalance in Nigeria.

Since everything in Nigeria is shared on the basis of states and local Governments, the densely populated South East zone will continue to trail behind in all indices of development in Nigeria. Kano state alone has 44 local government areas, nearly what all South East states have. It is bizarre that political leaders in the zone are not doing enough to correct this imbalance now. They ought to be shouting, talking, protesting, and pushing for the rest of nation to listen to them. It is all about the future of the Youths and children of the zone. ( Continues below….. )

Map of Nigeria

Photo Above: Map of Nigeria.

They are the ones that are not having the unfettered opportunity to be recruited in the army or security agents because of the restrictive quota system based on states and local governments. They are the ones affected by limited opportunities in the federal civil service, federal institutions, etc since all these are based on the number of states and local governments a zone has. With only five states and ninety seven local government areas, the South East is at the butt of everything in Nigeria despite a dense but unfairly assessed population.

The national political reform of recent time approved an extra state for the south east to bring it at par with other zones. Since then nothing has happened and when the zone renew their demands other zones that have been favoured all these while will also clamour for more states. Is that how we have a sense of fairness in Nigeria? Today there are policies that address the problems of the Youths of the Niger delta. We have the amnesty program, NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta, etc. Now the federal government has begun the almajiri program for the youths of the north. There is also the nomadic education for the north. ( Continues below..... )

 Map of Igboland

Photo Above: Map of Igboland (homeland of Ndigbo of Nigeria )

What is there for Igbo Youths who have borne the trauma of a distorted nation for long? What is there for our Youths that trade in all the streets of Nigeria? What is there for our Youths that criss-cross all parts of Nigeria in the nights with all the attendants risks when other Nigerians sleep? What is there for thousands of Igbo youths that are economic slaves in different parts of the world due to limited opportunity in Nigeria?

If a militant from the Niger Delta is now a pilot in South Africa, courtesy of the amnesty program why should a MASSOB activist not have the same opportunity to better their lives. This is food for thought to our selfish political leaders. JONATHAN GOODLUCK must address the structural problem affecting Ndigbo now. He is in a better position and have the moral ground to do it . If he does not, who, except an Igbo can do it. THE TIME IS NOW

Chuks Ibegbu
Political And Social Analyst

Article Source: Masterweb Reports

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Map of Nigeria


Comment from: B. CHUKWUEMEKA [Visitor]
B. CHUKWUEMEKAall eyes are on the igbos because the hand of God is upon them sincerly when i look at an igbo man or woman i see the the hand of God upon them even the the british and the whole world know that after the civil war the igbos were left with nothing but God is with them right from day one i have read the history of the igbos and see that even with or witout nigeria goverment the igbos will go on with there life ,but when a lion is lying down people take it for dog or gaot even chiken ,the so called boko haram has done worst than the igbos have ever done opc same niger deltans same , but that of killing the igbos is were i have a quastion to ask nigerian goverment and its allias ,are we realy your slaves, then if not why killing the igbos evry day in defrents parts of nigeria ,see one day the lion will wake up and all the predictors will be no way to be found ][ thank you]
04/29/12 @ 03:40
Comment from: emeka [Visitor]
emekaThe igbos are GOD's own people, don'nt think that they dont knw what they are doing, they will rise one day and take thier old share and they will take it ineed; just watch out 4 them, we are coming with full force.
04/29/12 @ 14:36
Comment from: Raymond chidiebere [Visitor]
Raymond chidiebereIs beta our president 2 look properly on ground in solvin dis parasite called Boko haram
04/29/12 @ 18:03
Comment from: stephen [Visitor] Email
stephenone thing about this tribe called igbos,is that thy rule the nation economicaly with out them the nation is nothing becous i have discouvered that in any succes story ever achieved in this country an igbo name must be thier, that alone will tell you that thy are blessed of God and one thing people dont know about igbos is that them alone have the power to build or destroy this country belief me i know where i am coming from thanks
04/29/12 @ 19:06
Comment from: Bruno [Visitor]
BrunoI dont want to sound stupid here but I have a thing that worrys me a lot. the question is How and Where did our problem started? Lets dress back once, The British intention of marging the east, West, North and South was to make life easer for lord lugard to govern us from the centre for the QEEN. Now they have gone and it seems they have done enough, why can't we go back to our former status quo and save ourself this pretence of been one nation.
By dEscrIption of a nation, they must be of one ancestral origin, one language, one religious believe, one similar skin colour, similar culture etc. If this is the case, do we fall in any of the above criterial?? Why is it that Notherner don't build or have capital invetment in the East nor the west do same like the Ibos build and invest in all part of the country. ..let me save you the time of thinking, I have my answer to my question,It is simply because we are not one and not destined to be one, those who dont build have their hidding agender against the Ibos. I speak without hope to apologise any being that, 'the Ibos are decendant of Isreal or they come 4rom nowhere' which qualifies them the original inhabitant of the land in which others came to occupy. Therefore "'touch not my anointed' says the Lord" for the blessings of the Lord is with us. God left us still walloping in the hands of Nigerians because we refuse to recognise him enough with all our heart. But as he told the devil...tempt Job BUT do not torch his soul. He love those he loves and never change his love despite whatever, he only giving us time to put him first so we can see his wanders like he did in the days of Jehricco.
Now Nigerians are useing the blood of the Ibos to settle national dispute,I beliEve it is time the Lord should wake from sleep to deliver his people.
Dear reader, do not misinterpret me but ask yourself a QUESTION...."WHY ??"
05/02/12 @ 06:45
Comment from: innocent [Visitor]
05/08/12 @ 02:58
Comment from: Ejike. [Visitor] Email
Ejike.Pls jonathan should no that without ndigbo, he can't be there he is now.let him do the right thing at right time by given the igbos total 90% of what belong to them because if there is no igbo there is no Nigeria.that it is, check all about this country, and not only to give us our share. but To RESTOR BIAFRA FOR US.he has the power, he can do it .but is like Jonathan make a COVENANT WITH those cacus of northans that He will forget igbo people including his state balyasa.just CHAck about our his developments in this country normaly be, all is in north. But there is no much things to worry about because God of iseal is with igbo peogle.THE DAY IGBOS WILL BE A SOVERGN STATE.IT WILL be like film to northans. westians,including BAD LOCK JONATHAN itself.Thanks.
03/19/15 @ 12:35

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